Mirror, Mirror


By John

I pushed Dan in. It was just a slight shove but his body left the ground and sailed into the waiting dark opening.

"No!" Dan had cried as I pushed. "Please, no Bob!"

"Hey, I don't get it either." I spit back. "But if it did this to me, then maybe it can do the same thing to you."

I stepped into the darkness after Dan's small form. It took a minute or two for my eyes to adjust to the extremely dim light just as it had on my first time in here. I could hear Dan's breathing and once accustomed to the dark interior, I could see him lying on the floor near the second door. I rushed over to help him up and checked him out as I did so.

"I'm Sorry, Dan." I apologized. "I had no idea I was that strong. God, I still don't know how strong I really am. I hope you're not hurt. You seem OK."

"Uh, I think I'm fine." Dan shook his head. "Jesus, Bob, you better take it easy until you can figure out what happened to you! You could hurt someone."

"I know what happened, Dan!" I responded directly. "This happened!"

I shoved my right arm in Dan's face close enough to be sure he could see it in the dim lighting. Then I flexed my bicep. The massive muscle bundled instantly into a gigantic ball of meat. I could feel from inside the very core of the flexing muscle that it was as dense and hard as it looked. And, from the way I was able to send Dan's 180- pound body flying through the air so easily, I knew it was tremendously powerful.

"Shit!" Dan yelled as the huge sphere of my flexing bicep meat clipped his nose on its insane rise skyward. "Watch it with that thing, Bob!"

I apologized to Dan for a second time. I would have to learn that my body was just way, way bigger than I was used to. But, of course, I wasn't used to anything like it at all. Only an hour ago I had been to same size as Dan. Now, here I was, a behemoth of solid and seemingly endless muscle trying to coax my life partner toward what I hoped would be the same fate.

Dan's eyes grew saucer wide as my curling bicep continued to explode in front of his astonished face. I, too, watched as my own arm meat curved and fissured into an immense mass of carved muscle. From my vantage point with the great ball of muscle partially eclipsed by the equally stunning mass of my quivering front deltoid, I could see several separations etched into the mind-boggling mass of my steely bicep. Soon, the shadowy wealth of my crushing forearm muscles were blocked by the swell of my global-scaled bicep.

I tightened my fist until my fingers began to hurt pushing as much power and density into the feel of my quaking bicep. Dan had pulled his head away, rubbing his impacted nose, at first but then seemed magnetically pulled back toward the amazing sphere of my ultra-hard upper arm. Soon his hand joined into the exploration and he touched my new massive muscle for the first time. I could feel the heat of my own flexing arm meat beneath his gentle and exploratory touch. Dan's hand rubbed over my bicep. His fingers spread wide to embrace the rocky surface but the size of the flexed meat permitted him to grasp only a small fraction of its totality.

"The fucking thing it bigger than by entire head, Bob! And that's just the fucking bicep!" Dan cried with astonishment. "And it feels harder than a goddamned rock!"

"Yeah, I can feel it too." I agreed. "Press harder. Let's see just how hard my arm is. Don't be afraid."

Slowly Dan tried to take hold of a handful of my quivering bicep but the size was just way too much for one hand. Dan's hand wandered up to the topmost peak of the fully flexed monster and latched onto the cap of the massive muscle locking his fingers onto the rope-thick vein parading across the very top of the huge ball of meat. Then his other hand caught up to the first one from the backside of my arm and Dan interlocked his fingers. Working both hands together he began to squeeze from both sides. I could feel the pressure but there was no pain. I encouraged Dan to try harder and harder. He did so but to no avail. My bicep stood bold, proud, hard and unaffected by his crushing efforts.

"Nothing!" I whispered. "I can feel you hands but it's like you're doing nothing to me, Dan."

"Shit, this is amazing!" Dan panted back using all of his considerable strength against my unaffected bicep.

