Party Time

By FanTCMan

Sometimes we craft, draft, write, and rewrite, and sometimes, we just stand aside and let a burst come through: A moment of depraved distraction, unedited, unrevised, just as it came, so to speak. . .

So, you want to do some more before we go out?

Fuck, yeah, man. How long does it last?

This should last about eight hours. Enough to get us through the night. So, name your brew.

Aww, fuck, dude. Gimme a bigger dick, man. About forty more pounds of mass, man. I want my quads up to 28, my guns up to 24, man.

Fuckin hot dude. I'll match ya. Fuckin dudes in the club are gonna shit.

Hell, they'll all have their own things goin. Remember when that one guy came with a two foot cock?

Yeah, that was great, man. Or those guys that got so huge they couldn't walk, had to sit on the pool table till it wore off.

Yeah, but they sure had fun while they sat there. Wonder how many times they got those cocks sucked off, how many guys slid onto those poles that night.

A lot, dude. Hey, let's do the kid up, too, take him along.

My muscle boy? Yeah, that could be hot. He's not old enough to get into the bar, but I don't think they'd stop him.

How old is he?

He's eighteen, man. Wouldn't do an underage kid.

And his dad fuckin gave him up to you to use as a big muscled-up fuck toy? Man.

Yeah, kid wanted it, dad's into this shit so much, too, man.

Okay dude. You got that shit mixed up yet? I love to watch you morph, man.

Yeah, same here. Yeah, here. Snort this.

Fuck, man, that burns. Aww, shit. Fuckin rush, man. Burns so good. Aww, God, hurts, man. Hurts good. Oh oh fuck.

Yeah, dude, fuckin grow for me, man. Aww, shit, that's so hot. Okay, me too. Aww shit, man.

Aww, shit, man, look at those pecs swell. Dude, your fuckin muscles make me fuckin cum, man, lookin at em grow like that. Fuck.

Me? Dude, fuckin look at you. Dude, your dick is climbing up your fuckin abs, man. Oh, dude, I could shoot all night doin this, watchin you.

Fuck, man. I love that. Look at my fuckin guns, man. Aww, man, my legs are so fuckin thick, I love how it feels to walk.

Get the kid. Make him fuckin monster huge, man. Hairy as shit. Give him a twenty inch cock.

Yeah. Hang on, let me just get this shit together. Okay. Hey, get in here, you fuckin studboy. We're gonna take your ass out to party tonight.

Oh, jesus, man. What are you gonna do this time?

Make you a monster, boy. You like that, don't you?

Whatever you want, sir.

Good boy. Here, snort this shit.

Yes, sir.

There ya go.

Oh God, oh fuck. Awww fuck fuck fuck.

Hang on kid, it'll be done in a minute.

Awww, fuck, man, fuck. Oh jesus, I'm getting so fucking huge. Oh, man, what're you doing to me? Jesus, look at my cock. Oh, man, Oh yeah. Aww, fuck, man. Monster boy. Fuckin huge monster muscle boy, dudes. You like this shit? Fuck, you made me hairy as shit. You like this shit? You like this fuckin firehose? Fuck yeah. Want to take me out, show me off? Fuck yeah.

"Kay, bro? He look good to you?

Fuck yeah, man. Let's fuck his ass first, then go.

Nah, let's fuck his ass when we get there. Along with everyone else. Here, muscle boy, put on this poser, if you can get all that into it. We got us some partyin to do! •

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