By FanTCMan

"You boys have no idea how lucky you are."

The impossibly muscular man spoke over his shoulder as he led the group of twelve teen-age boys through the high gates and up the path to the bath-house complex that was to be their new home, prison, and work assignment. Joey didn't know what to expect, but the idea that he could serve out his sentence here instead of that dreary detention center, just for taking part in some experiment, made him smile.

Joey only knew one other guy in the group, a boy named Tony. They had been in the same dorm in the same center. They had formed a sort of tentative friendship based on the fact that both of them were basically nicer and less tough than most of the other guys, and because of their good looks they had been adopted as leaders of the nicer guys against the tougher guys. The chance to get out of that place, and the knowledge that they had both made the cut because of their looks, gave them both a kind of satisfaction and a great deal of relief.

Once the boys had been shown to the dormitory that would be their new home, they were taken to the main lounge where they awaited their introductory interviews. One by one, they were taken from the lounge and escorted through a door, from which they did not return. Joey figured that once interviewed, they were being sent out another door back to the dorm. When his turn came, he found out he was right.

In the office, he met the head of the project. The man, in his thirties, was good looking, very muscular, and very much a hard-nose."

"Well, another good looking boy," he said. "God, you handsome kids are a dime a dozen in here. My men did some good choosing. We'll set you all above the crowd. Do you know why you're here, whore-boy?"

Whore-boy? Joey had no idea what he meant. He'd only even had sex a couple of times in his seventeen years, with his girlfriend, and once in the center when a bunch of the guys, horny as hell, had overcome their shyness and had a circle-jerk.

"No, sir."

"Well, we're going to make something exceptional out of you. You and the other boys. No need for you to know yet, though. Not until you've completed your transformation. Take your clothes off, whore-boy, let me see what we're working with."

A bit shyly, Joey stripped as he was told. He had been made to strip already, when the men came to the center to choose who would be allowed to leave and go into the experiment. He'd had to strip and turn around and let them look him over, naked, from head to toe. Luckily, he had always had a naturally good build. Still, it may have got him in, but it felt strange to strip and let some man look him over like this.

"Very good. Good material. You'll do just fine. Now come over here."

The man reached for what looked like an inoculation gun. Joey walked over to him, and the man put the barrel of the gun against his upper arm and shot. There was a sudden sharp jab of needles that stung, bit into his arm, but it was over in a second.

"All right, whore-boy, you can go. Out that door."

Joey hesitated. He reached for his clothes, but the man told him to leave them.

"You won't be needing those any more. Just get out of here. I've got more whore-boys to see, you know. You'll have three days while that works on you to use the facilities with the other boys however you like. We'll open on Friday, and from then on, you'll all be working boys. Now get."

Joey left by the back door, and once outside, he realized that all the other boys that had been through before him were milling around the paths between the hot tub pavilions and the dorm, and they were all naked just like he was. He felt strange, self conscious, and out of place. He explored by himself, walked the paths, looked inside the pavilions, and saw that this was a beautiful place. Very Asian in feel, the paths led up and down the hillside through the pines, and scattered about were partially enclosed roofless rooms each with a spa, decks to lie on, and views of the surrounding mountains. There were rooms with massage tables, a large spa that would hold a big group, showers, a pool that looked more like a large pond with boulders and benches around it. At a distance, surrounding the entire property, a high wall reminded him that, for him and the other boys at least, this was not just a summer camp.

"Hey, Joey," he heard behind him. He turned and saw Tony coming up the path. He looked as self-conscious about being naked as Joey felt. In fact, he looked so self-conscious that Tony made him laugh, which also got Tony to laughing.

"Tony, dude, weird, huh? I wish they'd give us something to wear. You look as embarrassed as I feel."

"Really? Glad I'm not the only one," Tony said.

Joey laughed. "I bet every guy here feels pretty much the same. What do you think this is all about? What kind of experiment are they gonna do on us do you think?"

"Shit, dude. Long as it doesn't hurt or nothin', I don't care. This place sure as fuck beats being in the hell-hole. Hey, do you think they care if we went into one of those hot tubs?"

"I guess not," Joey said. "That guy said we had three days to use the place however we want before we have to start working."