Soon he was trying to do the same thing against the larger crescent of meat that was now my triceps. I kept my arm flexed as Dan worked over the endless surface of my chiseled bicep and triceps. He even tried pulling against my up-flexed forearm but could not budge it even a fraction of an inch even using his entire body weight against it. This was the closest thing to `foreplay' that Dan and I had engaged at in months.

"Is every muscle like this?" Dan quizzed.

"I think so." I answered flexing several of my newfound muscles to see how they felt on me and in me.

Letting my arm fall as near to my side as the gargantuan mass of my lats would, I carefully flexed my pecs. Even in the dim light of the arcade entranceway I could see a million lines of striated meat curving endlessly from the core of the cleavage between my two massive pecs to the darkness where they dove into the connection with my arms and shoulders. I rolled my pec meat just to feel it sliding over my chest and ribcage. Both pecs moved forward like great horizontal mountains being forced upward by immense forces within the core of the earth.

"This isn't fuckin' possible!" Dan moaned as his hands found their way over small sections of my colossal breast meat. "Your tits are even bigger than your entire arms. They have to be as big and thick as watermelons."

"Yeah, but a lot harder and denser." I assured him as I flexed. "Feel how solid I can make them, Dan."

By now, Dan was getting pretty excited at the prospect of examining a wealth of muscle too unbelievable to describe and I was liking every minute of it. After all of our years together, our relationship was solid but, I guess like most, seemed to have lacked spark anymore – until now. The feelings tripping through my newfound mass of solidified muscle tingled with sensations that had seemed to disappear between us long ago. I was enjoying Dan's thirsting contact with my mountainous muscles as much as he seemed to be enjoying it.

Dan pressed his hands into my crunching pecs; one hand solidly spread over the thickest part of each mammoth muscle mountain. Once again, I could feel the force of Dan's 180 pounds leaning onto the surfaces of my rock-formed pecs but he could not even dimple the globed and corded surfaces no matter how hard he tried. When Dan was leaning fully against my chest I began to roll each pec rhythmically learning how to control the movement of the stunning muscles as I went along. I could see the sense of growing excitement and continuous disbelief in Dan's eyes.

"Hey, let's get into the main chamber." I encouraged. "The light is better there."

Dan seemed reluctant to let go of my flexing tits. I took a step toward the curtained opening and Dan followed. His hands continued to stroke the wealth of meat on my left arm as we moved forward. He had to step away to give me enough room to fit thought the too small opening alone. The light in the next chamber was not too bright but, compared to the darkness of the entryway, it was quite a shock at first. It took a few seconds for our eyes to readjust.

I stood just inside the opening to the square room. I had been here once before only an hour ago and had first found the worn midway display to be dingy and boring. But, here and now, I knew what waited for us in the next room! Dan entered right after me and stopped just inside the opening. As his eyes adjusted to the new lighting, they never once left the sight of my body. I read the disbelief on Dan's face. His first viewing of me outside had been an enormous shock and, because of the situation, I had made it be very, very short. I had wanted to get Dan inside as quickly as possible. I had needed to get Dan inside as quickly as possible.

Just those few short minutes ago I had stood in the anti-room we had just left for several minutes waiting for just the right second to emerge and get Dan. For physical reasons that were now obvious, I had had to wait until there was no one in eyesight out on the carnival concourse before collecting Dan. I was naked! The explosion of sudden and immense muscle onto my body had made that a necessity. My clothes still lay scattered on the floor of this second chamber where I had left them in the carnival's `House of Mirrors'.

It was an old and tired traveling sideshow and attendance was extremely light. The drizzle that had been with us all morning probably hadn't helped to draw people to the small midway with its limited range of offerings. On the way along the short stretch of worn portable structures we had passed almost no one. There had been a couple who rolled by in a noisy cart at the `Tunnel of Love' but they never exited their car and seemed very focused on each other as they slid by. There had also been a small group of young men who seemed deeply involved in their endeavors at the `Shooting Gallery' as bell after bell of hit targets rang. Damn, it sounded as if they were hitting on every shot. But there were really no others that I could remember now.

