Cigar Man

By ineedthisid

I wrote this when I was 13 or 14.. it's pretty bad, and I hadn't planned on sharing it with anybody. It's not as much muscle transformation as masculinity transformation, and it has hetero sex so you might not want to read it if those things don't really interest you.

She took me home.

It was the last thing I expected. She had been the hottest chick at the party, and had guys falling around her. I had been sitting off to the side, chatting with my friends and just starting to get a buzz off the keg, when she made her way across the room and introduced herself.

Less than an hour later, now, I was going up the stairs to Eve's apartment. By now Chris must have heard about it. Hah! He must be shitting in his pants.

Let me back up. My name is James, a fairly normal 16 year old High School guy. Well, almost normal. I had this one thing, you see - a fetish. A wierd one. Cigars.

They turned me on. I don't know why. They just did. Whenever I saw a guy smoking a cigar, there was the immediate tightness in my crotch which would soon become embarassingly obvious.

I've never been real masculine, though I wish I was. I'm scrawny, I have dirty blond, wavy hair. I'm incapable of growing any kind of noticable facial hair and my voice cracks more often than it doesn't. The one thing I had going for me was invisible to anybody who wasn't interested in me, unless I happenned to catch a glance of a hot chick or a guy smoking. I never tried to smoke; I wasn't old enough, and though it wouldn't be hard for me to get ahold of them anyway, I wanted the cigars to seem a part of me, not a rebellious act of a teenager.

My brother, Chris, is the total contrast; he is the embodiment of masculinity. He's 26, he has straight, dark brown hair, and he's a professional body builder. He started shaving when he was 11, and so had a full moustache when he was 13. Now, he shaves regularly, though his face is never without an apparent mask of stubble. The everpresent cigar clenched in his strong, well-defined jaw make him look like the most manly man that ever existed.

I'm terribly jealous.

Suddenly, before I realized it, she was kissing me, her tounge playing inside my mouth like a snake, coiling around and tasting every bit of me. Within seconds her hands were down to my pants, undoing the belt buckle and fly, pulling the pants off with one hand and caresing my member with the other. My dick stiffened and leaped to fill the space between us. She backed off a moment.

She grinned.

"You really are a little punk, aren't you? Seems to me a big boy like you should have a cigar, don't you think?" she asked, playfully.

I was shocked that she could see so quickly into my secret fetish. Yet, more than I was startled, I was happy she was accepting and even encouraging me to indulge in my fantasy, and more than that, I was astoundingly horny.

I grinned, finally, in response to her comment, and, nodding slightly, she opened a box on her desk, removing a cigar from the box. I'm not familiar with specific cigars, but I knew this was large. About 8 or nine inches long, nearly an inch wide. She placed it in my mouth, smiling. I bit down and ripped the worthless head of the cigar away, then spat it to the side. Grinning hugely, she placed it between my teeth. With one hand she reached down to grab my balls and pull and twist them gently, with the other she held a lighter she produced from somewhere several inches from the end of the cigar. I sucked in through the cigar, puffing, allowing the flame to catch. She snapped the lighter shut and went to her knees, placing her red lips on my head, swallowing all 9 inches, sucking, tickling... When at last I came in her mouth, there were fireworks in my head as she swallowed greedily.

When I saw her face, though, she seemed even happier than me, and I realized I was even harder than before. "Not enough for you, big boy?" she said quietly. "You want some more of that, huh?"

"Yeah," I replied in as gruff a voice as I could manage. Strangely, the voice suceeded more that I had expected; a deep, husky voice had spoken. My eyes widened as they glanced at a mirror; I was changed!

As I looked closer, though, I realized I wasn't abnormally changed at all. It had been awhile since I'd taken a good look at myself, I guess. I had a light beard on my chin and upper lip, and my face seemed to have thinned out a bit, while my arms had a little new muscle. I looked quite a bit older than I had thought I used to. Maybe that was why Eve had had such an interest in me.

Not too slowly I became aware of her massaging my balls, her hand stroking my still-hard dick. She kissed me deeply, accelerating her hand movements, driving me wild. I puffed on the large... had it been this large? ..cigar I brought to my face between her kisses until, all too soon, I came in her hand and on my abdomen.

She used her clean (cleaner?) hand to guide my left one to my face, depositing the cigar there, and moved her own face down my body, licking, until she reached the cum which she slowly, agonizingly lapped up.

Amazingly, I was still hard. In fact, I was even hornier than before. She saw this, of course, and as she finished "cleaning" me up, she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock again. As I sucked on the cigar in my mouth, I happenned to look at the mirror again.. and was shocked again.

I was changing! There were definite differences, however minute. I now had a light coat of dark blonde hair over my chin and running up to cover my upper lip, though it didn't run up the sides of my face. My chest was filling out, muscle rippling into existance where there was none before. My face had thinned a little more, my jawbone becoming more defined. The cigar, though I'd been puffing strongly on it for all this time, was barely a third inch down.

As I lay examining myself in the overhead mirror, I felt my body work up to orgasm and felt myself cum all over Eve's face.

