Transfer Student, The


By johnd7102000

After beating up the 8th grade bullies, Vinnie walked over to us 7th grade boys who were all standing there looking at him in awe. "Fuckin' big fat weaklings," he said. "There ain't no kid at this school who's half as strong as me." He flexed his arm and said "Fuckin' big and fuckin' strong." We all nodded in total agreement. Then he said, "Smashin’ those punks made me hungry again." He grabbed a kid's lunch bag, ripped out a sandwich and drink and wolfed it down. Then the bell rang for class. Vinnie looked at me and said, "My first class is English in room 122. Where's the fucking room?" I said, "I have that class too. Come with me." So Vinnie and I walked together to English class. I couldn't keep my eyes off Vinnie's body. He knew I was staring at him and he loved it. He reached over and put my hand on his upper arm. Then he flexed his bicep. "Gonna be workin' my arms today," he said as I marveled at the size and hardness of his upper arm muscles. ”Those muscles are gonna pump up real big. Real big and real hard. You gonna be there dweeb?" I gasped as he flexed his biceps and triceps for me. "Oh shit,” I said as I felt his bulging muscles. “Your muscles are so big and so hard. Yeah, I’m gonna be there. I can hardly wait." Vinnie flexed real hard and grinned at me. He knew I was in total awe of him. And he really liked the way I made him work out extra hard. We were so different physically, but I thought we were becoming friends. I could hardly wait for school to be over so I could watch Vinnie work out, acting as his spotter and pushing him on to even more size and strength.

We got to room 122 and we walked in. All the kids in the class were staring at Vinnie. His muscles were hot and pumped from the beating he had given the 8th graders. His deeply tanned skin was covered with a layer of sweat. Because he was wearing a tank top, you could see his shoulders and upper pecs very well, as well as his huge pumped up arms. You could see every fiber of muscle flexing and tensing as he walked. The English teacher was Mr. Butwin. He was about 30 years old, 5'6" tall and was very thin. His face was narrow and his skinny neck even looked skinny at the bottom of his narrow face. He had gray eyes and receding hair. He looked like a total nerd. Mr. Butwin took one look at Vinnie and his mouth dropped open. He had never had a student who looked like Vinnie in a class before. Then he looked down at his roll book and saw the name of the new student. "You must be Vincent DiNunzio," he said, staring at Vinnie’s muscles. Vinnie walked up to the teacher and said, "It's Vinnie! If anyone calls me Vincent I'm gonna smash 'em into bloody pulp." He made a fist and flexed his arm in front of the startled teacher. Vinnie was two inches shorter than the teacher, but he was all muscle and the teacher was all skinny flab. Vinnie's shoulders looked like they were a foot wider than the teachers, packed with powerful muscle. His chest bulged out under his shirt whereas the teacher's chest was flat and bony. His arms were huge and muscular whereas the teacher's arms were as thin as little sticks. "Uh, okay, Vinnie," said the teacher, kind of shaking as he looked at Vinnie's arm. Then he looked at Vinnie's tank top. Without really thinking, he said, "Tank tops aren't allowed in school." Vinnie moved closer to the teacher. He looked into Mr. Butwin's eyes with his deep brown eyes. Mr. Butwin looked at Vinnie's brutally handsome face and started shaking even more. It was obvious that Vinnie was in control. Then Vinnie reached down and ripped off his tank top, exposing his whole upper body. All the kids gasped as they saw Vinnie's muscles. "You'd rather look at my body instead, teach?" said Vinnie, slightly flexing his muscles at the teacher. "Yeah, check me out teach. Look at all my fuckin’ muscles. I'm so much stronger than you it ain't even funny." Mr. Butwin looked at Vinnie's body and began to sweat. The students weren’t supposed to swear in front of their teachers, but Mr. Butwin wasn’t going to say anyting to this muscle stud. He was awestruck by this 13 year old boy. I could see a hard bulge in his crotch as his eyes went up and down, over and across Vinnie’s body. He couldn't believe a 13 year old kid had that much muscle. And it was all in the right places, from his wide muscle-packed shoulders, his thick neck and bulging traps, his slab like lats that flared down to his narrow hips, his big round pecs, his tiny shredded waist to his huge muscular arms. Vinnie looked down and saw Mr. Butwin's bulge. He sneered at the teacher. "You like these fuckin’ muscles, don’t you teach. Yeah I can see your whole fuckin’ little body’s gettin’ turned on my my muscles. I bet you wanna see these muscles flex. I bet the kids wanna see these muscles flex." Immediately all the girls started squealing and yelling. The boys were yelling too. The teacher gulped. His cock was rock hard.