That was good because there would have been no way to explain the sight of a naked man smothered in pure muscle to anyone outside. And, when I say `smothered in muscle', I mean it. Exactly how big I was I could guess with any certainty but, one thing was certain, I was beyond enormous!

Only an hour ago I had been an `average' guy in my late-thirties who took pride in taking care of myself. I was 180 pounds, like Dan, at 5'-10" tall. In fact, we had both been almost exactly the same size. For years we had joked about how we didn't need to buy as many cloths for ourselves because we could fit into each other's cloths. Dan was six years older than me but worked just as hard to stay in good shape. Neither one of us was what you would call `bodybuilder material'; we were just good, healthy guys who kept in shape.

We both liked muscle, don't get me wrong, but we were happy as we were (or at least as I `was'). We were celebrating our fifteenth anniversary together and thought this little sideshow might be a different way to spend a lazy, rainy Saturday. Dan had seen it in the paper and suggested that we go. Not much got us going lately. Life was `routine' to say the least. Dan had been half joking as he read the notice about the carnival but I remembered how much fun I had had at tacky little things like this as a kid growing up at the South Jersey shore. I guess I was looking for something, anything, to do that broke the boredom of our existence. The carnival was as dumpy and we had expected it to be and, frankly, that was part of the fun for me - although Dan didn't seem to share my curiosity. But this place, this was certainly had turned out to be much more than I had expected!

Dan was still in shock when I sent him sailing into the structure but I had had no time to lose. He stared at my naked figure in the harsh light of this second chamber. His eyes wandered up and down my body over and over again with constant disbelief in his gaze. I didn't know how to explain to Dan that this was real because a big part of me still didn't believe it either. With nothing else to do that I could think of, I turned from side to side as Dan continued to watch throwing out a few awkward poses in the process. Never having been a bodybuilder, my posing skills were limited to the videos and DVD's Dan watched occasional at home for his own `enjoyment'. I'm sure I wouldn't have won any contests for my routine right now but, without a doubt, I would have walked away with top honors for bodybuilding and muscle.

"Shit! I still can't believe this." Dan stammered continuing his uncharacteristic flow of vulgarities. "Everything on you is huge! No, huge is too small a word for what you are now Bob! How the hell did this happen?"

"I can tell you how." I answered as I kept twisting, moving and flexing. "But I'll be damned if I can explain why! Does it look as amazing as it feels?"

"Amazing isn't the right word, Bob.' Dan responded to my inquiry. "You're a fucking muscle-god! Hell, you're two fucking muscle-gods packed into one astounding body. Just look at yourself!"

"I did, briefly, before I came to get you." I retorted. "I can't really believe it wither. Look at these muscles. They're everywhere! And they seem to be as strong as they look, too."

"I can attest to that!" Dan nodded as he stepped up and gently stoked the ridge lines of my flexing abs. "I couldn't make a dent in your body and I'm damned near exhausted."

His fingers felt good as they traced the various mounds and valleys inscribed into my abdominal area. I pushed my sides down toward Dan and his let his hands ride over the waves of my obliques and across the cables of my serratus muscles settling onto the base of my tire- sized lats. I crunched down on my pecs once again and soon felt the pleasure of Dan's tongue teasing one surprisingly sensitive nipple. I could feel the pull of his front teeth as he nibbled on my right man- teat but the immense globe of muscle on my breasts hid his efforts and his entire head from my view. Then I felt Dan's hand searching through the crotch hair surrounding my cock.

"And then, on top of all this muscle, there's this!" He choked patting the upper surface of my cock.

I responded instantly to his touch. I could feel my cock swelling and filling with excitement. I had seen it soft in the mirrors of the next room and had certainly played with its scale then but, as of yet, I had not known what the ultimate outcome of its `adjustment' would mean. Dan's hand was warm and my beating cock shaft grew warmer. Several gasps followed each size-stimulating pumping of erotic blood into the core of my cock. It really was beginning to feel like old times between Dan and me!

