New Model, The

By Josef Howard

"I wasn't entirely truthful with you the other day," Paolo admitted.

"About your intentions?" Dennis asked.

Paolo had insisted Dennis meet him for lunch last week. Dennis had just met him a few days before at a dinner party. They had really connected conversationally, but Dennis wasn't interested in him physically. And Dennis had been there with his lover. Ostensibly Paolo, who was a talent agent, had a new client he thought Dennis would like to photograph. Dennis made a living photographing handsome men so he was always looking for new hot bodies.

Lunch had quickly developed in the direction Dennis feared it would. It was obvious to Dennis that Paolo wanted him for a boy friend, even though Paolo had denied it.

"No," Paulo explained. "About Juan, about my friend the model. I asked you at lunch what turned you on about a man. I asked you for a reason. I need to ask you again," Paolo said.

"It's not simple," Dennis said. "Lots of things turn me on." This had been the gist of his answer the last time. He could see Paulo thought it was evasive, but it was not entirely untrue. Dennis didn't think about real people like objects. He thought of them as adventures. He enjoyed exploring and letting things develop unexpectedly.

It had been the most uncomfortable part of their lunch last week. Now he was in the same situation fielding the same question. He was so irritated at himself for letting Paolo put him in the same uncomfortable situation twice that he almost left Paulo's office.

"What about appearance?" Paulo asked.

"It's not just one thing," Dennis sighed.

"You're not being truthful with me. Be honest. All other things being equal, what about the way a man looks drives you wild."

"I like muscles."

"We all have muscles."

"I like men with big muscles, well defined." Dennis blushed just slightly as he admitted his fetish. Would this slightly built man of forty-something leave him alone now?

"I could tell that. You have shown me your photographs."

Then why did you force me to answer, Dennis wondered.

"What about yourself?" Paulo continued. "If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Do you want to be big yourself?"

"Yes." For a moment Dennis was silent, and then the silence between them emboldened him to be truly honest with Paolo. "More than anything else." Immediately Dennis worried he'd said too much. What was this guy's scene? Did he want them to play act sexual fantasies together?

"Again, that was my sense of you. I needed to know that before I told you this. That man I showed you pictures of -- Juan. He did not always look that way. He told me this when he read for me."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying this. He was changed. He met a man who offered him make him bigger and stronger. He took just a little bit of it, the smallest amount - because he was afraid."


"You've seen his picture."

Dennis thought Juan was incredible. He was not big like a professional bodybuilder, but he was big nonetheless, and indescribably lean. His abdomen had so many ridges Dennis had found himself losing count - six, eight, ten, no eight. The rest of him was very distracting. He had big thick arms with long, full muscle- bellies, and broad, powerful thighs.

"He told me he has more of this stuff," Paolo said. "I thought of you when he told me. I will call him for you if you like. But you should know. There are side effects. When he read for me, he did more than remove his shirt. And I can safely tell you he has the biggest . . . meat I have ever seen - bigger than anything I have ever seen in porn movies, and I have seen my share. I did not show you last week, but I have Polaroids."

He fished around in his inbox. From under a sheaf of papers he pulled one out.

"This is him."

It was a snapshot of just his groin. His dick didn't hang. It draped like a waterfall from his crotch and tumbled down over a foot between his deeply striated thighs. At the end of it was a head as big and blunt as a bombshell.

"It gets bigger when it's hard. Before you ask, I did not have him. But another side effect is that he is constantly horny. He gets hard every time he undresses."

He pulled out another Polaroid.


Dennis saw he was right. It was half again as thick and long as before. The blood was pounding in Dennis's temples. He was tingling from head to toe and sweating. This was too fantastic to be true. Was this a trick to get in his pants? Paolo was an agent. Manipulating people to an end was his business.

"Should call him?"

Dennis nodded.

Dennis would have been unable to concentrate on anything but meeting Juan in the days before their arranged encounter even if their meeting hadn't promised the realization of a lifelong fantasy. In the intervening days he couldn't keep his thoughts off Juan's photos - the bare-chested zed card and the Polaroids.

Paolo arranged the meeting at his house after work for drinks. Most potential models arrived at meetings with Dennis in tight-fitting clothes to show themselves off. Juan was dressed business casual, but no less alluring under the folds of his crisp dress shirt and creased cotton dress pants. If Dennis had not seen the Polaroids, he might have supposed that some of the distended material at Juan's groin was just billowing cloth.

