Janitor Stud

By myoder

I had a job cleaning a local gym - all of the biggest bodybuilders in town worked out there, pumping their huge muscles and practising posing routines. By the end of the day, the place was usually a mess - towels strewn around, sweat and grime on the bars. My supervisor was Ken, an African-American man in his forties. He was easily 6'7" and big! He had to weigh 400lbs. He had shaved his head and he had thick, heavy eyebrows over his dark eyes. He had a thick black mustache over full lips. His neck was massive, pushing out the collar of his shirt and his shirt hugged his pecs tightly. His basket looked ample and it was hard for me not to stare at him. We worked late at night after everyone was gone. The place was eerie and quiet then, you could hear every sound. One night, after I'd finished mopping the showers I put the mop away and was looking for Ken to ask him what I should do next. I walked down the hallway toward the weight room, when I heard a sound, like metal clanking. "I guess Ken's cleaning the bars," I thought. I was wrong. When I got to the door of the weight room, there was Ken stripped to a pair of briefs performing a bench press. I let out a gasp as I saw him and he must've heard me, because he put the bar back and sat up. "Yo! Tim! Come on in!" His voice was deep and rich and incredibly sexy. He sat panting on the bench, his pecs twitching as he breathed. He looked enormous! With his shirt off his muscles bulged and flexed, arms like boulders dark and shiny, every inch of his mass glistened with sweat. "Just working out, guy. I do this all the time.Why don't you get down to your shorts?" I stripped by the door, crossed the room to him and stood beside him. He was as tall as me just sitting on the bench. I felt like a little boy next to this huge man! I stared at his massive body, veins popping everywhere. I felt my dick getting hard and tried to hide it behind the weight bench but it was too late. He noticed. "See that?" he asked pointing to a poster on the wall. It was a picture of Paul Dillet flexing his huge 24" guns. "Yeah?" I replied. "I make him look like a piece of fucking spaghetti!" Ken stood up and towered over me. His pecs flexed and bulged, small curls of black hair saturated with sweat. "Look at these, Tim," he said raising his arms in a double biceps. "Look at that - 28 inches of steel." He twisted his fist, his immense veined forearms blasting, the biceps peaking and releasing. "You wanna feel that, baby?" I nodded. "Go ahead then, touch it." I placed my hand over the biceps and he twisted his fist some more, the muscle bunching under my hand. My hand barely covered the massive peak of his arm. "Like that, huh?" he said. "Fuck yeah!" Ken's voice went quiet and intense. "Yeah, big fucker. Big fuckin muscle. Make these puny boys scared. He stared as my hand swept over shoulders and onto his chest. "Yeah, squeeze those pecs, baby. Make 'em feel real good." My hands cupped only the smallest part of his huge pecs. The striations were deep and his nipples pointed straight down. "Bigger than Victor Richards, bigger than fuckin anybody!" he said. "Yeah, Ken - you're the biggest stud on the planet." "Yeah, baby! Feel these fuckin muscles." He continued his posing as my hands and tongue roamed over his freaky mass. "Gonna get me hard, Tim." he grinned. "Yeah?" I said grinning back. Then I saw his basket. It was huge! His massive dick was pressing the cloth out and it looked like it would burst any minute. Then he stopped posing and swept me into his massive arms. "Kiss me, baby," he said. His lips met mine and his tongue pressed into my mouth.I lapped at his thick mustache and sucked his tongue into my eager mouth. He grunted as he held me and kissed me passionately. My little hands barely covered part of his massive 28" biceps. I felt the power in his arms as he held me like I was a small child. I wrapped my arms around his thick neck and ran my fingers over his head. "MMMM - oh shit!" he groaned and put me down. He thrust his hips forward and his cock broke through his briefs. It stood straight out at least 11" and it bobbed up and down. His hairy nuts hung down low. My own dick was throbbing now as I looked at the monster cock flexing. I fell to my knees and began licking the length of Ken's huge dick. It was smooth and silky, rock hard and hot to the touch. "Yeah, baby, lick that big cock." he moaned. "Lick that muscle dick." My tongue explored the heavy ball sac and the massive shaft bobbed up and down with every lick. I looked up at the massive monster of pulsing strength and saw his staring forward. I looked across the room and saw he was watching me suck him in the mirror, tensing his gargantuan muscle, getting off on my adoration. "Yeah, big fuckin stud!" I whispered as I held his massive cock in both hands and stroked him. He flexed his pecs and grunted. He put his hands on his hips and struck a most muscular. My mouth enveloped the huge plum-sized head of his dick and I started sucking him as deep as I could. I managed to get about 8 inches ofthe huge dick in my mouth, and sucked him hard. "Yeah!" he groaned throwing his head back. "Stroke your cock, baby. Cum for your old muscle stud!" I stroked my hard cock and felt the jism rise in my nuts. I stood up and stroked faster aiming my cock at his massive quads. He tensed the thick thigh and my cock shot a huge load over the hairy muscle. "FUCK YEAH, BABY!" he yelled. He grabbed his dick and stroked the length of it with on huge and powerful hand. "LICK THIS FUCKIN' MUSCLEMAN! WORSHIP THIS FUCKIN' MUSCLE!" He flexed one inhuman bicep and my tongue ran over the peak of it following the veins along the freaky arm. I licked his my cum off thighs and I licked his calves. I licked his horseshoe triceps and teased his nipples, as he stroked his mighty dick. His eyes went wide and bright and he closed them finally as he let go of his huge prick and a stream of hot cum shot out over the floor of the gym. Work was work after that, but we always found time to play… •

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