The wet towel snapped painfully against his thigh, with a sting.

"Hey, look at that! Frankie is there after all. I heard the towel hit him." The rest of the boys in the high school shower room burst into laughter. "Yeah, he's there alright. The skinny freak is just hard to see if you don't look hard!"

With roars of laughter, the guys from the 3rd period gym class left the shower room, slapping each other on the shoulders, and snapping their towels at each other. Frank sagged against the shower wall, trying to catch his breath. This wasn't the first time he had suffered in gym class, or the locker room.

How he dreaded the locker room. Well, at least this was the last day of gym for Spring semester. He wouldn't have to tolerate this again until next fall.

At 16 years old, Frank Wynn was just finishing up his sophomore year at Lombard High School. He hated school. He wasn't a bad student. He just didn't fit in with the rest of the guys. Mostly because he was shy. And his body didn't help. He had grown taller along with the rest of the guys in his class, all the way from grammar school through middle school and the first two years of high school. He just didn't seem to be filling out. He was 16 years old, but he looked like a tall 13 year old. At almost 5'11", Frank weighed in at only 122 pounds. He looked like a freak.

The other guys didn't help him feel any better either. At an age where their hormones were really kicking in, and their bodies were filling out, Frank really felt conspicuous because of the difference. He had almost no body hair anywhere on his frame, his ribs showed, and even his hips looked like bony projections.

It didn't help that he had a dick that looked like a 9-year old's either. Well, at least the guys hadn't tortured him about that today.

Frank waited for the noise to die down out in the locker room. He left the shower room, grabbing two towels, wrapping one around his waist and draping the other around his neck to hid his lean frame. He dressed hurriedly, and rushed to class. The rest of the day was a blur; he couldn't wait to get home.

At home, Frank hurried to his room, closed and locked the door, and flopped on the bed. He reached under the bed, and pulled out the latest copy of MuscleMan magazine. God! How he wished he could look like one of the guys in this magazine. He loved the way their muscles bulged, as they demonstrated the exercises they used to look that way. He even loved the confident smiles on their faces, the knowing looks that said all that muscle made them hot guys. His hips began to move, as he got a hardon just looking at them. He rolled over and undid his jeans. He slid the pants and underwear down, and began to stroke his dick with his thumb and two fingers. Thats all he needed.

Damn! Even beating off was a reminder of how puny he was. He was looking at pictures of guys with packed speedos and spandex briefs. Playing with his four and a quarter inch dick was an unpleasant experience. He stopped, and slid the magazine back under the bed.

School had just ended, and he already dreaded the idea of going back to school in the fall -- having to face those guys again. Everything was a reminder of how he felt he looked.

And nothing seemed to help. Not eating like a pig. Not working out. He tried supplements. He even went to the doctor. The doctor just smiled and told him that one day he would realize he was lucky. He would never have to worry about being fat, and would live to be very old. That was little consolation.

The summer passed with little excitement. Despite his ongoing efforts, Frank's body changed little. It didn't help seeing the other guys around town. As usually happened, some of them changed a lot over the summer.

On August 1, his mother and father told him that they were going to go on a business trip to Europe that had come up suddenly. He was being sent to his grandparents for the last three weeks of the summer. After a lot of talking, Frank convinced them that he could stay home alone during that time. He would check in routinely with family friends and relatives who lived here in town.

On August 13, two weeks before school was supposed to start, Frank went into the shed in the back yard to get some gardening tools. He had promised his parents as part of the deal to be left alone that he would make sure the lawn stayed mowed. He was in the shed, trying to pull a rake off a high hook where it had caught, when all kinds of tools, and toys, and stuff came tumbling down. He was quickly drenched in everything from fertilizer to insecticide, and had small cuts from broken glass. As he started to get up, a heavy can of paint came tumbling down and hit him on the back of the head.

Frank looked around, disoriented. He was laying on his stomach. It took a second to realize what had happened.

"Wow, I must have passed out."

He got up, and staggered into the house. He was a mess. He took a shower.

Frank realized he felt funny. A sort of tingling sensation was travelling through his body. He was also, strangely, extemely hungry. He ate some dinner, more than he usually ate, then flopped down on the couch to watch some TV. At some point, he remembered getting up and staggering to bed.

The next morning, Frank awoke, feeling strangely refreshed, almost invigorated. He got up to go to take his shower. As he walked into the bathroom, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror.

He stopped and stared.

He had changed. No wonder he felt different. He was still very thin, but he had definitely changed over night. His chest no longer looked caved in, his ribs hardly showed, and his arms and legs looked like more than toothpicks.

"Holy Shit! What happened?!" He hurried through his shower, and got dressed. His clothes felt different too. He also noticed that the tingling feeling was still with him, and that he was starving.

