BiggNDum's MegaMuscle Gum


By m4musclebuck

"Hey, dude, you wanna try a piece of this before we get into it?" Big Keith asked his young thin pal, Richard, as they walked towards the weight room.

They'd been gym pals ever since Richard had joined the gym six months ago, as a yoga instructor – the gym was expanding it's class offerings to compete with the growing number of yoga studios.

Even though Keith – a totally obsessed bodybuilder – was so different from his friend Richard – a lanky, thin guy who taught yoga and aerobics classes and didn't understand why guys were into the weight room – for some reason the two guys had really hit it off since they met.

Keith just wished his friend were into muscle like he was – then there might even be something more than friendship between the two of them. For Richard sure was cute! Just not big enough for Keith's tastes, which ran from guys as big as he was on to beyond enormous. The bigger, the better was Keith's motto.

Richard, for his part, wished that his friend would just get over his muscle obsession and perhaps join him for one of his yoga classes. He just didn't understand the whole muscle thing at all. But today, just to humor his friend, he had agreed to have Keith introduce him to the weight room. He'd never even picked up a weight before in his life, and figured he should at least do that before beginning the campaign to ween Keith off of them and into what Richard thought was a more "productive" lifestyle.

"Sure," said Richard, taking a piece of gum from the pack Keith held out for him. He put it in his mouth and chewed down on the hard piece.

It hit him immediately, a total rush of flavor… and something more. "Whoa…." Richard said. It was wild, totally wild. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, what it tasted like, or even what it felt like. Stronger, tastier, than any gum he'd ever put in his mouth before.

His friend smiled knowingly, with a dark grin. "Fuckin' awesome, isn't it, dude?" Keith said.

"You could say that again!" exclaimed Richard. "I've never tasted anything like it. It is incredible! I love it! Such complexity in the taste, yet it's so powerful in body."

He chewed some more, thinking more about the taste. Richard considered himself something of a wine connoisseur, and he liked to extend that keen palate of his to other foods and flavor sensations, even for fun – like gum. So he considered the tastes, separately, rather than as that one collective flavor that was – truly? yes, it was, he couldn't believe it – actually giving him a hard on. The last time he'd felt this way about any sort of food or drink was his first glass of really good wine. The pursuit of that long-ago erection was what had led him into the world of wine. He had gotten into yoga and aerobics when he realized he needed to balance his love of wine and food with a need to stay healthy.

He thought more about the individual flavors. A touch of cinnamon on top, yes. But was that, mmm… leather underneath? And, could it be – sweat? The more he tasted it, the more he was sure there was a sense of that man-sweat he loved smelling on a guy. And, yes, it seemed to have the taste – or the smell at least -- of chrome, and yes, iron. Weird, wild tastes, he had no idea how they combined together into something that he just couldn't stop himself from enjoying, more and more with each chew.

He closed his eyes in the intensity of the first experience with the gum, and a deep sigh escaped his lips. It took the form of an "Ahhhhh….." which deepened on octave as he exhaled, from tenor down to a deep, rich baritone.

He suddenly felt the weight of his body, however thin it was now, and realized how good that weight felt. He'd never thought of his body in this way before. It was new… and with his erection, obviously something he enjoyed.

"I totally thought you'd like it, dude," said Big Keith.

"What is it?" asked Richard.

As they got to the stretching area – a box in the corner of the gym surrounded by mirrors – Keith handed over the package again, and Richard looked at it. "Huh… `BiggNDum's MegaMuscle Gum'… what an strange name!"

"It's s'posed to have nitric oxide and other fuckin' stuff to `inspire intense workouts.' At least, that's what the advertising says. It's fuckin' about five times as expensive as regular gum, but since both you and I chew gum when we're at the gym, I figured what the hell? And bought some for us to try. I gave it a once over yesterday, After the initial rush, it gave me the best fuckin' workout of my entire fuckin' life, man. Couldn't fuckin' believe it. HeHeHe… Fuck yeah!" Big Keith struck a double bicep, posing for himself in the mirrors. He must be feeling the rush, too, Richard thought.

As Big Keith posed in the mirrors, Richard's mind wandered a bit, and realized his friend was talking a bit more crudely than he usually did. Like he was some sort of valley boy surfer dude, combined with those guys who swore because they didn't have a more complex vocabulary. It was surprising, but he didn't remember Keith talking quite this way a couple days ago, when they had last seen each other. In fact, he didn't remember Keith – a sweet man even though he was so big – ever talking quite this way. Though Keith was definitely a bodybuilder, when he got to know him, Richard realized he wasn't at all like the "big and dumb" stereotype most people have about male bodybuilders.

