Zuberi the Orphan


By johnd7102000

I then served Zuberi his big lunch and his eyes got big as he looked at all the food. During lunch I said “Zuberi, what you did this morning was very courageous, but look what happened to you. From now on, I think you shouldn’t do anything that will agitate the muscle boys. Just let them take half the food of the skinny kids, including your food. Don’t get involved in any fights. Meanwhile, you’re gonna be eating way more food than those muscle bullies and you’re gonna be workin’ out with weights. You’re gonna be adding pounds of muscle every day” Zuberi smiled and flexed his arm. Yeah, there was still muscle there. I pointed to a punching bag I had set up in my unit. “Also, I’m gonna teach you how to fight. I was a pretty good boxer and martial arts fighter when I was in high school and college. I’m gonna teach you everything I know.” Zuberi’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, I’m gonna be a fighter! A big muscular fighter! I can hardly wait!” He wolfed down the rest of his food.

He hit the weights with more intensity than I had ever seen. The fight with Kwame had put a tremendous drive into him. He lifted more weight than he had done yesterday. He had another big meal and we then started the boxing and martial arts lessons. Zuberi was naturally athletic and he learned the lessons very fast. Then he had another big meal before we went back to the camp. We spent a hour and a half weightlifting, an hour in his boxing and martial arts training and an hour eating. At the end of the session I said “You’re becoming a lifting, fighting and eating machine.” Zuberi laughed and flexed his muscles at me. He seemed to be fully recovered from his fight that morning.

Zuberi continued this program every day. His body grew very rapidly. From 93 pounds he went to 96, 99, 102, 105, 107, 109, 112, 115, 118 and 120 in just the next 10 days. In two weeks he had gone from 80 pounds to 120 pounds. He had gained 40 pounds. He weighed 50% more than he had when he first came to my unit. And not only that, he had gained a half inch in height. His bones were growing just as fast as his muscles. He now stood at 5’ 10-1/2”, so he was taller than I was. His shoulders looked wider. And now they were capped with muscle. He still had absolutely no fat on his body. All his added weight was muscle. I started him on a split routine, where he worked out his upper body one day and his lower body the next day. And we always rested on Sunday. He took this day off and his body still grew. In two weeks he went from not being able to press a 2-1/2 pound dumbbell overhead to pressing 25 pound dumbbells with ease. He couldn’t lift that 25 pound dumbbell off the floor on his first day. After two weeks he was pressing them up and down over his head. He was benching 130 pounds, more than he weighed, and curling 45 pounds. He was squatting with 150 pounds and doing sets of 50 reps in his sit ups.

It was amazing to see his body grow. He was painfully skinny at 5’ 10” and 80 pounds. At 120 pounds, he was still skinny but he was like another boy. No longer could I wrap my thumb and forefinger around his little 6-1/2 inch upper arm. It had grown to 10 inches. Ten inches of muscle. His chest had grown from 29 inches to 36 inches and his thighs had increased from 12 to 16 inches. His waist had only grown three inches, from 22 to 25, but that three inches was solid muscle. He was forming a solid eight-pack of muscle in his waist as the situps and leg lifts added muscle there every day.. It was almost like watching time-lapse photography watching his body explode with muscle. Every day his chest looked larger, his arms looked bigger and his legs looked thicker. His shoulders were very wide and his hips were narrow. Now, besides the muscle capping his shoulders he had lats flaring out like wings on his back. They tapered down from his wide shoulders to his narrow hips. He looked like a real athlete. His pecs were getting bigger too, now striated with muscle and bulging a little on his chest. His neck was thicker and he started developing some traps. He now had muscle on his back and shoulders, not just bone. His legs now had striated strands of muscle and calves with diamond shaped muscle. Every muscle was visible under his paper thin skin. Veins were showing everywhere. Zuberi came out of the shower and stood before the mirror. “Pretty soon you’re gonna be bigger than me,” I said as I looked at Zuberi’s nude body in the mirror. “Yeah,” he said confidently, as he smiled and flexed his biceps in the mirror. His biceps exploded in to round balls of muscle in his arms. The fibers were very visible and veins pulsated with blood. Ten inch arms aren't very big, but when those arms were only 6-1/2 inches two weeks ago they looked huge. And they were all muscle.

