Becoming a Man (By John D.)


By johnd7102000

Bobby opened the door to his room and I looked inside. The room was even more of a mess than it was before. It smelled even more like a sweaty men’s locker room than it did when I was there two months ago. I could only imagine the amount of sweat that had poured out of Bobby’s skin as he was lifting hundreds of pounds of heavy weights. There were still piles of clothes and video games on the floor, but in addition to those there were weights. Lots of weights. Hundreds of pounds of weights. I looked over to the bench and saw a big Olympic bar on the rack, loaded with two 45 pound plates. There were lots of big Olympic weights next to the bench. Plus there was his regular barbell and dumbbell bars with lots of weights for them. There was a new piece of equipment too, a chinning bar and squat rack all in one. I figured Bobby was squatting with so much weight he needed a real squat rack. And he could do pullups for his huge lats and leg lifts for his abs. Bobby could see my eyes get big as I saw all his weights and equipment. “I got a ton of new weights since you were here before. I keep getting stronger and stronger so my dad has to go out and get more and more weights. I needed a squat rack for my heavy squats. And now I’m doin’ pullups with weights attached to my waist. My lats are so fuckin’ strong. Regular pullups are way too easy. I’m doin’ pullups with 50 pounds of iron strapped to my waist. And look at my Olympic bar. I’m way stronger than the little weight set you gave me.” I thought to myself how Bobby just took my weight set without even asking or saying thank you. He knew he could just take what he wanted. “I was benchin’ your whole set a couple of weeks after I got it. Now I got big Olympic weights. Big weights for big muscles. He flexed his pecs a couple of times as I looked at them in awe. There was now a full length mirror on the wall and there were a couple of muscle magazines next to his bed. Bobby was finally reading. Reading how to make his muscles get bigger and stronger. He had cut some of the pictures out of the muscle magazines and put them on his wall. He was going to get big, just like the huge guys on his wall.

Bobby closed his door. It was now just the two of us in his room. He stood before the mirror and looked at his reflection. “Stand next to me nerd..” I stood next to Bobby and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in the mirror. There was skinny little 98 pound old John standing next to 175 pounds of solid 13-year old muscle. We were the same height but that ended the resemblance. Bobby was still sweaty and his tan skin looked radiant. His steel blue eyes looked stunning and his face looked so handsome. Bobby’s waist looked like it was smaller than mine but his huge muscular shoulders looked like they were twice as wide as my bony little shoulders. His chest was huge, making my chest look pathetic. His huge arms hung down at his sides like big pieces of rippling meat, while my little arms looked like sticks. His neck was thick with muscle while my neck looked like a pencil. He had huge traps and lats while I didn’t even have those muscles. His waist was shredded with corrugated muscle while mine was flabby and soft. His legs were like two huge oak trees standing next to my legs that looked like little twigs. Bobby smiled as he saw the reflection. “Three months ago I was shorter than you and I looked just like you except I was covered with baby fat. Now look at me. Look at all the fucking muscle on my body. Look what I done to myself in three months. I’ve put on 75 pounds of muscle and you ain’t done shit. Look at my fuckin’ shoulders. Look at all the muscle I got in my delts. I got inches and inches of muscle and you got nothin’ but bone. Look how much wider they are than yours.” I looked at Bobby’s shoulders and nodded my head. I couldn’t believe how big they were. “And look at my huge chest. Look at all the muscle I got in my pecs and lats. Just think about how strong I am. My chest is enormous next to your little chicken chest.” I was getting so hot listening to Bobby brag about himself. Everything he was saying was totally true. His bragging was totally turning me on. He deserved to brag. Any kid with a body like his totally deserved to brag. I looked at his face as he smiled. It was almost like he was teasing me, teasing me by bragging about his huge muscular body. And that teasing was making me so hot.

“Look down at my waist, nerd. Looks like a fuckin’ washboard, don’t it. Look at all that rippling muscle. And my waist looks smaller than yours. Your waist is bigger but it’s soft and flabby. My abs are so muscular and solid. You try to hit ‘em and they break your hand. Fuck I love having a shredded waist.” I so wanted to feel Bobby’s abs. I wanted to feel all his muscles. I was just going crazy listening to Bobby brag about his muscles and seeing Bobby’s body in the mirror next to my puny excuse for a body. I wanted to reach over and feel all of Bobby’s huge muscles with my hands and - oh my mind was just going crazy - with my tongue. But I knew I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want Bobby to think I was weird or something. I wanted Bobby to be my friend. I wanted to see him all the time. So I just stood there frozen with lust, looking at Bobby’s body in the mirror as he bragged like the proud 13 year old kid he was.