"Yeah, he told me that too," Tony said. "Three days for the stuff to work, whatever that was they gave us. Did he call you whore-boy? He said we were all a bunch of whore-boys."

They both laughed. They walked the path until they found a hot tub that was empty, and they both got in. They had passed by several of the other guys, all of them wandering just like they were, checking out the lay of the land, and they had exchanged guarded hellos. Sinking into the hot, roiling water, they both let long sighs escape.

"Whoa, dude," Joey said, "this is the life."

"Yeah," Tony said, "I got to admit, I'm feeling real fucking good. You feeling real good, dude?"

"Yeah, man, I am. Know what else?"

"What, man?"

"Remember that time we did that circle jerk, dude? I'm feeling real fucking horny, like I wish we could do that again."

Tony looked over, surprised, smiling. "Really dude? That's funny, man. Me, too."

"Yeah? You do?" Joey looked at Tony. He was a good looking guy. He'd never realized how good looking he was. His thick gold blond hair, green eyes, square jaw, full mouth, thin, defined chest all seemed very hot looking to him.

He knew, they all knew, that they had been chosen for their good looks, and all the twelve guys could be models. Looking good was something he had always just accepted as the way he was. Now, looking at Tony, the thought of his own looks being equal to Tony's made him suddenly, oddly, feel good about himself. Very good. No, more than good, he felt hot, sexy.

"Dude," Tony said, snapping Joey from his thoughts, "why are you staring at me like that?"

"Oh, man. Was I staring? Sorry, dude. I was just thinking it's kinda cool that they picked all of us because of our looks. Really is a bunch of good looking dudes. Kinda makes you feel good about yourself, you know?"

"Yeah," Tony said.

"I mean," Joey went on, "this might sound funny, but I don't just feel horny, I feel real hot and sexy, man."

"It does sound funny," Tony said, "but me too, man. Fuck, you're making me pop a woody, man."

"That's cool, dude. I'm all boned up too. Shit, man. You want to jack together? My fucking dick feels like it's alive. It's like tingling, I'm so horny." He reached for his dick with one hand and with the other he reached under to hold his balls. His genitals were demanding his full attention.

"Oh, man. My nuts, too, dude. They're like alive. They're vibrating, man."

Tony had reached for his own and arched his back with the sensation of the contact.

"Dude, it must be what they gave us. I've never felt anything like this. Let's do it, dude."

They jacked off in the hot tub, their cum swirling in milky blobs in the bubbles. When they finished, they leaned back, waiting for their erections to subside, but they both realized it wasn't happening.

"Hey Joey," Tony said, leaning back, half in half out of the water, his rigid dick floating near the surface where he could look down and watch it bobbing in the bubbles. "That felt fucking great, man. But I'm still fucking'horny. I think I could do it again. Look at my dick, dude. It's still totally boned."

Joey felt the same way, sitting so his own cock was at the surface, its head floating in the bubbles. He felt so horny and so hot. He couldn't believe Tony was telling him to look at his hard dick, but he knew why. He wanted Tony to look at his, too.

"Dude, mine too."

"Yeah, I can see. That's hot, man. You still feel really hot? I do man. I feel so fucking hot."

"Yeah, man," Joey said, "I do. Look at my fucking dick, man. I don't think it's ever been so hard."

"I know, dude. It looks hot."

"What does?"

"Your dick, man. So fucking hard, just like mine. It looks hot. It looks big, dude."

"Yeah, really? It does? That's weird, man. It feels big."

"So does mine, man."

"Whew," Joey whistled, "I like it. Feels fucking hot."

"Yeah, man, fucking hot as shit."

"Jesus," Joey said, "I wonder what they gave us. Remember when you said I was staring at you? You know why, dude? I got to tell you this. I was feeling really good, really hot about my bod, man, about my looks, how they chose us because of our looks, and I was staring at you because you are one fucking hot looking dude, man. You are fucking amazing looking. And don't laugh, because I can't believe I'm saying this to another guy, but I just feel so hot I can't help it."

"Dude, I'm not laughing. I know exactly what you mean. Fuck me, man, but that turns me on, dude, that you think that. You are hot, man. I don't know what's happening, and I never felt like this about a dude, man, but you are fucking hot, man, fucking hot as shit. You're making me so horny, man."