He went into the kitchen and made a huge breakfast. Even after stuffing himself, he was still hungry. He decided to work off the energy, and stay busy so that he didn't think about what the strange feelings. The last thing he needed was for his parents to find out and have to come home. Or worse, make him go to his grandparents. He decided to go clean up the mess in the shed and finish the yard work he started.

After several hours, sweaty and tired, Frank plopped down on a lawn chair to relax. He lounged back for just a few minutes.

He awakened with a start. Wow! It was getting dark. He must have fallen asleep. God, he was starving. He went into the house, stuffed some food in his face, and tried to gather his thoughts.

"I don't know whats happening to me. I feel so weird." All of the sudden he was tired again. And that annoying tingling feeling was back. He went into the den, turned on the stereo, and sat down to relax. Once again, he nodded off.

He awoke to a strange feeling. He was laying back in a recliner. But he felt oddly constricted all over. And the sun was shining through a window right into his eyes.

He pulled the recliner upright, and stood up. What was the weird "tightness" feeling all over? He looked down at himself, and his jaw dropped open in amazement. It wasn't a tightness feeling. His clothes were all skin tight.

He ran upstairs and into the bathroom. He stopped dead in his tracks in front of the mirror. What a sight!

His tee shirt was plastered to him like a second skin. And his jeans looked like they were about to burst. He peeled off his clothes, and studied himself in the mirror.

"What is going on?"

He had the body of swimmer now. His shoulders had widened out, and had some shape to them. He had small trap muscles now. He even had a little bit of definition on his pecs. He flexed his arm, and a nice bicep jumped up in response. His armpit had gotten hairy.

It was too good to be true!

He turned around and studied his back. It was nice. He peeled down his jockey shorts, now fairly tight, and looked at his butt. It was definitely bigger, and well shaped. He turned back around a faced the mirror again. He let out a whoop of joy. Best of all, whatever was effecting his body was effecting his dick too. He had a nice new bush of hair in his crotch, and his dick had definitely grown. He was at least as big as any of the other guys in school.

"I cannot believe this is happening. It must have something to do with the other day in the shed." he told his relection in the mirror. "Whatever it is, its great!"

"I wonder how long this will keep happening? And I wonder if there is anyway to effect what is happening?" He decided that, although he was pretty scared by all of this, it was sort of a dream-come-true, and he should go with it. He also decided that, since had undergone more change the second day, when he worked in the yard, than on the first day, when he did nothing, that maybe activity was involved. He decided to work out.

He pulled on a pair of gym shorts. Man, it was great how tight they felt. He ran back downstairs, and then down into the basement. After digging around for a while, he found what he wanted. His old barbell and dumbbells. He cleared a space, and started lifting.

It felt great. He soon realized he would have to add more weight. He had never been able to lift this much before. He ran out into the back yard, and grabbed a bench from the picnic table. He dragged it into the house and the basement. He spent the rest of the day working out - doing one exercise after another. Every once in a while, he would feel the need to eat. He would stop and run to the kitchen, then hurry back to the basement. Towards evening, he realized he would have to add more weight again. He decided to quit for the day.

He hurried up the stairs, eager to see the changes he had undergone during the day. He knew he had to be bigger; he felt bigger and stronger.

Just as he reached the bathroom door, something made him stop. He was so excited to see himself, but decided to wait until morning. It was difficult to do, but he pulled off his shorts and went to bed. He lay there and thought about the strange things that were happening to him. He was so excited, and all of the sudden he realized he was looking forward to the guys at school seeing him. He got a hardon thinking about that, and started to jerk off. He laughed out loud when he realized he now could use his whole hand to play with himself, instead just a few fingers, like a few days ago. He fell asleep with a big smile on his face.

Frank awoke the next morning, and his first thought was to get to a mirror. The second his feet hit the bedroom floor, he knew there had been more changes. He could just feel how much bigger he was as he went towards the bathroom and the mirror.

"Yeah!" he grunted as he checked himself out. "I knew it!"

He now looked like one of the jocks from school. He had nicely defined pecs, big shoulders, and he could even see the beginnings of a washboard abdomen. He flexed his arm, and quickly sucked in a deep breath at what he saw. A small baseball jumped up on his arm.

He turned, and checked out his back, and his butt. There was definitely progress there too. Saving the best for last, he turned back slowly to check out his dick. He noticed now that not only did he have nice abs beginning, but a trail of hair ran down his abs, and spread out into a nice thick bush at the base of his dick. And his dick......Well, he bet he was now biggger than most of the guys in school. He got a hardon just thinking about it. He ran to the desk in his room, and measured his pulsating cock. God! It was a little more than seven inches!

He decided then and there that he would spend the rest of the week-and-a-half before school started working out every single second. Never again would the guys in school pick on him.

