Becoming a Man (By John D.)


By johnd7102000

We finally returned from vacation on a Saturday, and when I brought my suitcase to my bedroom I looked outside to Bobby’s back yard. And right there was Bobby! He had just started mowing the grass. My mouth dropped open as I looked at his body. He was wearing green nylon workout shorts. His body was very sweaty. It was obvious he had just finished a brutal workout. The nylon shorts were wet with sweat and clung to his sweaty butt. And I couldn’t believe the size of his muscles. All my dreams over the last three weeks had come true! Bobby’s muscles were huge. His muscles were pumped from his workout and I couldn’t believe how much bigger they were than they had been just three weeks before. I just stood there at my window admiring Bobby’s body. I watched his muscles flex as he pushed the lawnmower through the grass like it was nothing. This chore was now so easy for him it was hard to believe he could hardly push the lawnmower through that grass three months ago.

His shoulders were gigantic. I could see he had packed inches of muscle on them. They twitched and flexed as he pushed. I could see the individual fibers of muscle flexing under his thin tan skin. His shoulders looked to be twice as wide as his athletic hips. Big wide muscular shoulders, the shoulders of a man. Tapering down from those broad shoulders were his lats, lats that looked like thick slabs of meat, meat that flared down from this shoulders like the wings on an airplane. His butt was round and packed with muscle. The fabric of his nylon shorts clung to his skin and I could see his big round butt muscles flexing underneath the thin fabric as he pushed the lawnmower. His legs pushed that lawnmower with awesome power that obviously didn’t strain his huge leg muscles at all. His quads and hamstrings flexed as he pushed but it was clear they weren’t working hard. My eyes bulged out of my head as I watched his calf muscles, big heads of muscle that were cut like diamonds, flexing and bulging with each step. When he stopped to dump the grass I got to see his huge chest. Big mounds of fibers, many inches thick with a deep cleft between the globes of muscle fibers. Striations showed every muscle fiber. His neck was thick with muscle and his traps were huge, going from his neck to his wide shoulders. And then there were his abs. Instead of inches and inches of fat, his waist was now rock hard muscle, muscle that looked like a washboard. His six pack was incredible and he had flaring oblique muscles that went down from his hips to his crotch. He was wearing his shorts very low and I could see a few light brown pubic hairs. I could also see the top part of his rock hard butt muscles, muscles that were just a bit lighter than the rest of his deeply tanned body because his shorts aren’t always this low. His hair was still cut short and looked a bit lighter, probably because his light brown hair was getting bleached by the sun. His skin was so tan it was darker than his hair. His face looked beautiful. It was very young looking - just like a 13 year old - young and very good looking. I could see his steel blue eyes flashing. His face looked so young and beautiful. It was hard to believe the muscular body below it belonged to that gorgeous young face. And then there were his arms. They were enormous. As he pushed the lawnmower, his triceps blasted out under his skin in huge bulges of rock hard muscle. The muscle bulged and flexed as he pushed. I looked at my own arms and then at Bobby’s arms and I couldn’t believe this kid was three years younger then me. His biceps were huge too and when his arms were at his sides they looked like big hams of muscle, big meaty hams that flexed with each movement of his body. His forearms were way bigger than my upper arms. They were bulging with muscle and covered with veins, veins that went up through his huge biceps too. When he gripped the lawnmower, his forearms looked like writhing snakes of bulging muscle. I just couldn’t believe what had happened to Bobby.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I ran down my stairs into our back yard. Bobby saw me running to the hedge and stopped mowing. I just couldn’t help myself. I blurted out “Oh my God, Bobby, you’re even bigger. I can’t believe how big you got.” Bobby strutted over to me and flexed both of his arms. He was standing only three feet in front of me and I couldn’t believe how big his arms had gotten. “Sixteen fucking inches,” he said. “These arms are sixteen fucking inches. Look at those mothers. I’ve put five inches of solid muscle on my arms in three months. Actually, I probably put on six inches of muscle ‘cause I lost all my baby fat. No fat on those arms. Only muscle. Fuckin’ strong muscle.” Instinctively, I reached up and felt his right arm. I couldn’t believe how big and hard Bobby’s bicep was. It was covered with sweat and it was very hot. I could feel the fibers of muscle, fibers that felt like steel. “Just finished an arm workout,” he said. “Those babies are pumped!” I ran my hands over the muscle and I could feel the individual fibers under his thin tan skin. Veins were surging with blood on top of the pumped muscle, blood that was loaded with protein to build even more muscle. His muscle fibers felt like steel cords, flexing and straining at Bobby’s command. Bobby flexed and unflexed his bicep several times as I felt the hard muscle bulge. He knew I was in awe of him. “I can curl 120 pounds. When I started I could only curl 30 pounds. I’ve gotten so fucking strong.” Then he flexed is triceps. “The tricep muscle is bigger than the bicep muscle. Did you know that John? I bet you didn’t. I’m learnin’ a lot about my muscles. I’m learnin’ how to make ‘em bigger and stronger. Look at my fuckin’ triceps. I do lots of exercises for my triceps. Pushups are real easy for me now. I can do hundreds. I can do pushups with kids sitting on my back.” He looked admiringly at his big, bulging triceps.