"Fuck, Tony, fuck. I've never felt so horny in my life. All I can think about is my dick, man, my dick and my balls, man, and sex."

Joey pushed himself up out of the water to sit on the edge of the spa. He leaned back on his hands and looked down at himself where his cock was jutting out from his pubic hair as rigid as if it were carved out of stone. Veins snaked on its surface, distended, completely engorged with hot, throbbing blood.

Tony was looking at it,too. "Fuck, Joey," he said, "Look at your fucking dick, man. It's so fucking hard, dude. Just like mine. That is so hot man. God it looks big. Big dick, man, big fucking balls. Christ, Joey, fucking hot cock, dude."

Tony got out of the water, too, and sat on the edge next to Joey, leaning back, letting his own completely stiff, hard cock stand up proudly for them both to look at, to compare.

"Mine, too, man. Fuck, it feels so hot, dude, so fucking big," Tony said.

"Let me feel it, dude," Joey said, and he reached over and took Tony's dick in his hand, wrapping his fingers around it, feeling its hot hardness, its thickness in his hand. Tony let him do it, and when he grabbed it, Tony's hips thrust with the sensation.

"Oohh," Tony gasped when Joey's hand found his cock. "Aww, dude, oh yeah."

"Big fucking hot cock, Tony."

"Yeah, dude, big fucking man dick," Tony said, and reached for Joey's cock.

"Oh, man, I fucking love dick, dude, I fucking love cock. Feel that, man."

Suddenly, at the same time, the two boys turned to each other, and, with their free hands, each reached for the other's head, pulled it close, and their open mouths found each other. They ground their lips together, their tongues reaching deep, their faces hot against each other. Their hands began stroking the shafts they held, then exploring their groins, the hair, the balls, hips gyrating as they kissed, feeling each other's bodies, moaning.

"Oh, man," Joey said between hot, hard, ragged breaths.

"I've never felt anything so hot in my life, dude. I want you. I want sex, man, I need it, but I want man sex, dude. I want it with you."

"Fuck, Joey. Me too, dude. I want your cock. I never knew cock could be so hot. I want to suck it, dude, I want to feel it inside me. You like my dick, dude? It feels big, doesn't it? Big and hot, man. Just like yours. You want to suck it, dude? You want to suck my big fucking dick?"

"Oh, yeah, man, fuck yeah. I want it bad, dude."

They took turns sucking each other off, drinking in the man juice like it was the essence of their maleness. Their need for man sex just grew stronger. They sucked each other off again, at the same time. They took turns fucking each other, equally excited about shoving their big dicks into the other, and feeling their partner's cock inside them, driving deep and hard. Whether they were giving it or getting it, the erotic energy, the raw sexuality, the power of their maleness just grew stronger as their sexual need and drive grew.

Suddenly they were interrupted by a couple of the other guys standing at the doorway into their spa room.

"Look at these two, man. They're fuckin' hot as shit, too."

Tony and Joey looked up to see three guys standing there, all extremely han dsome and sexy. But then all of them were. They had been chosen for that. They were standing there all with their rock hard cocks standing proudly out from their pubes, smiles on their faces, lust in their eyes.

"Hey, looks like they're getting into it, too," another of them said.

"Dudes, you think that stuff is making us all queer? You guys totally into dick, too? Sure looks like it. Hey, who wants my big cock?"

"Yeah, now that you mention it, fucker," Joey said, even surprising himself.

"All I can think about is dick, man, and man sex. You want me to eat that big cock, or you want to shove it up my hot ass?"

The five of them fell into an orgy of male sex, hot, erotic. They couldn't get enough of each other, of dick and balls and pubic hair and armpit hair, pecs and boy butt, and hard, smooth young male body. They had no idea how long they went at it except that it was getting to be dusk when the dinner bell rang.

It was hard for all of them to concentrate on dinner that night. They were so horny, still. Hornier than ever. and when they all took this break from the frenzy of sex they had all been involved so totally in, when they walked to the dining room, all with their dicks still rock hard, they had time to realize that their erotic fantasies of big dicks were more than fantasy.