“And look at your cock. It’s not all shriveled up anymore. It’s grown just like your muscles. It’s getting huge” Zuberi reached down and touched his cock. It was now about four inches long and it wasn’t even hard. As he touched his cock, I could see that it was becoming hard. He rubbed it gently with his fingers and it got bigger and bigger and bigger. He was looking at his newly muscular body in the mirror and his cock was responding to what he saw. "Look at your body, Zuberi," I said. "Look how much muscle you have. Look at your shoulders. Look how wide they are. And look at the muscle you have on your shoulders. You can press 25 pounds now with each arm and two weeks ago you could only press 2-1/2 pounds. Your lats are flaring down from your wide shoulders to your narrow hips. God, you look good! And your pecs are bulging in your chest. They can bench as much weight as your weigh. Your legs are getting bigger and stronger every day. You've put three and a half inches of muscle in your arms. Now they're big and strong, curling 45 pounds. Hell, I can only curl 60 pounds. In a couple of weeks you're gonna be stronger than me. You're a stud, Zuberi. You're a total stud." Zuberi looked at his new body in the mirror. His cock was now rock hard and I couldn't believe how big it was. It was about 8-1/2 inches and very thick. His 40 pounds of new muscle hadn't just landed in his chest, arms and legs. A few of those pounds landed in his cock. It was now longer and thicker than Kwame's cock. Zuberi was truly a stud. And could tell he was very aroused. Then he turned to me and said, "I've never cum before. My cock was all shriveled up before and now it's been growing so fast. But I don't know how to cum. Please teach me how to cum. Kwame cums all the time and I don't know how."

I looked at Zuberi and said, "You deserve to cum much more than that horrible Kwame. You will have ultimate sexual pleasure." I stripped off my own pants and shirt so I was nude too. Zuberi and I were both nude, standing next to each other in front of the mirror. "I will help you cum," I said. I got down on my knees and looked up at his muscular youthful body. He was like a young God. I stared up at his rock hard eight pack. I felt those abs with my fingers and they felt like corrugated steel. His flexors were hard too, and they led from his narrow hips to his crotch that was now big and bulging with his thick cock. His pecs were firm and I could see striations of muscle. His shoulders were so, so wide and capped with muscle that looked like black clay striated with fibers and veins. His lats flared down from those wide shoulders to his narrow hips and his arms were now muscular and so cut you could see every fiber of muscle.. His neck was thicker and his face looked drop dead gorgeous as he looked down at me. He really was like a young God.

I started licking his balls, which were hanging down from his huge cock. "Oh my God," he said. "That feels so good." I licked some more. Then I put each ball in my mouth and licked it with my tongue. "Oh, oh, oh," yelled Zuberi. He was getting totally aroused. More aroused than he had ever been in his life. I ran my fingers over his thick, muscular legs and diamond calves and his firm round muscle butt as I licked. Zuberi was all muscle and it was in all the right places. I started licking his cock. I ran my tongue up and down his big black shaft and he started yelling. "Oh fuck. I feel so good. My cock feels like it wants to explode." I licked some more as he started thrusting his hips and moaning with pleasure. Finally I put his cock in my mouth and licked and sucked like I had never licked and sucked before. "Oh FUCK!" he yelled. He started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, deep inside my throat. "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" he yelled. "Let it go, Zuberi!" I gurgled. "Let it go! Cum in my mouth!" He started thrusting faster and then he let out a huge yell as he unloaded spurt after spurt after spurt of his cum down my throat. "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" he yelled as unbelievable sexual erotic spasms surged through his penis and his body. He was groaning with pleasure as his muscle stud sperm gushed out of his thick long cock. It was the most incredible experience I have ever seen another man have as he was having sex. He must have cum for two minutes, pulsating burst after burst of his teenage muscle stud cum down my throat. Finally he started to relax, but he left his cock in my throat. He was still groaning with pleasure. Finally he slowly took his cock out of my mouth and dropped down to his own knees. "That was incredible," he said. I leaned forward and placed a kiss on his cheek. "You are incredible," I said.

Zuberi was always hungry. He was now eating a whole chicken with every meal - three meals in four hours at my unit - plus tons of corn, eggs, milk and vegetables. He continued to eat lots of his regular grainy food too. Plus he had two huge protein shakes after breakfast and after dinner. And sometimes I could find some steak or pork and he would gobble it up so fast I could hardly believe it. He was now eating about 5,000 calories a day and all that food was turning into muscle. He had absolutely no fat on his body.

The reaction of the kids at the camp was very interesting. At first, the muscle kids pretended to ignore the obvious changes in Zuberi’s body. Zuberi kept giving them half of his food and life was going on as usual for them. Kwame was fucking two or three girls a day. Some girls loved his body but some girls detested him. He and his muscle bully friends had taken food from their brothers, who were skinny and weak. So these girls hated Kwame. But he didn't care if they hated him. He fucked whoever he wanted to. He just used his big strong body and his big cock to fuck and fuck and fuck. He didn't care how the girl felt. The girls were like rag dolls to him - grab 'em and fuck 'em. All he cared about was getting hot and horny and having total sexual satisfaction as he as he shot his muscle sperm into as many of them as he wanted. He was going to be a father many times over. His muscular genes were being passed on to future generations. He was still eating three or four cups of food with every meal, taking a half of their portions from four to six skinny kids every time. The other muscle kids were doing the same thing. Life was very good for them. Life was still miserable for the skinny kids.

