Zuberi the Orphan


By johnd7102000

Zuberi trained with even more intensity. In four more weeks he had put on another 25 pounds of muscle. Plus he had added another half inch to his height. He stood 5' 11" and weighed 150 pounds. He could bench 240 and military press 170. My records were 175 and 110 on these exercises, so he was already way stronger than me. He could now curl 90 pounds, which was way more than I could curl. And he could squat with 300 pounds. Zuberi was now living up the his name. Remember, Zuberi in Swahili means "strong." Zuberi was strong.

His arms now measured 14-1/2 inches, a half inch bigger than mine. But because Zuberi was all muscle and naturally athletic, his biceps were way stronger than mine. In a little over a month, his arms had increased from 6-1/2 inches to 14-1/2 inches, a growth of 8 inches. They had more than doubled in size. His chest measured 44 inches, a growth of 15 inches and his waist was still only 27 inches, 27 inches of corrugated muscle. His thighs were now 23 inches, a growth of 13 inches. They had almost doubled in size. And his neck and calves were 15 inches, a growth of 8 inches. He had gained 70 pounds of solid muscle. He was now a young muscle stud. I had to borrow some extra weights from my friends because Zuberi needed more weight every day. His body was just amazing. It just continued to grow and grow. Our training sessions were now an hour and a half of weight lifting, an hour of boxing and martial arts, an hour of eating and a half hour of sex. At the end of each of our sessions before his final meal, Zuberi would rip off his shorts and stand in front of the mirror, just like he did during his first orgasm several weeks before. He would touch his cock and it would immediately get hard. It was now nine inches long and very thick. He would stroke his cock. I touched his muscles as he flexed them for me and I told him how big and hard they were. Then I would suck his cock. Every day, Zuberi wanted me to suck his cock. He loved it and I loved it.

I remember the day Zuberi got stronger than me. Zuberi had gotten so strong so fast that I was now working out with him. We were working on our chests. We had warmed up with a couple of sets at 135. My maximum bench press was 175 and I got under the bar with the bar weighing 175. Zuberi spotted me and I managed to crank out just two reps, with him helping me a lot in the second rep. For some reason, I had never been able to bench more than 175. Then Zuberi said “Let me try it.” I knew he was getting strong, but having him bench the same as me was mind boggling. A few weeks earlier he could barely bench 20 pounds. The last time we worked out our chests, a few days earlier, Zuberi had managed to bench 160. I figured there was no way he was going to be able to do 175. He got under the bar and lowered it to his chest. Then he cranked out an easy 10 reps. My mouth dropped open. He jumped up off the bench and said, “That weight feels light.” He moved his arms back and forth, flexing his pecs. Even though his skin was black, I could see the red blood flowing through the muscle. It was pumped and it was bulging. Striations of muscle fiber were visible under his thin skin and the muscle was covered with veins throbbing with blood. He reached up and felt his pecs. “Wow, my pecs really feel big. And they’re real hard too. Feel ‘em, John.” I put my hand on Zuberi’s right pec and he flexed it for me. God it was huge. It was huge and it was rock hard. It was hot from pumping that heavy iron and his thin skin was covered with sweat. “God Zuberi,” I said. “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown.” He smiled and flexed his pecs in the mirror. His triceps and delts were bulging too as he inspected his perfect looking body. “Put on another 10 pounds,” he said confidently. He got under the 185 pound bar and lowered it to his chest. Then he pushed it up as his pecs and arms bulged with power. “Yeah,” he yelled as he locked his elbows. Then he lowered the bar and cranked out another five reps, with me helping just a little in the last rep. “Fuck yeah,” he yelled as he jumped off the bench. He bumped his big pecs into mine, pushing me backwards, and said, “I’m stronger than you. I’m only 14 and I’m already stronger than you.” He smiled and flexed his arms in the mirror. “And I know I’m stronger than Kwame! Yeah!” I gulped as I looked at Zuberi’s vibrant body. “You’re packing on muscle so fast I can’t believe it,” I said. Zuberi laughed and did another two sets with 185 as I watched his remarkable muscles flex.

