By VladBath

The emergency lights were able to light the platform dimly.

That coupled wih the first rays of dawn coming through the skylight revealed an incredible site.There stood Scott, his superhuman form heaving and his hands roaming over his massive chest and arms. His sweat pants had been ripped to shreds as he grew and now there was nothing but tattered ribbons of cloth hanging to his impossibly narrow waist."Get me a mirror", Scott said commandingly, his voice a little deeper than before.Stirred from my revery, I quickly hopped onto the platform and opened the mirrordoors along the back partition. The mirrors were a variant of those used indepartment stores for viewing clothing only these were about six feet per segment so the view was much wider. For Scott, it needed to be. As Scott caught a view of himself, I heard him whisper "YES!!!" He strode to the back of the platform and slowly brought up his arms into a double biceps pose while he flexed his abs and quads."This is what I've been wanting for a long time", Scott said with obvious appreciation for his new body. "We need more light in here. I want to see what I've got and I don't want to miss an inch of it.""Alright. Stay here. I'll go and flip the breaker."

I said. I stepped down from the platform and headed for breaker room. I opened the panel and reset theswitch. The lights came on immediately and I quickly headed back to the main area. When I arrived, I saw Scott transfixed with himself, flexing, rubbing and squeezing his muscles with great passion. I grabbed my tape measure and hopped onto the platform."God this is great doc", Scott said. "I've always wanted to be this big. Got the tape? Let's see how big I am. I gotta be bigger than anyone else!"My hands shaking with excitement, I brought the tape around his chest as he flexed. I let my fingers glide gently over his massive muscles. An indulgence I know but I couldn't resist. I had created a man who was my idea of physical perfection. My eyes nearly bugged out when I read the number."What is it?" Scott asked." 82 and 3/4 inches." I swallowed hard."Damn! I like it!" Scott said with enthusiasm. "Check out my arms!"

Scott raised his right arm and flexed his biceps. I couldn't have been prepared for the sight which greeted my eyes. His biceps had grown so large that therewasn't a millimetre of space between the inner elbow tie and the start of the muscle or the biceps and the deltoid. The biceps themselves were beyond massive yet with a peak which could only be described as parabolic. Full, defined, vascular with veins the size of garden hoses pulsing powerfully. His forearmshad grown to incredible dimensions as well. Completely shredded bands of muscle which looked like they belonged to a bodybuilder's leg rather than a forearm. They were impossibly full and defined. I brought the tape measure around theflexed arm and read off the measure."34 and 1/2 inches", I said, my voice quivering. "Scott, you are the most incredible physical speciman in the world.""I am more than that", Scott said. "I've become a god!" Looking in the mirror,Scott hit a most muscular pose and started feeling his powerful body again.I dropped to my knees and brought the tape around his thigh. He obliged me withan hard flex and I read the number."42 inches even", I said.

I dropped to his calf and stretched the tape. "Your calf is 30 and 3/8 inches". I had to be dreaming. Scott was too incredible for words. As I started to get up, my shoulder accidentally encountered his basket .He was already sporting a semi-hard-on (mine had been in full swing since Ifirst laid eyes on him) and my eyes nearly fell out when I saw the extent of his mutation. I gulped and said "Shall I measure this too?"Scott grinned.

"Hold on. Let me flex for you." He did and immediately his cock swelled and swelled and SWELLED, easily ripping through the fabric his former sweats. His huge member stood at absolute attention at a gravity-defying angle away from his body. I was amazed that something that large could extend that far without bending. His incredible vascularity extended to his beautifulcock too.I gently drew the tape from the base of the shaft to his massive head and nearly came on the spot."16 and 3/4 inches by 9 around", I said. While I was far more interested in muscle size and strength than genital dimensions, Scott had a piece I couldn' tignore."Yeah!", Scott said, looking down at me arrogantly. "I suppose you like that?"I considered his words carefully. Was he inviting me or challenging me? Ididn't know which but the thought of having free reign to worship this incredible superman was more than my mind could handle. Oh what the hell."I like it a lot", I said slowly, looking up at him, directly into his eyes."In fact, I like all of it. If I were to create a man from my own fantasies of perfection, he would pale in comparison with you. You redefine what it is to be a god." If he were an homophobe or didn't like my come on line, I knew I would die within the next few seconds, but at least I would die a very happy man.With a suddenness which frightened me, Scott bent down and lifted me up like a rag doll. He held me at arms' length for a moment and looked into my eyes. The grin on his face could be either approving or psychotic. I didn't know wherethis was going at all.

Then, with no effort at all, he brought my mouth to his and gave me a french kiss I'm not likely to ever forget. His throbbing tongue,obviously as powerful as the rest of his body probed the back of my throat and filled my body with ecstacy. He put me down gently and smiled.I smiled back, amazed at my incredible good fortune. Then, with a deliberate tone in my voice I said, "Does this new god need a deciple?"Scott laughed out loud and said, "Yeah, I guess I could use one or two of those." •

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