“And look at my legs. Look at those huge slabs of muscle.” Bobby flexed his legs a couple of times, making the big masses of muscle turn into solid rocks. “They look like they’re twice as big as your legs. Your legs look like little twigs and my legs look like huge muscular tree trunks. Think of all the fucking strength I got in my legs. Think of me squattin’ with 350 pounds. Fuck, I got so much muscle and you got nothin’. I’m a man and you’re just shit.” I was just awestruck looking at Bobby’s legs. His calf muscles looked like they were as big as my thighs. So much muscle on such a young body.

Then he flexed his right arm. His huge bicep muscle bulged into a solid ball of muscle, the size of a grapefruit. It was covered with veins and I could see the individual fibers flexing under his tan skin. I could see the two heads of bicep muscle because Bobby’s muscle separation was so great. His tricep bulged down like a big football, covered with veins and fibers. His forearm was huge. It looked like a big bowling pin of muscle covered with veins. “Flex your arm nerd,” he said as he looked at his huge bicep muscle. I was standing just to the right of Bobby, so I flexed my left arm right next to his right arm. Bobby started laughing as he saw the stark difference. “God I can’t believe you’re three years older than me. Look at all the muscle I got and what a puny weak little shit you are. Your arm looks like a little stick. I bet I got more muscle in my arm than you got in your whole fuckin’ body.” I looked at the mass of muscle in Bobby’s bulging arm and nodded my head. I think he really did have more muscle in that arm than I had in my skinny little body. “That’s the arm of a man, John. You got the arm of a boy. A skinny little boy. My arms are so strong. My arms are strong like the arms of a man.” Bobby put down his arm and turned towards me. “Now I’m gonna show you how strong I am. I’m gonna show you that I’m a man. I’m gonna bench so much you won’t believe it. I’m gonna bench my max and you’re gonna spot me.”

He walked over to the bench and got on it. “This only weighs 135 pounds,” he said as I looked at the huge weights. “It’s just a warmup.” This was four times what I could bench and it was just a warmup for Bobby. He cranked out 15 reps like he was lifting a feather and jumped off the bench. He walked over to me and stood right in front of me. He looked down at my crotch and smiled. He rubbed his hands over his pecs, feeling the bulging muscle. “Nice warmup. My pecs are starting to get pumped,” he said as he looked at his muscles. I looked at Bobby’s pecs and saw the muscle bulging under his thin tan skin. The fibers were visible and his skin was starting to get red from all the blood gushing through the muscle underneath. Oh how I wanted to feel Bobby’s pecs. Then he grabbed my hands and put them on his pecs. “Feel ‘em,” he said. I felt a wash of joy come over my body as Bobby was telling me to feel his muscles. I ran my hands on his hot sweaty skin. I rubbed my fingers around his chest as Bobby flexed his pecs for me. I couldn’t believe how big and hard those muscles were, big round bulges of striated steel hard fibers. I could see and feel every fiber under his tan paper thin skin. I moved out and felt his huge shoulders which were also pumped from the warmup. Then I moved my fingers down to his nipples, which were pointing downwards at a 45 degree angle because his muscle was so big underneath. I rubbed my fingers on his nipples and I thought I heard Bobby groaning a little bit. He grabbed my hands and put them down.

“Time for my next set,” he said as he turned away and grabbed a 45 pound plate. He put two 45 pound plates on the bar, making it weigh 225 pounds. “This is still a warmup. I’m way stronger than this.” I gulped as I saw the four huge iron plates on the bar, even one of which would have been too much for me to bench. Bobby got on the bench and jerked the bar of the rack. He lowered the bar and pushed it back up. I just marveled at how big his chest was as he pushed up the bar. His pecs bulged out like big mounds of striated muscle. His chest was so big that it lifted his whole torso off the bench, so there were several inches of air between his lower back and the bench. His butt muscles were big and solid too and they pushed his waist up as well. His little waist looked so small below that huge chest. He kept pumping out the reps and I watched his pecs get bigger and redder with each rep. His skin was sweating. His shoulders and arms were glistening as the muscle bulged with each rep. His chest looked like a huge machine. A huge muscle machine. His chest was a huge living machine pushing the heavy weight up and down with the force of his young muscles bulging with fibers and blood.

