By Musclebuff


Deeply I inhaled the intoxicating musk of his pits as the muscles of his huge biceps and thick, thick pecs closed about my face. One hand wrapped around his enormous fuck-pole, the other around my own, I licked away at the sweat gathered on the sweep of his outer pec. Through the miasma of his aroma I head him say, ALike, that, donít you, boy! Well, get that tongue working round the outside of my pec. Thatís right, let me feel it vibrate as it navigates that thick muscle!@

Dutifully and willingly I slobbered as much muscle between my lips and tongue as I could get as I licked my way over his monstrous nip and back again. My hand on his dick was removed and slapped on to his other pec as he commanded me to ASuck on that man-tit, boy! Bite it and drink my muscle-milk!@

His nip stuck out hard about an inch from the pec muscle, surrounded by its dark, dollar-sized base. Greedily I sucked on it while my other hand squeezed the mighty bulk of his other pec. When I started to twist the other nip I was rewarded first with his ecstatic groans, then with the sweet muscle-milk that oozed slowly and thickly out of the one I was sucking. As I slurped it down I was rewarded by a delicious warmth that spread through my whole body. Eventually I maneuvered myself over to the other nip and clutched the opposite pec - man, I just couldnít get enough of those huge hard slabs of muscle!

As the muscle-milk started to ooze from the second nip, his hand clutched at the root of my dick and balls - closed around the base of the thick pipe and started to tug - just like a huge, tight, live cock-ring.

AGet that tongue on to those abs and let them feel it!@

My tongue slid between the cracks of his six-pack. Only a six-pack, not an eight-, because they were so wide and so thick that there wouldnít have been room for more than two pairs above the navel and one below! If I had dared to get my dick into those clefts, he could have flexed his abs and milked me dry!

He was still pulling and squeezing on the bulk of my equipment so I was forced to get out from between his legs and service him from the side. The with one arm he hoisted me over him and swallowed my dick and balls whole in his large-capacity mouth.

This was my cue to stick my head between those mighty flexing quads, pull up that magnificent striated bubble-butt, and start slurping where the juice-pipe continues under the nutsack - that wonderfully sensitive area between the base of his dick - and into his butt-hole.

Once again I was almost overcome by the intense effect of his musk which I could not help but forcibly inhale while he was Ainhaling@ my cock and balls with his tongue. Then my whole torso was lifted up and back so he could ram my mouth down on his dick. I had to concentrate very hard to prevent myself from cumming prematurely, First he liked to let me have just the big mushroom knob so I could tease and suck on its wonderful male taut fleshiness. This went on for some time while his whole magnificent physique squirmed its powerful muscles up against me from underneath. Luckily I was well-used to his ten inches when, finally, it slid smoothly down to its root and then proceeded to fuck my throat with delicious force. I wrapped my tongue around it and sucked hard as the vein-wrapped pole rammed in and out of me.

I sucked and slurped on a good cupful of pre-cum as he massaged my throat: this joined with the muscle-milk I had already consumed to give me a high I had never experienced with any kind of rec drug before or since.

Eventually he shoved me off him and flung me down on my back on the black-leather- sheeted bed as he towered over me, grinning his green-eyed Viking smile at me.

AOK, boy, crunch time! Tonight youíre in for a special treat! After all these weeks of giving me and my muscle first-class service, Iíll reward you by making your dream come true. I guess you want to see whatís happening, so letís have you on your back.í

So saying, he grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs into the air and my butt to the edge of the warm leather bed. His rampant, scarlet now-at-least-twelve inches were poised at the entrance to my fuck-chute. The big stiff head started to nudge the hole, more insistently as he continued to talk.

AYouíre going to see me grow - and feel me grow! - more than you could imagine possible. Thatís why you get to be fucked like this - front row seat!@

This guy is as big as I am - competition size - but he has so much charisma, so much savage macho attack, that I always feel like a kid when Iím with him. This night is no exception: when that big, hard dick goes in, it goes in to the root in one massive thrust and I gasp .

ABig now, is it? Just wait till I start growing, then youíll really feel it. And when I get fucking youíll see what happens!@

The golden muscle-god is glowing more than usual; he grins and gets fucking. Thrust after thrust pierces my butthole and fills my chute. Slowly at first, long, full thrusts, right out and right in. Then he shuts his eyes and starts to speed up. The first thing I notice is that my butt seems fuller than usual - then I notice his biceps (heís still holding my ankles in the air) are swelling, dividing, massive balls of muscle start dripping with sweat, gilding the already magnificent orbs. The sight of the swelling guns almost makes me want to cum, but then I see the delts are growing too - massive melon footballs, sharply divided into thick, magnificent strands. His neck starts to widen and his forearms catch up with the bis - the tris, hanging below the now-huge bis are almost as big.

AShit, man - look at you! Youíre getting enormous!@ And even as I utter this the piston-fuck is getting more and more demanding, ploughing its way through my libido and whacking the joy-button into ecstacy with every pass. God, I want to feel him so bad! Suddenly the pecs balloon, the upper and lower sharply divided, each strata competing with the other for vascular mass. Veins start to pop all over his body.