He was now way better than me in boxing and martial arts. I invited two friends over and the three of us fought Zuberi at the same time. Zuberi knocked me down in two hard blows to the gut and chest. He knocked down another guy with a strong kick to the chest and he knocked down the third guy with a brutal karate chop to his neck. Zuberi the orphan was in total control of all three of us. After the other two guys left my unit, Zuberi said, "Now I'm ready to fight Kwame. I'm big, I'm strong and I'm a great fighter. I wanna fight him tomorrow!" I looked at Zuberi and nodded my head. "Yes, you are ready, Zuberi. I am so happy for you." I thought back at how the stick boy Zuberi had gotten beat up so many times by those big muscular bullies. I looked at his strong, muscular body. Now he was ready to pay the bully boys back. He dropped his shorts and we had very hot sex. He seemed very excited about what he was going to do tomorrow and his cock showed it.

The next morning Zuberi drank his protein shake before breakfast. I had added some extra honey to give him extra energy. He watched as Kwame got his food and then started picking up extra food from the skinny kids. He had picked up food from four skinny boys and then walked over to another of the skinny boys and said “Gimme my food.” As usual, the boy took half of his food and dumped it into Kwame’s bowl. Kwame now had a huge pile of food. Kwame turned to go over to another skinny boy when Zuberi blocked his way. “Give him your food. Give it all to him,” said Zuberi as he pointed to the last skinny boy who was standing there with just a half cup of food. Kwame said “Fuck no. This is my food. They gave it to me.” Zuberi looked at Kwame in the eyes and said, “Yeah, they gave it to you ‘cause you beat ‘em up if they don’t.” Kwame flexed his arm and said. “Yeah, gotta feed these big muscles. These muscles need to eat. Go fuck off.” Kwame dug his fingers into his huge bowl of food and started eating. At that, Zuberi smashed his right fist into Kwame’s gut. “Game’s over, you motherfucker,” he said.

Kwame buckled over in pain and dropped his food. He looked at Zuberi with a look of fear in his eyes. He had been beating up kids for so long he forgot how if felt to be afraid. Zuberi smashed another blow into Kwame’s body, this time into his chest. Kwame was stunned. He had never been hit this hard in his life. He staggered backwards. Zuberi just stood there looking into Kwame’s eyes with a sneer on his face. Kwame tried to punch back, but his fist just bounced off Zuberi’s hard, muscular chest like a feather. Now he panicked, and he called out to his bully friends for help. Suddenly three other muscle bullies started attacking Zuberi. The tall muscular kid swung around and smashed his foot into the ribs of one of them. I could hear a cracking sound as Zuberi broke three bones in one vicious kick. Then he landed a left uppercut on another bully’s face, breaking his jaw and knocking him out. He smashed his hand into the third bully’s neck and the thug went crashing to the ground, out cold. He took out the three bullies in about 10 seconds. Then Kwame’s 13 year old and 10 year old brothers - the ones that used to beat Zuberi up with ease - came up and started attacking. These boys had never known defeat. They always won every fight because they were always fighting the skinny weak boys whose food they were taking. Zuberi smashed his fist into the 13 year old’s gut and then quickly threw a hard punch into his face, breaking his nose and his cheekbones. Then he hit him so hard in the chest the kid flew backwards about six feet, landing on the ground buckled over in pain. The 10 year old stood there stunned. Zuberi grabbed him by his upper arm and his leg and lifted him overhead. The kid started wailing in fear. Zuberi squeezed his fingers, squishing the kid’s flesh in his arm and his leg. The kid was now crying in pain. Zuberi threw him up in the air and he came crashing down on his back. The blow to his head knocked him out. All the kids couldn’t believe what was happening to the muscle kid bullies. And none of the other muscle kids tried to attack Zuberi after that. He now could concentrate on Kwame, who was horrified at what he was seeing.