He lowered his arms and stood in front of me. I just couldn’t believe his body. “You look like you’re the same height as I am. But you’re so much bigger - you have so much muscle - I can’t believe it.” Bobby smiled. “Yeah, I gained another inch in height and put on a ton of muscle. I’m five foot six now and I weigh 175 pounds. I gained two inches in height and 60 pounds of muscle in the last three months. And when you think about all the baby fat I dropped, I bet I put on 75 pounds of muscle. That’s a fucking lot of muscle. And I’m only 13. One hundred seventy-five pounds of solid muscle. Yeah, I’m a man and you’re still a boy, a total nerd, a fuckin’ little wimp. Just think of what I’m gonna like when I’m your age. I’m gonna be real tall and I’m gonna be packed with muscle. I’m gonna be so fucking strong. I just know it. I know I’m gonna be huge. And you’re still gonna be a weak little nerd.” Bobby grinned at me with his beautiful face. His blue eyes sparkled and his bright white teeth shined. He knew he was a stud. I couldn’t believe it. This kid now outweighed me by almost 80 pounds of solid muscle. And he was certain he was going to get even bigger. Based on what he had done so far, I sure believed him.

Then he flexed his chest and lats. They were huge. I couldn’t believe how big his torso was. Huge lats flared out at the sides, thick slabs of muscle. His pecs bulged out with thick mounds of striated muscle fibers. His traps and shoulders were huge. I could see clearly now that his shoulders were twice as wide as his hips. “Forty-five inches of solid muscle,” yelled Bobby as I gazed at his pecs, delts and lats. “Look at my fuckin’ chest. I’ve put 14 inches of muscle on my chest in three months. My shoulders have gotten huge, a lot thicker and wider. Look at all that muscle in my shoulders. I can press 180 pounds overhead. Your fucking little boat would be a toy for me. And look at those pecs. I can bench 275 but I know I can do more if I have a spotter.” He looked at me with a look that told me he had an idea in his dumb little brain. “Think of it nerd. A 13 year old kid benching 275 pounds. You can probably bench 30 or 40 pounds. I’m so much stronger than you! I’m stronger than any kid in my school!”

