Lester Meets Karl


After Lester left for the prison, Mikey started getting ready for work. Still naked, he opened the refrigerator and grabbed a gallon container of the protein shake Karl had given him. He downed the whole gallon standing right there. As he gulped it down, some of the thick liquid ran down his chin and dripped onto his big chest. He tossed the empty container into the trash, and wiped his chin with his forearm. The shake tasted so good, he reached in and grabbed a second one. He guzzled that one down, too, after which, he rubbed his swelling musclegut and belched. "Fuck yeah," he said, feeling the tight fullness of his stomach pushing against his thick ab wall. He could practically feel himself growing. He reached in for the third and last gallon. Karl had told him not to drink more then two at a time, but Mikey couldn't help himself. Besides, he was kind of pissed off at Karl. Well, maybe not pissed off. He wasn't sure how he felt. Last night, when he had gotten to Karl's gym, Karl was wrestling down a 250lb pro bodybuilder that worked out at the gym. Mikey recognized him from pics he'd seen in the muscle mags. Karl pinned the roided up muscleman like the guy was a child. Karl straddled the guy and then reached underneath one of the weight racks, pulling out a big can of Crisco. Karl greased himself up and just started fucking the guy right there on the gym floor. Ripped right through the guy's posers with his big cock and started breeding him. "Jeezus," Mikey had said out-loud. Karl looked up at him and just winked. Then he went back to fucking the crap out of the heavyweight bodybuilder. The pro was grunting hard and gripping the heavy rubber floor mats with his hands, but otherwise seemed to be totally into it. Good thing, too, since Karl's 470lbs of steel muscle frame had the dude completely overpowered and dominated. Mikey watched, mesmerized, as Karl's massive muscles undulated with power as he bucked into the guy harder and harder, while saying to the pro under him "You got such a sweet musclepussy, little man. You feel the power inside you, you fuck? You feel this goddam superhuman power?" Karl pumped into the guy so hard, that he slid about a foot across the rubber matting with each thrust. Soon, his head was pinned up against the cinder block wall. "Ah yeh," Karl had said, " gonna fuck you so hard, your girlfriend will get pregnant." With that, he sank into the muscleman so deep, the guy came. Just like that. Like he had no choice but to cum, with the power of the massive beast so deep inside him. Karl grunted with pleasure. "Ahh Yeh," he had said, "now I'm gonna fill you up with musclepaste....you want that, boy?" The bodybuilder moaned an affirmative, as he shook his head yes, as much as he could with it pinned against a wall. Karl roared like a bull as he spewed his load. Mikey had to sit down on a bench as he watched Karl's huge squat butt clench up and hold, as he drained himself inside the smaller man. Karl stayed inside the guy for a few minutes, continuing to tap into him, draining himself completely. Then he pulled out and stood up. He walked over to Mikey and stood over him. Mikey looked up at the towering sixty-five year old muscle freak in front of him. Karl looked bigger than Mikey had ever realized. A freaking behemoth, and all flushed and sweaty from the power fuck he'd just dealt out. "Stand up," Karl had said to him. Mikey stood up. He had a raging hardon in his shorts. "Cum," Karl had ordered. And with that he flicked Mikey's cockhead with his thick index finger. Mikey felt the cum raging out of him, pumping into his shorts like a fountain. Mikey'd never shot like this in his life. It was uncontrollable. The jiz just kept coming and coming. Karl reached down and grabbed Mikey crotch, stroking Mikey's hardon through the shorts. Mikey almost passed out from the pleasure of it. When he was finally done, he sat back down on the bench, dazed. Karl walked to the showers, laughing his cocky laugh. That was last night. Now, as Mikey downed the third gallon of shake, he walked into the bedroom. He tossed the empty container aside, and looked at himself in the mirror. A small stream of protein shake ran down the deep chasm of his pecs. He bounced them in the mirror, and watched the stream zigzag back and forth. His chest was massive. He was packing on over ten pounds a week. He lifted his arms and hit a double-bi. "Fuck yeah," he said, "fuckin arms are bigger than Lester's now. Look at these fucking cannons." He squeezed his arms hard as he could, and a triple peak