And, unbelievably, as I watched myself come in the mirror, I saw my body begin to change. The hair on my face lengthened and darkened, becoming more like a small beard. My arms swelled some, becoming strong and veiny. My chest expanded outward. Most notably, however, my face seemed to reshape itself, my jaw becoming stronger but wider, and the cigar in the left side of my mouth lengthing by an inch and expanding several ring sizes. All this change left behind the young man I used to be, leaving behind a true man of about 26.

"Holy shit, what the fuck is happening to me!?" I cried, staring wildly at Eve. I hardly noticed that I seemed to have gained some skill at speaking with the large 50 ring cigar in my mouth.

"You wanted to be a man and smoke cigars. Now you'll be a man."

Shocked, I reached for the cigar in my mouth to try and remove it, but I found that when I touched it I only turned it in my mouth and fucked it in and out of my mouth, moistening and tasting it.

"A real man is always smoking his big cigars, no matter what," Eve said, grinning. "You know what else men do, don't you?" she asked lustily.

Now I understood the significance of my surprising stamina; she had been transforming me all along, aging me into a more masculine form. But, I couldn't imagine that I could get any more masculine, no matter how old she made me. My thoughts were cut off, however, because at that moment she removed her skirt, revealing her bare cunt.

My groin got a mind of its own at this point, siezing control of my body. I held her, thrusting my member into her, her juices lubricating us. She screamed as I came into her, for the fourth time tonight, and I could do little more than moan and stare at the ceiling.

My face reshaped itself. My beard lengthened to about a half inch long and turned black. My body twisted and became muscled all over. My hair shortened, straightened, and darkened. And, as another interesting addition to the morphing I was experiencing, the cigar in my mouth, previously tan, turned a dark brown as it shortened by several inches and widened at least 15 ring sizes, becoming more a stogie than a cigar. As the cigar continued to expand and slowly shorten into a stogie, my jaw reshaped and it became uncomfortable for the cigar to be in that corner of my mouth, and I automatically shifted it to the other side.

This solved the question of how I could become more masculine. I simply left my old self behind, becoming a different man alltogether.

I had a dark, shiny black goatee that connected to a very thick moustache along the sides of my mouth. My face seemed to have adapted naturally to the big stogie in my mouth, and I found myself puffing on it even now, an action that had suddenly become synonymous with breathing. My arms no longer seemed to have some of the strength they had had before, though still formidable, but my chest, now broad and very furry, looked like it could withstand bullets.

My dick however, had remained untouched throughout these transformations, something that rather unnerved me.

My abs seemed to heave as I spoke around my cigar as if it weren't there. "Why are you doing this?" The voice that came out was deep.

"Heh, because you like it, big boy," she playfully returned. I didn't see anything funny about it, and I reached with my now-strong arms to grab her, and she said, "Oh, if you really want me to, I can change you back to what you were, even less, so you can be that pitiful boy you are forever and ever."

I instantly dropped my hands away; I didn't want this undone, I inwardly admitted. Even now, I couldn't let go of my own fetish.

"Good," she said, mockingly. "Now that we've settled that, maybe you'd like some more, hm?" She began to move towards me.

"First, change him again," came an al-too-familiar voice.

"Sure thing, Big Man," she said back to Chris. "Ready or not," she murmured.

I was calmer, now, and I imagined it was because of the transformation. Terror isn't fitting for a man, I guess.

This time, the change started differently. There was a strange feeling all over my body, almost as if something were coating it. Then, suddenly, the coating separated itself from me, and when I looked down I saw that I was now wearing a military uniform, a black suit, with medals on the left side of the jacket. My face rounded a bit, and my beard suddenly seemed to retreatback into my face, leaving me first with stubble, then claen-shaven. My skin lightened and my shoulders thinned a little, and my hair, now much darker, shortened until there was barely any. I wasn't bald, hut it looked just as if I had shaved my head several weeks ago, a half-centimeter or so covering my head. The cigar slimmed down to a 50 ring and lengthened by an inch, its color turning only a few shades lighter.

"Mm," Eve said. "Just like I last saw him."

Before I could ask what she meant, Chris filled me in. "She's transforming you into one of her past lovers. I've been in that same form, once before."

As he spoke, Eve went down on my cock, still untouched, I moaned in pleasure, puffing on my cigar, as she seemed to be doing to my dick. All too soon it was over, and I lay peacefully in the afterglow.

As I lay there, near-unconscious, my dick was throbbing with a painful erection, which now seemed permanent, and no amount of release could satisfy it. It was like my balls were blessed with eternal life, and my dick loved and hated it all at once. My body was so tired, however, that I couldn't do anything about it.

Eve didn't seem to be interested in me much at the moment, looking over to Chris expectantly. Chris just smiled, his hands moving to his pants, the belt of which he removed in one deft move. The pants, somehow, just dropped as a result, revealing his already-hard dick. I rethought that, though, remembering that Eve had changed him, too, and could only assume that he was permanently erect as well. A look at his face confirmed this, however: the eagerness that seemed to utterly consume him told me that he had learned to live with the constant libido and that when Eve decided he could indulge, he did so without hesitation.