Today, however, he was having second thoughts about it.

But something else was nagging him, something that felt more important that this silly idea about Keith's manners and vocabulary. Who cared? What he realized mattered was what the corner of his eyes were saying about Keith's body, as he now did the crab shot those bodybuilders were so into doing. What was more important was: Was Keith actually bigger than he had been, just a few days ago?

He looked over at Keith, wondering. And suddenly something else hit him, in a second rush of powerful feeling, with that hint of cinnamon (and the other, deep rich and powerful flavors): What a hunk. What a huge hunk Keith was! Big Keith was definitely too big for Richard, or at least so Richard had thought… until now. Though he knew his friend was obsessed with putting on a LOT more muscle than he already had.

Now that thought turned him on. And suddenly Richard saw his friend in an entirely new light.

`Yeah, that would look fuckin' HOT, man!' he heard that deep part of himself think, as he let himself imagine Keith's already big muscles growing even bigger, for the first time ever. His dick got harder.

And then he stopped himself for a moment, wondering where that thought had come from. Richard had never considered big bodybuilders to be his thing before.

Yet now he found himself staring at Keith, who was probably 225 pounds, and still flexing – and imagining him 25 pounds heavier. Something deep inside said, `Not enough' and so he jacked up his imaginary scale to 50, and his dick began stiffening even more. That felt damn GOOD, so he let his imagination continue with the growth on Keith. When he got up to 100 pounds – a Big Keith grown into some total muscle beast –his dick got as hard as he thought it had ever been. When he got up to 150 pounds – fuck, he thought, 375 pounds, is that even possible? (yes, something deep inside whispered (and even more quietly: `for you, too….'))-- , his dick felt like it was in pain – but the pain felt sooooo damn gooood.

He actually swooned in pleasure, as Keith turned to him, having finished his posing routine. Just in time to catch Richard in his fall.

"Dude, you fuckin' OK, man?" Big Keith asked.

"Oh, yeah, man – fuckin' HOT!" Richard said out loud.

Keith smiled, knowingly. Fuck yeah, his friend was getting into it. Hot. But let this progress at it's own pace – no need to push right now. Leave that for the gym floor!

Richard got himself back up on his feet, feeling better than he ever had in his life. He found himself looking at himself, in the mirrors. And just for a moment, he didn't see his body. Instead, he saw a man nearly three times as heavy as him, with monstrously huge muscles. He almost creamed in his pants, but didn't. Instead, he felt the deepest power in his body that he'd ever felt in his entire life. And then his body in the mirror was back to `normal.'

Though THAT was sure as hell gonna change, man. Fuck yeah, was it gonna change! Yeah, fuck aerobics. Fuck yoga. Who fuckin' cared about that shit? Richard knew what mattered to him now (it would soon be nearly ALL that mattered, a small voice said).

"Shit, man -- what was that, dude? Did you pass out?" said Keith, with no real worry in his voice.

"Oh, it was nothin', man. Nothin'" Richard tried to brush it off.

"Dude, this may sound weird, but, fuck, the same thing happened to me yesterday after I tried this gum. Wonder if it's related?"

"Nah, it's just probably a… a… a… what do you call it? Yeah, a coincidence. Now then, dude, are we gonna fuckin' workout or not? You said you were gonna fuckin' teach me how to really workout. Suddenly, I get the feeling I definitely want to know, man. Definitely. Teach me everything you know. Fuck, yeah, man! I can't wait."

Yeah, Big Keith was gonna see the growth of a `Big Richard' – a Mega-Muscled Dick – in the months to come. FUCK YEAH! Richard smiled darkly, and patted his big friend on the back.

He suddenly couldn't WAIT to workout with Keith. Fuck, yeah. The first workout of many, many to come. He knew he was gonna take to weights like a fish to water. Fuck, yeah.

Keith smiled, seeing a dream beginning to come true right before his eyes. He couldn't wait to get Richard started, either. They were both gonna get fuckin' Big, man. Yeah, fuckin' big, and fuckin'….

Together, they moved over to the bench press, still chewing their gum.

It was going to be a great workout. •

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