At this moment, he opens his eyes, lets out a roar and, still gripping my ankles, he gives me a double bicep which is beyond belief in its beauty and magnificence - not to mention SIZE. He grins down at me, sweat pouring off him and coursing down my legs. By now heís got so tall that Iím almost sitting on my neck. So he laughs and drops my knees over his wide, thick, giant shoulders where the traps now look like the Brooklyn Bridge.

AYou want to feel it all, doncha? OK, boy, feel! All your receptors are wide open for what comes next. I really want you to enjoy it all!@

And he flings himself down on his elbows, one on each side of my chest, so that his new, thick pecs are grinding into mine. His sweat is now bathing me and our torsos can glide hard against each other in time to his fuck-strokes which have never stopped.

I fling my arms round his shoulders and feel my way down from giant muscle to giant muscle, sensing and feeling, caressing and squeezing, slapping and grasping every muscle in his upper body which is throbbing with the same kind of desire that is running through my whole body.

As I feel the new, huge hard muscle, I come, not once but twice - surprisingly I am reinvigorated by each emission, as if my libido was shouting in joy in tune with his.

AOK, now put your arms round my back - I can feel it erupting!@ They hardly meet around his huge new girth, but I can feel every muscle in his back writhing and swelling. Soon I can only reach his lats - the enormously thick wings which I know must be curving down to his butt. As I grab on to the striated mass and feel them stretching and pulling outwards, I cum again; I feel even higher with this spurting and it seems to switch his fucking into a new, much higher gear. Our chests slide hard against each other, double -lubricated with my three loads of gism and all his sweat; my cock, my almost painfully hard swollen cock, is being punished and eaten up by his hawser-sized abs.

And the fucking! ASqueeze that butt and make my dick feel it!@ He is fucking me now like the proverbial jack-hammer, faster than any punchy boxer at the moment of victory. And, as I clench my butt round his meat, I feel it swelling and swelling......

AYou will cum again at exactly the same moment as I do - that will trigger your growth - your turn! So be ready for it, boy! This is the express fuck hurtling into your libido!@

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! F-U-U-U-U-CK! He rams his mouth on to mine, and his tongue down my throat, just as I explode against him and he lets loose a white-hot torrent of muscle-cum in my innards. All his three or four-hundred pounds of muscle press me into the leather as he yells into my mouth and I scream into his with the ecstacy of an extreme cumming. His gism churns through my body, pushing into every fiber of my being from head to toe, from the balls outwards and upwards.

He releases my mouth just long enough to say AYour turn!@ before he clamps down on it again.

Then I start to feel it. Itís as if each muscle in my body is having an orgasm of its own - somehow connected to the reaction in my nuts and joy-button. Each time I feel a muscle swell and pop, my whole body spasms against him in his tight embrace. First itís my jaw, then my neck and traps. My shoulders pull apart and I can feel the delts all orgasm at once. Immediately my back starts to spread as if I was trying to outdo the Olympian world with my lat-spread. Still he holds on to me.

But when my abs suddenly lurch and fold up on me he is forced to sit up, kneeling astride me. I canít bear to let him go and cry out and reach out to him but he gets so turned on by seeing me grow all he can do is caress each new muscle as it develops. I fall back again. My arms force themselves into a double bicep, even though Iím lying flat on my back. I can feel the triceps competing and the forearms swelling.

Then my abs cause me to lurch forward again and he catches me under the arms - this time the abs are reacting to the gigantic swelling of my pecs. He canít keep his hands off them and I splurt yet more cum all over them. He leans forward to lick the new pecs, suck on the new inch-long nips which are burning, and to suck up my cum off them. Then his hands grab my dick. It starts to swell till I think it will burst - it reaches up to my nips and starts dripping stuff all over them. One of his hands massages the towering fucker and the other starts unmercifully squeezing my nips. He wants my muscle milk, I guess!

All this time his dick is still up my butt, but suddenly he yelps as my glutes spasm and threaten to crush his fuckpole! He pulls out of me: I have a terrible sense of loss - but it canít last long for now my legs start to tremble and kick and he really has to get out of their way.

Finally I am still - lying there is a state of heightened euphoria, feeling as if I want to fuck the world. I fling myself on him, wrap my huge new arms round him and pull him down on top of me. Immediately we both cum again - this time it seems to last for minutes, with spasm after spasm after spasm. We squirm, caress, rub, enjoy, love, lick, suck, tangle our great muscled limbs together, trying to find endless new sensations from each otherís transformations.

He stands me up in front of him by the big mirror. Fuck, man! Look at us! Two Olympian muscle gods glowing and shining with cum and sweat! The fair and the dark. We are practically identical in size and shape - now Iím as golden-tanned as he is - my jaw has strengthened and my hair has grown to my shoulders (canít wait to get a buzz-cut with all this muscle!)

From nowhere at all he produces a studded leather cock-strap just like his: wrapping his arms around me he proceeds to snap it round my root, very tightly, then two similar bands above my biceps. My knee-length dick rises to my nips and swells to cumming-proportions while my arms seem to get even bigger, challenged as they are by the macho look of the leather.

ANow youíre just like me! How can I bear it?!@ And he collapses giggling on to the bed. One last look in the mirror and Iím on top of him, throwing his legs over my shoulders and, without any warning, starting a piston-fuck of my own. After all, the new dick has got to be - no, I canít say broken in.... - has got to show him what being fucked is really like! •

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