Bobby finished ten reps and jumped off the bench. “Fuckin’ great!” he yelled as he walked towards me. “What a fuckin’ pump I’m gettin’” He stood in front of me and looked down at his swollen pecs, pecs that were bulging with striated muscle under his sweaty skin. “Well?” he said as he looked at his muscle and then at me. I immediately started feeling his pecs, rubbing my fingers all over his sweaty skin. Then I ran my hands over his shoulders to his arms, feeling the huge hams of muscle hanging like slabs of meat as his sides. He flexed his arms as they were just hanging there as I felt his huge pumped muscles. I was in heaven. I moved my hands back to his chest and fondled his nipples. I thought I heard him groaning. Then I moved down to his abs feeling the corrugated ridges of brick like muscle. Without warning Bobby reached down and grabbed my cock. My cock was rock hard, as it had been from the moment I saw Bobby that day. In fact, my cock was rock hard every time I saw Bobby starting from the time I saw him after his first couple of workouts when I could see his muscles starting to grow. “You like big muscles, don’t you nerd,” he whispered in my ear. “You wish you had big muscles. But you don’t and I do. You like a kid with big muscles.” He grabbed my cock harder with his strong hand. “You think I’ve been blind? Your cock has been rock hard every time we see each other after I started working out. You love my muscles, I can just tell. You really love my muscles. Ain’t that right, nerd?” I nodded my head. “Yes I do, Bobby. I love your muscles. I really love your muscles. I want to worship your muscles.” Bobby let go of my crotch and grabbed the back of my head. He pressed my face against his pecs and rubbed it around the bulging sweaty muscle. “Then worship me, nerd. Worship my body. You’re turning me on. I’m a stud and you’re a wimp. I deserve to be worshipped by a wimp like you. I’m gettin’ so hot having my muscles touched and felt and worshipped. Lick my nipples, nerd. Worship my body!”

I immediately started worshipping Bobby with every ounce of energy I had. I sucked and licked his nipples. I licked his biceps. I dropped to my knees and felt his huge thighs and calves. I licked his abs. Bobby was groaning with pleasure as I worshipped his young muscles. I wondered what was under his tight wet workout shorts. I could see a big bulge and I wanted to see the whole thing.

After a few minutes, he pushed me away and said. “Gotta do my max bench. I’m so hot. I know I’ll be able to press a ton of weight. You gotta spot me this time nerd.” He grabbed two 25 pound plates and put them on the bar. “Now it weighs 275. This was my max last week, but I know I can do more now. I’m gonna do a few reps with this and then I’m goin’ for my max.” I looked at the huge weight. “How do I spot you? That weight’s way to heavy for me. I can only lift about 50 pounds.” Bobby laughed. “I’m gonna lift most of the weight. I just might need a little help in the final rep or two. No more than five or ten pounds. Even you can handle that, nerd.” I nodded my head. I looked at my dainty little fingers and that huge 275 pound weight. “I guess so,” I said nervously Bobby slapped me on my bony shoulder. Then he got on the bench and jerked the bar off the rack. He lowered the bar to his massive chest and started to push it back up again. I was just stunned by the size of his muscles as they bulged out of his chest. His body was sweaty and glistening as he pressed up the heavy bar. He got it to the top and smiled at me. Then he lowered the bar again and pressed it up again. His shoulders and arms were bulging as he pushed. I just couldn’t believe the size and strength of Bobby’s young muscles. I had my fingers under the bar, but he didn’t need my spot. He got it to the top again and lowered it to his massive chest. He started pushing the bar up, this time very slowly. He got it about half way up and then stopped. “Need a spot, nerd. Need a spot!” he yelled. I pulled up on the bar but it wouldn’t budge. I lifted as hard as I could but I couldn’t lift the bar at all. Slowly the bar started falling towards Bobby’s chest. “Oh my God, Bobby. I’m too weak. I’m too weak to lift it. I’m too weak to be your spotter. Oh my God, Bobby, I’m so sorry.” Tears were welling up in my eyes and starting to roll down my cheeks. I could just see the big heavy bar hitting Bobby’s chest and crushing him. And there was nothing my weak little body could do about it. The bar went down to Bobby’s chest and touched his bulging pecs, the 275 pounds of iron ready to crush Bobby’s chest. I felt so helpless. Tears were rolling down my face. Then he looked at me and stuck out his tongue. I was shocked. He was about to die and he was sticking his tongue out at me. Suddenly with a huge burst of power his pecs exploded and he pushed the bar back up. Then he lowered the bar again and pushed it up slowly for his final rep. He jumped up off the bench and said, “Had ya goin’ there, didn’t I nerd.” I put my face between his huge pumped pecs and started crying. I could feel the hot sweaty bulging muscle between my cheeks. Bobby flexed the muscle and I cried into the hard warm flesh. I wrapped my hands around his huge back and sobbed. Bobby pulled me into him and held me firmly with his big arms. I rubbed my crying face on Bobby’s huge pecs. Bobby didn’t say anything. He just rubbed my face on his muscles. My tears ran down Bobby’s body as I cried and cried. It was a cry of relief. I was so glad he was okay. I was so glad I didn’t kill him.

