BiggNDum's MegaMuscle Gum

A New Recruit


By m4musclebuck

Steve coached his yoga class, "Now, one last Down Dog, and hold it. Breathe in, breathe out." Steve was a moderately attractive blonde man with thining hair, a thin 150 pounds at 5'10", though with good musculature from a few years of yoga practice and, now, instruction.

Steve continued, "Three more. In and out. Two more. In… and out. Good, now one more. Breathe in… and out. Good. Now, walk the hands back to the feet, and now stretch out and up, bringing your hands together and back down to the heart."

Steve bowed to the class with a "Namaste" as the yoga class wrapped up for the day. "I hope to see all of you next week."

A sweet young blonde woman came up to him. "Steve? Hi, I'm Rachel. I've been going to this class since before you began teaching it. Do you know if Richard will ever be coming back to teach this class again? Not that I don't like you as in instructor, but I really enjoyed the classes with him."

"Rachel, I wish I knew. I thought this was going to be a temporary gig, to tell the truth. He just asked me to cover his classes for a while. Even the owners of the Yoga Tree studio are now asking me whether he's ever coming back. I need to track him down, myself."

"I hope Richard is ok. I hope you find him! Thanks so much." She smiled sweetly. Steve wondered if she was smiling at him because she liked him, or because he was just being nice. He wished it was both, though the first would have been better of the two. Teaching yoga was definitely a good way to meet the opposite sex! Yoga had also helped him calm his own issues with his manhood… he was not exactly well endowed, though his was not tiny. Though sometimes he wondered if he was as pleasing to his partners as he would have been if he had been, well, bigger.

The rest of the class left, leaving Steve to get his CDs out of the sound system and straighten up the room a bit. Which left him thinking to himself, "Hmmmm, I wonder what has been going on with Richard, anyway. He sure was acting weird when he asked me to cover his classes a few weeks ago. Now it has been..." Richard did some quick calculating in his head. "It's been nearly a month!"

Steve headed out of the Yoga Tree, resolving to track his old friend Richard down. He wondered if he would find him over at "Frank's Fitness" gym, which was where Richard's other yoga class had been, down in the industrial port area of town. He hopped on his motor scooter and headed toward the docks.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yes, it has been just a month ago when his pal Richard had called him out of the blue to ask him to cover his classes at Yoga Tree.

Richard and Steve had trained to become yoga instructors at the same time, and had become casual friends.

Richard had even admitted a light attraction to Steve at the end of their yoga training. Steve didn't mind that, and in fact was a bit flattered -- though he had immediately told Richard he was straight, just so there was no misunderstanding. They had been in the locker room at the time, and – both being naked – had both noticed that neither was well endowed. It had been a point of friendship for the two of them, actually, a place of where a straight guy and a gay guy could bond, both relating to one another and their, well, limitations.

The school they had trained at did some excellent placement work, and Steve began teaching at the Yoga Loft while Richard landed two gigs, one at the Yoga Tree and the other a weekly class at Frank's Fitness.

After that, they'd gone on with their lives and Steve hadn't heard from Richard for a while.

Then a couple of months later Richard had called him, sounding funny. Steve recalled the conversation:

Steve picked up the phone, "Hello."

"Hey there, duuude! How the fuck's it hangin' big guy? Or should I say, small fry?" Some guy with a deep voice was laughing on the other end of the line.

"Who IS this?" Steve had asked. He didn't have call waiting, so he didn't know.

"What, you mean you don't fuckin' recognize me? Shit, man. It's your ol' pal from yoga training, you fuckin' dope! Richard – or as I now call myself, `Big Dick!' Hehehe…" Richard laughed again, darkly.

Steve couldn't believe the vulgar profanity coming out of his friends mouth. He didn't even seem to be the same guy. He tried to put a good face on it, anyway, "Hey, there Richard. I didn't recognize your voice. How are you, guy?"

"Dude, I'm fuckin' AWESOME, man! Fuckin' awesome. Never been better. Feel fuckin' GREAT!"

"That's good to hear."

"But listen, dude. I need to ask a favor. Those creeps down at the fuckin' Yoga Tree are givin' me a bunch of shit. I bailed on my last two weeks of classes there – I couldn't fuckin' do `em anymore, they were waaaayyyy interferin' with my workouts, you know what I fuckin' mean? -- and they say they're going to hold my fuckin' last paycheck unless I fuckin' get someone in to cover `em for me. Will you do it for me, man? They're on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am – and that's a baaaad ass time for me, now, man. That's my fuckin' liftin' time! Sacred."

