Party Guy

By FanTCMan

I swear, I'll go over there one or two more times, and then I've got to stop. It's been a little over a year, now, since the time they first gave me a taste of that shit that's changing my whole life, and I've got to stop. I knew they had some stuff that helped guys get more muscular, which I thought was cool, and even supposedly made guys' cocks and stuff bigger. Pretty much all the guys at the gym knew about them and where they lived. I'd even driven by a few times, just to check it out. Never really saw anything, though.

Then this guy I know from school is with me at the mall and these two seriously built guys are walking around together, and he tells me, check it out, dude, those are the two guys. Look at what they're packin', man. And I see they've both got these big bulges sticking out, even though their shorts are big and baggy. I mean, there's no doubt their packing some major meat. And they're both strutting around with muscles on muscles, in wifebeaters, and looking like a couple of movie star dudes from some super-hero movies. My buddy says they're the ones everyone's talking about, that have that shit, and those parties and all.

I'm, like, what shit, dude? What parties?

So he tells me about the stuff they have that kicks up your hormones and makes you grow like that. Eventually. They only give it out to certain guys. But they have these parties most Sundays, and everybody shows up at, like, noon, and everyone does a tequila shooter together that has this shit in it, to get the party going. And whatever the shit is, it makes you feel so good it's totally unbelievable, and horny as shit. He tells me not to say anything to anybody, but the guys get so horny and it makes you feel so hot and sexy and into your body, that no one cares that everybody just bones. They pass out little posing trunks for everyone to wear, and everyone gets feeling so good, and so turned on that they just don't care. And he's talking straight guys and all, but everyone totally turned on and feeling so sexy that everyone is doing it with everyone all over the place, around the pool, in the living room, in the bedrooms. Totally wild.

I ask him how he knows, but just then the two guys see him and nod and say hi. I was totally embarrassed. Then they walk over and say hi to him and say who's your buddy and introduce themselves to me. I probably looked like a total dork, because I'm looking around, seeing if anyone I know is seeing me talking to these two muscle dudes. But they were really nice, and told him to bring me by on Sunday, if I was interested in coming.

So, after they leave, he says, "Dude, you gotta come."

I say I don't know, thinking about guys all getting hard. I mean, how embarrassing is that? And then doing stuff? I mean, I did jack off with this guy once when we were drunk, but that's it.

But he says, "Dude, I gotta show you something."

So we go over to his place, and all the way he's saying how cool the guys are and how totally hot the parties are, and how there's something else, the stuff the give you, besides getting everyone in the party mood. It does stuff to you. I ask him what, and he says, "Well, you saw those guys, man. But I gotta show you or you won't believe it."

So we get to his place, and he says, "Dude, I've been going to their parties for a couple months now. You saw me before, right? That night? So check this out, man."

And he's unbuttoning his shirt. He takes it off, and he's showing me this still thin but definitely cut-up chest and stomach, and he's got a ton of real short hairs growing all over his chest and down his stomach. But he doesn't even say anything about that. He just keeps taking off his clothes, drops his shorts, then pulls down his boxerbriefs. Now this guy was never hairy. Nice looking, sorta jock kind of guy, but real not hairy, and, the best I could remember, not hung any better than me. Okay, but nothing great. But when he pulls down those boxerbriefs, this big ol' dong flops out and his balls are hanging low and big behind it. And he's just grinning at me, and he says, dude, that stuff has made my cock grow a whole inch since I started going there.

"And, dude, it's makin' hair grow and I'm getting more cut. Shit, man. You gotta try it. It's so hot. And I never wanted any hair, man. I liked being smooth, but it's all so hot. Just makes you more masculine or something, whatever it does to your hormones that makes you feel so good and so fuckin' horny. Makes you feel masculine and hot, but it makes you get more that way, too, I swear."

So I'm looking at him, blown away, thinking, shit, why not? What guy wouldn't want a bigger dick? Don't think much about the hair although it's kind of weird to see my buddy getting hairy when neither of us ever were at all. And if it got me a little more cut up. I mean, not like those guys, all totally muscled up, even though it did look pretty good on them. So I told him I'd go with him the next Sunday.

Well, everything he said was true, but it pretty much blew me away. We got there just before noon. Everyone's supposed to be on time. They got all the guys drinks as they came in. Bunch of really amazing looking guys. Some really built, probably friends from the gym they own or whatever. Some older, some pretty young. The two guys whose house it was at I'd guess at about 30, 32. My buddy and I were some of the younger guys, I guess. Both 23. There were some guys that had to still be in their teens, although I was told everyone had to be legal, and some that could have been their dads, but they were all real good looking, like that was a requirement to get invited. Probably about 25 guys, I guess. Anyway, it made me feel pretty good that I did get invited, even if I was nervous as shit.

Anyway, we have a few sips of our drinks, my buddy is introducing me to some guys, and those host guys come around when everyone is there with trays of shot glasses. Everyone takes one, and they make a toast, which sounded kind of stupid: to the power of masculinity. Then everyone throws back the shots. Just tequila. Or that's how it tasted. Then they tell everyone to come get their trunks, meaning swim trunks. I'm thinking, I knew it was a pool party, I've got my jammers on under my shorts. Then I see that one of the guys is standing near a closet and as guys come up he asks color and hands them their trunks. I figure out pretty quick that we're gonna wear what they're handing out, and some guys are already out by the pool in these tiny, and I mean tiny trunks. But by the time I get mine, I'm feeling really good, like the tequila has hit and I'm feeling great. I'm not at all nervous anymore. I just feel great that they thought I was cool enough to come. And I follow my buddy to the changing room, and chuck my clothes in a pile, and get into this skimpy bikini thing, and I feel really kind of cool. I've never worn anything like this before, but I always wondered what it would feel like. Now it's even more cool, because all the guys have them on, and it feels really hot. I know it's weird, but I feel really sexy. I look at my buddy, how his are bulging since his dick and balls are bigger, and how cut up he looks, and that hair coming in, and I start thinking, yeah, that's cool. That's totally cool. I could do that.