Dennis thought Juan was the sweetest, most deferential young man he had ever met. He was entirely respectful of Dennis's professional skill and flattered that he was interested in photographing him. He was even more sexy in person. It was more than his gorgeously young masculine face, his muscular size and his clear light cocoa complexion. He had a presence that photographs could never do justice. Dennis was hard the minute he entered the room. He felt weak. He couldn't get his breath. When he spoke he felt stoned. He must have sounded like an idiot, but he didn't even have enough of his wits to care how other people reacted to him.

Paolo left the room to freshen their drinks.

"So. Paolo tells me you would like to use the rest of this . . . what I was given to grow like this," Juan said.

Dennis heard the sound of his words, but Juan was so sexually distracting he didn't concentrate on what he said until Juan's silence jarred him. "Yes. Very much."

"You are welcome to it. But I do not think you really know what it will be like. You would not want it, I think, if you knew."

"Paolo showed me pictures."

"It is not only the appearance." Juan began unbuttoning his shirt as he spoke, revealing the tight, sinuous muscularity Dennis had seen in his photos. When Juan shed the shirt, Dennis was astounded again at the size and the fullness of his arms. Juan's torso was long and lean, but his arms and shoulders were those of a more muscular man. It was a proportion that Dennis found very exciting. Juan unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants. He slid down his zipper, spread his pants front and hauled out the amazing tool Dennis had seen in the Polaroids, nested between two giant jewels. "There is this too," Juan said.

"What's wrong with that?" Dennis said rhetorically.

"It is magnificent. It is true. I was very proud of it in the beginning. But it will not be satisfied, no matter what I do."

As if on cue it began to stir, and Juan's head rolled back as he felt the passion build in his body. Inch by inch it swelled and rose until it stood like a cobra as high as his pectorals, etched in ropy veins and bouncing to the beat of his pounding heart. Juan's hands caressed his chest and his arms. His eyes closed. He was lost in his own heat.

Paolo was back with the drinks, but he stopped at the entrance to the living room and watched Juan and Dennis staring at Juan.

"The blood pounds in my head so loud I can hardly think. And every inch of my skin is as sensitive as my foreskin used to be. I feel so hot and bothered all the time. I used to be a real ladies man, but now I'm so excited by my own body I find myself getting hot for other guys' bodies. Guys are so hot, you know? Their muscles, their dicks. Even the average looking ones. Because you can see the potential, you know. You can see what they'd look like if they just worked out a little. Every day I find myself at the Hollywood baths. I try to resist. I say, 'Today I will not go.' But every day I do. I go in that room that's so dark you cannot see who you are fucking and I dive in the middle of all those hard, hairy bodies. They go crazy over me, because I am the hottest man they have ever seen. They suck load after load of cum out my dick. They raise their round hard asses for me to feel and fuck. Sometimes I don't get out until dark."

Juan was shaking the loose foreskin on his prodigious cock now, tweaking the tiny hard nipple on the ridge of his wide, full pectoral. Dennis had opened his pants a long time ago to free his painfully hard erection. He didn't care where he was or who was watching. His prick was straight up and drooling. He barely noticed that Paolo's pants were open too and that he was stroking a half-hard dick much larger than Dennis would have imagined.

Dennis watched as Juan squirmed at the edge of the couch and beat his cock. Dennis' faithfulness to his lover had been a cornerstone of his character. He had never touched any of the men he photographed, yet the tingling temptation Dennis felt in his chest drowned all reason. He had to experience this man's flesh. He leaned in and sucked the monster-wide head and first five inches of Juan's wand into his mouth. Juan released his teased tit and pushed down on the back of Dennis's head. Juan's tool slid past the back of Dennis's mouth and into his throat. It swelled and squirted. Then it really unloaded, and Juan forced even more of it down Dennis's desperately distended throat. Dennis didn't resist. He only hoped he wouldn't choke. When Juan allowed him, he pulled off a bit and felt the rock hard head explode again in his mouth. He grasped Juan's prick with both his hands and milked the rest of the jism from him.

When they were finished, Dennis wiped the saliva and cream from his mouth and sat back. He was still astounded at the magnificence of Juan's physique. Paolo stopped stroking himself. He picked up the tray of drinks and brought them to the table. Dennis' eyes met Paolo's. Dennis knew he had made a mockery of his principled resistance to Paolo's earlier advances.

"You are a good man, Dennis," Juan said. "I gladly share my body with you. I let you take my pictures. I let you have sex with me, but I cannot make you to be like me. I could not do this to anyone so good. It is too strong, this thing they give me. You cannot know until you feel it. I take only a little of it. The guys who give it to me are huge. I never see anyone so big and I go to Gold's for years. One of them told me he weigh 330 pounds, and he was not as tall as you! They tell me they want me to get as big, but I trick them. I take just a little and save the rest. After my change we are so wild no one notice I had not gotten so big. I pick up my things while they slept and snuck away."