"Holy fuck, Bob!" Was Dan's first comment as my cock sprung up from my groin. "How big does this thing get now? And just look at your balls, too. Shit, they're as big as a pair of softballs but they sure don't feel that `soft'."

I could feel Dan's hot hands hoisting my testicles. I knew how big they had become. I probably could have taken them further but I had become too scared. Yes, they were huge now all right, but if they contained the capacity to produce semen equal to their size, I couldn't imagine how I could every give release to that much cum. As I said before, we both liked muscle. More to the point, Dan loved muscle. I admit that I did too but it was not the same fixation that Dan carried. I loved cock. I dreamed of and for cock. Big, big cock! Dan subscribed to every bodybuilding magazine to feed his lust for muscle and I had my vast dildo collection. My prize dildo being a full 18" of thick hard latex that I reserved for very special occasions.

"Crap! These things may be as big as softballs," Dan continued "but they feel as heavy as fuckin' cannon balls."

I leaned forward slightly to try and see over the blocking view of my own pecs only to gasp myself. I had only bent forward a few inches before the head of my still-rising cock i9ntroduced itself to me.

"What the fuck!" I cried in my own disbelief as I reared back upright.

"Hey, if you think that thing looks big to you,' Dan belched out "you should get a load of it from my vantage point! You must be in heaven, Bob."

I cringed slightly at the biting comment. As much as Dan longed to enjoy muscle, I dreamed of cock. Now I had a cock and a pair of testicles far and away beyond even my most bizarre dreams. Dan was only stating the truth, but it did kind of sting when he said it.

Dan let my balls drop; I could feel the pull of their weight as he let go. He continued to run his hands over the expanding wealth of cock shaft that I had created as the great pole moved forward and upward carrying the great weight of my straining testicles with it. Soon my cock head poked its way back into my view while I was still firmly upright. My mind raced to try and calculate how long my cock shaft had to be for me to be able to see my cock head beyond my pecs. By now I could sense that my cock was almost fully aroused and charged and the sting of Dan's earlier comment was lost to my growing excitement.

The immense cock head was completely in my sight now. The head alone was the size of a healthy honeydew melon. Several inches of the shaft were also visible to my amazed eyes. The crown of my cock head flared out to a good five inches across before diving back into the 4" wide shaft. I could see that the shape of my cock still resembled its former self and, if that were true, I knew that the shaft would continue to widen slowly all the way to its rooting into my groin. The head of my cock glowed with pinkish fullness and I could sense the solidity of the pole supporting it.

"Crap!" Dan sighed. "The thing's a veritable monster. It's gotta be a foot and a half long if it's an inch! And it must be over five inches across at the base! And it's so frigging hard! …And…and… your whole body's so fucking beautiful, Bob."

Dan's hands were all over my steely muscles and then on to my aching cock. I could tell by his touch that my cock was as big and hard as the rest of my new and amazing body. I knew that this erection was more than just hard. It was as muscle-charged as every other new muscle smothering my body. I hadn't dreamed that this would happen. I had hoped that I would have a cock worthy of my new body but I never thought I could get it to be an equal to my body. I had done my best in creating it to match and then slightly exceed my prize dildo in scale and thickness. Pressure at the very root of my cock shaft snapped my mind back to the present.

"This thing won't budge, Bob." Dan panted. "It's like you cemented it into your groin! Look, I can ride the goddamned thing!"

Sure enough, Dan had mounted my cock and, holding onto my equally erect nipples, he was sitting a top my cock shaft with his feet several inches from the floor. All I felt was a warming and enjoyable pressure in my cock akin to the beginnings of long-forgotten foreplay. Dan wrapped his arms around my neck for stability. We were face to face. He leaned in toward me and me to him. Then we kissed. It was a long, passionate kiss. One that seemed to come around less and less often with each passing year together. The kiss told me all I needed to know. Dan was ready for the next room.