Steve was thinking to himself, I remember when Richard thought yoga was sacred. The man doesn't even sound like himself. I wonder if he's gotten himself into some trouble. He asked his friend, "You sure you're ok, man?"

"Fuck, yeah, man! Best shape of my entire fuckin' life, man! I fuckin' live for the fuckin' gym now, dude, that's all. Listen, man, can you cover for me? I kinda need the money, at least till things line up again – which`ll be soon. But both food and the gum are fuckin' expensive, for now, man.

"So will you do it?"

Steve didn't understand his friend, something weird was definitely going on with him. Since when had Richard – who ate like a bird – spend a lot of money on food? And how could gum be expensive?

But still, Richard didn't want to get involved – and heck, work was work.

"Sure. I'd be happy to do that. For how long?"

"Fuck, man, I don't know! I mean fuck, I just don't know. I can't even think about doing fuckin' weak-ass shit yoga right now. Why think when I can lift?"

Steve thought that was a very strange thing for his old friend to say. Richard had been one of the best students in their yoga instructor class – he'd been so dedicated.

Then he remembered his friend also taught yoga at the gym down on the docks. "And what are you doing about that other yoga class you have, at Frank's Fitness? You still teach that?"

He heard a big deep laugh over the phone, "Hehehe. No fuckin' way, dude! As if! Fuck, we don't DO fuckin' yoga there any more, man! `Sides, the gym's kinda under new ownership" Richard – or Big Dick, as he was calling himself, continued, "Listen, man, I gotta go – gotta go lift! Will you do it for me, startin' tomorrow?"

"I'll do it, Richard. Just keep me informed when you plan to come back."

"Sure, man, whatever. I mean, what the fuck, I'll keep you posted and all that. Gotta go."


And that was the last Steve had heard from Richard. He'd tried calling Richard again a few weeks ago at home and on his cell phone, but the phone numbers had both been disconnected. And then just a few days ago he had tried his friend's yahoo email address, only to get a reply "Mailbox FULL." Guess he wasn't checking email.

Which left the gym as the only possible place where he might find his friend. And so Steve headed over to Frank's Finess, or whatever it was now called.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Steve pulled his moped up to the front of the dock, where what had been called Frank's Fitness was located.

He'd last seen it a few months back, when he and Richard had checked it out before they had taken their jobs as yoga instructors. In fact, that had been the last day Steve had seen his friend Richard. Frank's Fitness had just expanded, and was looking for new members by offering new types of classes such as yoga. Though they now had the entire front of the dock, the rear of the pier it stood on was still mostly empty – at least, it had been at the time they had toured the place.

One look at the new sign -- and a few of the men headed in and out of the gym – and Steve thought to himself, Guess I better get ready to call him `Big Dick'! Or, he thought a bit more cynically, perhaps `BiggNDum Dick!"

For what had once been Frank's Fitness was now the "BiggNDum's MegaMuscle Gymnasium." And the men walking in and out of the gym were all some of the biggest men Steve had ever seen except in magazines – each of them was almost as big as the two cartoon character muscle heads that served as the gym's logo, above the gym's name. One of the cartoon muscle hedz was in a crab shot, the other sporting a double bicep pose.

He looked for a place to put his moped. Not one but three rows of motorcycles stood out in front of the gym, and on the side of the dock were a row of trucks – not a small car in sight. His was the only moped. He pulled up next to a harley, parked, and got ready to walk inside. A slight shiver went through his body, and he realized he was feeling a touch intimidated by the changes he had already seen to this place.

He wondered what his friend had gotten himself into.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Pounding deep tribal house music filled the lobby, overlaid by numerous sounds of metal scraping metal, the smell of gallons of sweat, and the heavy grunts of dozens of huge men coming from way back in the deep recesses of the gym. The lobby was decorated in bold colors, greens and purples, along with a big poster advocating "Try BiggNDum MegaMuscle Gum! For great pumps, great workouts – a great life!" and showing several huge muscle men passing around sticks of an innocuous looking gum.

"Welcome to BiggNDum's MegaMuscle Gymnasium," said a deep voice from the front counter. Steve looked over. A huge musclehead with a shaved head was looking at him, massive arms folded over on the counter. "I'm Eric. Can I help you?"

"Yes, Eric, I'm looking for a friend of mine, Richard Stuben. He used to be a yoga instructor here."

"We don't do yoga, man, not for the last er, hmmm… I think it's been three weeks,though I'm not sure about that. We're converting that room into a… posing room."

"Well, then do you know where I could find Richard Stuben?"