Zuberi turned and stood in front of Kwame. He was four inches taller and 25 pounds heavier than the bully. He stood very straight and tall and his body was incredible. His shoulders were very broad, with caps of muscle bulging and twitching. His neck was strong and columnar with trap muscles bulging up on the top of his back. His lats flared down from his wide shoulders to his narrow hips. His pecs were thick and striated with muscle. His eight pack abs were corrugated like a washboard and his had incredible flexor muscles that flared down from his hips to his crotch. His butt was round and firm with solid muscle. His legs were big and shredded with slabs of muscle. His calves had two big bulges of muscle that looked as hard as rock. Zuberi hit a most muscular pose and the kids gasped. Kwame’s jaw dropped open. Zuberi relaxed and said, “How’s it feel to be the little kid? How’s it feel to be the skinny kid looking at a kid that’s so much bigger and stronger you’re terrified. How’s if feel to hear that bigger kid tell you he’s gonna fuck you up so bad you’d wish you were dead. Yeah, how’s it feel, asshole?” Kwame just stood there kind of trembling looking at Zuberi’s body. “Now you know how all the skinny kids felt. And now you’re gonna feel what they felt.”

Zuberi smashed his fist into Kwame’s gut. He has smashed his fists so many times into the punching bag. It felt so good to be hitting human flesh. Disgusting human flesh. Kwame buckled over in abject pain. “Hit my gut,” yelled Zuberi. “Hit my gut with your stinking fist.” He stood in front of Kwami and flexed his abs. Even though his waist was still only 27 inches around, it was all muscle. His abs tensed into corrugated steel. Kwame thought he had an opportunity so he pulled back his fist and smashed it into Zuberi’s abs as hard as he could. Smaaaack! His fist hit a wall that felt like concrete. He pulled it back in pain. His hand and wrist hurt real badly. “You’re so fucking weak,” yelled Zuberi. “You’re a fucking little stick boy. You know what I do to stick boys? I smash ‘em!” At that, Zuberi started pummeling Kwame with punch after punch after punch. His fists drove deep into Kwame’s body. It felt so good to Zuberi to be driving his fists into the dirty stinking body of the king of the bully boys. All the skinny kids were yelling, urging Zuberi to inflict even more pain on their greatest tormentor. The muscle kids who weren’t knocked out were looking on in horror. Kwame tried to fight back but he was completely ineffective. He was helpless as Zuberi’s new muscles smashed him.

Then Zuberi wrapped his right arm around Kwame’s neck. “Remember when you tried to crush my neck with your puny little muscle?” said Zuberi. “Well my muscle’s twice as big and hard as yours. My muscle’s gonna love smashing your stinking neck.” He moved his arm so that his 14-1/2 inch bicep was facing Kwame’s windpipe. Then he flexed. Instantly the muscle bulged into a huge peak of rock hard fibers that smashed into Kwame’s windpipe. There was a loud cracking sound as the muscle smashed through Kwame’s cartilage and forced itself back to his spine. “God your neck is weak,” said Zuberi. “Your neck is nothing to my big muscle. Your whole body is nothing to my big muscles.” Zuberi flexed and unflexed his bicep several times. He loved the sound of his muscle crushing the windpipe of his wicked enemy. He loved the feeling of his muscle smashing all the way back to Kwame’s spine. He could feel the bone on the top of his peaked bicep. “Feels good to be getting a pump smashing your fucking neck, asshole,” he said. His bicep was getting bigger and bigger as he flexed. Then he flexed and held the tension for a long time. Kwame couldn’t breathe. He started to gag. Spit started drooling out of his mouth. He looked at Zuberi in despair. He knew Zuberi could easily kill him. Just before he passed out, Zuberi released his grip and slapped his face hard a couple of times to wake him up. Then the newly muscular kid pulled back his right arm and smashed his fist into the bully’s face, breaking his nose and his cheekbone. Kwame fell to the ground.

Zuberi picked him up and Kwame stood there trembling in fear. Zuberi grabbed Kwame’s right hand and held it up in the air. Zuberi yelled out to the crowd of kids,“This is the hand that’s been taking food from all the little skinny kids in this camp. This hand’s taken food from six or eight kids every day and forced them to remain weak and skinny.” He lowered the hand and held it out from Kwame’s body with his left hand. Then he opened his right hand into a solid plane and raised it into the air. The muscles in his arm, shoulder and pec were flexing and bulging as he lifted his arm. Then he smashed his hand down into Kwame’s forearm, breaking both of his forearm bones in one powerful blow. Kwame yelled out in pain as his hand and lower forearm were now disconnected from the rest of his arm. They fell down below his upper arm. He grabbed his hand with his other arm to hold it in place.