"But it's what I want," Dennis pleaded.

"Then I tell you what. I will share the rest of it with you," Juan said, "but on one condition. You must give yourself to me always as my lover. I cannot continue to live alone like this. I must be with someone who can satisfy me. And you will not be able to live yourself without someone whose desires are as strong as your own. If you get bigger than me, all the better for the both of us."

Dennis's head swam with the Faustian bargain. Abandon his lover of twelve years? They had a life - a job, a house, a car, friends, pets and plans. Give it all up for sex? It was crazy. Yet he had fantasized about situations like this every day of his life. How likely was it he would ever have another shot at this?

How could Juan hold him to his promise anyway? Once he had changed, what kept him from doing whatever he pleased? Did Juan even want what he was asking for? Or was it just his sexual frustration talking? Juan was just a young man. How could he know what he wanted? He could win this. He could take what Juan offered, change himself, have his fantasy, and straighten things out between them later.

"I'll do it," Dennis said.

Juan grinned like a boy. He pulled Dennis's face to his and kissed him deep and hard. Dennis's mind swam at the feel of his firm arms holding his head and the scent of his fresh, young skin. It would not be easy to resist the offer of that flesh whenever he desired it. He wanted it badly right now.

"We are going to be so good together. You look hot to me now, but the thought of you as big as the men who did this to me..." Juan grinned wide and looked down at his proud, monster prick. It had softened a bit while they were talking, but now it was as straight and tall as it had been when he first undressed. "You see what it does to me."

Juan dug a plastic bag of dope from his khaki jacket and a pack of papers.

"It is best smoked with pot. It is what they told me when they gave it to me. The marijuana intensifies the growth effects." Juan sprinkled the dope into the crease of the paper and then popped the lid of a small plastic container and dusted the pot with a fine white powder. He almost stopped short of using it all, but his eyes met Dennis's and he reconsidered. "For you, we use it all." He rolled it tightly, twisted the ends lit it and handed it to Dennis.

Dennis took a small drag and held it in his lungs. The dope was smoother and sweeter with the powder in it. It was easier to smoke. Dennis exhaled and drew a deeper drag, filling his lungs. He felt the blood pound in his ears. He felt time stretch and slow. He let the smoky air slip from his clenched teeth and took another long, deep drag. The flame at the end of the joint crept up almost half way to his lips. He flicked the ashes into his untouched drink and offered the joint to Juan and Paolo. He was surprised that Paolo took it from him and took a toke before handing it to Juan. Juan took just a tiny toke as he waited for Dennis to exhale.

"Take off your shirt," Juan said to Dennis.

It was feeling very tight, Dennis noticed through his mental haze, especially the chest shoulders and arms. The material stretched tightly around them and bunched together between. Dennis took a deep breath and the buttons on his chest popped. Juan laughed. Dennis grabbed the open ends and pulled it all the way open. Underneath his chest had expanded into steely, fibrous flesh that was already thicker and more vascular than Juan's. As Dennis' abs and back muscles tightened, he felt them straighten his spine, lift his chest and pull back his shoulders. The growth of his muscles stretching his skin felt like getting an erection -- a full body erection! The more he relaxed and enjoyed it, the more it built, the more intense it felt.

Dennis started to free his arms from his shirtsleeves, but the sleeves were too tight, so he gave up and watched his burgeoning muscles pull them apart. The seams along the sides of his thighs were already split to the knees. As his calves grew wider, the tears were snaking towards his ankles.

"All this muscle growing inside my skin," Dennis said. "It's mine, it's me, but it's like it's not me. It has a life all it's own, a mind of it's own, and it's still growing." Dennis raised an arm and flexed. His shirt sleeve shredded and fell to his side. He flexed and freed the other arm. His eyes drifted down and he saw his penis. It was bigger than Juan's, way more than a foot, and his balls were like goose eggs. It arced outward from his groin and dropped down toward the floor until the sight of it began to get Dennis hot and it started to stretch and straighten. "Oh, gawd! I never thought growing a hard-on could get this intense! You were right. The lust is so intense I can't think of anything else. I don't want to even try!"

Juan stood. He dropped his pants, straddled Dennis and lowered his high, hard, round ass on Dennis's blunt cock. His puckered ass lips teased the head of Dennis's dick and then he forced it inside him, sending them both into the sky. All over Dennis' body his muscles tensed and swelled, as if quickened by the first touch of sex. The further Juan slid down his dick, the faster Dennis's growth accelerated, until his pants and shirt were rags. He was bigger than the biggest bodybuilders now and still visibly growing.

