By shadonyx

The inspiration for this story came from "Becoming the Ultimate Man." I liked the author's use of a more descriptive style as opposed to a more dialogue-driven model. I wanted to create a more imaginative, sensual experience, to really give the reader a good idea as to the emotions and drive behind the main character. Please do not hesitate to let me know what you think of the piece!


It was going to be another long, boring summer for Jared Jones. The thirteen-year-old was left to his own devices come June 18th, when his parents soared off to Europe for two and a half months to manage their company finances. Jared was the son of Regina and Hayden Jones, owners and founders of Joneco, an international company primarily responsible for the manufacture and sale of medical supplies and equipment. Despite their summer absence, Jared loved his parents and he wanted for nothing; he was given whatever he desired and his parents loved him unconditionally. Still, though, for a thirteen-year-old, a summer without parents, in a large house where only some butlers and maids came in and out, the situation was dire. Jared had friends, but most of them were on summer vacations with their parents. Jared had an intense fear of flying, and after one year when he vomited in the cabin Jared made the painful decision to stay behind in the summer. And so he’d spend his days watching TV, playing video games, surfing the Internet, and masturbating – all healthy, teenage pastime activities. The house grounds were large, so he’d take a jog some days; he’d swim in the pool; and the basement gym kept him busy. But what Jared wanted was interaction; the daily phone calls from friends and parents, and the occasional phrase of Spanish to a house employee wasn’t enough. That’s when Jared got his webcam.


The popularity of YouTube had permeated Jared’s middle school, and as such he was no stranger to it. He plugged in the webcam to his MacBook Pro, and within a few moments it was active and Jared was staring at himself in PhotoBooth. He smiled (“It’s a nice smile,” Jared thought) and, grinning, laid back on the bed he was sitting on. His reflection was propped slightly seductively on pillows with an attempt at a sensual smile. Jared could not help but giggle a little. After a few moments of posturing, Jared was pleased. Moving back to the computer, this time Jared opened iMovie, and after some pointing and clicking he was recording. It was a typical video, an amateur’s first time. Jared’s natural good looks saved the day, and the fact he was into it. Every comment left on the video always mentioned how much Jared seemed to enjoy being on camera. In the few shots of Jared looking at the camera with his eyes open, there was something underneath the azure innocence of his irises; a hunger, a desire. That’s what made him so sexy, one comment said. Jared had never been called “sexy” before. It wasn’t long before Jared’s view count began to creep ever higher, ever faster, which prompted Jared to make more videos of himself doing various activities – mostly sexual. As the initial weeks wore on, Jared became obsessed with his audience. The rush and excitement of the videos, the positive feedback – this was what Jared wanted, no, he felt, needed to exist. This fact became more and more etched in his brain every time he ejaculated. Every stroke, every shot of come, the moans of pleasure, it all reinforced Jared’s growing need to be on camera, for his audience. The thirteen year old had fast become a sex-charged demon, as if his libido was racing at hyper-speed. What started as a daily masturbation routine had burgeoned to at least five times a day, maybe six or seven. Jared swore he practically emptied his balls everyday, only to wake up to see them full again – and perhaps even slightly bigger than before. That was another thing, a thing that only served to increase Jared’s excitement. He was growing. Only a month back home and out of school, Jared’s socks had begun to stretch, his pants regularly settled above his ankles, and he felt as if he had grown at least an inch or two. Jared grew flush at the idea of a growth spurt – every time he appeared on camera, bigger than before. Growth excited and charged Jared, and those thoughts apparently charged his body. In no less than a month, Jared had changed and he felt so good. He wasn’t alone anymore.


