Cigar That Changed It All, The

By nchung929

I'm not normal. I didn't really ever claim to be. I was a late bloomer. I was always the fat kid in school. I was always chosen last for sports. I was always made fun of. All of that changed when I smoked my first cigar. I'd always been fascinated with cigars. I'd always been fascinated with other men smoking cigars. I was drawn to them. When I was 8 years old I saw a young redneck guy smoking a cigar and when he threw it down in the park I quietly put it in my pocket. I didn't know what I was doing so I destroyed it but I knew I loved them. They gave a guy such a masculine badass look. They made a guy drip sex. I had never gotten a chance to smoke another one as this was before the cigar crazy of the late 90's and early 2000's when everyone was smoking.

I was 14 when the US Marine brothers moved in across the street. They were towers of masculinity. They were tan, ripped and gorgeous. They muscles stacked on their 5' 9" frames that would make pro body builders jealous. I didn't have any sibling growing up. They sort of took me in. They let me hang with them after I got out of school. They were showing me the "ropes" of being a man. The oldest brother Jared smoked cigars every night. I was in heaven. He'd come back from a day of blowing shit up grab a beer and fire up a huge maduro thick stogie. I'd sit there on their couch watching them drink beer and talk about chicks while Jared puffed on that cigar with all his might. I was in heaven but I didn't want to be too obvious. I didn't want them to know that I was gay. The younger brother Darrel would join his brother occasionally but it was obvious that Jared was the true smoker in the family. They taught me a lot. They taught me about women, guns and everything about being a guy I had never learned from my dad. I never told them I had no interest in the women.

Jared would constantly tell us about his exploits with women. He was know to be quite the lady's man. He'd often bring home his dates and Darrel and I would hear them screaming in ecstasy for hours in the next room. One night he brought home a girl he'd been seeing off and on for years and proceeded to take her to the room and fuck her crazy. I got hard thinking about what it was like in there. I wanted to be a fly on the wall. I wanted to see his cock pounding in her and know what it was like to be a super hot muscle stud. I was sitting on the couch watching some stupid TV show with Darrel when Jared burst from the room STARK ASS NAKED. My jaw dropped. His dick was at least 10" long soft and as thick as a beer can. Darrel protested "Put that fucking monster away Jared! Nobody here wants to see that!" and then Jared said "I bet Zo does! He's gotta see what a real man can do!"

He proceeded to drag me into the room and there was the girl laying in the bed passed out. "I fucked her until she passed out man! Look how stretched her twat is!" Jared boasted. I looked around the bed and there was cum everywhere. I mean it was fucking everywhere! There were puddles on the bed. It was running out of her pussy onto the bed making a new puddle. There was a puddle on the floor by the bed. There was cum dripping down the wall. Jared walked up and said "See what a real man can do lil' Bro?" I just stud there awe struck. Jared grabbed a fat cigar from his humidor and fired it up and said "Get this bitch out of here Darrel!" We put some clothes on the girl and drug her out the door. She woke up and Darrel said "He's done with you bitch. Get out of here." She grabbed her clothes and ran out of the yard.

The entire time my cock was hard. Darrel looked at me and said "Fuck lil' bro your dick is hard as a rock!" I just blushed and made an excuse about the girl being hot. We went back inside and Jared was naked on the couch, his massive cock flopped over one side, the outline of his awesome deltoids and biceps bouncing as his pulled on his stogie. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. But I had a plan. I wanted to be like Jared. Shit! I wanted to BE Jared. I went into his room and grabbed the biggest cigar he had in his humidor, a Casa Blanca Jeroboam Maduro. I stuffed it inside my pants and came back into the living room. I said "Guys I have to get home, it's almost midnight." Jared reported back and said "Alright lil' bro but we gotta get you laid or your dick is going to burst!" I blushed and told him I could get laid on my own.

I ran home and put the cigar in my secret hiding place so my parents wouldn't find it. They'd be pretty pissed if they found me with a cigar. I got ready for bed. I looked at my body. I was 6' 10" and 290 lbs of fat. Jared always said I had the potential to be a massively muscled dude and that all I needed was a little work. He didn't know I barely ate and I ran every day to try and loose the weight. It just never seemed to come off. My body lacked definition. I was a massive blob. The only thing I had to be proud of was my dick. I was no where near as massive as Jared but I had a good 8 thick inches but my fat body made it look puny in comparison. But now I had a cigar. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I wanted to fire it up right then and there but I couldn't. I just couldn't. I laid in bed all night rubbing my dick and thinking about tomorrow when I could smoke the cigar.

