Frankenstein's Scanman

By myoder

Jeff was really into muscle guys. The bigger the better. But since there were so few really huge men around he spent a lot of his time dreaming them up with his scanner. He's take the body of a huge bodybuilder, put the head of some other hot stud on it, rework the biceps making them bulge beyond human possibility, exploding the pecs, adding a hairy chest and finally a massive cock to top off the fantasy.

One particular night, it was very stormy out, and Jeff had just finished completing one of his muscle monsters - the head of a hot 30ish stud with short cropped hair and a thick mustache, sunglasses and a rough look. The body of a massive man, made larger with the scanner - arms that bulged huge and traps that rose high over his shoulders, thick cut abs over big hips, incredible quads and huge diamond shaped calves. He gave the stud a hairy chest, and added Rick Donovan's dick only he made it thicker and longer. His cock hardened at the sight of this megamuscle man. He pressed the print command and waited for the hard opy to emerge. It was just at that moment thata bolt of lightening struck the power lines outside and the lights went out. "Shit!" he cried as he hurriedly unplugged the computer and ran for some candles. He'd had a power surge before and didn't want to spend that much time and money fixing it again.

While Jeff was in the kitchen, searching through drawers for candles and matches, something strange was happening in the computer room. A green glow emerged from the screen and the computer turned on. The printer turned on as well, and the same green light was emitting from it. The machine shook and trembled.

Jeff heard the strange sound and came to the door of the room. He watched as the computer glowed and the printer suddenly shot out a flash of bright light. Jeff was temporarily blinded by the flash and rubbed his eyes to get his focus back.

As his eyes adjusted to the dim light of the candle, he heard breathing in the darkness of the computer room.

"Who's there?" he called. The breathing continued heavily. He entered the room and there, as impossible as it was, was the manifestation of his scan! The man was immense. He was easily 6'7" and must've weighed 600lbs He was naked and huge, muscles bulging and twitching. He had the short cropped dark hair, and thick mustache and the same mirror shades in the scan. His neck was thick and teveins ran along bul-like muscles, his traps like mountains beside his neck. His shoulders were like beachballs, huge and ripped with muscle. His biceps were easily 28 inches - unflexed! His forearms were liek thick hams, covered in dark hair that trailed over his big strong hands. His chest was massive and hairy, striations clearly visible under the fur. His abs were like solid bricks of muscle, ripped and rock hard. His cock was flaccid but hung a good 9 inches down over his big hariy balls, pushed out obscenely by his massive hairy quads and his calves were perfect diamonds of muscle.

"Hello," the muscle giant said in a deep sexy voice. "Are you my creator?" Jeff's mouth was wide open as he stared at the brutal power of the muscle man before him. He knew he'd made the scan, but how this man appeared out of it he wasn't sure.

"I - I guess," he stuttered. "What's your name?"

"I don't know, creator. I don't have one. What will you call me?" Jeff thought a moment. "How about Adam?"

"Adam," the muscle freak repeated. "It's very strange, creator - I don't know how I came to exists, butI know why I came to exist. I am here to please you, am I not?"

"Ummm - I guess." Jeff was as confused by this as his creation, but was incredibly turned on by the thought that this incredible superhuman was there for his enjoyment.

Adam moved toward Jeff and lifted him up in one hand. The power in the man was amazing, helifted Jeff's 180 lbs frame like a doll, resting him on one hand. Then Adam kissed Jeff, their tongues swirling in each other's mouths. Jeff's hands wandered over the massive hairy pecs and over the huge biceps. Adam, sensing Jeff's interest lifted his arm in a biceps pose, the muscle rising and bunching, veins popping over the thick, rock hard arm. Adam's cock responded to Jeff's touch and grew and lengthened, getting harder and huger with every caress.

"You like my muscles, creator?"

"My name's Jeff. And yeah - I like them a lot?"

"You want me to flex these big muscles, Jeff? You want to see how huge and powerful I am?"

Adam immediately launched into a display of brutal size. Never had anyone existed who was so massive, so thick in every respect and he was here for Jeff's pleasure. Adam raised his arms in a double biceps pose, huge 32" guns exploding, hairy forearms thick and veined. His cock throbbed and bounced as he hit pose after pose - side chest pose, hairy pecs rolling, back lat spread, his massive thickness displayed to perfection. Abs pose the twisted steel muscles bunched and rock hard.

"Take off your clothes, Jeff. I need to see your body." Jeff undressed provocatively, to make the moments last and give Adam some insentive. "You like my body, Adam?" Jeff teased. If you want it you have to flex for me. You have to show me how huge you are."

Adam was sweating in anticipation of touching Jeff's body, making love to Jeff's ass, sucking Jeff's dick. Adam's own cock was throbbing at its full 15 inches, rock hard and ticking straight out from his massive frame. He hit a most muscular pose and Jef was in awe.

"Touch me, Jeff," Adam pleaded. "Touch these huge muscles! Feel how big I am. Feel what a real muscle freak you've created! Feel a real stud!" Jeff's hands roamed over the massive muscleman his cock rock hard and rubbing over Adam's thighs and hard ass. Jeff licked the hairy mounds of Adam's pecs wjile he flexed them, and tongued the incredible biceps. He licked the hair on Adam's thick forearms, and massaged the superhuman shoulders. Adam picked up and Jeff and their mouths met again in a deep kiss. He carried Jeff into the bedroom and laid him on the bed. Then Adam began licking Jeff's body - his neck his nipples his abs and finally sucked in Jeff's rigid 7 inch dick. In one mouthful the giant muscle stud took Jeff's cock to the hilt, his mustache tickling Jeff's crotch. As Jeff was being deep-throated by Adam, he felt the huge arms and shoulders of the giant. Then Adam lifted Jeff's legs and drove his hot tongue into Jeff's eager asshole. He rimmed Jeff like an expert, knwoing exactly how to flick his tongue around the hole edge, teasing and fucking the tight ass. Jeff was in ecstacy.

Then Adam grabbed some lube and ran it over his massive 15" dong. He lubed Jeff's ass with his fingers and half lifted Jeff off the bed with his incredible power. Jeff graoned in pleasure as the Adam prepared him for the huge member.

Then slowly Adam inserted his cock in Jeff's ass. It was like Adam knew exactly what to do with sucha huge dick. There was no pain, only intense pleasure as Adam slowly entered his ass.

Then Adam fucked Jeff long and slow, fisting Jeff's cock, leaning foreward and kissing Jeff, sucking Jeff's erect nipples, making love completely to Jeff's tingling body.

Soon, Jeff could feel the cum rising in his dick. As if he knew instinctively what to do, Adam raised his huge biceps in a brutal double-biceps pose and thrust his huge cock deep into Jeff's ass.

"Yeah!" Jeff screamed as the hot white jism flew over his head hitting the headboard, then Jeff felt the warm flood of Adam's cum as it reached the very centre of his guts. They laid still, Jeff feeling Adam's throbbing dick still hard inside him. Adam curled into Jeff and the two fell asleep. •

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