We go out to the pool, and I see all the guys are like that, some more, some not as much, but they almost all have these big bulges in their tiny trunks, and some are really big. And whether they're really huge muscle guys, which a lot of them are, or just really buff, all the guys are outstanding looking. They either have hair all over that's, like, perfect, or they're getting it, like my buddy. And I'm thinking, wow, I'm getting to be one of these dudes.

I see how they're all getting off on their looks. I get why, too. I never felt more cool than I did then. I see guys checking me out, like who is that dude, and I think it's because I was good looking enough to be here, and it makes me feel really cool that they're checking me out. It makes me feels sexy. I remember that toast, to the power of masculinity, and I feel what he meant. I feel so masculine. And it feels really sexy to feel so masculine. And I'm not even in the pool yet, and I realize I'm fucking horny as shit and I'm getting hard, but it's cool because the other guys are, too, and they're, like, showing off for each other and stuff. Some start doing stuff like flexing their muscles, and other guys are feeling their muscles. And I remember how my buddy is getting more cut up, and I look at him, and he flexes, and I think it looks so sexy that I want to feel his muscles. So I do. Right there. I just start feeling his muscles. And we're both totally hard. And then some guys are kissing, and my buddy rubs my cock, and it feels so hot, I ask him if he want to see my cock get bigger, and he says yeah, and he kisses me, and then some other guy, a muscle guy comes up and starts flexing, and me and my buddy are feeling his muscles, and licking them, and he's telling us what hot little fucks we are, and pretty soon, I'm sitting on his cock, riding him hard and sucking on my buddy's big dick at the same time.

At the end of the party, about six hours later, one of the host guys comes up to me as we're leaving and says he hopes I'll come back. He grabs my dick and says I have great potential, and kisses me goodnight. Well, was there any doubt if I'd go back?

I felt like I'd gotten into the coolest frat in the world. Once you're in, you see how many people know about it, and about the stuff, and want to get in. But they only invite the coolest, best looking guys. Some guys get special invitations. They work on some guys as special projects, and I found out that their stuff can be taken in stronger doses. There's also different versions. Like the one they give out at parties mostly just cranks up the male hormones and little by little makes your balls get bigger, then your dick, then you start getting hair and thicker muscle. But they can concentrate on dicks or muscles. They've made a few guys get totally huge fucking cocks and balls. They been featured in some magazines. And some guys they make grow fucking huge muscles, like the most roided out bodybuilders, only the side effects are good, if getting more masculine and hung is good. I think it is.

My dick was an inch bigger in a couple months, and my balls kept growing, just a little at a time, so my ball sack could get bigger, too. But that fast, I was starting to show some bulge in my clothes, and hairs were growing on my chest, and, well, all over, and I was feeling like my workouts worked twice as much. It felt hot. I felt sexy all the time. And I couldn't wait for the next party, throwing back that shot and feeling so hot and turned on with all those guys. Of course, a lot of us would hook up between parties, too. I mean, this shit makes you so horny, you gotta get off all the time, and it's all about the masculinity. I don't even care about girls any more. I just want to get with hot guys and see how hot our cocks are getting, and our bodies. The bigger my dick was getting, the hotter it felt, to fuck with it, or just to walk around with it.

After about three months, I started really getting muscular. I'm looking like a fitness magazine guy all of a sudden, and I just want to let everyone see how hot I look. Then I'm getting bigger than a fitness guy, and pretty soon, I realize I'm starting to look like one of those bodybuilder guys. But it feels really hot, and I don't care. I like it when people stare at me. And my dick is like another inch, then another, and pretty soon, it's a year I've been going, and my dick is, like, six inches longer, over a foot when it's hard and this big fuckin' sausage when it's soft, and I'm getting to look all totally hulked out huge.

Well, I got fired from my job. They told me I couldn't work with the public, looking like I was. I mean, fuck, it was only Home Depot, and most people seemed to try to get me to wait on them. But that's okay. I'll get them. I got one of the managers invited to the party. But they said it was cool. They, I mean the guys that have the stuff, that host the parties. They told me that I was one of the best guys they had, and if I was interested, I could make some good money letting them really do me. So I'm thinking about it. But I'm thinking that just might be too extreme. I'm already to the place where I'll have to work where I can get away with it. Like bartending or something. But, damn. I feel so fucking hot now all the time. I told them to give me some time to think about it. I have an idea what they mean when they say to really do me. It's kind of scary. But when I think about it, I get so hard. I probably should just go to a couple more parties and call it quits. My buddy doesn't go anymore. He looks incredible, but he pulled out. They let him have a version of the stuff that, like, keeps the feeling going.

That's what I should do. Maybe just a couple more full on parties. It really is incredible, being one of the big guys, big and young. The new guys fucking love me. I'm like that guy that came over and started flexing for my buddy and me at that first party. But it could take over a guy's life. I wonder what it would be like, though. No, just a couple more parties, and that's it. I swear.


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