By rockhardmuscle1

The summer had quickly ended for everyone. The four frinds didn't see eachother that often, and when they did they were usually just going to McDonalds with their parents. Jake felt like it had passed in a day. But today was the first day of school. He got out of bed and got dressed like usual, that summer he didn't grow much. He was very content with his massive muscles and didn't crave size like he did before. Before he put his shirt on, he did some flexes in the mirror. He started with a double bicep, he watched the muscles grow on his arms until the reached their peak. Veins ran up and down his arms like rivers. He realxed then tightened his abs. The ripped eight pack looked like an even stacked pile of stones. He relaxed then began rubbing his hands on them, feeling each individual one. He then gave his pecs several bounces, then put his shirt on. Jake walked into the kitchen, where David sat. "Mom and dad left already, the bus will be here soon so get ready." David said. "Okay, but how come I have to go to school and you don't?" Jake asked. Over the summer David had become very big and decided he wanted to put full concentration on bodybuilding, je jad also been treated poorly at school because of his muscle mass, so his parents decided to pull him out. "I got too big for school." He replied, flexing his muscles. "Okay, but what will you do all day?" Jake asked. "Nothing interesting." David replied. "Oh, my bus!" Jake said as his bus approached the corner of his street. He ran outside just in time. At school, he finally got to see his friends after not seeing one of them for a solid month. All three were wearing long sleeve shirt, so their muscles weren't noticed. Jake knew matt got skinny and Dylan had bulked up, but he didn't know about Kevin's muscles until later. They all spoke about their summers until the bell rang and the teacher got their attention. They did the usual things on the first day of school. They told the class about their summers and vacations. Then the teacher would talk about the rules of the class and expectations. Then they would write three paragraphs on three goals they wanted to accomplish that year. Then they shared and went to lunch. "Matt, yit sounded like you had a good summer." Kevin said. "And your skinny now!" He added. "Yeah Greece was fun, and I'm happy that my shirts fit me now." He replied. "Its hot in here with this sweat shirt on." Dylan said, pulling it off. Under the sweat shirt he was wearing a plain white t-shirt. It was tight on him, showing off his phsyique. "Wow, you look strong." Kevin said, and responded by pulling off his own sweat shirt. Kevin wore a tank top under his sweat shirt. He flexed his muscles a little bit to show off. "Wow, your almost as big as Jake." Matt and dylan said at the same time. "Yeah... I guess so." Kevin said. Kevin flexed and motioned for Jake to do the same. The two boys compared biceps. Kevins were just as defined and vascular, but slightly smaller. "We can compare the rest of our muscles later." Jake said. The rest of the day passed quickly. At three o'clock, they were let out. Jake took Kevin home to finish the muscle comparison. "Hi David." Jake yelled. "Hi, David said, breathing heavily." The two friends walked in to the wight room where David was. "Hi Kevin." David said. "Hi." He responded. "Wow, your muscles got pretty huge!" David said. "Yeah, Jake and I wanted to compare how big our muscles were." He said. "Well, go right ahead, I'm done any way." David reponded. Jake thanked him and went over to pull out a mirror. He set it up against the wall and did a little flex in it. The two boys then stood next to each other. Jake was wider and taller than Kevin, but he noticed that Kevins upper body was more developed. Jake told Kevin to do what he did. They started with a double bicep pose. Jake watched his huges arms grow until they became massive mountains of muscle. Veins ran up and down them, making them seem more ripped and large. Kevin followed. He watched his biceps also become mountains of mass. His veins weren't as visible but also added a more ripped appearence. They then moved on to pecs. Jake flexed his, trying to make them seem as big as possible. Kevin followed, enlarging his pecs ntil they actually surpassed Jakes. "Wow, your pecs are bigger than mine, thats incredible." Jake said. "Yeah, they are." Kevin responded, a bit shocked. "You should work out with me, you can be huge that way."Jake said. "Yeah, I guess so." This was the beggining for Kevin's muscles •

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