I lifted him off of my cock and slowly lowered Dan to the floor. Dan's hands ran down over my biceps and triceps as I hoisted him up from me. He still couldn't believe how huge and hard my muscles were and, frankly, neither could I. Dan felt like nothing in my hands. I had to concentrate on my hold out of fear of crushing or hurting him with the power in me that I still was not sure how to control or measure. I nodded him forward to the next chamber. Taking my hand, I lead Dan in with me.

Dan jumped back and came up hard against the wall behind him. I understood his shock. Now instead of one of me, there were scores of me facing him. I glanced around remembering my previous visit and noted the differences in each image of me in the various mirrors. The room was filled with the mirrors. Each one distorted parts of my body slightly differently. I could see Dan's shaking image in the mirrors, too. No matter which one I chose to peer into, I looked gargantuan compared to Dan. I hadn't figured on this. I found the mirror that showed us as we really were and stepped up closest to it. I began to flex. This was the first time I was actually seeing myself as I now was. God, I was a fucking god all right.

There was so much muscle on me that it took a while for me to begin to guess exactly how big I was. I was still my original 5'-10" in height but I had to be close to, if not over, 500 pounds. My waist was the same 31" it had been before I first came into the Chamber of Mirrors. But my chest had to be more than double my previous 43" – 90" was my best guess trying to compare it to my waist as I flexed and twisted in front of the mirror. My torso was so thick and rich with pure muscle that it seemed almost impossible for it not tip me over. As I stared I realized that the carved muscle inscribing my abs, erectors and sides told me that they were more than capable, in spite of their compressed scale, of holding their own against my colossal upper body.

I flexed one bicep and almost scared myself with its immensity. The balled muscle was, indeed, bigger than my head. My thick, full triceps hung down in a full half-moon shape with the bottommost point of the continuously curving muscle almost even with my naval. I flexed my pecs and found myself enthralled by their gigantic half spheres of striated and cabled muscle. My upper thighs were as big around as my chest used to be and my calves, as I flexed them, balled up into wads of fissured muscle almost as big as my waistline.

All the time, my cock stood there like a vast steel bridge of inhuman meat. I pushed down on the top of my cock shaft where the great flared head met the glowing veined shaft to find the resistance to my own unmeasured arm strength was incapable of moving it from its excited and rooted position. A dribble of precum announced the sexual sensations coursing within my cock and the ripe fruit of my huge, huge balls. A shift of movement reflected behind me. I turned swiftly and caught Dan by one arm just before he got to the exit way.

"Lick it!" I begged pointing to my dripping cock head as I gently led Dan's face toward my beating cock shaft. "Please! It's so hard it almost hurts and I want you to know the joy of my new body and my new cock."

"But, its way too big, Bob!" Dan cried with a sense of lust that only I could read in his voice.

"It needed to be big, Dan." I spoke quietly guiding one of his hands to my flexing thigh meat. "It needed to be as big for me as these great muscles that I know you love."

Dan nodded his understanding. There were no biting words this time. He knew I was as honest with him about his love of muscle as he had been with me about my longing for ass-filling cock. I flexed and re- flexed my upper legs letting the undulating wealth of muscle and coursing veining massage Dan's wandering and longing hands. He was into my new muscle-body now and there was no way to deny how much he was loving it. Dan's hands reached behind my waist and began to stroke my pulsing ass cheeks. I flexed them for him so that he could come to know the cords and cables of crushing meat slammed onto their chiseled globes.

As he fondled my ass, Dan's lips moved along the surface of my beating cock shaft. Soon his tongue was busy massaging the vein- roughened surface and his hands were back exploring the raw, unimaginable power of my steely hard cock meat. My balls rumbled with their unrealized cum and a new round of silvery precum oozed from the great lips of my urethra.