began to rise up out of the top. He began to get hard as he flexed his arms over and over, pumping them up like balloons. He could feel them getting tighter and fuller....growing. He hit a lat spread. His back flaring out huge and thick. "Wait until Karl sees this," he thought to himself. "I got 100lbs on that punk pro bodybuilder." His cock started leaking pre, a heavy rope of it, almost to the floor. He turned sideways and checked out his side-chest shot. His pec shelf heaved out over 2 feet. "Fuckin' Huge," he grunted out as he tensed his mass as much as he could. His cell phone rang. He picked it up off the dresser. It was Karl. "You thinking about me, boy?" Karl said before Mikey could even speak. "Thinking about our workout tonight, and how insanely pumped up we're gonna get each other?. Mikey was in sensory overload and couldn't even speak. All bloated with protein, pumped from just a few flexes, and his balls pumping out more jiz then they'd ever done in his lifetime. "That's what I thought," said Karl, after Mikey grunted. "Now, cum." Mikey stumbled back against the wall, and arched his broad back into it, bracing himself. He could practically hear the load of cum rushing up his dick. He sure as hell could feel it. The sensation of overwhelming pleasure blinded him to any other thought. Mikey closed his eyes and came. It arched out of him like a Super Soaker water rifle, shooting clear across the room and splattering into the mirror. He came and he came. His arms pushed against the wall, and as he shot again, he crushed his cell phone in his powerful hand. He grabbed his cock with his other hand and jerked himself off, and the jiz continued to fly, ropes of it flying wildly around the room as he pumped himself dry. "Fuck," he said as he felt himself finally drained. He slumped down onto the floor and looked around. He'd cum a couple of quarts. He looked over at the empty protein container in the corner. What the fuck is in that stuff, he thought to himself. Then he noticed his alarm clock. "Shit," he said, getting up. He was running late for work, and still had to shower. An hour later, he was at work. He'd gotten a little grief from the owner for being late, but very little. The boss liked him. And no wonder. There was so little trouble when Mikey was on, it was almost boring. Mikey kind of liked mixing it up a little, especially toward the end of the night, when the stupid drunks would create a problem. Although, Mikey had put on so much size lately, these guys just seemed smaller and smaller to him, and too easy to toss right out of the bar.

About two hours into the night Mikey felt a buzz going on in the place. He been bouncing long enough to sense trouble. The owner came over to him and asked him to keep an eye on a big guy that had just come into the place, and was hanging at the front bar. "Looks like either a biker, or a psychopath," the owner had said, "and a big one at that." Mikey made his way to the front, and saw Lester leaning against the bar. No wonder the boss was worried. Lester, in his leather jacket and no shirt, his huge hairy chest and 8pac showing. Tattoos on his neck. A buzz cut. Still in his prison guard pants. Looking hungry and mean. "Dude, what are you doing here?" Mikey asked him. "Got off work early," said Lester. "I want to meet this Karl." "I can't get off yet, man, it's too early." "Sure there's not something I can do to persuade you?" Lester asked, as he reached down and cupped Mikey's groin. Mikey felt that blinding pleasure overload rush through him. "Fuckk," Mikey groaned. He had a nearly overwhelming desire to bearhug Lester against the bar and crush a lip-lock onto him, but then he remembered where he was. Lester laughed as he saw the glazed over look of lust in Mikey's eyes. "Man," he said, "you are turning into a real horndog since you been growing so much." "Let me go talk to my boss," said Mikey. He found the owner and told him he had an emergency and had to go. Again, the owner wasn't happy, but he let him go. Mikey felt a little guilty, although he told himself he wasn't exactly lying, he did have an emergency...he was going to lose his mind if he didn't pump up his huge growing body, and get his rocks off with Karl and Lester. He went back and got Lester. "Let's go," he said. They headed to Karl's. They ran the couple miles to the gym, and of course somewhere along the way it turned into a race. Lester tossed off his leather jacket, and Mikey stripped off his polo work shirt, and they broke into a full out sprint. They arrived at Karl's gym in