Zuberi looked at the kids, who were stunned by what they had just seen. “Today and tomorrow the muscle bullies will eat no food. All their food will be given to the weak boys. After tomorrow, the muscle bullies will give half of their food to the weak boys. The muscle bullies were never again eat more than half of their food. If any muscle bully eats more than I just said, his arm will get broken just like Kwame’s.” He threw Kwame on the ground and walked over to a muscle bully and grabbed his right hand. He raised his right arm and held his hand open, ready to break the kid’s forearm. “You understand that?” The kid looked at Zuberi’s muscular arm and said “Yes.” Zuberi squeezed his hand, crushing the kid’s fingers. “Yes what?” The kid looked puzzled for a second and then said “Yes, sir!” Zuberi let go.

Some people might think that Zuberi was too brutal in the way he dealt with the muscle kid bullies. But in his culture, it is important for the new chief -- Zuberi -- to show his authority very strongly, to make it clear that anyone who defies him will be crushed. And Zuberi had definitely shown his authority.

Zuberi walked back to Kwame, who was writhing in pain on the ground. He pulled down his shorts and kicked them away. He was standing there naked. There were gasps from the kids as they looked at Zuberi’s muscular body and his big cock. He put his foot on Kwame’s chest and looked down at the beaten bully. “After you beat me up and fucked me I said to myself I was going to get big and strong and pay you back by beating you up and fucking you. I’ve gotten big and strong and I’ve beaten you up. But I’m not going to fuck you. Fucking should be an act of love, not an act of domination. Instead, I’m gonna piss on you. That’s what you deserve. You deserve to be covered with my piss.” He swung his cock back and forth for all the kids to see. It was semi hard, because Zuberi got really aroused as he was thrashing Kwame’s body. His cock very large -- 9 inches -- and very thick. The kids stared at his body and his cock like he was a God. Zuberi truly was a stud. He aimed his cock at Kwame and pissed all over him, with all the kids, except the former muscular bullies, yelling their approval. When he finished, he kicked some dirt on Kwame’s body and walked over to the kids. They all came rushing up to him screaming and yelling. It was like he was the emancipator. The liberator. They were now free from the domination of the muscle bullies. And the bullies were now going to eat the same small portions of food they had been eating. Their muscular bodies were going to shrivel. They were going to get small and weak. They would never again be able to bully the rest of the kids. The kids felt Zuberi’s new muscles as he proudly flexed for them. All the girls were pushing to touch him and his cock. “Fuck me Zuberi, fuck me! You are such a stud! I wanna feel your big cock in my cunt. I wanna feel your big muscles. You’re way better than Kwame. You’re a total stud.” Every girl there wanted to be fucked by Zuberi. They all wanted his kids. Big, tall, muscular strong kids. He was the new king of the kids. And he was a good king.

Zuberi made sure the bully muscle kids followed his orders. The next day, when the bully kids were ordered not to eat anything, some kids saw the 13 year old eating some food. He was immediately turned in to Zuberi who came over to him and grabbed his hand. “Wait!” yelled the kid. “I’m hungry! I gotta eat.” Zuberi looked at him and sneered, “You made all these other kids hungry for years. You ate six or eight times as much food as they did. I said no food and I meant it.” Then he slashed down with his open hand and broke the kid’s forearm in two. No other bully kid ever thought of breaking Zuberi’s orders.