As July tapered off into August, Jared’s amateur career as a YouTube star was booming. Over ten-thousand views, nearly one hundred videos, hundreds of fawning comments. That’s when Jared decided to start his own website to handle the strain of his loyal viewers. Jared’s obsession with his audience did nothing but grow as his career did. He installed high-definition cameras at several angles in his bedroom and bathroom; he had moved weight equipment into his room; and Jared had stopped wearing clothes for the most part. It was a curious thing, but as Jared’s popularity grew so did he. He noticed this shortly after the end of June, where in a week his feet no longer fit in any shoe or sock he owned; his sweatpants showed his calves without rolling up; and he didn’t bother with underwear anymore. It was that day when Jared realized that his viewers fed him, nourished his body and mind in a way that encouraged it to mature and grow. The excitement was nothing that Jared had ever felt before. Now several weeks into this revelation, Jared was growing nearly as quickly as a weed. His last height measurement had him at 6’2’’, nearly a foot in under a month; his feet were a size 13, his abs were a six-pack, and the rest of his body had a mature yet boyish quality to it. His member, now an impressive eight-and-a-half inches when erect, was serviced at least ten times a day. Jared, now intoxicated with his own scent, never washed his beddings. He let the wet, and sometimes dried, come soak into every part of his body. His bed was fast becoming too small to accommodate him, as he found he was growing at nearly an inch or so every other day. Jared began to release videos at an ever-increasing rate. He would do anything for people to view. He posed naked; he jerked off; he sucked his toes; leave a comment for what you wanted, and Jared would eventually get around to doing it. He loved every minute of his fame, as his fame was pumping him up, bigger and bigger. Jared’s thoughts began to turn to school and to his parents’ return, but such thoughts didn’t interest him anymore. In fact, he barely held long phone conversations with anyone, as he was too busy readying for his audience. As August approached, Jared stopped coming out his room for the most part, requesting meals (which also grew as he did) to be left outside for him to take in. The month of July saw Jared sprout to nearly 7’0’’, with his body weight near to 350 pounds. He was a veritable giant, a literal sex god who could do anything sexual for anyone at anytime. Jared was young, cute (as so many of the men called him) and his need for an audience had now become a fulltime job. As Jared fulfilled the wishes and desires of his audience, so did his audience fills Jared’s desire to grow and feed his audience.