Without waiting for the teacher to answer, Vinnie turned towards the class and started flexing. I was in total awe as I watched Vinnie's muscles bulge. The kids started yelling their approval. Even the boys were yelling. "Flex your abs! God they look like a fucking washboard! Flex your back!" Vinnie put his hands on his waist and flexed his lats. They flared out like two thick wings of muscle. "Oh shit," yelled a girl. "Look at all that fucking muscle!" One of the boys yelled, "Flex those big guns, Vinnie. They look like mortar launchers." Vinnie smiled and flexed his arms. "Fuckin' huge," yelled a boy. Vinnie turned to the teacher and said, "Feel 'em teach. Feel how big and hard my guns are." Mr. Butwin reached out and put his dainty little fingers on top of Vinnie's bicep. The muscle was as big as baseball with fibers and veins clearly visible under Vinnie’s thin tan skin. Then he pushed down. "Fuckin' hard, ain't it teach? Try to squeeze that muscle. See if you can put a dent in that muscle." The teacher wrapped his little fingers around Vinnie's bicep and squeezed. It was like he was squeezing rock. He couldn't make even the smallest dent in the thick hard muscle fibers. "Harder, teach. You're such a pussy. You gotta squeeze harder than that!" Mr. Butwin squeezed as hard as he could, but he still couldn't dent Vinnie's muscle. "God you're weak," said Vinnie. "My muscle's big and strong and your fingers are weak little sticks. How's it feel to have a 13 year old who's ten times stronger than you? Make you feel kinda weak and frail, teach? Make you feel like a little wimp? Yeah, I bet you do." The teacher was sweating and gasping as he felt Vinnie's arm, running his fingers along the rock hard muscle of Vinnie's bicep and triceps.

Then Vinnie said, "Hey teach, I’m gonna show you my butt and legs." Vinnie's long shorts were covering his legs. You could see how big and thick his thighs were but you couldn't actually see the muscle. His round butt pushed out on his shorts. It was a round muscle butt, packed with muscle fibers that helped Vinnie squat with enormous weights. But it was covered by his shorts. Vinnie unbuckled his shorts and pulled them down to his shoes. He was wearing just his boxer shorts and they were pulled down so low you could see his crotch hairs and several inches of the crack in his butt. Mr. Butwin looked down at Vinnie's thighs and gasped. Vinnie pulled up the leg fabric of his boxers and flexed his quads. Huge slabs of muscle bulged in his legs. We all gasped as we saw the incredible size and muscularity of Vinnie's legs. "Feel my legs teach. Feel how big and hard they are." The teacher bent down and rubbed his hands over Vinnie's huge muscles. He could feel the big fibers of muscle and he could feel the veins pumping huge amounts of blood into those giant muscles. The teacher was sweating as he felt the huge muscles. "Get on your knees teach. You'll get a better view." Without hesitation, the teacher dropped to his knees and began running his hands all over Vinnie's huge thighs. "I can squat with 350 pounds teach. My legs are fucking strong! If I wrapped my legs around your skinny little chest and squeezed those huge muscles, all your ribs would break like sticks. Your ribs would be nothing to my big legs. Those legs love to crush things. They could crush you to death." The teacher looked up at Vinnie's handsome tanned face and saw he was totally serious. This 13 year old could kill with the power of his muscles. "How do you think it would feel to have these big muscles wrapped around your puny little body? How would it feel when they start flexing and squeezing? You could feel the muscle getting harder. Your could feel the muscle closing in on your puny chest. The muscle would start bulging, getting bigger, harder and stronger. Your body would be like a little pile of twigs that the muscle was crushing. The muscle would force all the air out of your lungs. And the muscle would continue flexing and crushing. Getting bigger and harder as those hard muscle fibers bulged and got more and more pumped - fuckin’ pumped and hard as steel as they crushed your fuckin’ little body. You puny body is nothing to those huge muscles. And those muscles love to crush puny little bodies like yours. Pain would surge through your scrawny body. You'd start yelling in pain. But the muscles don't care about your pain. They would keep flexing and bulging and crushing your chest with overwhelming force. Next you'd hear your ribs cracking. You'd look at my legs and you couldn't believe how big and hard the muscle was, bulging like thick steel cables, crushing your body like it was a pile of twigs. Your ribs would crack louder and louder. Your chest would be getting smaller as my huge legs smashed all your ribs and crushed your chest into a small bloody pulp. Blood would start coming out of your mouth. All the blood in your chest would start coming out of your mouth because there was no more room for it in your chest. Your chest would be as small as your waist, crushed into smithereens by my huge legs. And you'd be dead. Those legs would have crushed you to death, teach." The teacher looked at Vinnie's legs and then he felt their power with his hands. He was trembling

