Transfer Student, The


By johnd7102000

I thought about Vinnie all night and I beat off four times thinking about his body and his attitude - how muscular, strong, confident and aggressive he was. I couldn’t believe he was only 13 and actually younger than I was.

I arrived early the next day at school and most of my friends had arrived early too. All we could talk about was Vinnie. Just like Vinnie had ordered us to do, we had all packed an extra sandwich packed with protein. None of us dared to disobey Vinnie because we had seen what happened to Kevin and Roger. Vinnie’s muscles had totally pulverized them when they pissed him off. None of the boys wanted to piss off Vinnie. In one day, Vinnie had taken over the 7th grade. It was kind of funny, because we were going to give Vinnie tons of protein packed food so his muscles could grow even bigger and stronger - so they could beat us up even more any time he wanted to. The strong get stronger, I thought to myself. And the strong youth was making us weak boys help him get stronger. Bigger, stronger and even more muscular.

We talked about how we convinced our mothers to make an extra sandwich. A couple guys told their mothers that there was a homeless boy who needed food. Nobody told the truth. They didn’t want their parents running to the principal and turning in Vinnie. They knew what would happen to them if they did. We were all terrified of Vinnie and his muscles. Except I was more than terrified. I was both terrified and so turned on I couldn’t wait to see him again, even though I knew he was fully capable of inflicting great pain on my body. I didn’t tell anyone about going to Vinnie’s house. I somehow I knew that Vinnie wasn’t going to tell anyone either. That was just between us.

Finally the bus pulled up. Vinnie was the last one out. He swaggered down the steps like the jock he was, his shoulders looking so wide and his huge arms moving like muscular machines. He then stood in front of the bus looking at us. He was wearing a white tank top, exposing his broad muscular shoulders and thick muscle packed arms. His lats flared out under his wide shoulders and his upper pecs pushed the tank top out with their muscular mass. I could see the cleavage between his pecs. Striations of muscle were twitching in his shoulders and pecs and his arms looked like big hams of raw muscle with veins pushed against his thin skin by the hard muscle underneath. I couldn’t believe how good he looked, with his skin so tan and the shirt so white. The shirt was very tight around his thin waist, showing off his corrugated ab muscles. He was wearing the same black shorts as yesterday, bulging with his thick thigh muscles and he had on the same black sneakers with no socks. His calves bulged with rock hard muscle as he stood there looking at us with his brutally handsome face and brown eyes. We were all staring at him like he was a god. He raised his arm and gave us the finger. “Fuckin’ weak little shits!” he yelled.

Then he sauntered up to us. “Fuck I’m hungry!” he yelled. “I need food! That fucking bus ride was so fucking long! I can eat a horse.” He grabbed Roger’s lunch bag and ripped out a sandwich. Then he took the drink too. He wolfed down the sandwich and took the sandwiches from two other boys too. He ate three sandwiches in less then a minute. After he finished he rubbed his flat washboard stomach and said, “Feels good to feed these muscles.” He flexed his pecs. “Worked on my pecs yesterday. Benched 255 pounds. That’s a new record for me. Gettin’ fuckin’ stronger every day.” He looked at Roger. “How much can you bench, punk? Maybe 30 pounds? Fuck what a little weakling.” He flexed his chest and the muscles bulged under his tight tank top. The eyes of every boy were staring at Vinnie’s huge body. “Gained another two pounds last night. Another two pounds of solid muscle. I’m up to 130. My chest is gettin’ huge! My whole body’s gettin’ huge” He looked at me as I gazed at his flexing muscles, kind of sneering and grinning at me at the same time. Then he grabbed my lunch and ate my sandwich too. Vinnie needed to feed his growing muscles. “I hope you brought enough food for my lunch or you’re all gonna be hungry,” he said, looking at me and my little wimp friends. “Oh and I need a snack between second and third periods too.” He grabbed a sandwich and drink from Kevin and handed it to me. “Hold it for me, dweeb,” he sneered. Vinnie never carried anything around. He just took what he wanted from us other boys. Vinnie and his totally muscular body now ruled school.