a dead heat, huffing and glistening with sweat. "Fucker," said Mikey, reaching for the door. "Shithead," said Lester, shoving into him with his shoulder. There were a couple of late night lifters still working out, but all activity stopped as Mikey and Lester came in. The two shirtless muscleheads were, besides Karl, the biggest massmonsters the other men had ever seen. "Where's Karl?" Mikey asked one of them. The guy was speechless as he soaked in the size of the two huge men, and motioned with his thumb to the back room. Mikey led Lester to the back. Karl stood in the back corner of the room. At his feet were a pile of twisted up crowbars. Karl was working forearms. He had them so engorged they looked like over-inflated balloons. Balloons with veins. Lots of veins. And ropey with sinew. He twisted another crowbar like a piece of taffy, then tossed it down. He looked up and saw the big duo standing there. "Well well well," he said, twisting his wrists to further bloat up his iron-bending arms."What have we got here?" Mikey introduced Karl to Lester, and the two big men shook hands. They shook firm and hard for about twenty seconds, until Karl grinned and said, "Not bad. And you boys are right in time. I was just about to do some bench pressing. Lester, you want to give me a spot over here?" Lester shrugged and followed Karl to a bench he already had loaded up...with 500lbs on each side of the bar, Karl was getting ready to bench over 1000lbs. "I'll be able to get ten," said Karl, "after that you can help me do some forced reps." Karl laid down and started pressing. After ten reps, he still didn't look like he needed much help, but Lester put his hands on the bar. At 14 reps, Mikey realized that Karl was slowing down, but that was because Lester was now pushing down on the bar. Karl was straining, but the bar was still moving up. And Lester began to push down harder. At 15 reps, Karl lowered to bar to his chest and began pushing back up. Lester leaned into the bar. The veins on Karl's neck and forehead began to bulge out. The plates began to rattle as he powered the bar up against Lester's resistance. Karl locked out number 16. He lowered the bar and began his 17th rep. Lester's huge arms were bulging full-force as he pushed down, and still Karl moved the bar up. "Looks like your friend needs some help," Karl grunted to Mikey, as he locked out number 17. "Get over here and see if you two girls can stop me." Mikey went over to one end of the bar, and Lester, now stunned and awed, moved over to the other end. Karl lowered the bar, and as he went for 18, both big boys pushed with all their might to keep him down. Karl snorted and pushed, his monstrous mounds of chest muscle heaving upward, surging with power. Both Mikey and Lester were on their tiptoes pushing down. The bar continued to move up. Slowly, slowly, Karl's massive powerhouse body muscled the bar up, locking out number 18. "Holy shit," said Mikey, sweat dripping of his brow. "Two more," ordered Karl, every ropey cable of muscle in his arms about to bust through his skin. "No fucking way," muttered Lester, snarling. He readjusted his grip on the end of the bar, and pushed harder. Karl lowered the bar slowly, against the stunning power of the two massive muscleheads. Nostrils flared, and face and neck purple from strain, he muscled the bar back up. "Nineteen," he growled, locking out. His arms had engorged to what seemed like double their immense size. His pecs crushed together, forming an impenetrable 8 inch crevice in between. Sweat was squeezing out of the deep muscle canyon and onto the floor. He lowered the bar. As he pushed up for the 20th rep, Lester and Mikey began to bounce on the bar with all their weight and strength, like they were trying to jack up a car with pure musclepower. Karl huffed gruffly, and with each deep huff, the bar moved up an inch. Closer and closer to the top, until he finally locked out. "Twenty," said Karl, pushing the bar back, and onto the rack. Mikey and Lester stepped back. Both of their upper bodies were insanely jacked up from their efforts. But the real muscle show came when Karl sat up and then stood. His massive barrel chest was big as two kegs. He arched his shoulders back, cracking out his back, and expanding even larger. The behemoth older muscleman had just out-powered two powerful musclejocks, and he was raging. His arms jutted out to his sides at nearly 45 degree angles. "Now," he said with an evil grin, "it's time to work you two girls out." •

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