Coach's Formula, The

David The Jock.


By Shade

The following Friday…

That week was the strangest one that had ever been seen at the high school. Certainly the strangest in the Martin household.

The football team had found a new fullback. Huge, buff and a special favorite of the Coach. Ryan had for the first time found an older brother to idolize. Ted had found a new paragon of muscular development to worship. And their parents had found a miracle.

The Coach had a long talk with Mr. Martin. No one knows what he said, but the Martins had been left feeling confident and impressed that the Coach’s experimental training with David these past months had been such a success. Although, in the back of their minds, they thought it was odd that it worked so fast. But they didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

The game that Friday was an easy win for the team. And David had his first chance to go to a party.

Most of the school couldn’t recollect seeing him before, so most people just assumed that Ryan’s brother had been going to a different school or something. Perhaps it was one of those events like mass hysteria, but everyone seemed willing to overlook the fact of the transformation. No one had ever really cared about the small boy who they’d never paid any attention to anyways.

And David was enjoying the attention.

He especially enjoyed the jealousy of many of the rank and file jocks, like Brandon Small. Brandon’s last name may have been Small, but the junior was but. Up until last weekend he’d been the biggest player at the school. He’d been faithfully taking the formula for over three years, being in one of the first groups that Coach McCready had started on it. He wasn’t happy that he had been supplanted by some kid he’d never seen before.

The party was typical for the school. Basically all the kids found a home or hang out spot where they could all get together after the game, drink lots of beer and get laid.

David had been hanging out with Ryan, enjoying the scene. He was still having trouble thinking like a jock, but his hormones had been going overtime. A lot of attention had come with his new body. Despite his increased confidence, he still had the sexual maturity of a ten year old. He rebuffed the advances of women, more out of ignorance than shyness. One woman though that wasn’t going to be dissuaded, was Karly Jones.

That night they were at Greg Anderson’s house. Greg was the school’s bon vivant. While not being on the team, he was everyone’s best friend. Son of the richest man in town, his parent’s were frequently away and that left their big house available for parties.

David had wandered away from the sweaty crowd and had gone out to the laundry room to get his head together. His mind was swimming with thoughts and an excess of beer and he was having trouble processing. He also had a growing ache in his crotch that he didn’t understand. He’d had his first boner of consequence while wrestling with the Coach. The Coach was insanely attractive, but so were the women who pressed up against him all the time. He was confused and too embarrassed to ask Ryan, who had taken a strange idealistic shine to him this week. The Coach had Ryan on a one can a day regimen and David on five can’s a day. The formula clearly didn’t work as effectively the more you consumed, but for the first time David could out lift his brother by about three times. His muscles were becoming denser and more powerful. His strength was increasing exponentially. He enjoyed the challenges the Coach provided. Frankly, his private lessons with McCready were the only true challenge available to him.

He was contemplating all this when his thoughts were interrupted by a female voice.

“Hi, David.”

Karly Jones wasted no time in snuggling up to him and rubbing her fingers over his massive round shoulders, then moving down to his pecs, and massaging them.

“You’ve been avoiding me.”

David was completely innocent.

“Um…aren’t you going out with my brother?”

“A blowjob doesn’t mean we’re going out.”

David shuddered as her hand slipped down to his cock. This was so wrong, but it felt so right. And the formula had increased his sex drive immensely. He’d jacked off morning and night each day this week.

Karly quickly stripped off everything she had on, which wasn’t much to begin with. And when she took off her skirt, it was clear she had no panties on underneath.

David re-thought his position as he laid eyes on the first naked woman in his life. He backed up against the washing machine.

Karly giggled and David saw a glint in her eye. He felt himself getting hornier and hornier, his cock hardening in his jeans. It was big and powerful. Their bodies were caked in sweat. David couldn’t keep his hands off of her, nor she him.

And as David got more and more turned on, he began to grow somewhat, like he had a good pump. He could feel the jeans beginning to tighten around his waist, and his calves pushed against the hems at the bottom. The shirt he wore was stretching more and more as his muscles bulked up. It was a polo and the first of its kind he’d ever worn, a present purchased by his parents as part of his new wardrobe.

David couldn’t even moan, his tongue was already down Karly’s throat. He let go of her writhing body for a moment and clawed at his belt until the jeans were free and fell to the floor. Had Karly looked down she would’ve seen his legs growing more powerful and more muscular, but she had her eyes clamped shut, caught up in her own private fantasy. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head, saving him the trouble, and then pulled down his briefs as well.

David had sprouted two inches and had packed on another twenty pounds of muscle, all in the space of fifteen minutes. Their moans were getting louder, especially David’s. His pecs pushed out farther and his arms thickened. He was tired of waiting.

Acting purely on instinct, he pulled her up and positioned her moist opening over his massive, engorged cock. Then he pushed her down and penetrated her.

“Oh, God!” she moaned.

David was so huge inside her that it hurt at first. She tried to take the head of his steel rod into her. It didn’t happen quickly or easily, but finally the whole head was inside her, and David let out a deep moan. Soon she was half way down his shaft when David grabbed onto her and pulled her the rest of the way down.

Karly could feel her whole body being opened up to accept David. She relaxed and began to moan deeply. David touched her in erogenous places she didn’t even know existed. He started grunting as he increased his pace. He was getting close and she was too. David screamed out in pleasure as his cock brought Karly to the same blissful place. Both slumped with pleasant exhaustion.

Neither unfortunately noticed Ryan watching them from the hallway. •

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