After a minute or so, I got myself together again. I looked at Bobby’s beautiful face and said. “I thought you were going to die. I thought I had failed you with my weakness. I thought you were going to die.” Bobby laughed. “I’m way too strong to die. I’m invincible. Nothin’ can kill me. I can kill other people but nothin’ can kill me.” He flexed his chest. “Way too strong for that fuckin’ iron. Way too strong. Now it’s time for my max. Now you really got to spot me this time nerd.” He pulled off the two 25 pound plates and put on two 45 pound plates. He now had six 45 pound plates on the bar, three on each side of the 45 pound bar. So the bar now weighed 315 pounds. I couldn’t believe this 13 year old kid was going to be able to bench that huge weight.

He got under the bar and I placed my hands under the steel. He looked up and me with his steel blue eyes. He had a look of total confidence in his face. He said “Look at all that weight nerd. Three hundred fifteen pounds of iron. That fuckin’ iron ain’t nothin’ to my muscles. My muscles are gonna smash it. I’m gonna smash that iron with my big pecs.” He grabbed the bar and jerked it off the rack. I looked at his massive chest, a chest that was totally pumped with blood, red and bulging with muscle. His lower back came off the bench, forced up by the size of his huge chest and strong round muscle butt. He lowered the bar and his muscles contracted, slowing the force of the 315 pound bar. I could see the fibers in his pec muscles bulge out under his thin skin. They looked like steel cords. Steel cords of throbbing muscle. The bar touched Bobby’s chest. Suddenly all that muscle exploded. It bulged into an incredible mass. The bar started going upwards. Instead of slowing down the bar actually picked up speed as Bobby’s muscles exploded with phenomenal force, pushing up the bar with their incredible power. His shoulders and arms were bulging too, pushing the bar higher and higher. Every muscle in his torso was totally ripped and shredded. I didn’t need to spot at all. Bobby’s muscles were smashing the weight, just like he said. The bar quickly got to the top and Bobby lowered it into the rack. He jumped up off the bench and rammed his chest into my chest. “Fuckin’ strong!” he yelled. “So fuckin’ strong and I’m not even in eighth grade. Fuck I love being strong!” I could feel Bobby’s huge pec muscles pushing against me. They were so hot and sweaty and they were so hard. Big mounds of solid muscle that had just smashed 315 pounds were now pushing into my skinny little body.