Dan's tongue found the sensitive soft slit at the head of my masted cock and gently dug into the parting surface tissue. My entire body quivered with an excitement I could not recall ever having felt before. Every startling huge muscle on my body rolled into a perfect flex forcing me into a most-muscular pose of gargantuan proportions. Dan saw my legs cut into an anatomical display and ripped his sucking lips from my cock head and rolled his face up my abs and on to the mooned meat of my left pec.

His teeth caught the leading end of my finger-thick nipple and began to gnaw at the overly sensitive projection. Line after fissured line of striated beef crossed and criss-crossed my hand-thick breast meat feeding their orgasmic sensations back into Dan's knowing lips. He continued to munch on the lunch of my areola as one hand explored the endless plains of my writhing pectorals and the other grasped as much of the enormity of my groaning cock shaft as it could.

I could tell that Dan was lost in his passions to feed on my muscle and my manhood. So was I. Dan's hold on my tow pumped body parts grew stronger and hard as he tried to understand the power of the muscle he was tasting. The pain in my throbbing cock was still from its want for release rather than from any sense of pressure being applied by Dan's hand. My breast meat was seriously enjoying his gripping provocations. I flexed everything harder and pushed my muscle to diamond brilliance. I had no idea how strong or dense my newfound meat was, I just knew that Dan, using all his strength had no chance against it.

"Make me cum!" I whispered.

Slowly and almost reluctantly Dan's chewing mouth departed from the massive preponderance of my pec and its delicious nipple. Dan tongued several of the grooves carved in between my plated abs on his trip back to my beating cock. Both hands now grasped my impossibly hard organ an started their rhythmic play over and around its hot surface. The sexual stimulations kept all of my body muscles flexing and flowing through an amazing dance of carved brilliance. Dan's focused toying with my cock had the same effect on that astounding muscle.

I could feel the very beating of the blood being pushed harder and thicker into the glowing cock shaft and driving its level of sensitive to an all time high. Dan's tongue followed the full length of the magnificent shaft until it tripped over the fat collar of flesh crowning my immense cock head. When his lips arrived back at the dripping slit opening, Dan flexed his tongue and pushed it into the gaping opening forcing my cock lips apart. His tongue darted in taking all of my precum with it and lubricating the opening with his warming saliva.

A feeling of ecstasy shook through my body traveling through every colossal muscle and centering its attention in my groin. This was the `good old days' between he and I. My balls shook themselves ready and my insides exploded with the feelings of the greatest orgasm I had ever experienced.

Dan was no more ready for the sea of sum that erupted from my cock into his face and mouth than I was for the unimaginable experience of this first great release. The first river of hot cum completely soaked Dan's sucking face and filed his mouth with its liquid cream. Dan rubbed his cheeks against the side of my cock head polishing it with my own cum. My body quaked through a second orgasmic rush as another load of thick cum found its way into Dan's repositioned throat.

Dan's hands continued to massage my heated cock as a third and fourth spray of cum spilled out onto his face, neck and shirt. My balls continued to throb as my body and muscles shuttered through orgasmic surge after orgasmic surge. My cock kept squeezing out cum as if my balls were manufacturing it as quickly as my cock issued it. Dan was drenched in my cum and the smell of my released maleness filled the front chamber of the `Hall of Mirrors'.

"Oh, Dan! Oh, Dan!" I cried as the last spoils of my man juices drooled from my still-hard cock.

Dan squeezed my bloated shaft with all of his might dragging his hands from my groin to the back of my cock head to drain very drop of cum from inside me. I pulled Dan's body up to where we were face to face and covered him with my appreciative kisses taking in some of my own silky cum in the process. WE hugged and kissed for what seemed to be an endless few moments. This was the passion we used to have and we were both obviously pleased to have it back again.

It had taken this miraculous change to my body to bring us back to the active love level that not only reveled that of our youthful years, but also surpassed it. I wanted to ensure that, now that it was here, it would stay. I looked past Dan's handsome face to the dark shrouding of the opening into the room of mirrors.

"Thank you, Dan." I whispered into his ears. "Now it's your turn." •

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