Lester and Mikey



The two big superheavyweights pressed against each other, Lester pinning Mikey's bulk against the trunk of a tree. "You got me all worked up here, boy, fuckin my huge pecs like that," said Lester. "We gotta do something about that right now." He pressed into Mikey harder, their sweat-drenched muscle grinding together. The two men were breathing heavy and hard, as if they'd just finished a 100 rep set of heavy squats. "Son of a bitch, so horned up," grunted Lester. They were face to face with each other, so close that the sweatdrops on the end of their noses were touching. Mikey cocked his head slightly and planted his lips right on Lester's

mouth. Lester was taken aback. But Mikey's full, strong lips felt good on him, so he let him keep going. Mikey worked on Lester's lips, sucking on them,

tasting them. Lester groaned with pleasure, and opened his mouth. Mikey worked Lester's lips harder, then entered him with his tongue. Mikey was a top-notch kisser, and he knew it. And now Lester was about to find it out too. Mikey drew into Lester slow and hard, continuing to work his way around Lester's hard lips and mouth. He grabbed the back of Lester's head and pulled him against his mouth even more firmly. As the kiss intensified, Mikey began to grope Lester's huge musclebody, running his hands across Lester's enormous traps and massive deltoid caps. Lester had never felt anything like this before. The taste of Mikey's tongue was pure jockboy, yet Mikey worked it in a way that was hypermasculine and virile. Lester felt briefly weakened from the sensuality of it, but was soon back in the game. He wrapped his strong arms around Mikey, then lifted him off the ground in a bearhug, pulling him into him harder. Mikey pulled his mouth off Lester just long enough to grunt in his ear, "Hurt me." So Lester squeezed. Hard enough that a normal man's ribcage would have collapsed like dried bamboo canes. But Mikey's steely ribs held, encased as they were in his thick slabs of beefed up muscle. He grunted slightly in recognition of Lester's strength, and then dove back into the kiss. This time he pursued it with such abandon that Lester almost staggered backward. Mikey, raised higher from the bearhug, was coming at Lester's mouth from above. Lester

bent his thick neck backward, taking Mikey's passion with full force. He kissed

Lester like that for almost a full minute, then leaned back enough to say, "Harder." So Lester squeezed harder. The strength in his bearhugging arms was enough to bend jail cell bars together. Mikey arched his back into it and grunted out, "Ah, Fuck YEHH!" Then he locked his lips back onto Lester's mouth, kissing him deeper and harder than ever. Lester kissed back just as hard, the two big bulls going at it big time, the tough stubble of their beards abrading the skin of their face and lips like rough sandpaper. Lester lost himself in Mikey's kiss. He'd never let his guard down like this with another human being, never let anyone in so close. He'd lusted after Mikey from a distance for years, and now it was more than he'd ever imagined it could be. Mikey was tapping into his soul. He wanted to hold Mikey like this for ever, crushing him with the strength that no other person could take, knowing that Mikey understood it, relished it, desired it. He wanted to devour him whole, to wallow in his jock smell, to taste his pureness. Lester flipped Mikey down to the ground onto his back. The two big men landed with a solid muscle thump. Lester broke the bearhug, and the kiss. They looked at each other, their faces ruddy from exertion and passion. Mikey said, "I want you to get me huge." Lester's raging hardon got even harder at the thought of Mikey as big as he was, or even bigger. "I wanna get to 450, bro." "How about 500?" Lester asked, his big dick throbbing against Mikey's hard gut. "Fuck yeh," grinned Mikey. "500 plus. So fucking strong. I'd do anything for that, man." With that, Mikey attached his lips to one of Lester's thumb-sized gorilla nips. Lester lost all power of speech, the pleasure was so intense. He just let a deep animal gurgling as he entered nirvana. Mikey sucked on the big nip till it had swollen to twice its normal size. Then he switched to the other one, milking it like a newborn calf. Lester's eyes glazed over. Mikey's stomach was drenched in Lester's precum. Just when Lester thought he couldn't hold back anymore, Mikey stopped. "Feed me," he said to Lester, and he

worked his way down to Lester's groin. He took Lester into his mouth, and worked the big man's cock with as much aplomb as he had kissed him. Lester's shudder rose up from the earth's core and roared thru him like a lightning bolt. He heard the angels singing, even above the fireworks going off, and every church bell on earth ringing. Hallefuckinglujah! He slammed into Mikey's throat over and over, and the big kid didn't even gag, he wanted that protein so bad. Lester felt the surge rising up from his groin, rushing into his thick cock, and blasting out like a sudden break in dam. Surge after surge after fucking surge he unloaded, every 12 inch rope of jiz jetting down Mikey's throat, feeding him. After Mikey drained him, Lester rolled off him and landed on the ground, dazed. They laid there for awhile, until Mikey turned to Lester and said, "Let's go to a train yard, and lift some heavy equipment." "Anything you want, bro." Anything at all. •

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