Suddenly Vinnie pushed his crotch into Mr. Butwin's face. His big cock had gotten hard under his shorts as he talked and the big thick weapon was now pushing against the teacher's cheeks. The teacher didn't move back, however. He kept his face up against Vinnie's crotch and he grabbed onto Vinnie's huge calves. He felt those rock hard calf muscles. They felt like bricks, rock hard bricks of muscle bulging out on Vinnie's calves. And he felt Vinnie's huge hard cock against his cheeks. He breathed in the sweat coming from Vinnie's crotch. I could hear the teacher groan with pleasure as he felt Vinnie’s huge muscles and smelled his sweat. The teacher rubbed his face on Vinnie’s huge hard cock and Vinnie pushed his cock into the teacher's face. "All my muscles are big and hard, ain't they teach." The teacher nodded his head as he felt Vinnie's huge cock against his cheeks. Vinnie pulled down his boxers so now Mr. Butwin was staring right at his huge cock. His cock was rock hard and all of us kids in the class gasped as we saw just how big and thick it was. And his butt was so gorgeous. Compared to how tan the rest of his body was, including the top part of his butt, his lower butt was creamy white. It looked so beautiful. So round and so firm. "Feel my butt teach. Feel all the muscle I got in my butt. It helps me squat with huge weights." The teacher reached up with his hands and began feeling Vinnie's hard muscle butt. "No, not with your hands, teach, with your tongue. Feel my butt with your skinny little tongue." Vinnie turned around and pushed his butt into Mr. Butwin’s face. Again without hesitating, Mr. Butwin started licking Vinnie's butt, feeling the hardness of the muscle with his little tongue. Vinnie flexed his butt a couple of times and I could hear the teacher groan as he felt the hard muscle with his tongue. The teacher even licked Vinnie's butt crack, but he couldn't get his tongue inside the crack because Vinnie's muscle was so hard. The teacher was now loudly groaning with pleasure. "I hear your name is Mr. Butwin. Well Mr. Butwin, it looks like you really like my butt." Vinnie laughed at the joke he had just made and the rest of the class laughed too.

Finally, Vinnie pulled up his boxers and shorts and turned around to face his teacher, who was still on his knees looking up at Vinnie like he was looking at a god. "So teach, I'm puttin' my wife-beater back on. You ain't got a problem do you teach. Oh, and you’re gonna give me a C in this class." The teacher just looked up at Vinnie's body and gulped. Vinnie stared at the teacher with his brutally handsome face and then flexed his triceps muscles right in the teacher’s face. Yeah, those muscles were going to give Vinnie a C all right. He had Mr. Butwin so much under his control he could do nothing all year and still get a C. Muscles rule. Vinnie picked up his tank top and put in on, very slowly so the teacher could see all his muscles flexing. Then he walked towards us students, giving high fives to several boys along the way. And he sat down right next to me, as usual. None of us could believe what had just happened. Mr. Butwin got up off his knees. I could see some liquid in his crotch area. He had obviously cum while he was touching Vinnie. He told us to read a chapter in our books. He sat down at his desk and he just couldn't stop looking at Vinnie. Vinnie didn't read the chapter, of course. He grabbed some paper and a pencil from me and drew a cartoon of him and the teacher, a big muscular Vinnie fucking a skinny frail teacher. At the end of the class he gave the cartoon to the teacher. "That's my homework," he said tauntingly. •

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