As he removed the rest of his clothes, an unneccessary act, it seemed to me, Eve whispered something to him, and he responded, "Constant."

Eve just smiled. "Want to give him a show, I guess?" She was referring to me. I knew this because she had a powerful and complete control of my dick, and when she mentioned me or maybe even thought of me it snapped even tighter than before.

Chris, began to approach Eve slowly, and Eve shook her head at him for a moment. Chris' dick seemed to bulge suddenly, his erection expanding and it looked like it just might pop. He just grinned, and I realized with a start that it wasn't his erection becoming more intense, but his dick itself becoming larger. His previously 7" long and about an inch across, swelled to my size (he was smaller, I knew it!) However, to my shock, it continued to expand, 10, 11, a foot long, before finally settling down to 14 inches long, and two inches across!

Eve stopped frowning, then, and gestured him closer. He seemed to tackle her in his haste. He inserted his cock in her cunt, and fit, somehow. His arms, smaller than my current ones, embraced her. As I watched, those arms seemed to grow, before I realized it was no illusion. His arms grew and grew, muscle rippling on top of muscle. His arms were soon four feet long, his hands becoming huge and meaty. His biceps became huge, at least a foot across, and his forearms thickened similarly, but not to such an extreme. Chris let out a small moan of pleasure, and while at first I thought it was caused by the commotion his dick was causing, with his loins thrusting wildly, I realized that it was rather the transformation, as it moved towards his chest.

Hair sprouted everywhere; a thick coat of it covered his chest, meek- looking compared to his arms. This was corrected quickly, however, as his pecs and shoulders enlarged at a frightening pace. His chest expanded outward at least siz inches, and his shoulders broadened by more than that. His neck thickened, becoming veiny and twice as big around. It seemed to lengthen a little bit as well, probably so that he didn't squeeze his jaw shut, and that made him a tad taller. I realized that his chest had not finished expanding, and it was soon a foot farther out than previously, for a grand total of a foot and a half. I could only guess that his back was similar.

The transformation slid up to his face.[sharp, strong jaw; Thin lips' Large nose; Narrow eyes, wrinkled forehead] His jaw narrowed to become much sharper, and his chin moved in closer to his skull. His lips thinned, becoming a little meaner, and his nose stayed the same, or maybe got a little bigger. His eyes narrowed and his eyebrows thickened, his forehead wrinkling strangely. His stubble intensified all over his face, and stopped in some places, continuing in others to create a very sharp-edged, squared-off goatee and moustache, blended together. The goatee covered his entire chin, and was as wide as his moustache all the way down. The moustache seemed a little longer than his goatee, and as it dropped down the sides to meet his chin, it stayed just as long, creating a shaggy look on his face. While it looked out of place, with his light brown hair color, it suddenly seemed mean and handsome when it turned jet black and shiny.

As I had been watching, the transformation had already spread down to leave him with huge abs. They blended easily into his torso, equally beefy.

Through all this, Chris had been fucking Eve, moaning each time the transformation became more obvious, but now Eve withdrew from him, but kept him stimulated, somehow, leaving him thrusting pitifully into the air.

The transformation seemed to hesitate at the crotch; I guess 14 inches was plenty. Instead, it made minor changes. It thickened it, making it alot closer to three inches than two across, and made it veiny. His head enlarged frighteningly, then shrunk to balance out, though it was still huge. His balls seemed to suddenly inflate, the straggly hair on it thickening considerably. Soon his sack was quite large, grapefruit size, and obviously heavy. Each ball swelled, filling the sack much more efficiently than before; each ball was slightly smaller than an apple. Their mere weight pulling on his crotch was probably a turn-on. This thought was confirmed by the heavy moan he emmitted. As I watched, the transformation refused to move on, instead, his dick started throbbing even more furiously than before, and he shouted as he suddenly spurted, his balls actually churning as he loosed his load. His load seemed to be never-ending, however, his balls apparently producing faster than he could eject it, and soon the rate of expulsion was no longer sufficient for his balls to handle, and his head inflating in urgency, causing him to scream. He simply could not shoot any faster than he was, and the pressure building in his crotch was causing his dick to swell. Uncut as he was, the swelling filled his dick into the skin making it tight. As suddenly as the whole ordeal had begun, it stopped, and the transformation moved on. His butt quickly shrank and flattened, toning and tanning. His legs, however, experienced a more dramatic change, thickening to the point where his monstrous genetalia simply could not fit between, and was squeezed out and foreward. He became much taller, now, at least 7'4. Finally, as the change reached his feet, they enlarged and his toes lengthened. As his feet continued to grow, so did his dick, impossibly. I assummed that the law of shoe sizes could not be circumvented even by Eve. Chris collapsed on the floor, the apparent surges of the transformation complete. He panted and grunted, though his pants sounded like deep animal growls and his grunts were muffled by his thick facial hair. As a final touch, I supposse, a cigar seemed to blur into existence, already- lit, in the left side of his mouth, which he puffed with the same kind of involuntary urge that I was having right now. •

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