After Jared topped the 8’6’’ mark, he calmly broke down the wall between his room and the next room over to accommodate his girth. While September (and his parents) was only two days away, the sex-crazed teenager could not have cared any less. There were only two concerns on Jared’s mind: his growth and his audience. He was online twenty-four seven; nothing could keep him away from his adoring fans. Jared had even stopped eating; his audience was the only nourishment he needed. Jared was bizarrely correct; though he had not eaten any solid food in over two weeks, he was a healthy as any normal boy his age. His strength was amazing, and Jared regularly put on weight throughout the day, such that one of the most popular parts of his website was the “Day/Night Comparison,” where a Jared at 8 AM was compared to the Jared at 8 PM; there was always a noticeable difference. Jared’s feet – at least size 23 – had thick, almost beefy soles and long, powerful toes. His legs were pillars of muscle; eight-pack abdominals defined so clearly sweat moved like a river; arms so delicately – yet powerfully – equipped, and a neck the size of a tree trunk. Jared’s penis was beyond any normal male’s organ. And yet, Jared wanted more. His audience wanted more. His muscle fans, his most dedicated fans, got off on his ever-speedier growth. They wanted him to become a giant, they said, and Jared was too happy to oblige. He lifted heavy weights – weight that an average bodybuilder would balk at – with relative ease, and smile and grunted as his muscles appeared to take the weight as it was a meal; with every curl, squat, and crunch Jared’s muscles expanded. His house, which he once thought was so big, was fast becoming confining to the growing boy, a thought that immediately made his member stand at attention and (at least Jared thought) spurt him up another inch in height. So with only days to go, Jared began his ultimate goal: to grow and burst out of his house. The very thought of growing so big made Jared shoot up three inches in under five minutes as he laughed to himself, a chuckle of deep, pleasurable desire. Today was the day it was going to happen, and as he sat down on the floor next to a large, almost buffet-sized meal Jared paused for one more moment of logical, human sanity. What he was about to do - about to become – defied explanation. He would be impossibly huge, impossibly everything, and it left many questions unanswered. But Jared was thirteen, and he had an audience to appease. Young, dumb, and a full of come, the phrase leapt into Jared’s mind and as it caused him to laugh, he plunged into an eating frenzy. The event had been advertised on his site for a few days, where Jared would eat and eat and eat to encourage his growth, despite he did not have to eat normally. According to the server statistics, Jared was being watched by many, many people. This only served to heighten Jared’s desire. By the third roll, Jared could feel himself expanding, his muscles sucking in the food like a balloon takes in air. The subtle sounds of bones cracking and lengthening created an ambient sound in the room, coupled with the noise of Jared’s feeding. Once he could feel himself growing, Jared went into a reverie, devouring food faster as he grew. When he reached the second platter of rolls (he was working his way down a table) his hands were large enough to grab three at a time, and his mouth was only too eager to accommodate. Jared had been crouching, and when he stood up his head brushed the ceiling; he burst into maniacal, happy laughter and the last few rolls slithered down his throat, he surged higher, this time bumping the ceiling. He stared down – his penis was slowly lengthening, moving almost snake like; his feet were huge, his toes like fingers; his pecs perfectly round and smooth, like orbs of muscle. In all of the admiration, Jared had ignored his spurt in height; he could no longer stand straight in his room. He laughed even more, crouching down and putting his head near all the food and began eat like a dog. It sounded more as if a pig was eating, but all the viewers didn’t care. As Jared sucked down the food, his growth only accelerated. His legs and arms grew longer, his torso elongated so that he now had a ten-pack, his back was spreading ever wider. After about ten minutes the food was completely gone, and there Jared sat, covered in food and a smile, as he continue to grow bigger and bigger. Jared curled into a fetal position, jerking his penis furiously. The scene was reminiscent of a birth, with the room as the womb and Jared the fetus. After about thirty minutes since the show started, Jared was beginning to push the physical limits of the room. Covered in his spunk, the room reeked of the smell of sperm and sweat, and Jared’s massive body was aching to escape from its prison. Jared managed to roll onto his back, and, rolling his knees into his chest, delivered a powerful kick forward with his massive feet, breaking through the wall. The destruction only fed the teenage giant, and he literally felt his body instantly grow even bigger. What Jared thought would have been an impossibility was now a reality for the boy, and he laughed as he felt the growth surge throughout his body. He had gotten his wish; with every turn, roll, or movement Jared destroyed more of his house, fed his body’s desire to impress, shock, and awe his audience. The entire section of rooms near Jared’s was now totaled; Jared stood on the remaining floor, an impossibly tall twelve and a half-feet. Whatever help had been in the house had fled at the loud noises; Jared’s cameras, too, had been destroyed in his fury. The teenager laughed again, though. Though his audience couldn’t see him, he knew they wanted him. Knew that they desired – no, wanted – his growth, his sex… him. Smiling cockily, Jared leapt from his third-floor bedroom onto the ground. His mind was focused on one thing: the audience. The audience wanted growth; he was going to give it to them. Jared lumbered into the garden and planted himself near some trees. He stared down at his feet, his now even longer toes looking so powerful and sexy. This caused Jared to sit for a moment and suck his toes and jerk (a favorite activity); when he stood up again, he placed himself in the large puddle of come he had left. He dug his toes into the come-filled soil, smiled, and exhaled. He felt like a tree as his toes burrows further into the ground, like roots as they – and Jared – grew larger. Jared decided that bursting out of his house was only the beginning. A slow leak of pre-come dribbled into the ground, making Jared nourished not only by nature but by his own essence. He shuddered with happiness as his bones broke and readjusted, and his body gained more mass. He didn’t stop; he couldn’t stop, not ever, not for his audience. Jared’s audience was counting on him to keep growing, to feed their desire as Jared fed his own. As Jared became eye-level with the two-hundred-year-old oak in the backyard, he felt complete. •

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