For the next ten days, his routine never varied. He spent each day working out in the basement, and eating in the kitchen. Each night he would fall into bed, and each morning he would hurry to the bathroom to check himself out. He had to go out to buy new clothes during that period, and buy weight plates to add to his barbell and dumbbells. Buying clothes was a trip. He now needed large and even extra large shirts. And although his waist stayed small, he had to buy bigger jeans just for his thighs and butt. Best of all was the way his crotch bulged with his new proof of his manhood.

His parents came home the Friday before school started. They were astonished. After a lot of arguing for not calling them, they settled the matter by announcing they would take him to the doctor next week. Frank didn't care. All he could think about was showing off at school on Monday.

He spent the weekend working out especially hard. He awoke Monday morning and hurried to the bathroom mirror, as had become his usual habit. He liked what he saw. He was now a major high school stud. He flexed his arms, striking a double bicep pose for the mirror. No one would believe it when he arrived at school.

He chose his clothes carefully. He picked a skin tight tee shirt that really showed off his body. His pecs just about burst through the fabric, and the arms kept riding up on the mass of his biceps and triceps.

Best of all was his new blue jeans. He had bought a pair of prewashed jeans, and had been washing them several times a day for the past few days. The denim now seemed paper thin, and clung to his body like a second skin. He pulled the shirt down, and pulled his jeans up, struggling a little to get them over his now massive thighs. He laughed at loud and smiled wickedly at his image in the mirror when he saw how hot he looked with his jeans up, but still unbuttoned.

His favorite part about all these changes was what had happened to his dick. It was huge. It hung out of his open jeans, bobbing slightly up and down. His thighs were now bigger, and his balls had also gotten huge. Now his dick didn't hang between his legs. It arched out and away from his body, hanging over his balls and a good way towards his knees. It was just over six inches soft. He liked the way it felt. He grinned as he lifted his dick and stuffed it into his jeans. It made an awesome bulge in his pants.

Best of all, his dick was now just short of 11 inches when hard. He felt like telling everyone he met what he had stuffed in his jeans. It was awesome.

The bell rang signalling the end of class. It was time. Time for gym. He raced to the gym, and into the locker room. He was glad when he found his newly assigned locker. It was right in the middle of a row. In the past, he would have hoped for one in a corner.

Everyone had been staring at him all day. He relished the feeling. Now he slowly undressed, savoring the feeling of his clothes sliding off over his muscles. He heard some gasps, and "look at that!" from some of the guys around him when he pulled off his jeans. He took his time sliding into his gym uniform.

Gym was exciting. People wanted him on their team now. His new body made him much more capable. But the best was yet to come.

Back in the locker room, he peeled off his sweaty uniform, and quickly wrapped a towel around his waist. He headed for the shower room.

He selected a shower head, slowly hung his towel on a hook, and started to shower. All of the guys just stared at him. What a feeling.

He soaped his body, slowly lathering his big pecs, running his hands up and down his ridged abdominals. He leaned over to soap his thighs and calves, giving everybody a show.

He noticed that some of the guys were trying to hide erections while they pretended not to look at him. He decided to really give them a show.

He pressed the dispenser mounted on the wall, and got a big handful of soap. He started to slowly wash the hair around the base of his dick, running his hand down the shaft ever few seconds. It felt so good, he leaned back against the wall, and started washing his cock in earnest. Slowly, he rubbed his soapy hand up and down the length, feeling the blood pump into it with every stroke. He didn't care what anyone thought. He wanted the guys who used to tease him to see all he had now.

Some of the guys got nervous and left the shower. Others just stood and stared. Some were openly beating off with him. He grinned, and let the feeling take over. His dick just kept growing bigger and bigger. And bigger. It finally reached its full 10 and 3/4 inches, and he stopped and just let the guys look at it. They were staring, and playing with themselves.

He grabbed his engorged cock with both hands then. It was an unbelievable feeling. What just a few weeks ago had needed just a couple of fingers to handle, could now take both his hands. He had both fists wrapped around the shaft, and the head and a few more inches still showed. He pumped up and down, feeling the water from the shower spraying on his back. He loved the way he could feel his pecs pumping along with his arms. He especially liked the way the guys were staring at him.

He let the feeling take over. He was in charge now. The guys in school would never pick on him again. The whole situation was too much to take. With a loud moan, he began to shoot his load. To his surprise, and to the shock of the other guys in the shower, the cum blasted from his dick in a thick stream. One gob flew across the room and landed with a splat on another guys leg. The next spurt flew even further, hitting the wall right between two guys showering against the opposite wall. More jism kept shooting from his dick. It seemed like quarts. At last, it began to subside.

The rest of the guys just stared at him.

He grabbed his towel off the hook, and slowly made his way between the bodies of the other students. He allowed the tip of the towel to get wet. And as he passed among the the other guys, he turned and snapped his towel at one who had teased him in the past.

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