They could not ignore the reality that confronted them all from their hot young groins. Their cocks had grown bigger in the hours since their injections. They were undeniably longer, thicker and heavier, pulling down on their groins as they walked with their fully engorged rigid weight bouncing in front of them. And hanging down between their legs, their balls had grown as well, and the sacs that held them, longer, and so large and full.

The topic at dinner was how their sex organs were growing and how hot that was to all of them. And considering this was just the first evening, and that they had three days for this formula to work, the thought of what might still be going to happen to them all made them so much more excited that they finished eating so that they could turn their full attention to the one thing on their minds. Sex. Man sex.

After dinner, the supervisors, a group of six extremely hot men, all with abundant muscle and superior endowments, naked like they were, told the boys there was to be a meeting in the main lounge. When everyone had convened, the head supervisor, the one who had checked them all in, made his announcement.

"By now, you whore-boys have all begun to see what the formula we gave you is all about. Your jobs, when we open for business, will be to use what we're giving you to pleasure the men who will be coming here just for the pleasures you can give them. Now, let's see what you whore-boys are learning. Lets see just what you can do. Let's start with you."

He pointed to Joey.

"Come over here, whore-boy."

Joey walked up in front of the others. He was sharply aware that he did not feel the least embarrassed. Everyone was watching him walk with his big cock still hard and feeling really big, and he was proud of it. He knew it was hot, and he loved it, and he loved the feeling of the others all watching him. He looked at the man who had summoned him, and the man was hot. He loved the guy's muscles and everything grown up and hot and masculine about him, including his big dick and balls.

"Yes, sir," he said with a smile. "You want to see me?"

He flaunted his dick for the man.

"I want to do more than see you."

"Yes, sir," Joey said again. he was surprised by his own reaction to this man. He was not intimidated. He just felt completely hot, completely dominated by his horny sexuality. "You want this hot little whore-boy, sir?" He reached out and put his hands on the man's large, hard pecs. Was this him, doing this, talking like this? "Whatta you want, sir? You want me to suck that big hot cock, sir, or you want to shove that big hot tool in my hot little whore-boy butt?"

Even as the words came out of his mouth, surprising him, taking him off guard, they made him feel good. Fuck yeah, this was him. He was a hot little fuck, and he didn't care who watched him. It made him feel even more like a hot little fuck hearing himself talk nasty to this guy. Fuck yeah. whore-boy. Now it sounded good to him. It sounded hot. So hot. This big man wanted him for sex, raw, hot sex, and he was just the guy to give him what he wanted. Better than he wanted. He would show him just how hot it could be. His hands were all over the big guy's body, feeling his big hard muscles. They felt so fucking hot. He lifted his arms and went mouth first into his hot, hairy armpits. Fuck, he loved this. He felt the hair on the man's big, thick pecs and it felt so incredibly, sexually masculine. Yeah, fuck yeah. And the hair down his abs, and all the way down to his dark, thick bush of pubes. Oh, fuck, he loved this guy's pubes, and his big fucking cock, and his big balls. Everything male about this muscle stud made Joey hotter and hotter.

He hardly even noticed when the other guys started doing the same things to the other big muscle guys. When Tony joined him and both of them were working over his muscle stud's body together, he just moved enough to let Tony in, and then Tony was doing him and he was doing Tony and both of them were all over the big guy, making him moan and writhe with erotic pleasure, taking his big dick in turns and giving theirs in turns right back, to him and to each other.

There was no way to calculate how many orgasms occurred that evening before the boys were told to get some sleep. And returning to their dormitory, they discovered how much larger the hot male organs hanging from their groins had become while they had been engaged. Now they laughed, still hornier and more erotically charged than ever, to see that they all had enormous cocks standing hard and stiff above sets of huge balls that seemed to be churning with ever increasing sexual hormone production. The need for sexual release was powerful and constant. They jacked their huge dicks together, laughing at the sheer hot, totally erotic feeling of their wild sexual abandon. And finally they fell asleep.

The next morning, Joey awoke with a hard-on, just as he had fallen asleep. Fuck. It was a raging hard-on. Even before his eyes were fully open, he felt it and had to grab it. His hands wrapped around a shaft that was huge. When he felt it, his eyes flew open and he bolted upright to look. The other guys were all in the same state, sitting up, getting up, amazed, surprised, and totally excited by their discovery. As Joey jacked his dick, the sensation hurled him into erotic orbit.