"Richard Stuben, Richard Stuben, hmmm… don't remember the name. Let me look him up in our database, if I can recall how. Thank god this thing is so fuckin' easy to use or I could never fuckin' do it! Uh, excuse my language."

"Er, that's ok," said Steve.

"Oh, yeah, here he is. Sure, I know him -- Big Dick! He and Big Keith were the ones who first got us all to try the gum, man. Fuck yeah, wasn't that the best fuckin' day of my fuckin' life! Er, uh, sorry `bout the language again, man. I get carried away sometimes."

"That's ok. Do you know if, er, Big Dick is here?"

"Oh, yeah, man, he sure is. He practically lives here, man. He and his partner Keith, that is. Fuck, they're so hot."

"Can I go look for him?"

"No fuckin' way, man." – Eric had clearly forgotten about his language, again – "No one but full members are allowed on the gym floor. Fuckin' rules, you know. But I can page him."

"Sure thing. Thanks."

"Hang on, man." Eric pulled a microphone up to his mouth. "Big Dick – er, Richard Stuben that is – to the front desk. Richard Stuben to the front desk. You have a visitor, man."

"Thanks." said Steve. "By the way, while I'm waiting, can I ask you how you guys switched over so quickly from Frank's Fitness to the MegaMuscle Gym?"

"That's BiggNDum MegaMuscle Gym, buddy. Get it straight. Straight, you know? Hehehe." Eric laughed, and then paused, looking a bit confused. He whispered – to himself, and Steve only heard him mumbling – "Yeah, that's right, I used to be straight. I remember… I…" A glazed look like a deer in headlights crossed his face.

"The change in gym ownership, from Frank's Fitness?" Steve prompted.

Eric shook himself, and looked back at Steve, smiling again dumbly. "Oh, yeah. Well, after we'd all tried the gum, ol' Frank called the BigNDumm folks up to order a shitload of the stuff… and wouldn't you know it, but they're starting a fuckin' huge gym franchise across the whole fuckin' country? Frank was lookin' for some mega help with the gym, anyway, and they offered him a sweet fuckin' deal, man, so long as he moved fast. Hell, we had no idea they'd move THIS fast! But it's fuckin' sweet man, and all us staff get free access to the gum."

"The gum?' Steve asked. "You mean this stuff?" And he pointed to the locked case next to the gum poster.

"Yep, that's the stuff! BiggNDum MegaMuscle Gum. It's the best! Fuckin' awesome, man. You haven't tried it yet, have you? I can tell."

"No, I haven't. And not really planning on it, either. I'm not much of a gum chewer."

Steve was looking at the case, wondering why the locked the gum up, as Eric whispered to himself, "Hehehe. That's what they all say, at first…"

* * * * * * * * * * *

A lumbering bodybuilder with a shaved head entered the lobby. "What the fuck, man?" he said to Eric.

Eric pointed to his visitor, standing near the gum case.

"Steve, my man! How the fuck are you, dude!" Richard came up to him and gave him a huge bear hug that took Steve's breath away. Once he stepped back, Steve got a better look at him.

A few months ago, Richard had been lithe and thin. Probably weighing about 170 on his 6 foot frame. Somewhat muscular from his yoga practice, but nothing to write home about.

No longer. Somehow his friend Richard had transformed himself into a massive muscled hulk. He must weigh 250 now, thought Steve. A more measured eye would have seen that Big Dick was still at 10% bodyfat, as he was before his `change' – and now sported 20" arms, and a 52" chest, with huge round shoulders and massive quads.

"You… you're…" began Steve, not sure how to begin.

"Huge? Big? Hot? Fuck yeah, man! Fuck yeah!" Dick made a double bicep pose, to show off his growing muscles. "Though not big enough yet, fuck no way, man!" He winked at Eric, who winked back.

"Not big enough? You don't think you're already big enough?"

"Naw, man, this is just my starter weight! Goin' for 400 pounds, man! 27" fuckin' guns! 65" fuckin' chest! Fuck yeah! I know I can fuckin' do it! I'm gonna be a fuckin' muscled-up freak, man! Me and my Big Man Keith! And all our pals here, right Big Eric?"

"Fuckin' A, man! You said it, dude!" said Eric. "Can't wait until my fuckin' shift is over so I can hit the weights with you, man!"

Steve asked, "Where have you been, Richard? I've tried to look you up but your phones are disconnected and your email inbox is full."

