When Sims Become Real



By lemapp

Steve handed Chris the towels as he asked, "What do three young muscle studs do on a warm sunny Saturday?"

I said, "We should be at a nude beach."

I had never been to a nude beach but now that I had the body of a god I wanted to show it off. Steve seemed to like the idea. He headed over to his computer and called up his image. After a few keystrokes another flash of light. Steve still looked about the same but now he had a dark all-over tan like me. Then the new image of Chris appeared on the screen. Another flash and Chris had a dark tan. We were like brothers.

I went over to my clothes as I realized that they wouldn't fit. I remembered that Steve had mentioned something about accessories. It was as if he was reading my mind because he said, "Let me show what accessories are available."

I stood behind Steve as he called up menus of accessories. I saw clothes, cars, houses, furniture and treasures. Steve chose clothes and then erotic. He then selected something like liquid latex bodysuit. In a flash I was covered in a skin-tight paper-thin rubber outfit that looked like some superhero uniform. My dick and balls were hanging down but they too were painted. I knew that I could not go out in public like this but it was fun. I walked over to the mirror to see myself.

I was an over-muscled version of a comic book hero. I walked back to Steve asking, "Come on Steve. Let's pick something for the beach."

Steve was quickly typing away on the computer as he, Chris and I became clothed in string tank tops, thin micro shorts and sandals. A beach cooler, towels and chairs appeared nearby. Then Steve asked, "Who wants to drive?"

I volunteered because I was the only one with a four passenger. Steve typed away some more on the computer as a smile appeared on his face. We grabbed our supplies and headed out the door. I was stunned to see that an open air Jeep was sitting when my SUV had been earlier. I then knew what Steve had done. He had changed my car to a macho beach vehicle.

Soon we were on our way. I knew of a beach that was open to the public, but if you avoided the main parking lot and drove the long way around to the gravel lot you could find a long stretch where the nudist hang out. The sun was warm, so at one of the lights I peeled off my shirt.

It was about 11 when we got to the gravel lot. There were a few cars there already, so we would have an audience. I saw Steve and Chris undress, so I did the same. There was a shower, so I took a quick wash. I was soon under the cool water with both of my friends. We pushed each other to stay under the streaming water. After our horseplay we gathered our stuff and headed out to the beach.

After the hike through the swamp and dunes we came out to a long stretch of golden sand. Only a few people were here, mostly overweight old men. We quickly find a spot and put our stuff down. I wanted to try out my new body and run down the beach. I slapped Chris hard across his tight ass. I was amazed at how hard it felt. I was sure that it must have stung. I didn't wait to ask as I darted down the sand.

Luck for me that Chris had stood there stunned before chasing after me. He was quickly gaining on me. Soon I felt his finger flicking at my ass as he tried to grab me. I try to run faster to get away. We were now so far from Steve and the other people that I could not make them out. I saw some dunes ahead of us. I darted toward them to hide from Chris. But I slipped in the deep sand behind the dunes and Chris tackled me.

Chris and I wrestled each other. I felt myself getting hard. I had my hands on the most handsome muscle stud and it was making me horny. I felt a bit wicked and grabbed his dick only to find it was hard too. Chris then grabbed my dick. I twisted myself around and took Chris' dickhead into my mouth. A deep moan told me that Chris was enjoying this. Then I felt a tongue slip inside my foreskin. It was amazing because I had never felt anything like this before.

Chris and I were so absorbed into our 69 that we did not see the 30 something guy sneak up on us. He was in good shape but not a bodybuilder. His body was firm and a nice average sized dick. When Chris jumped off of my body was when I realized what Chris had seen. We were not alone. Our friend was standing over us pumping his cock.

We all smiled at each other and soon we had our new friend in a muscle sandwich with my dick plowing his tight ass. I had never thought of Chris as a bottom but he was sex pig enjoying his ass being pumped. We got a rhythm going and soon we were all ready to cum. Our friend popped first, then Chris and finally I came deep in the ass. We stayed attached for a few seconds as I felt my dick begin to shrink. The ass I was in did not want to let go. It was clamped tight around my pole.

We finally all collapsed in a pile of heaving men. It was amazing sex. I was really enjoying this new body. As strength returned I wanted to jump in the ocean and wash off. I pulled myself away and dashed for the water. Soon I was diving below the surface to wash my body. As I came up, I found that my sex partners were in the water with me. After we splashed around we stood in the waist deep water. I stood next to Chris, across from the other guy. Chris surprised me by grabbing my dick. Soon I was hard again with my dick hugging my abs above my belly button.

I decided to get Chris hard too. So I grabbed his cock. Soon we were both sporting wood. I looked over to see that our friend was hard too. I guessed we were all horny again. A circle jerk was soon going in our tight huddle. We pumped hard and soon we all came again. We stood there in silence enjoying the waves splashed against our bodies.

I broke from the huddle and gave our friend a big bear hug. Our friend enjoyed having a muscle stud all-over his body. I gave him a quick kiss and head back down the beach toward Steve. Soon Chris was walking beside me.

After a long silence Chris asked, "I wonder what Steve has been doing while we fucking like rabbits?" •

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