The day continued as the day before had ended. Joey and the other boys had breakfast, sitting nude at tables with their huge hard cocks waiting, demanding. They romped throughout the grounds, having group sex in every configuration and grouping with wilder and wilder intensity, sometimes with the supervisor muscle men, sometimes alone, but never stopping.

When Joey wasn't actively having sex with another guy, he was playing with his own huge dick, which would not go soft, walking around with it in his hand, showing it off, stroking it, and cumming over and over again. Instead of releasing any of his constantly intensifying sex drive, building and mounting as his balls continued growing, forcing his dick to grow and his drive to become an increasingly insatiable need, each orgasm seemed to just demand another and another. And it was pure pleasure. He loved being watched by other guys. He loved flaunting his dick and balls. Every minute, as it grew larger and thicker and longer and heavier, the feelings of deep, intense male sexual power grew along with it. He loved his big dick. Fuck yeah. He fucking loved his big fucking balls and his big fucking dick. They wanted him to be a queer whore-boy, they got it. Fuck yeah, he thought, fucking whore-boy. Nothing but sex. Hot fucking sex. Wild, trashy, hot sex. Hot fucking whore-boy. Fuck yeah. He would fucking do anything.

For the rest of that day and night, and all the next day and night, the growth continued, and along with it, the feelings grew stronger and stronger. The boys became their bodies, they became their dicks and their balls and their butt holes, which expanded to take any size cock. They fell completely and totally in love, or lust, with their sexuality, and their sexuality was embodied in their gigantic organs, and so they fell completely in love with their monster cocks.

When the place opened for business, its success was immediate. The men who came to be pleasured had no idea of the intensity of pleasure they would find. With their admission cost, they were given doses of just the part of the formula that caused a sudden and dramatic increase in their own sex drive and prowess. They found themselves experiencing an erotic intensity of sensations they had never dreamed of. The formula also had the physical effect of allowing them to maintain an erection for hours, and to cum over and over with no diminished capacity. The elasticity of their anal openings increased to allow them to take the huge cocks of the whore-boys without ripping. Men who had never thought of sex with other men began hearing of the intensity of the sexual experience to be had with these whore-boys, and they came to see if the experience could possibly be that hot.

It was.

Joey and Tony often worked as a team, and soon they and the other boys were also being hired out to private homes for private parties. Joey loved just sitting around with his huge nuts hanging between his legs and his fucking log of a dick lying hard on his belly, so fucking thick, thicker than his wrist, and so fucking long it reached way above his belly button to the middle of his pecs. They had measured, and he had reached ten inches around and eighteen inches long. But it wasn't the measurements that he loved, it was the purely erotic feeling of its size. It just felt so fucking hot to have this huge cock and set of balls, and to flaunt it, and play with it, and show it off, a total little sex animal, wild and free, every inch of his body made for erotic pleasure, made to give hot sex to the men that came to him, or that he was sent to, each of them a hot sex toy for him as well. There was nothing about the male body he didn't love, and each guy he was with, he made feel like the hottest guy on earth. Because, to Joey, at that moment, he was.

"Oh, man," he would say, lying back on a bench in a spa room, his huge cock resting hard and thick on his belly when a client would walk into the room, or walking in himself to meet the customer who might be sitting in the spa, waiting, his eyes popping at the sight of the legendary dick sticking out in front as Joey walked in, "Oh, man. I got me a stud to play with. So whatta ya think, stud? You like your toy, man? You like this hot little fucking whore-boy, man? You like this big dick? It's fucking huge, isn't it? Fucking monster dick, man, fucking monster balls. Fuck, yeah, man, I know you want this big dick, don't you stud? You want it bad. Come here, man, let this hot little whore-boy help you relax."

No one could suck dick like he could, he and Tony. Maybe the other whore-boys. No one could fuck like he could. No one could take a dick with as much enthusiasm. It seemed as though there couldn't be a better, hotter, more erotic male sex machine than Joey and his whore boy friends.

And the the side effects began.

