By Richard Jasper

A year or so later…

Carlos Trujillo was watching FSPN (Flex Sports Network) while his new boy, Jamie, slow-sucked his big muscle cock.

"So, Ricky," said Martin ("Blow") Dryer, "how does it feel to be the biggest, youngest Mr. Olympia ever?"

"It feels really good, Marty," Ricky said, winking at the camera and flexing his trademark 27 inch biceps for good measure.

"Ricky, let's talk stats a minute for our viewers. At 5'7" tall, you weighed 340 lbs. on the Olympia stage, which means you were 35 lbs. heavier than the biggest previous Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, who won the '08 contest weighing 305 lbs."

Jamie felt Carlos' monster cock twitch and buck with each mention of Ricky's size.

"That's right, Marty," Ricky said. "But keep in mind I was only 30 lbs. heavier than my runner up, Carlos Trujillo."

Jamie hadn't thought Carlos' dick could get any harder. He was wrong.

"But Carlos is two inches taller than you are, right? So, effectively speaking, he'd have to weigh in at about 360 to have the same degree of muscle mass…"

Ricky shrugged his impossibly broad shoulders.

"Hard to say, Marty, but, yes, the height difference does tend to give the shorter guy the advantage – provided he can compete in terms of width."

Marty chuckled.

"Ricky, width is not something you're lacking. Just how broad ARE your shoulders?"

"Well, Marty, my chest is 68 inches around, so my shoulders are about 78 inches around, and about 39 inches across."

For a moment Dryer was actually speechless.

Jamie held on as Carlos' dick started spasming. He was determined not to lose a single drop.

"But, but. You're 5'7, right? That means your chest is actually an inch bigger around than you are tall – and that your shoulders are more than half as wide as you are tall."

Ricky actually blushed.

"Well, yes, that's about the size of it. Actually my shoulders are quite a bit more than half as wide. Half would be 33 ½ inches, not 39 inches."

"Ricky, are you as big as a man can get?" Dryer asked. Anyone looking closely – and Ricky was – would have noticed that Dryer's pupils were slightly dilated, that his breathing had quickened.

Jamie licked his lips, sucking down the last little bit of foam.

"Hell, no," Ricky said. "For one thing, my partner…"

Dryer interrupted.

"Oh, that's right. The Mysterious Mr. Fentress…"

Ricky laughed. Jamie felt Carlos' dick begin to stiffen again.

"Not `Mysterious' at all, Marty," he pointed out. "He's just not interested in competing. And just as well…"


"Because we'd all lose, that's why. We'd need an entirely new contest, just for him."


This time it was Ricky's turn to interrupt.

"You don't understand, Marty. Very few people do. Roger is 4 inches taller than I am – and outweighs me by 120 lbs.'

Dryer's eyes bulged.

"I knew he was big but that's incredible. 5'11 and 460 lbs.?"

Ricky nodded.

"But surely not in the same shape you're in?"

Ricky rolled his eyes.

"Yes, the same shape I'm in. His bodyfat never goes about 5%, Marty. He's a monster."

Dryer let out a whoosh.

"And when are we going to see this Man Mountain on camera?"

Ricky chuckled.

"He's in this game for himself, Marty. Don't count on it anytime soon, if ever."

"And what about you, Ricky?"

Ricky winked at the camera again.

"I'm in it for the applause, Marty – and for `going where no man has gone before,'" he added, Star Trek voiceover style.

"You're going to get bigger?" Marty asked.

"In five years I'll be on the stage at 400 lbs.," Ricky said.

Dryer's jaw dropped.

"Count on it," Ricky said. "I'm unstoppable."

Carlos flipped his 250 lb. boytoy over and impaled the young stud on his rampant fuckpole. Jamie passed out before Carlos finished.

* * *

Roger clicked the remote control.

"Four, erm, hundred, erm, pounds, oof," he grunted between thrusts of Ricky's piledriver.

"That's pretty fucking big."

Ricky pounded harder.

"Pretty fucking huge."

Ricky pounded faster.

"Almost as big as me…"

Ricky yowled as Roger clamped down – they both spurted for a long time.

A while later, Ricky's nose was buried in the luxurious mat of fur covering Roger's monstrous pecs.

"Almost as big as you…" he snorted into Roger's chest hair.

Roger put a giant paw on Ricky's head and pulled it up.

"For all practical purposes, ACTUALLY as big as me. You know and I know that, proportionally speaking, at your height I'd be about 420 lbs. – and that's spitting distance, for sure."

Ricky levered himself off of Roger's gigantic torso, his own monstrous arms doing a fair impression industrial pistons. He straddled the bigger man's hips, flaring his lats and popping a mind- blowing double biceps.

"And you're spitting distance of 500 lbs.," he pointed out "In fact, you're closer to that that I am to 400."

Roger shrugged his shoulders – a visual that compared favorably to a mountain landslide.

"Soon enough, in either case."

Ricky ran his hands over the tectonic plates that made up Roger's chest.

"I don't think I'm gonna be able to keep you off cam for much longer, babe. Dryer nearly wet himself when I was telling him about your stats."

Roger flexed his right biceps, all 37 inches of it.

"Do you think he's ready for it?"

Ricky laughed.

"I think he would whip his dick out on cam and jerk off for the studio audience if you'd show him that. He'd go down on you on cam if you took your shirt off and showed him that 92 inch chest."

It was Roger's turn to laugh.

"What did he say, '68 inches is 1 inch more than you are tall!'" Roger said, using his best little girl voice to mimic the excitable broadcaster.

"'Gee, Mr. Fentress,'" Ricky continued in the same voice, "Your chest is TWENTY one inches bigger than you are tall! How do you keep from falling over?"

Roger flexed his 46 inch quads – Ricky liked that. "It's like riding an earthquake!" he'd squealed more than once.

"I think I'll wait," Roger continued. "After I'm 500 lbs…."

Ricky snorted.

"When you have a 100-inch chest? Roger, your shoulders are already 52 inches across. I think the man would have a heart attack."

Roger's muscle dick began to stir again. Ricky's huge muscle ass clamped on. Amazing how much control the kid has, Roger thought, for the millionth time.

"He'll just have to deal," Roger said, pulling his man-mountain lover down so that he could do some deep-sea diving in the back of the young hottie's throat.

"After all," he said, between sucks and glorps and gurgles. "We're…"

Ricky pulled free and attacked Roger's nipple.

"I know, I know," he said with Roger's man tit in his mouth.



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