By More2048

I didn’t know how long I was sleeping. I awoke to a room full of dim multicolored lights coming from all directions. The air seemed Smokey, and smelled very similar to cedar. I stared in awe at the lights all around the room, it was surreal. Each color melded into each other creating a smooth wave around the room. Each light magnified as it came closer to the three of us. I finally realized that this wasn’t normal and reached to my side to wake up Doug.

“Doug, Doug wake up. Something is going on.” I shook his arm lightly to stir him.

“What’s going on? It sti…WHAT THE!?” Doug shouted then immediately stood up and stared around the room for a second, Brian got up, and his jaw dropped.

“What is going on…” I said confused, everything seemed dreamlike and heavy. It was hard to focus.

“What the fuck is all this shit! What the hell! When I see that lady I’m gonna kick the shit out of her!” Doug shouted in rage and began to kick and throw any nearby object available. A few pots on the floor spilled all this powder that made the scent of cedar stronger. The lights in the room shifted and sped up.

“Hahahahah! You have woken up ahead of schedule! No matter I can finish this much easier now!” The old women walked into the hall at the far end of the house, she appeared to be in a brown dress, her expression seemed devious.

“Now first we must take care of that temper tantrum of you friend over hear” With that it was impossible to move, me and Doug stood frozen in place, I looked around to notice that Brian was gone! I was about to shout out his name, when I was cut off by Doug.

“What is this shit?! What are you doing! Let us go right now you hag!” Brian was furious I could see the skin on the back of his neck turning beet red.

“That’s enough out of you!” She waved her hand and a red light appeared for a second, Doug spoke not another word, but appeared to be struggling.

“Now since your friend over here is so inquisitive, I might as well inform you of what I am doing. It’s not like your going to have the chance to anyway. Hahhahah!” The colors in the room began to shift in the other direction and the lights around Doug and me dimmed and intensified elsewhere.

“Simply put I need to live, and quite frankly I don’t have much to live off of. So you were a lucky find for me to arrive here. You have quite amazing athletic skills, I sure could you that being all alone in the woods out hear. I think I will start with that! Hahahahah!” The old women took out two v shaped bottles and began to add various material to them. I began to shake at the thought of what she was going to do to us. I decided to speak up.

“What are going to do to us?” I said timidly, Brian began to twitch.

“Just watch your friend over here and you will see, I need life force to live, and you being so young, its easy pickings. You have such amazing skills; I might as well take them as well. You will leave here alive don’t you worry, just not as you want to. Hahaha!” she laughed on with a high voice sounding satisfied. I watched on a Doug began to shrink down, his muscles reduced and his bones narrowed, he shook violently, as the red substance filled the vile.

“What are you doing to him stop!” I cried out, panic struck me as I saw Doug begin to wither away further, he was looking as week as a 50 year old man.

“Hush now, it’s your turn!” she shouted and with that, I began to convulse in place. I watched the vile began to fill with a blue liquid next to Doug's. I looked down and saw my feet come closer to me as I shrank down in stature. I felt sick to my stomach and a static noise formed in the air, it was hard to hear or focus.

“You... hav” I tried to speak but it was so labored.

“Don’t waste your breath boy. It’s… WAIT!” the old women waved her hand and every motion in the room halted.

“Where is the 3rd one! How could I have missed this! Stay right here dearies, ill finish you off when I return.” She ran out the back door and silence filled the room. Doug was panting and was sweating profusely. I tried to turn and speak to him, but the force holding us up kept me from doing so. The front door opened.

“Oh my god this is horrible! I’ve got to help you guys!” Brian walked in the room quietly; outside we could hear the old women running around behind the house tipping things over.

“I saw what she did from outside, maybe if I give you guys these viles back you will be ok.” He took the viles and poured the red one on Doug’s head. Almost instantly, he retuned back to his old appearance. And began to speak.

“WHA” Brian smacked his hand over his mouth.

“Quiet! Shell hear you, we need to get out of hear.” He said in a hushed voice, he quickly walked over and splashed the blue vile all over me. I filled back out and rose back to my original height. I felt dizzy but the force still held me up so I wouldn’t fall. The backdoor slammed. The women ran back in. Brian froze in place with the viles in his hands.

“I knew I herd something. So you want to save your friends and give there life back huh?! Well ill, help you along. Ill gives it back and more, and then they'll take care of you themselves!” Brian dove behind one of the cots and dogged a green ray that was aimed for him.

“Fine stay back there, won’t do any good in a few minutes! Ahahahaha!” she cackled. The color patterns in the room intensified and span wildly around the room and dust rose in the air. The old women then shot us with beams of light that streamed into us. I felt like I was charged with electricity, I watched as static shocks went off me into the ground and ceiling. The air ionized. I felt tense. Suddenly my mind went wild; strange violent images began to flood my mind. I felt enraged. Like I wanted to destroy anything. I felt charged further. Then I saw something fly overhead and the energy stopped. My mind cleared and the old woman was on the ground. Brian came out front with a pot in his hand. The old women sat up.

“How dare you! If that doesn’t complete it is going to g.” she was cut off by Brian.

“This is the end of you now let us go or I will pile this on you!” he shouted, it was startling to see him so angry like this.

“NOOO! Not that!” She flashed her hands and Doug and I were released. We both collapsed on the floor.

“NOW LET US GO!” Brian shouted and all the lights dimmed.

“Don’t kill me! I meant no harm! But you must let me finish what I started or it is going to spiral out of control!”

“Fine do it.” Brian said he lowered the pot.

“Foolish boy! Do you think I would let you go?!” the old women threw him on the wall and held him there; the pot fell on the ground. I could see the word ‘death’ written on it. I crawled over to it as a green light developed over brains head.

“Ill save those 2 but you are a different story, I am going to take EVERYTHING from you! Hahahaha! WHAT?!” the old women turned as I threw the death pot on her.

“MAHHHHHHH!!!” she shouted and a white light formed in her and she light up the whole room and flashed. I looked at the house and a sound wave passed over me. I blacked out. •

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