Coach's Formula, The

The Coach Gets Involved.


By Shade

“Very impressive indeed,” intoned the Coach again. He gave David an appraising glance from top to bottom.

David sensed a challenge.

“Yeah, and look what it’s done for me,” he informed the Coach, bringing his arms up and flexing them for his audience.

It was truly an impressive sight. The biceps swelled growing every bigger until it looked like David had two bowling balls balancing on his arms.

The Coach stepped out of the doorway and walked closer to David.

“I’ve been drinking this formula for a long time son; your arms ain’t nothing next to these big fuckers. Nobody’s got arms like these.”

As spectacular as David was, the Coach was just in another league altogether. David took a step back in awe. He knew he had limits. The physique before him was just overpowering. As for Ryan, he creamed his shorts right then and there. All thoughts of Karly Jones totally forgotten. He’d never seen the Coach in all his jacked up glory before.

“C’mon,” said the Coach to David, “I want to see what you’ve got.”

David followed the Coach as he headed to the empty gym and a lone wrestling matt lying on the floor. Sweat started rolling down his back in nervous anticipation. He could feel his power that had grown in him since the early hours of the morning. He strutted like a peacock for the Coach’s benefit, flared his super-wide lats. His deltoids were monstrous and his pecs had swollen up like two over-inflated balloons, which he rolled and flexed as he stretched himself out. David had never wrestled before, but was convinced that he was going to beat the McCready with no problem.

The Coach just ignored David’s cocky display. He displayed his own muscularity by clenching his abs, popping out the granite-hard muscle with razor sharpness. His stomach looked like it could stop a tank. He was massive, thick and solid. A total alpha male.

The Coach stripped off his pants, so that he was down to a pair of square-cut shorts. Each leg looked like it had a number of steel cords entwined within it, writhing as he moved. He walked over to the mat, his muscles rolling and rippling. He motioned with his fingers for David to come over.

“First round,” he said.

David came over. The Coach got down on his hands and knees. David kneeled down next to him, and looped one arm under the Coach’s massive lat as he’d seen the wrestlers do. David inhaled the Coach’s musky odor. It was manly and thick and made him feel extraordinarily sexy. Hormones of puberty that David had never experienced began to bubble to the surface as for the first time in his life he was aware of another human being in a sexual way. His boner would have been able to drive nails into wood. Ryan too was overcome with the thick smell of male hormones and dank sweat.

If the Coach noticed David’s excitement, he didn’t pay it any mind. He waited, allowing David’s physical aggression to build. When he felt him tight around him, he yelled, “Go!”

David began to pull. He pulled and pulled, straining to get the Coach up and over. Yet despite all of David’s enormous upper body size and strength, the Coach didn’t even budge. David’s face reddened with the strain, but the older man didn’t move.

David began to look a little panicked. Old self doubts and insecurity set in.

The Coach had give David long enough. He twisted his left shoulder downward, hard, and flipped David over him like a pillow. David landed on his back, and the Coach got on top of him, pinning his chest with his heavy forearm. David struggled hard, but couldn’t move. Ryan counted to three. Then the Coach stood up and helped David to his feet. It had taken McCready under five seconds to pin the younger man.

“Second round,” said the Coach. This time, he stayed standing, and with two fingers of each hand, motioned for David to come at him.

“Bring your best,” he said.

The two men circled each other briefly, and then the Coach moved in, locking up shoulder to shoulder with David. The two big men pushed against the other’s power, grunting and shoving, their powerful legs working hard. The mat was getting slippery from the sweat dripping off of them. The Coach was definitely in charge, however, powering David first to one side of the mat, then the other, using his superior strength to sap David’s power. The second David’s legs faltered, McCready flipped him down to the floor, pinning him again. Ryan again counted out three.

The Coach stood up. “Third round!” he yelled.

He was towering over David, who was breathing hard. Having maxed out his cans, he was powerful, but still outmatched. He looked up at the Coach and seemed to be thinking about what to do next. The Coach decided for him.

“Get up!” he ordered.

David struggled to his feet. The Coach grabbed him, spun him around and locked his head into a full nelson, his powerful arms tight. David tried pushing back, but the Coach leaned into him and held him there firmly. He tightened his hold even more, and wrenched David back and up off the ground, knocking the wind out of him with the force. McCready lowered him down, and then wrenched him up again. Then he did it again. David’s arms began to flop around weakly. The Coach applied more pressure against David’s neck, pushing his head down and making it harder for him to breathe. Then he began to shake him back and forth like a doll.

Just when it looked like David was going to pass out, McCready tossed him down to the mat, face down. The Coach got onto David’s back, grabbed his arm and pulled it behind him and bent David’ forearm up, knee weighing David down.

“You ready for the training of your life?” he patiently asked.

David mumbled into the matt.

“I didn’t hear you,” said the Coach again.

“Yes!” hollered David.

“Good,” said the Coach satisfied.

He released David and he got up, reddened and finally exhausted.

“Very good,” said McCready, “You’re much further along than I was after I first drank that much formula. You’ll make an excellent addition to my program.”

Ryan was able to finally compare the two men. David looked very good. His recent bout with the Coach had given his muscles a more polished look and added some size too.

“How did you know about me?” asked David, suddenly full of questions.

“I have a camera monitoring my office. It didn’t take a lot to figure out what had happened. Actually, I’ve been hoping to try an experiment like this. You’ve come far. You must have good genetics, despite not hitting puberty before turning eighteen.”

The Coach offered his hand to David, who grasped it firmly. Despite not being as strong as the Coach, he was powerful enough that he wasn’t totally crushed by the bigger man’s grip either.

“As for you,” said the Coach turning to Ryan, “I guess we’re going to have to step up your training program too.” •

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