"Dick, man. The name is Dick. Big Dick. Email? What the fuck do I need email for? And since I've moved in with Big Keith I figured what the fuck do I need another phone for? His'll do just fine. `Sides, almost no one calls us there. We're always here at the gym, working out like we should be!" Steve could tell that Richard – or Dick – was aching to get back onto the gym floor. He changed the subject.

"I can't believe you've gotten so big, so fast, Richard."

"Fuck man, get it right. That's Dick to you, man. Big Dick! Big Fuckin' Dick!

"`Cause guess what? I sure as hell got a big one now!… Hehehe…" Big Dick laughed at his friend, and shamelessly began stroking his cock through his lycra shorts, the shorts that were wedded tightly to his hugely muscled legs and tight bubble-butt ass.

Steve stared, shocked. He remembered his friend from back in the locker room, months and months ago. Now `Big Dick' was sporting a huge hose, one that was threatening to leave the confines of that too small pair of shorts.

Richard – hell, I guess I'd better call him Big Dick! thought Steve -- let up on his dick stroking, and smiled at his friend. "You like it? How big it is?"

"Uh, well, umm…. It's not that, it's, well,…. Dammit how'd you do it? No amount of weight lifting is gonna change that! What, how, …."

"It's the gum, man. The gum."

"The… gum? You mean that MegaMuscle gum you guys are selling?"

"Hehehe. It's more than that, man. It's not called BiggNDum's MegaMuscle Gum not for nothin', man. It's fuckin' awesome, man. And it gets you big in more than in just your fuckin' muscles, dude. And more… though I can't fuckin' remember what else the fuck it does. Funny…"

Steve stood, in shock, looking downward. Big Dick knew what he was thinking and sauntered over, laying a huge arm around his puny friend's shoulders – though, he thought, they wouldn't stay puny for long! And once his friend got big enough – in both departments – then they might have some fun!!

He asked quietly, seductively, whispering in his ear, "You wanna try it?"

An automatic reaction made him say, " I don't like gum." But he was nodding, unconsciously. A huge part of him was shouting out, "No, no, don't be like them!" But he kept seeing that girl Rachel from the yoga class, and wondering if this might help him score better in that department. Even though yoga had helped, he still knew he would do anything for a bigger dick. Anything. He'd wanted it ever since being laughed at in school as a kid.

And so Steve nodded, mutely, unbelieving, wishing for it, wishing it was just offering him that -- a big dick -- and not what he feared would change him as it so clearly had his friend. He didn't really want to be a muscle head. Not really. He really LIKED being a yoga instructor.

But he soooooo wanted the kind of dick his friend had. And, a devilish thought came, "You can handle this. Don't worry… You don't have to change, except in this one way… that is, IF you don't want too!"

His friend Big Dick laughed deeply, knowing he had him. "Let me ask you again, BIG MAN. You wanna try it, dude?" his whispered, though less quietly this time.

And so Steve nodded again, quickly fixing his eyes closed tightly; as if by not looking he could pretend what was happening wasn't going to really happen, that he hadn't actually agreed to this.

Dick double snapped his fingers at Eric. Eric promptly produced a piece of gum. It could have been Juicyfruit. He handed it to Dick, who held it in front of his friend's face.

"Here you go, man. Open up." Steve slowly opened his mouth, keeping his eyes tightly shut, not sure what was going to happen next. Dick placed the gum in Steve's mouth. Steve closed his mouth, and began chewing.

At first the three guys just stood there, as Steve began to chew. Nothing seemed to be happening. Inside, Steve was trying NOT to enjoy the tastes pouring in, nor the music that was now – other than his pounding heart – completely filling his head as it continued pounding in the background, and as the grunts of the men came at him louder and louder than before – their workouts seemed to be intensifying.

Then, slowly, a quiet, hungry moan began to come out of Steve. It grew. And grew. The moan opened into a huge sigh which escaped his lips, deepening far down into his throat as it came out. Steve began to shake a bit. Now, moaning more, and more, louder and louder, deeper and deeper. And then, finally, Steve's eyes sprung wide open, and he stared deep into his friend Big Dick's eyes, and yelled out, "Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, YES!"

And with that, immediately passed out into Big Dick's arms, who was waiting to catch him. He'd done this many times with other guys, by now.

Big Eric and Big Dick took Steve around to the side of the front counter, where a chair was, and placed him in it. Just thn, the office door on the side of the desk, just past the chair, opened and an older bodybuilder with graying hair and beard, and wrinkles to match – but otherwise in fantastic shape – peered out at the man lying on the chair. "What the fuck is going on?" said the man.

"Nothin', Frank, Big Dick here's just got a new recruit for us is all," said Eric to his boss.