As the days went by, the bully kids got thinner and thinner. They were now eating the same half portions of food that they had forced on the skinny kids when they were in control. This was down from the three or four portions of food they had been eating before. So they were eating a small fraction of their previous portions. Their bodies were shrinking. And the skinny kids were eating their full portion plus an extra half. So the skinny kids were getting bigger. It was almost like the bully kids were giving their muscles to the skinny kids. A big muscle exchange was going on. Zuberi showed the skinny kids how to do pushups, pullups, situps and other exercises so they could build their muscles bigger. Zuberi cranked out 100 pushups easily. The kids marveled at his buff muscles as he pushed himself up and down so easily. Then he had a skinny kid sit on his back and he did another 50 pushups, pushing up the weight of two bodies. The kids gasped at his incredible strength. He did 50 pullups easily and then had a kid grab his waist and hang on. The kid couldn’t believe how hard Zuberi’s abs were as he hung on to Zuberi’s ripped muscular body. Zuberi lifted his own body and the kid’s body 25 times. His lats flared out like wings on his back and his biceps coiled into balls of rock hard muscle as he pulled up their bodies. The kids all had their mouths open as they saw Zuberi’s incredible strength. Zuberi jumped down from the bar and stood before the kids. His shoulders were so wide and his hips were so narrow. His shoulders were way more than twice as wide as his hips. He was an incredible human specimen. He flexed his lats, pecs and abs. His thick slabs of lat muscle formed huge wings of solid, vein covered muscle that tapered from his broad shoulders to his narrow hips. His 8 pack abs and strong flexor muscles covered his tiny 27 inch waist. His shoulders were packed with muscle that was three inches thick, striated with fibers and covered with veins. His pecs bulged out from his chest, forming a deep crevice between the two huge giant muscles. And his legs were like big oak trees, bulging with slabs of muscle on top of huge diamond shaped calves. His face was gorgeous, with bright white teeth, a very strong jaw and chin and big cheekbones. Zuberi’s body was absolutely perfect.

At first, none of the skinny kids could do any pullups and only a few could do even a pushup. But they helped each other and pretty soon they were doing pushups and pullups on their own. They were getting muscles. After about two months, the skinny kids were way more muscular than the bully kids and could beat up the bullies any time they wanted. And some of them did. They had to pay back those bullies for their years of torment.

Zuberi continued to grow. In the next two months he gained another two inches in height and 40 pounds of muscle. He was six feet one inch tall and 190 pounds of chiseled, rock hard muscle. I had never seen a 14 year old with a body like Zuberi’s. Zuberi’s huge body needed a lot more food than he could ever get at the camp without the extra food I gave him. I knew I would have to leave for the United States and I wanted Zuberi to have a great life. I talked to Zuberi about adoption and I sent his story and a few pictures of him to some families in my town in the United States, hoping one of them would adopt him. A childless couple adopted Zuberi and brought him to my town in the United States. They told me they were so lucky to have such a wonderful young man as their son, although their food bill had now tripled.

So here I am back in the United States. Zuberi is still 14 years old - just a few months shy of 15 - and in 9th grade at our local high school. He’s now 6’ 2” tall and weighs 230 pounds. He’s almost three times heavier than he was when I first met him about six months ago, when he weighed only 80 pounds. Even though he’s only in 9th grade, he’s the star running back on our school’s football team. He also plans to play basketball - he’ll be a dynamite forward with all his strength and power and his incredible jumping ability. Then he’ll run sprints and throw the shotput in the springtime. He’s the fastest kid in the school. He’s also the strongest. He can bench press 475 pounds and squat with 600. He can curl 250 and military press 300. He’s way stronger than even the biggest seniors on the football team. And his body is still totally cut and shredded. I don’t think Zuberi has ever had a gram of fat on his body.

Zuberi has girls and guys touching his muscles all the time and wanting him to flex for them. He happily flexes and they ooh and ahh over his incredible body. He himself can’t believe how big and strong he’s gotten. After a hard workout in the school gym, he comes over to my apartment, rips off his clothes and stands before the mirror. I’m always there and I immediately start feeling his muscles and telling him what a total muscle stud he is. He touches his cock and it immediately gets hard as I fondle his huge body. Then I get on my knees and lick his huge balls. He gets totally aroused, just like he did the first time he had sex at my unit back at camp. I start licking his now 10 inch cock and he starts yelling with erotic pleasure. Then I put that huge thick cock in my mouth and suck it and lick it while Zuberi watches his incredible body in the mirror as he fucks my mouth and throat with hard thrusts of his hips as his muscles flex under his paper thin skin. Then he roars like a lion and his huge cock explodes with spurt after spurt of muscle stud sperm gushing down my throat. He’s now fucked a few girls and boys - they all want to be fucked by his huge cock and feel his big muscles and look at his handsome face. But his favorite orgasm is just like the first orgasm he ever had. With me.


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