My parents worked late pretty much every night. They got in after 10:00 p.m. almost every night. They were pretty successful people and we had a nice house. I was an only child so I pretty much had the place to myself until they got home. I got home from school at 3:15 and pulled my car into the garage. I raced up to my room and whipped the MASSIVE cigar out of my hiding spot. It was so big. I instantly got hard. I went to the unfinished bonus room above the garage where I had my musical instruments and computers. My parents usually left me alone when I was up there.

I grabbed some matches sat on the old couch my dad had put up there for me. I pulled out the cigar and smelled it. God it smelled great. I quickly looked out the windows to see if there was anyone around. The coast was clear. Jared and Darrel wouldn't be home until 6:00. I sat down and proceeded to light the cigar like I'd lustfully watched so many men do. I rolled it in my mouth. The cigar was as big around as a room deodorizer can and 12" long. It blazed up and I began to pull on it. I knew I wasn't supposed to inhale. Jared had explained how to smoke a cigar to me on more than one occasion. I pulled on it some more and the cherry glowed a bright powerful red. I started to feel funny. It wasn't the nicotine. Something else was wrong. OH SHIT! Was this a laced cigar? Was it weed? What the fuck!?

My body began to burn all over. Suddenly my mouth clenched hard on the cigar and I couldn't let go. I was on FIRE! It HURT! FUCK! What was fucking happening to me. I moaned threw the clenched cigar in my mouth. My clothes felt tight. My feet were in pain. FUCK! OH FUCK! My body was changing. The cigar was burning hot! My lungs were filled with smoke. My arms suddenly got ripped. My biceps looked like christmas hams. My quads were huge and my jeans started to rip. My shirt had already torn open at the buttons and a furry rock hard belly was where my hairless fat squishy layer had been. My neck was getting so thick! I felt the St. Christopher necklace around my neck cutting into my skin. Suddenly the metal chain snapped and the St. Nicholas metal flew across the room and cracked a window. Then I felt a tingle in my crotch. I was hard the moment I started to smoke the stogie but now I was beyond hard. I was covered in thick veins and my dick was pulsing and oozing pre-cum. Pre-cum?! I'd never done that in my life. Suddenly it rapidly shot up an inch, then another inch! FUCK IT HURT! AHHH GOD! Fuck! Another inch and another! Then it got thicker! It bursts forward in massive girth. Then another burst. It was too thick! It was as thick as a can of peas and as long as 3 coke cans stacked end to end! My balls began to swell. They swelled more and more. Soon they were the size of two large ruby red grapefruits! GOD THEY HURT! I was still puffing away on the cigar and I couldn't believe what was happening to me. Finally the growth subsided. My clothes were in tatters! I still had the cigar clenched in my teeth but I had smoked 8 of the super thick 12 inches down. I pulled the cigar from my mouth with my new super thick and long fingers and stumbled over to the bathroom.

I was truly fucking huge. I looked so hot with the cigar in my mouth. I looked so masculine. Jared and Darrel had nothing on me. My 14.25" long Tin Can thick cock was dripping pre-cum all over the floor. I grabbed the cigar in one hand and the can in the other and started to pump my massive dick. It was big but what if it was bigger? Could it get bigger? As soon as I thought that it began to grow. My dick grew 1/2" with each puff on the cigar. I was thinking "GROW!" with each puff. I tried not thinking about it growing when I puffed and nothing happened. I thought about it growing and took the cigar from my mouth. Nothing happened! Was my newfound size and ability to control the size of my dick the result of this cigar? Was it THIS cigar or any cigar? I don't know but I had a couple of guys from school that I thought needed a lesson in what happens when you pick on the fat fag. I stuck the cigar back in my mouth and ran down to my dad's room to raid his closet. I found some track pants and a tank top that showed off my massive body and headed out the door. I puffed on the cigar and willed my dick to go down. It did. It went soft but still hung and impressive 8 inches long and as thick around as a italian sausage. My balls didn't shrink but I was so fucking big I didn't care.

I jumped in my car and headed to the High School gym. I know two jocks who are going to learn what is like to be a real man. But wait... the cigar. It's almost gone! Shit! FUCK! I need another one and I need it now! •

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