As Zuberi passed 100 pounds, the muscle kids couldn’t help but notice what was happening to him. The 10 year old all of a sudden didn’t feel quite as much in control of Zuberi as he used to. So he stopped asking him for food. When Zuberi got to 110 pounds, the 13 year old stopped getting food from him too. Zuberi didn’t look so weak any more. There were a lot of weaker kids to get food from. In fact, he - and the other muscle kids - thought that Zuberi would soon start demanding extra food from the other weak kids. But he didn’t do it. He just kept eating his little half portions of food. And yet he continued to grow. Finally, when Zuberi got to 120 pounds, Kwame stopped demanding his food too. Zuberi was only 5 pounds lighter than Kwame. He was taller so he was skinnier, but Kwame was smart enough to realize this tall kid was going to continue to grow. So he stopped hassling him for food. So now Zuberi got to keep his whole cup of food every meal. And he ate every bite. The muscle kids went on with their lives of taking food from the weaker kids. They didn't hassle Zuberi any more and Zuberi didn't hassle them.

The weak kids were amazed at what was happening to Zuberi's body. Here he was getting bigger and stronger every day and he was still only eating a half a cup - and then a whole cup - of food with every meal. Little did they know he was also eating three chickens, a dozen eggs, tons of corn and vegetables, a gallon of milk and two big protein shakes every day. Zuberi continued to wear only his shorts. I had to buy him a bigger pair, since his waist had put on a few inches of muscle and his legs were getting bigger. But he never wore a shirt. So all the weak kids could see the new muscles developing in his chest and back. They could see the growing muscle in his shoulders and they could see his 8 pack of corrugated muscle forming in his waist. His arms weren't little sticks any more. Now they were packed with muscle that flexed and bulged with every move of his arms. His shoulders were wide and his hips were narrow and he had wings of lats that flared down to those narrow hips. His butt was now round and muscular, bulging out underneath his shorts. His legs were thicker and the shredded muscle flexed every time he took a step. The weak kids just couldn't believe how much muscle he was adding to his body every day. They would come up to him and feel his arms. He would flex and they would gasp at what they were feeling. They would rub their weak little fingers on his abs and then his pecs, feeling his washboard abs and his striated chest muscles. And the most surprising thing to the weak kids was that Zuberi never tried to hurt them. He didn't ask for more food. It was like he was still one of them, only he was now getting muscular and strong. He never talked to the muscular bullies. When he talked to the weak boys, he told them to be strong and not to give up hope. They nodded as they watched his body grow. Girls were coming up to him and touching his muscles and reaching down and touching his cock. They whispered in his ear that he was hot. They said he was a lot hotter than Kwame. They told him they wanted to get fucked by him. Zuberi smiled but said that would have to wait. He didn't want to do anything that would piss off the bully muscle kids. And fucking one of their "girlfriends" might piss them off.

Zuberi's boxing and martial arts training went very well. He was a quick learner and as he got stronger he was able to apply his new strength to become a great fighter. He smashed his fists into the punching bag harder than I could even though I was heavier than he was. I realized that Zuberi was naturally athletic. He soon was able to do some martial arts moves that I could never do properly. After Zuberi passed 125 pounds he said "I wanna fight Kwame. I wanna kick Kwame's ass into the ground. I wanna fight!" I put my hand on his muscular shoulder and said "I think you ought to wait until you're at least 150 pounds, maybe even 160. Remember, when you start to fight Kwame, some of the other muscle kids might start fighting you at the same time. You might have to fight five muscle kids at the same time. They will know if you beat Kwame you'll be able to beat every one of them. You wanna be super big and super strong. You wanna be able to fight five kids at the same time." I looked at his 125 pound body. Since he was so tall he was still skinny, even though every bit of flesh on his body was muscle. I said "Kwame weighs the same as you but he's shorter. He's more compact. You gotta put on more muscle because you're so tall. Just wait another few weeks. You're putting muscle on so fast it won't take long." Zuberi flexed his arms in the mirror and smiled. "Yeah," he said. "I can't believe how fast I'm putting on muscle. I'm gettng so strong! I wanna get bigger! I wanna get stronger! I wanna smash Kwame!" •

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