New Master, The

By Looking4athrill

Marcus was not quite the average teenager.He excelled in maths , science and was the schools chess captain.He was however an average teenager with a slim build acne covered face and voice that had just broken a few weeks before. Marcus hated high school , the daily torments of bullies made most days just a misery.On a brighter side though , he had numerous friends that would always say hi to him and even a few that would step in when required when the bulling was going too far.He appreciated the help when times got tuff , but felt bad inside as it showed a weakness that he depended on others to help him not finnish the day without a violent shove into a corridor wall or a bruised face.

On the other side of the school yard was Chris , he was the same age as Marcus except he had model looks , an athletic body clear skin and an above average bulky build.Girls were not shy around him and would compete against others to date him , even though they all knew he was just a complete asshole of a guy.Chris was cruel , mean and when someone was down or in trouble he would do nothing to help them but everything to make there life more miserable.Guys on the other hand around the yard admitted to his face that they hated him , but most if not all had a deep jealously on his great looks and perfect build.Some who had even trained at local gym still did not have as wide shoulders and big biceps as Chris , but Chris never trained he was just blessed with good genetics that gave him his much sort after appreance.

The bell rang and all the kids scattered to grab there bags and head off too there next class.Marcus walked out of the library to head to his next session of music , while Chris walked proud and tall though the corridor towards him.Marcus knew of Chris and always avoided him , Chris had heard of Marcus but had never really been near him.On this fateful day the 2 came face to face for the 1st time.Marcus struggling with his heavy bag over his shoulder looked sideways as not to make eye contact ,while Chris saw him and picked his target and walked straight towards him.Bang Marcus was pushed hard into the wall and dropped his bag then tripped over the spilled contents."Watch where your going nerd! " yelled Chris as he laughed and walked off.Marcus got to his feet wiped some blood away from his lip and picked up his scattered books."Bloody asshole" he muttered to himself as he limped away.Others in the corridor could see what was going to happen , watched as it happened and continued on like nothing had happened.It was better not to cross Chris and let him go by without getting involved.

By the time Marcus had got to music he was late and was asked by the teacher where he had been."Washing some blood off my lip mam" he mattered as he took his seat.The class went as normal but Marcus was focused more on revenge then anything.He had been getting bullied year after year and it wasn't going to go away.He knew he couldn't fight Chris as the size difference was a no win situation on his half.But he knew to win he would have to make the score more even.For the past 6 months Marcus had been working on growth liquid for his science project.The liquid had been made for speeding up fruit and vegetable growth and had been very successful.He thought by changing a few of the generic make up codes he could make it safe for humans , and safe for him to try.His whole body shivered as a raw nerve of revenge swept over his body.Yes he thought to himself , do it , get larger and then challenge Chris to one on one fair fight.

A large smile beamed over his face , a smile that hasn't surface for quite some time."Is something funny Marcus" asked the music teacher? , "no miss , just thinking of something".Just a few seconds latter the final bell of the rang and it was free for all to take off home.Marcus headed but to the science room as his other teacher was just about to leave the room."May i just grab some of my material?" "sure" the teacher replied back."Just make sure you lock the door behind you" , "no worries" replied Marcus.Now straight to business he muttered to himself.He was planning on working on his plant formula to change it to a more safer liquid for human consumption.Many hours passed and he didn't seem to be making much headway.He tried different chemicals and was getting frustrated at either no results or poor results.

Looking at the clock he had been at it for 5 hours straight without a break."Damn" he thought to himself , this is not going to work.He flicked though some more text when something of interest caught his eye.He read it that quick with excitement he had to reread it again to make sure he was seeing it correctly."That's it! , That's it! " he said to himself , one of the lesser known chemicals had to be heated then cooled then added to the formula last.The heat changed its make up , changing the whole chemical process.Marcus mixed in the last required liquid and put a small amount into a dropped and headed over to the rat cage."Here you go buddy try some of this" , the rat sniffed the dropped and slightly chewed the end and at that moment Marcus squeezed in a couple of drops into its mouth.He watched in amazement as the rat slowly grew before his eyes.It got bigger and bigger till it was the size of a small cat."Wow" , it did work said Marcus , knowing deep down that it would as he was sure about this.