He went over to a group of girls who were staring at him as he talked to us and ate our food. “How do you like my shirt, ladies? Shows off my muscles real good, don’t it.” He flexed his chest and lats and the muscles pushed out the fabric of the white shirt. His tan was so deep and his skin was so clear and beautiful. He looked like a young god. “You are so handsome,” said a girl as she looked into his eyes and ran her hands over his shoulders and arms. “And your body’s so big and hard.” Pretty soon several of the girls were feeling Vinnie’s muscles as he proudly flexed them. “Yeah, I’m a real man,” he said. “Those boys over there are fuckin’ little wimps. I got more power in one of my guns than they got in their whole fuckin’ body.” He flexed his right arm and the huge muscle bulged into a baseball sized ball of rock, “Fuckin’ strong as shit,” he said, looking at his muscle. You could see the fibers of muscle covered with blue veins, pulsating with muscle-building blood powered by his big athletic heart. One of the girls squeezed his bicep but she couldn’t make even the slightest dent. “God, it’s as hard as rock,” she said, almost salivating as she felt Vinnie’s body. She ran her other hand over his bulging shoulder and his pecs. Then she ran it over his corrugated abs and then into his shorts. She grabbed his cock, which was already hard from having all the girls admiring his body. “You’re such a fucking stud,” she said into his ear. She kissed him hard on the mouth as she was grabbing his cock with her hand. Vinnie’s eyes got a wild look and he started kissing her hard, forcing his big tongue deep into her mouth. His neck looked so strong and manly as he thrust his head into hers, kissing her furiously. Then he pulled down his shorts and boxers over his narrow hips, exposing his big hard cock. All of us gasped as we saw how big Vinnie’s cock was. It must have been 10 inches long and it was very thick. It looked like a big steel pipe, rock hard and pointed straight up. He lifted the girl up in the air and put her down on top of his huge cock. The muscles in his arms and shoulders bulged as he lifted the girl like she was a feather. She closed her legs around his cock and he started thrusting his hips back and forth as he kissed her on the lips. He was kissing her while thrusting his big cock under her crotch. The girl thrust herself into the muscle stud feeling his huge muscles with every thrust of her body. Her lips were overcome by Vinnie’s hard kissing and her body was feeling all his muscular power. And she could feel his big hard cock under her crotch.

“Oh fuck,” she yelled. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” She was in an erotic fury as she held on to Vinnie’s big muscular body and felt his huge cock thrusting under her. She came in a wild orgasm as Vinnie kissed her as she felt his huge cock and his flexing muscles. Vinnie smiled at her as she came, knowing she was his anytime he wanted her. Instantly his cock exploded, with gush after gush of white cum spattering on the other girls who were watching this 7th grade orgasm. He yelled “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” as he spurt huge amounts of his genetically superior cum all over the girls. Finally Vinnie finished cumming after a huge amount of thick white cum had gushed out of his thick hard cock onto the girls’ bodies. He said, “Now you seen a fuckin’ stud,” as he pulled up his boxers and shorts. His cock was still hard underneath his shorts. God it was big. He smiled at the girl with a look of confident arrogance. The girls scooped up some of his cum in her fingers and tasted it. “Fucking stud cum,” one of them said as she licked more and more of it. “Yeah,” he said. "I can fuck for hours, cum after cum after cum. I can make you cum 20 times." He flexed his abs at her and she stared at the flexing bricks of rock hard muscle. Then he turned towards us and flexed his arms with his abs still showing. His arms, shoulders, lats and abs were just rippling with muscle.. All of us were standing there speechless at what we had just seen. Vinnie was a stud. And Vinnie was totally uninhibited. Vinnie pulled down his shirt and resumed talking with the girls as if nothing had happened. It was like it was just normal for him to make a girl cum on his cock and then cum himself in front of a bunch of awe-stricken girls, spurting his genetically-superior muscle sperm all over the girls’ bodies. Some of the girls were still licking his cum and all the girls were staring at his drop dead brutally handsome face and his incredibly muscular body. They were all nodding in raptured awe as Vinnie talked.

Suddenly, three big 8th grade boys came around the corner towards Vinnie and the girls. The 8th graders hung out in a different part of the school yard. The school went from 6th to 8th grade, so the 8th graders were the oldest, and these three 8th grade boys were the biggest and baddest in the whole school. They were each about 5' 10" tall - a half a foot taller than Vinnie - and they must have weighed at least 160 pounds. They each weighed more than 30 pounds more than Vinnie. The came up behind Vinnie. He didn't see them coming. Two of them grabbed his arms and spun him around so he faced the third boy. "I hear you think you're a big stud," said the third boy. "We're gonna teach you that you're just a little 7th grade punk." As his two friends held Vinnie’s arms, he looked at Vinnie and his face changed. You could see that he wasn’t quite expecting what he saw. Instead of a little 7th grade punk, he saw more muscle than he had ever seen at the school. But fuck, he was an 8th grader. He was big. He was strong. He had beat up anyone he wanted at the school. And he was going to beat up this new transfer student too. He made a fist, pulled back his arm and smashed it as hard as he could against Vinnie's abs. We could all hear a loud smacking sound as his fist hit Vinnie's body. Except then something strange happened. Vinnie had put one leg behind him and he didn't move at all as the fist hit his body. He sneered at the boy. The boy pulled back his hand and started yelling in pain. Vinnie's abs were so hard that the boy injured his fingers and wrist as his fist hit Vinnie's brick wall of muscle. Vinnie's powerful legs kept his body rigid. His abs didn't move at all. It was like the fist was hitting a thick steel plate. "Fuck!" yelled the boy, grabbing his hand in pain.