No one expected more than what had already been achieved. The muscle guys running the place were satisfied with the results. But apparently, the extreme increase in their sexual hormones, and the playing with their genetic limits to increase the size of their sex organs, had another effect that began to show up several weeks later.

At first, Joey thought sure his pubic hair was getting thicker and denser. It was like his puberty had begun again. He would have passed it off to how hot he was for his own sex organs, because getting more pubes felt even hotter and gave him an even more erotic feeling about his maleness, his sexuality, his big, unbelievably hot dick and balls. But the other guys began to notice the same thing. And the hair under their arms also began to grow thicker, denser. Little by little, they were getting hairier in their sexual areas. It felt hot.

What started as subtle changes soon grew more pronounced. They boys began to exhibit more signs of manhood. Their whiskers grew heavier. Their faces and bodies began to take on more the shapes of masculine maturity. Another month passed, and sprinklings of hair began to appear on their chests and around their belly buttons. Even their musculature started maturing. They began to see their muscles taking shape, hardening, and gaining definition.

Soon, the side effects grew pronounced. The boys became men, the men became muscular men. The hair spread across their chests. Hair grew on their arms and legs. It spread above and below their navels in thick, heavy treasure trails, marking the path from their growing pecs to their spreading pubes.

"You're turning into one hot mother fucker," one repeat customer told Joey one day. "How do you like it now?"

"I fucking love it," Joey said.

"Show me how much you love it, whore-boy. Show me how much you love that big cock. And that hair you're growing. And those muscles. Show me, and let me hear you, whore-boy."

Joey stood there, lost in the enjoyment of his body, the pure erotic pleasure of it. "I fucking love my big fucking cock, man. It's huge, man, so fucking big and thick and heavy. I love the way it feels on me, man, so fucking big and heavy. Fuck yeah. Look at this hair growing on me, man. I'm a fucking stud, man, a fucking man stud. I love getting hairy, dude, I love all of it. You like my big hairy bush, man, this hair on my abs, my trail, and my chest man? My fucking pecs are getting so fucking hot, man, all hairy and thick and big. Big fucking muscle pecs, man. Big fucking arms. Fuck, man, I fucking love my body man, I love my cock and my big nuts, I love all my fucking hair, and I fucking love all this muscle, man. Fuck yeah, man."

By three months, the boys, now looking like men, were in ever increasing demand. Regular customers returned to observe their changes, finding them more and more irresistibly attractive. The boys themselves felt hotter and hotter as their bodies changed, the hair spreading, the muscles growing. They were more than just muscular now. They looked like hard-core bodybuilders. They swaggered and flexed and showed off their muscle-bods, and still the changes continued with no sign of slowing down. Everyone wondered how far it could go. It took another three months to find out.

"Dude," Tony said one afternoon when he and Joey had some time alone in one of the spa rooms, "You're getting so fucking huge, man. Show me your arms, dude."

Joey flexed, feeling the mass of his pecs while they both looked at the big, thick muscle bulging on his arm.

"Fuck, Joey. Your pits are so fucking hot and hairy, man. I fucking love that." He grabbed Joey and put his face into Joey's armpit. Joey moaned with the erotic pleasure.

"And your fucking crotch is so hairy, man." Joey reached down for Tony's groin while Tony was still eating out his armpit. "Dude, we're fucking muscle studs, man. We're getting to be bigger studs that any dude I've ever seen. I hope we get totally fucking huge, man. Hairy and huge, like the biggest fucking bodybuilders, man. I want it bad, Tony. I want it so fucking bad I can taste it."

"Fuck yeah, man," Tony said, "taste it, dude. Get down there and taste my huge fucking stud dick. Put your face in all my hot hair, man. Oh, fuck, dude."

And they both got their wish. Little by little for three more months, they grew. Their muscles swelled with mass. The hair spread over their chests and abs, covered their arms and legs. They began to look like it would be impossible for them to get any bigger, but still they swelled, muscle mass growing heavier and denser until their could barely walk. Their legs became so massive they swayed from side to side when they walked, forcing their thighs around each other. Their arms lay propped out to their sides, lying on the thick muscles of their lats, so wide they looked like cobras' hoods. It wasn't until they almost looked like they might explode with muscle that their bodies stopped. Their sexual explosion did its work; the transformation was complete.


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