Then he flexed his abs. Ridges of washboard like muscle flexed at Bobby’s command, big thick bulges of ab muscle separated by deep crevices. He ran his hand over the corrugated muscle feeling all the hard ridges and crevices of his bricks. His abs were still sweaty from his workout. He had probably done hundreds of crunches and leg raises. His abs were so shredded and cut. “No fuckin’ fat on these abs anymore,” said Bobby. “I lost four inches of fat. Now my waist is only 28 inches and it’s all fuckin muscle. A friend of mine tried to punch me in the abs the other day but he hurt his hand when he hit this wall of muscle. My abs are as hard as bricks.” I looked at his abs with awe in my eyes. His green nylon shorts were very low. Besides his abs, I could see his stunning oblique muscles plunging down from his hips to his crotch. God he looked sexy. Oh how I wanted to feel Bobby’s abs. I wanted to feel those bricks of muscle. Then he said “Here, you punch ‘em John. Punch ‘em as hard as you can.” I wasn’t going to give up this opportunity even though I was going to hit him rather than feel him, so I made my hand into a fist, pulled it back and punched him in the abs. When I hit the muscle there was a loud smack, like I was hitting a brick muscle wall. It felt like I hit a wall, a wall of muscle. A jolt of pain went through my hand, like it had just hit a steel plate. I couldn’t believe how hard Bobby’s ab muscles were. Bobby laughed. “Fuck, you gotta hit harder than that. I couldn’t even feel that. Hit me again.” I looked at Bobby’s abs and then at my sore hand. “I don’t think so,” I said. Bobby looked me in the eyes with his steel blue eyes. “I said hit me nerd. When I tell you to do something you do it.” I looked in Bobby’s beautiful eyes that were looking at me with a piercing stare. Then I looked down at his muscular right arm. He slowly made a fist. His forearm muscles bulged like big muscular snakes. “You want me to punch your gut? You wanna feel what a real man’s punch feels like?” My face turned white as I thought about Bobby hitting my skinny little gut with all the power of his huge muscles. I looked at the muscles writhing in his arm and at the thick muscles twitching in his shoulder and pec, ready to blast his arm into my gut. “No, no! I’ll hit you again.” Bobby smiled. He knew he controlled me. I hit Bobby again with my other fist with the same result. Bobby laughed some more. I looked at his muscular arm and felt my weak little flabby gut. I was glad Bobby didn’t hit me. He could have killed me with his young muscles.

Trying to get Bobby’s mind away from any thought of hitting me, I looked down at his legs. “How big are your legs. They look huge.” Bobby looked down and flexed his quads. “Yeah, they’re really been growin’. I can squat with more weight every time I work out my legs. I can almost see the muscle growin in those quads every day. They’re up to 25 inches, nine inches bigger than when I started. But when you think about all the baby fat I had in my legs before, I think I’ve added 11 inches of muscle. Big strong muscle. I’ve squatted with 350 pounds. Next week I’ll be doin’ 375. My legs are so fucking strong and they keep getting stronger..” Then he raised himself up a couple of times on his toes. “Look at my fuckin’ calves. Look at all that fucking muscle. My legs are so strong. I’m thinking of going out for the football team. I wanna smash through other guys with my big legs. I wanna knock ‘em to the ground like they’re bowling pins. I’m gonna love hitting other guys and smashing ‘em.” I looked at Bobby’s legs and said, “I think you’ll be a star, Bobby. You have way more muscle than other kids your age. They might even put you on the high school team because you’re too strong for the 8th graders.” Bobby laughed. “Yeah, that would be great. Smashing high school kids. I’d love to smash high school kids.” Bobby loved violence in his video games, and now he was going to be able to inflict violence himself on the other boys in school with his brand new muscles.

Bobby looked at me again with look that said he had an idea. “I wanna test my strength, nerd. I wanna see how strong I really am. You’re gonna be my spotter. I’m gonna do bench presses, going all the way up to my absolute max. I’m gonna tell all those wimps at school how strong I am. They’ll see how big my muscles are and they’re gonna know how strong I am. They’ll know who’s the boss from now on. They better do what I tell ‘em to do or these big muscles are gonna smash ‘em.” Bobby made a fist and pulled it back, like he was going to hit me. I got a look of panic in my eyes as Bobby punched me in the gut, but he pulled back just before that hard fist hit my abdomen. It was just a little tap. I almost screamed but I sighed in relief. Billy laughed. “Follow me nerd.” Bobby walked towards his house with me following as usual. I looked at his huge shoulders, traps and lats as he walked in front of me, the muscles flexing as Bobby moved his body. I looked at his firm round muscle butt under his sweaty wet workout shorts. The big globes of muscle bulged with each step. I looked at his huge thighs and calves with the muscles flexing as he walked. I couldn’t believe how much muscle Bobby now had on his 13 year old body. •

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