"Just a little 7th grade punk, huh?" yelled Vinnie as he pulled on the two boys holding his arms with the enormous strength of his muscular arms, chest and shoulders. The boys were too weak to resist Vinnie's power as he pulled them closer to him. He jerked his arms free of their grip and he wrapped his arms around their backs. They were now facing the same direction as Vinnie. He grabbed the backs of their shirts and then smashed his arms together, like he was doing dumbbell flyes with the two 8th grade boys being his dumbbells. The boys tried to stop Vinnie's arms, but they were powerless against Vinnie's enormous strength. Vinnie had benched 255 pounds the night before, and now all that power was being unleashed on these two boys. Vinnie's arms were like muscular machines, smashing the two boys together. There was a loud thud and a crack as the boys hit each other. Their bodies hit each other with incredible speed, smashing their big fat chests into pulp. Their heads cracked against each other, letting out the loud crack sound. They started yelling in pain. But Vinnie wasn't finished. He pulled them apart again and then smashed his arms together again, smashing their bodies with even more force. Their chests became bright red, bruised by Vinnie’s enormous power. Their heads started swelling in pain. He did this eight more times, smashing their bodies until they were bloodied and battered. Blood was gushing from their faces. Their chests were bruised, more and more with each rep. With every rep Vinnie's pecs and arms got bigger and bigger. They were pumping up with each rep, getting a nice workout with his 8th grade boy dumbbells. Blood was surging into his muscles, pumped by his huge, athletic heart. His veins were getting bigger and bigger as the huge amount of blood flowed through them powering his muscles. With each rep his muscles were getting stronger, so the boys were hitting each other harder and harder. By the 10th rep, the boys were totally battered from the enormous smashing force of Vinnie's muscles. Vinnie turned their bodies towards each other and then pressed in with his arms. He was crushing the chests of the two boys against each other. All the air was forced out of their lungs by the power of Vinnie's arms. I couldn't believe how big and hard his arms muscles looked as he crushed the two boys. His shoulders were writhing with muscular force with each muscle fiber bulging and his pecs were completely pumped, with veins and striations everywhere. "You think I'm just a little punk?" yelled Vinnie. They boys could barely talk and they were almost passed out from the punishment they had taken. "N-n-n-n-no," groaned one of the boys with one his last bits of air. Vinnie pressed in even harder. The boys moaned in abject pain. "No WHAT?" yelled Vinnie. The boys had a blank look on their bloody faces. Vinnie pressed even more. "No WHAT?" he yelled. Finally one of the boys said, "No SIR." Vinnie sneered and said "Yeah, you call me Sir from now on, you big punk." Then he threw the boys on the ground.

The boy whose hand was injured was sitting on the ground holding his hurting hand, looking up in horror at what he had just seen. Vinnie reached down and pulled him up to his feet. “You think you know how to punch?” he said. “That was a pussy punch. I didn’t even feel that. You’re so weak and my body’s so strong and hard. You’re just a fuckin’ big wimp. Fell a real punch you pussy.” Then he made a fist, pulled back his arm and smashed his fist into the boy's gut with about five times the amount of power the boy had used on him. Instead of a "smacking" sound there was a "thud" as Vinnie's fist drove deep into the boy's gut, smashing his intestines and almost hitting his back bone. The boy buckled over in abject pain and collapsed on top of his friends. He starting vomiting his whole breakfast on his friends as he held his gut which was throbbing in total pain. Vinnie raised his muscular arm and flexed it as he put his foot on the conquered boy. "That's how you throw a punch," said Vinnie, grinding his foot into the boy’s pulverized body as it writhed in pain on the ground, vomit spewing out of its mouth. “You’re a bunch of fucking losers,” he said as he kicked the boy hard in his chest, almost cracking a rib with the force of his powerful kick. Then he turned and faced the girls, sort of facing us 7th grade boys as well. "Looks like self defense to me," said Vinnie, loud enough for everyone to hear. "They attacked me and I had to defend myself. I love defending myself. I always smash the attackers." Then he kicked the boy again and grinned, knowing everyone there would agree with him that his mauling of the three 8th graders was all self defense. Then he turned and started talking to the girls, again like nothing had happened. It was like smashing three big thugs was just normal for Vinnie. The girls ran their hands all over his sweaty pecs, shoulders and arms, huge pumped muscles that had just smashed the eight graders into bloody pulps. My cock was as hard as a steel pipe under my pants as I watched Vinnie and saw the three 8th graders writhing in pain. •

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