Experiment, The


By hairyman101

The darkness engulfed me as i was alone. it was quite except for my heart beating in my chest. my parents had died of old age...one after the other. the contents of the house and all the money had gone to me. i was 6'3 and overweight but i was going to the gym.. my genes were not helping me pack on muscles. i turned the lamp on beside the desk and my computer was now lit with the light . i turned it on. going to webmd.com i looked for depression and found a group. i wrote how i felt. looked in my email.....nothing. in my favorites i had nothing but porn sites. i took off my clothes. my balls hanging low and my uncut dick vieny and in need of someone. i went to google and was just playing around with words to see what came up. i tried man beast. just garbage came up.....then i put in muscles and there were alot of sites...mostly porn .....to go to. this one site showed men that had no fat and their muscles were huge. the biceps always got me hot....my dick reponding to the video i found on that site. i got hard as the man flexed and i could see the the bulge in his posing thong. i thought of all the muscle draining stories i had read....if i could just be him....i thought. a fantasy to become a reality. my arm touched a piece of paper on the desk....i looked at it...it was for a doctor appointment.....i almost forgot. time to have the doc ram his finger up ass to see if my prostate was still working. i went back to the muscle sites. all those men with unreal bodies from heaven. i wanted it so much!!! i jacked slowly until i came and then went to bed.

The sun came through the windows as i looked at the time. 10:30am....i had to get ready to go to the doctor. i dressed in baggy pants and ate and rushed to the car. the traffic was not that bad and i made it just in time. the nurse called my name and took me back to the scales. i got on them.....she started to smile....350 pounds. her smile turned into a laugh....and then she fell back into the chair pointing at me......"FAT....FATMAN!!!!!!!" i had never been more angry . i got off the scales and stood there like i was naked as she got up and told me to follow her. my face red from being laughed at by a bitch.... she took my blood pressure and still smiled. i was steaming but said nothing. she left. i looked around the room.....hoping this would not be long. a knock on the door and the doc came in. he was very hairy....i could tell by his ape arms. "so how are you today???" i shook his hand and nodded. "nothing new?? " he said. i wanted to tell him about his nurse....but i always keep things inside. "ok....slip down your pants" i got up and did just that. he felt my balls and pulled back the forskin. "ok now lean over the table" i knew the finger up my ass was next and the pressure on the prostate would make me have precum. he greased my ass and in went his finger and the precum came out. i sorta liked it......but he stopped. he took the sample and said he would be back in a few minutes. i slipped my pants back up after getting the grease off my butt and sat down. my cock was wanting to rise. i heard the nurse and doctor talking. something about a shot.

I waited a long time but the doc fianlly cam back. "there was some germs in the slide" i didnt feel sick.....my urine did not burn. "i need to give you this shot" i stood up and slipped my pants down again as the doctor pierced my skin with the shot....i felt a sudden rush of PAIN. i reached back and grabbed his hairy arm. thats when the "thing" happened. my being or soul was being pulled into his body.....like a panic attack. i felt dizzy and then blacked out. when i came to i was in the doctors' body. i dont know how....but i was there looking out his eyes and looking at my hairy arms. i felt great, strong, very alive. my fat body was lying back on the table. a stroke of luck?? maybe....but now what??? i got up and had to peek at my new chest.....very hairy and nice abs also.......i reached for my new cock.....hard and firm and much bigger than my old one. i opened the door to find the nurse standing....."is he ready to leave??" she looked at my firm erection poking out of the pants. "well.....the man......." i was lost for words....."he passed out from being scared of the shot" the nurse looked in at the mass of fat...."i am going to my office.....he will come around" i was walking toward a room from a memory in this brain. the room was nice with a huge desk and chair.

I sat there, thinking.....what to do?? i wanted to jack off but this was not the place. the nurse came rushing to my door.knocking "doctor??!!!......that man is....dead!!!" more knocking.....dead? but how did i get in this body and where did his soul go??? my cock was hard and i could feel the precum leaking....i unlocked the door. she came at me as if a mad woman...."doctor...what did you do????" i took her by the throat and pulled her into the room. i grabbed at her uniform and pulled the top down.....my cock was coming out of my pants.....i slid my hand over her pussy.....made a hole in the white stockings....and pushed my huge hard cock into her warm cunt. i looked down and it was a good 11 incher.....my body was shaking with pleasure as the nurse was moaning and shoving her cunt toward my cock. i reached back and was going to push the door close when a male nurse came in...his eyes big. "let her go!!!" he reached for me and as he touched me....he was not there anymore....he was with me.....my body adjusted to the man's strenght......my chest was growing and i felt more power in my cock as i tore into her.....i could fell the cum wanting out and pushed it all the way in......the huge cock spraying white cum into her pussy. i took it out. it was still hard. dripping with cum. she slowly got up....the white cum dripping from her cunt. she licked my cock clean. i took my large hands and placed them one on each side of her head. i waited as she finished sucking more on the vieny cock and then i twisted her head until it broke.

She lay there......but this was not me.....i would not kill.....what happened to the man??? i looked in the mirror beside the desk and saw the doctors hairy body now bigger than before with me in it. i heard a woman scream down the hall. •

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