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pick your own title for this, I'm just writing this "as is" lurker to contribute from reading stories that inspire others.

I'm not a die-hard fan of the Hulk, Spiderman, X-men comics, but do read them as a fun thing since its highly annoying when you don't have a sense of non-reality. (in my opinion)

Mind you this is my first time and to keep it clean for anyone, this is going to be rated PG-13 for now until otherwise noted.

so let my story be told, there may be a sequel to it soon or very late, depending on the turn out and the wishes of more writing. I also try to be some what unique.

History of Main Character: (You may/may not wish to read if you don't want to I'm just giving you what you might have questions for later :) ) John Culmak was born in a quiet town off in a remote town in Tennessee, he among two other siblings were very gifted in the art of science and technology at an early age. However they're family was very poor and could only afford the basic necccities for life. At age four, John's mother dicided to make him go to school early in hopes to establish his talents early, and it did just what she hoped. During his elementary years, John Culmak excelled in his schooling, being top of almost all of his subjects and class. He showed intelligence beyond that of most children his age and by the time his 4th grade year, his teacher decided to move him instead of to the 5th grade, but to the 7th grade due to him being bored in class most of the time. His 7th grade teacher was astonished at how bright this new student was, she decided to give him a test to see if he really should belong in the 7th grade. He didn't, she decided to send him to the 9th grade where he still excelled. However, needing credits to graduate according to the law of his school system area, he had to stay in the 9th grade.... -------------------- 10 years later--- -------------------- (John at this point by the way is age 20 for the record he weighs about 132 pounds and out of graduate school and working at a new experimental lab dealing with fusion of atoms and the creation of new species to aid/help mankind in the growing epidimic food crisis) 7:30 a.m. Monday, the 14th of July "John you do know a field trip from the local middle school is coming today, I want you to explain to the students what it is you do.", said Huburt Stignia ( John's Boss, very respectful person who is very very nice to anyone.) "Cool man, whatever I'll tell, no problem.", said John. 8:43 Monday, the 14th of July Now kids, I'm a technician here that works on experimental projects that some day may help out man kind., said John One kid raises his arm to ask a question then screeches to see a spider crawling on his back and keeps quiet trying to not act like a scardy cat. Refer back to this spot as foreshadowing by the way. :) 11:24 a.m. Monday, the 14th of July "Whew- glad those kids are gone!", said John. "No kidding", said Carl. (Carl is the best friend of John, Carl and John have been friends for several years and in college) "Lets test the new fusion reactor today.", said John. "Alright, just make sure nothing is in the containment room before we do this, otherwise whatever is in there isn't going to be happy with the mutations in the DNA polymerase.", said Carl. "Ha, like anything is in there I just checked it, spotless not a soul in there" said John. "I'll double check just to make sure however." Carl, meanwhile, goes and gets a drink at a fountain, getting a glass of water. Walks back to the area the containment control room is and accidently drops the glass on the ground, cursing himself and walks back to get paper towls. Suddenly like in an instant, John reaches behind the last spot in the containment room yells in pain as he was bitten by a spider, while Carl slips on the water he spilled, landing on the control board, turning on the highly experimental fusion reactor. Carl is knocked unconcious with John in the now live fusion reactor, just feet from the core reactor. John expierencing a state of uneasiness collapses as the spider dies in front of him, having being exposed to the radiation created during the biting. John is still concious ,but barely. Carl then wakes up while doing so turning off the reactor at the same time, panics to see John on the floor with a spider bite. --- Four Days later--- Son, son, son, wake up... "What day is it? Am I alive? Where am I?, " asked John, who is laying on a bed, waking up to see his father who is now well off due to his son's success and the benefits he receives for being the best father John could ever have. "I don't know why you ask these questions, but I'll answer them, Its Friday, and by the looks of it you have had some good sleep from the silly spider bite you recieved, as for the alive question that is just silly," said John's father " You of course are home since I always knew you hate hospitals." "As for the spider bite, it was harmless you should only recieve a small infection due to the saliva we found in the bite." However, John doesn't feel very good, at all. Tells his father to leave him alone for a while. John's father agrees that he needs more rest, the spider just scared the kid. (From this point on the text will only be of John) John moves back to his apartment, informing his work he'll come back to work when he feels better. [b]I should walk...to see if I can still walk, this doesn't feel right, at all.[/b] John gets up, hard to get up. At least I can walk, but something doesn't feel right with my walk at all. I best look at the situation as my self a patient, Looking down at my legs, I see that they seem swolen, but that is perhaps due to the spider bite, in fact my entire body seems just swolen. Oh well. Best get some rest. 27 hours later... John wakes up in a cold sweat, in the middle of the night, feeling the swoleness has gotten worse and a searing pain near his chest. John runs to the bathroom, staring in disbelief in the mirror, either this is swoleness or something is happening to my body. I best check myself, my temperature is normal, weight is 178...WAIT...weight is 178??? How is this possible, is there fluid in my body? Striping down to just boxers, John's moth is agape, his theory on this swoleness is completely wrong, he was gaining muscle, at an alarming rate. What of this pain in my chest, it won't go away. Whatever, I'm starving. John grabs some food and heads back to the bed, still very very tired but extremely hungry. 47 hours later... Ahh shit, how long have I been sleeping? I could have woken up to see what is happening to my body. Running to the bathroom, he screams in horror. What is happening to me!? John gets on the scale, it reads 243 pounds. •

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