“You’re incredible,” I said as I reached up and fondled Bobby’s big hard pecs. Bobby looked down at his muscular pecs and then at my flat little chest. I was almost yelling as I felt Bobby’s muscles. “Your chest is so damn strong. Your pecs are so big, so hard, so hot. You are a total stud.” I ran my hands across Bobby’s pecs and shoulders, feeling the hard striated muscle. “I’m a man! I got muscles like a man! I’m strong like a man! I’m a man and you’re a fuckin’ nerd. You ain’t got any muscle at all. I got all the muscles. I’m a man and you’re a boy.” I kept fondling Bobby’s body, getting both of us so hot as I worshiped his muscles. His muscles were hot and sweaty and he started breathing hard as he got hotter and hotter with lust. Suddenly he reached down and grabbed my shorts with his two strong hands. He pulled his hands apart, splitting my shorts like he was ripping a piece of paper. My little four and a half inch rock hard cock sprang up. Bobby laughed. “God, even your cock is wimpy. You are such a fucking puny wuss,” he said as he looked at my little cock. He reached down and pulled off his own workout shorts. My eyes bulged out of my head as I saw Bobby’s cock. It was way longer than my cock and it was twice as thick. It was hard and it was huge. “I’m an man down here too. My cock’s been growin’ just as fast as my muscles. It’s big and thick, just like my arms. Look at my cock. It’s like three inches longer than yours and it’s way thicker. Yeah, I’m a man and you’re a puny little boy.” I looked at Bobby’s cock and said “Oh my God,” as I saw just how perfect he was. He was absolutely gorgeous, standing there with his gorgeous face, his bulging hot pumped up muscles and his big thick rock hard cock. I wanted to grab his body and suck his cock so much. Then he said something that made me feel like I was in paradise. “Us men like to get our cocks sucked by you fuckin’ nerds. You nerds ain’t good for nothin’ except suckin’ a man’s cock. You’re gonna suck my cock nerd. You’re gonna suck it real good, ‘cause if you don’t I’m gonna smash you with my big fists.” He made a fist and showed it to me as he flexed his forearm. I looked at his muscles in awe. Bobby had no idea how much I wanted to suck his cock. He thought he was going to have to force me to do it, but I could hardly wait. I was so hot. I wanted his body. I wanted his cock.

I immediately dropped to my knees and looked up at Bobby. He looked like a god. Big, strong, athletic, muscular. Everything I always wanted to be. But I was skinny and frail and this 13 year old kid was huge, muscular and dominating. “Oh Bobby, you are so beautiful. You are so muscular, so strong, so gorgeous. Bobby looked down at me and sneered. “Lick my nuts. Lick my nuts you little wimp.” I grabbed on to his huge legs and started licking his big balls. They were much bigger than mine. I couldn’t believe this kid had such big balls and such a big cock. I put each ball in my mouth and licked it with my tongue. I could smell the pungent scent of his crotch sweat, sweat that had poured out of his body as he lifted the huge weights. That sweat smelled so good to me. As I licked his balls, my hands felt Bobby’s thick rock hard thighs, his huge calves and his muscular round muscle butt. Bobby started groaning loudly as I sucked on his balls and fondled his body. I knew he had never had anyone suck his balls or cock before. This was a totally new experience for him. And it was a totally new experience for me too. Bobby was groaning with lustful pleasure as I sucked and licked his big balls and I was groaning with the most fantastic erotic pleasure I had ever had as I licked his huge balls and felt his hard muscles.

Suddenly Bobby jerked his balls away from my mouth and shoved his thick, huge rock hard cock into my mouth. “Suck it, cocksucker. Suck my big cock. Suck this big man’s huge dick, you little cocksucker.” I started licking and sucking Bobby’s cock as he moved it in and out of my mouth. He was groaning with pleasure as I serviced him like the slave I was. I was feeling his muscles and his cock as he groaned with lust and erotic joy. My cock was rock hard. I had never been so excited in my whole life. I could only take about half of his cock in my mouth, and as Bobby groaned louder and louder I knew it was only a matter of seconds before that other half would ram his big cock head down into my throat. “Oh fuck this feels so fuckin’ good,” yelled Bobby. “I’m so fuckin’ hard. I’m so fuckin’ hot. I’m gonna fuck you and fuck you and fuck you.” He grabbed the back of my head and rammed his cock down my throat. Then he started thrusting his hips back and forth, shoving his huge cock in and out of my throat. I licked his cock as it went by my tongue and he started yelling even louder. In a matter of seconds he yelled “Yeah!” as he spurted gush after gush of cum down my throat. I came at the same time, spurting my cum all over Bobby’s floor. He came in my throat for twice as long as I came. Those huge balls held vast quantities of his genetically superior muscle stud cum. Finally he stopped cumming and held his cock in my throat as I continued to lick the hard shaft. “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” he said. “That was so good. I never had a fuck like that in my whole life. God I love to fuck. I’m gonna fuck you five times a day nerd. I’m a man and you’re my cocksucker. And we men tell you little cocksuckers when we want our cocks sucked. And you better obey our orders or you little nerd body’s gonna get smashed. You got that nerd?” I looked up at Bobby’s muscular body and his drop dead gorgeous face and nodded my head. I knew that my new role on this earth was to worship Bobby’s muscles and service his cock. And I was very happy.


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