"Well, fuck yeah!" said Frank happily. "The BiggNDum folks'll be happy! We need more blood if we're gonna expand into a new gym on the other side of the City. Thanks, Big Dick!"

"No problem, Big Frank. See you tonight?"

"Hell, yes – so long as you bring Big Keith with ya! I need his dick up my ass, I'll tell you that!"

"Sure thing, man. Can't wait." He turned to Eric… "You gonna be joining us for the fun, too, big man?"

Eric smiled sweetly, "It's hard to say no to you, man… but I think I might have other plans. " He nodded toward Steve, still lying in the chair unconscious.

"He's straight, you know. And still small!" said Dick.

"I was too, remember? You `member how quick I came `round? It only takes one chew, man. They grow so fast at the start. Hell, I remember you doin' it! And me, here at the front desk, still puny as shit, `till you and Keith passed out your first pack to the staff! You fuckin' saved me – hell, most of us here -- from a life of straight n' puny hell!"

Dick thought for a moment, not actually remembering any of that. For a moment, he was curious about why he didn't... But then Steve began to rouse.

"You ok, man? You passed out, dude."

Steve shook himself. He smiled, then laughed, and chewed on the gum some more. The taste – of metal, of chrome, of masculinity, of sweat and leather and heat and sex and… -- and he had to ask, "Why the fuck didn't you tell me it tasted so fuckin' good, man? This shit is the fuckin' bomb, man!"

"You feel good, dude?" said Dick, smiling devilishly.

"I'm fuckin' fanfuckintastic, man. I feel GREAT! I feel like… like…"

"Like working out?"

A huge grin appeared on Steve's face. "I thought you'd fuckin' never ask, man. I can't wait. Let's get the fuck in there, man. I better hit it if I'm gonna catch up with you, big man. And you better believe I'm gonna. Big Steve, Big Fuckin' Steve, man! Here the fuck I come!! Fuck YES!"

"You mean, BiggNDum MegaMuscled Steve – but we'll call you Big Steve for short," (said BiggNDum MegaMuscled Dick, or Big Dick for short).

Eric smiled and yelled after them as they headed to the gym floor. "I'll see you after your workout, Steve. I may have another stick of gum for you."

Steve stopped in his track, still chewing his first stick. "Another? Sounds unbelieveable, man. I'd love another. If this one makes me feel THIS way, I can't fuckin' wait for number two!"

"You WILL wait for it, boy. Perhaps we can talk about that – and your new diet -- over dinner tonight, big man."

"Sure, dude, whatever you say. I'll do anything for that gum, man. Sounds awesome, man. Fuck yeah, can't wait! See you after the workout, man!" Steve yelled over his shoulder as he and Big Dick headed to the weight room.

Eric smiled again. He liked watchin the puny ass boys "change into real men" as he called it – and especially liked helping them along, in the bedroom, as they accepted and claimed their new, big, life. The bigger the better, man. But there was nothing like seeing a guy getting into it for the first time. It was awesome to behold.

Yes, Eric was looking forward to tonight. Another recruit…. That meant extra gum from Frank, for both of them.

Fuck, yeah!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At the yoga class on Monday…

Adam bowed to the class with a "Namaste" as the class wrapped up for the day. "I hope to see all of you on Wednesday."

A sweet young blonde woman came up to him. "Adam? Hi, I'm Rachel. I've been going to this class since way before even Steve began teaching it. Do you know when or if Steve will be coming back? Or his friend, Richard? Not that I don't like you as in instructor, but I really enjoyed the classes with them."

"I have no idea, Rachel. Steve just asked me to cover for him for a couple weeks – in fact, I should probably check up on him about how long he wants me to cover. And I don't know Richard. Last I heard, Steve was trying out a new workout program with his friend "Big Dick" – maybe that's Richard.

"Well, if you do see him, or find out what happened to Richard…," Rachel paused, then continued, "Well, just be careful. I don't want to lose another yoga instructor."

"Oh, don't worry, I'll be covering this class for at least the next few weeks."

"Ok. Well, hope to see you Wednesday."

Rachel left, leaving Adam to get the CDs out of the stereo system and straighten up the room. He stuck a stick of chewing gum in his mouth as he left the yoga studio, and thought, this flavor is getting a bit boring. I wonder what new gum is out there for me to try. He always loved trying out new gum. And then he recalled his conversation with Rachel.

"I guess I better head over to that new gym to see what Steve is up to…" he thought to himself… not knowing that he would indeed be trying some new gum out, today.

The End •

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