He wrote down how he made the formula and made another fresh batch and put it into a glass beaker.It been an hour since the rat test and he went back to the tank and saw that the rat had returned to its normal size.Well its not permanent he thought to himself but hey you cant win them all. The next day Marcus kept an eye out for Chris all day , he had written him a note asking him to a one off fight challenge.Finally by mid afternoon he saw him heading towards his direction."Hope your not going to get into my way again nerd" spoke Chris , Marcus began to shake a bit but kept his head held high and as he passed him gave him the note and kept walking.

"What the fuck is this?" said Chris , "oooh a love letter from the nerd" spoke a few passing guys ,"fuck you little shits" Chris yelled as he unscrewed the note to see what it actually said.MEET ME IN SCIENCE ROOM 12 AT 4pm signed your worse night mare."This nerd must have some sort of death wish" said Chris , i will knocked this little shit out with one blow he thought to himself.

At 4pm most of the kids had left the school and Chris walked into room 12 as instructed by the note."Glad you could make it" said Marcus as he closed the door behind him."Where the fuck did you come from and what the fuck did you want me here for?" , "well" Marcus spoke manly , "i and others around this school are sick to death of your bulling and im going to fight you once and for all!"."Your joking buddy aren't you?" , "you know with one punch i can have you on the ground while your teeth scatter all over the floor" , "yes That's true" replied Marcus , " but if it was a fair fight , i would probably beat your ass easily".Chris stood there , and scratched his head "how the fuck can this be a fair fight? , im about a foot taller then you and weigh about twice your body weight".

Marcus walked over to his desk and picked up his beaker , "you see in here i have what is required for a fair fight with you" , he then swirled the beaker showing off the pale red colour liquid inside."So you think by drinking that redbull drink or what ever it is , that you can beat me?" Marcus smiled "yes easy".Chris rolled his eyes , "well bring it on nerd what are you waiting for".Just then the door flew open , "what are you kids still doing in here?" said a cleaner , "um um we are just finishing off a project and we have permission to be here till 5pm.The cleaner looked puzzled , "oh ok then , but i will be back to lock this door ok" "hey no worries replied Marcus.The cleaner closed the door and Marcus walked over and locked it , as he turned around his heart skipped a few beats as he saw Chris standing there with the beaker in his hand.Marcus's blood ran cold , how could ive been so stuipd to leave that on the desk and turn my back on it , he stamped the floor and yelled "fucken shit".

Chris swirled the beaker admiring the red liquid ,"so what is this stuff anyhow?" , "well its nothing really" Marcus replied hoping the lie would help him bluff Chris to putting the beaker down."Nothing is it , you seem very nervous that it is now in my hands and not yours".Marcus mind was racing , not knowing what to do or say to get that beaker off Chris."look listen i did ask you here and i was hoping to get you to stop the bulling and stuff and the liquid was just a decoy to make you think i was serious".Chris continued to swirl the beaker , "hmm a decoy hey so what really is this stuff ?" he smelt it and it smelt good ,"well i guess its nothing and he placed the beaker down onto the desk , as he did Marcus let out a sigh and look more at ease."Just a second this stuff is something , your sweating on this stuff and you looked relieved that i put it down".Marcus grew nervous again "no its nothing really" , chris then stepped back grabbed the beaker and took a drank the liquid.

Wiping his mouth , "this taste good , now lets see what happens " .Just then Chris felt a tingle run though his body , he shirt started to get tight , his shoes began to hurt his feet."Wow what the fuck is happening?" , Marcus watched as all his hard work was for nothing as it ended up in the wrongs hand , or stomach to be more precise.Chris started to grow fast , his shirt ripped off his chest , his legs split his pants and he grew taller and stronger.He was 6ft to start with , he hit 7 then 8 as his body continued to expand and grow stronger and stronger.".He placed his hands on hips and let out a roar of laughter "Gee thanks nerd , i was already big and now im hugh!" , Marcus tried to get towards the door , but Chris slammed his arm over and pinned him to the ground."Your going nowhere nerd" , "you have given me the gift of giantness and im going to use my power to make you and all the other nerds in this school worship me and be my slaves.Marcus was sweating and thinking to himself , what have i done , oh fuck what have i done. All 9ft of Chris walked around the room , he was now naked as his shredded clothes had long since fallen to the floor."I feel so strong , so powerful , i feel unbeatable!"

Marcus looked at Chris , then at the rat in the tank , both had taken the formula and both were vermon in his books.The rat had shrunk back to normal size after an hour, only time will tell what happens to chris , he then walked over and bowed in front of his new master. •

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