Dennis lifted himself and Juan off the couch and stood, holding Juan effortlessly by his lean muscled waist. He bounced Juan off his groin and poked with a dick that had to be sliding deep into Juan's abdomen. The two of them felt like they were on fire. Neither one of them had ever felt pleasure as intense. Their slightest movement against each other sent them to the edge. After holding back awhile Juan lost control and spurted. Dennis gave up too and warmed Juan's insides with his cum. But cumming was no satiation. Both of them were still indescribably hot for each other. The fucking only continued. After that neither of them tried to hold back, and wave after wave of orgasm washed over the two of them.

Paolo tugged on his cock as he watched Juan fuck himself on Dennis's pole. Startled, he noticed it was bigger. Then he noticed his clothes felt tighter. One toke had been enough to affect him at least a little. He felt his chest. He had never worked out a day in his life, but his pecs were full and firm. He had abs and arms like a lifter. The hair on his chest tingled and felt thicker. The sight of the two big men fucking would be enough to get anyone off, but Paolo felt like he was on fire. A puddle of cum had collected on the carpet at his feet. He shouted; his toes curled and he added more to it.

Rather than calm him, Paulo's orgasm only made him more randy. He stood behind Dennis and Juan, and he rubbed his thick cock between Dennis' thickly muscled ass mounds. The broad expanse of Dennis' thickly muscled back hid all of Juan from Paulo's view except his squirming legs.

Dennis was so deeply into fucking Juan, he barely knew Paulo was there until the blunt head of Paulo's prick spread him wide and Paulo slid inside. The touch of Paulo's prick rubbing inside him as he rubbed inside Juan was sweeter than cumming. He shouted and bucked his hips, fucking himself and Juan. Paulo came again.

Hours later, Dennis untangled himself from the sticky heap of muscled men and stood. It was way past midnight. The three of them had fallen asleep several times before. Yet each time one of them stirred, the others were roused, then aroused, and then the activities had resumed. The sexual stamina of three inexhaustible men seemed to insure the other two could never be free. This time the others did not wake. Dennis removed his car keys from the tattered remains of his pants. His shirt was shredded, even his underwear. At this time of night, he could walk to his car, drive into his garage and avoid being seen.

Dennis walked to the foyer without looking back, because he knew if he saw the other two, their muscular bodies rising and falling with their breath, it would excite him again. His arousal would overwhelm his will and in minutes the frenzy of their fucking and sucking would drive them all into a sexual delirium none of them could escape until they were taken by sleep. He knew because it had happened a few hours before when he tried to leave.

In the bathroom off the foyer, Dennis held his hose-length penis with his whole hand and emptied himself of the piss that had been building these last few hours. His body felt like a tank, the way the muscles settled and held him when he stood - the way they bunched and bound as breathed.

He knew he had promised Juan to stay with him, but Juan would not hold him to it when he was gone. He shook himself dry and turned to leave the room, but Juan was in the doorway. The sight of his deeply etched muscle on his long frame, the shine of his white teeth in the darkness released the floodgates of blood into Dennis' cock. In a few seconds it was tall and hard, and his breath was short. He had lost his chance to escape.

Juan took his hand and led him down a hall to a bedroom. Dennis' muscles tensing and releasing, rubbing against each other under his skin, and the sight of Juan's beautiful body, made Dennis spurt in the air as they walked down the hall.

In the bedroom their lips, chests and cocks met. Their limbs struggled to hold, touch, and possess every inch of their bodies. They tumbled to the bed and Juan slid inside him. Each rub, each tug was as deliciously unnerving as the first time they fucked. The shiver of every orgasm was as unsatiating as before.

When their five hundred pounds of squirming muscle finally collapsed into a steaming heap, Juan spoke.

"Are you sorry you took it?" He asked.

"God, no!"

"But you are sorry you made the promise. If I had not spoken to you in the bath you would have left me."

Dennis was too attracted to him to deny his words. As Juan's hands rubbed his taunt stomach his prick began to stir again. "Roll over," Dennis said instead.

Juan rolled on his stomach and presented his perfectly formed round, muscular butt. The height, hardness of those mounds was the only thing Dennis could focus on. His prick curled upward with delight. He pointed the tip down between Juan's cheeks and nudged inside again. This time faster than the rest. This time more forceful. This time with a violent hint of dissatisfaction at his imprisonment, but no less enjoyable. No less dependent. •

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