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It was another usual day for Jake. He lifted until 12 PM like usual sundays. He invited friends over to swim in the pool, then he went with Kevin and too other close friends, Dylan and Matt too play soccer on the front lawn.Jake and Kevin got in the two cheesy little goals that Rob had made for them, Dylan and Matt got to play offense. About three minuets in, Matt tripped the ball and fell onto the curb, scraping his knee. It wasn't a big cut, but it was bleeding.

"ouch" He said.

"Wait a second, don't get up!" Kevin yelled

"Why?" Matt, Dylan and Jake said in unison.

"My brother taught me this cool thing he did with some friends, its called blood brothers." They looked confused.

"I'll show you, I'll take something pointy and poke my self with it." He took a pin out of his hat and did just that.

"Then you guys do it to." They obeyed.

"Now we all rub our cuts together so that we become best friends forever." The boys all rubbed their cuts together, getting their blood in each other's veins. This one little incident helped set a chain of events that would change Jakes life forever. Jake's DNA had a different effect on each boy. They would all sonn find out what Jakes blood did to them.

Kevin. woke up and got out of his bed as usual. He stretched and put on his every day clothes. Tommorow was the first day of school, the begginig pf third grade, it had been 2 months and two weeks since he became blood brothers with his three best friends. Over the summer he had joined a track team for young kids and a swim team for young kids. This left him little time to spend with his friends, but he didn't seem to notice. He excelled at both, he was especially good in shot put, he would throw the ball as for as some of the thirteen year olds. What he didn't know was that today it was going to pay off. He walked into the bathroom and noticed that his shirt was very tight. As he moved his arm to grab his tooth brush, he could hear the seams stretch. He grabbed the tooth paste, closed the medicine cabinet, and removed his shirt so that after he brushed his teeth, he could grab another. He squeezed out the tooth paste, put the bush in his mouth and looked up. The tooth brush dropped out of his mouth and into the sink. He saw his face there, but his body was not the one he was used to seeing. Before him stood a muscular, massive, and ripped version of himself. He looked down, inspecting his new body. A six pack sat where a slightly fat stomache used to be. Two rested on his chest and his biceps looked like little boulders. His legs became much thicker as well.

"Sweetie, I'm leaving for work now, your fathers already left, will you be okay alone today?" His mom said.

"Yes mom." He replied.

"You know to call if you need anything okay?" She shouted.

"I know." He responed. A quite

"Oh shit I'm gonna be late." Was heard as she left the house. This was great, Jake had a whole day to discover what his muscles could do. He started to flex infront of the mirror, he only knew what a bicep and tricep flex looked like so he started with those. He flexed his bicep as hard as he could. It rose in the air, becoming larger every second. This suprised Kevin, he didn't think he could be so big. Veins began to pop up on his arm. The bicep was now fully sculpted. He stared at the cannon ball arm in amazement, he rubbed his hand over it and felt how hard it was. The last time he had felt something that hard was when he was throwing rocks a a near by lake. He switched to a tricep flex, it looked likeone of those iron horse shoes that his dad liked to throw. He switched back and forth for a minuet or two. A fly landed on his left pec and gave him and itch. He looked down and his pecs bounced up, scaring the fly away. He itched his chest and tryed to get it to bounce again, he'd seen Jake do it, maybe he could too. He eventually figured it out and began bouncing the rack of muscle. It kept him bust for a minuet or two. He spun around to look at his back, it was also very muscular and ripped. This was going to be a great day.

Matt got out of bed. It was two weeks after he became blood brothers with Jake. He was going to visit his family in Greece next week His mother was American, but her parents were Greek and his dad was actually from Greece. His mom would cook alot for lunch and diner which caused Matt to gain a lot of weight, that and the fact he had McDonald every morning for breakfast. He was always the fattest in his grade, which, never bothered him.His parents weren't very rich either and he sometimes had to wear old clothes or hand me downs that would fit and the shirts would either burst open or the bottom of his gut would be exposed. He changed into a shirt and pants. The shirt ripped in half right after he put it on. He just shrugged his shoulders and walked into the kitchen shirtless. A note was on the table. It read:

Dear Matt,

Your father and I left for work. Were going to be working late tonight so we called Jake's parents so that you could sleep over his house. I didn't have enoguh time to get you McDonalds today so you can walk down to the deli and buy something, I left you twenty dollars on the table.

Love, Mom.

Matt slipped on one of his brothers shirts, took the twenty, and walked to the deli. It was about four blocks from his house, buit he didn't care. It took a few misuets, every minuet it felt like his shirt was getting looser. Soon he became full of energy and started walking faster. By the time he got to the deli, he felt so energetic that he he could barely contain himself. He asked for a ham and swiss cheese sancwich with tomatoe lettuce and mustard. He got it, ran home, and ate it. He had never felt so energetic before. And his shirt was very loose on him. He took it off too se what happened. Matt tossed the shirt too to the floor and peered down at his body. His stomache was much smaller, he looked at his arms, noticing that the were less fat, and he even that he had biceps on them. He ran into his room and looked in his mirror, his face was much thiner than before. Overall, Matt had become much thiner, nd slightly muscular. This amazed him. He knew today was like no other.

Dylan woke up. It had been just yesterday since he had become blood brothers with his friends. He took off his pajams and went into the bathroom to take a shower, he knew, like always, his dad was at work. He jumped in without looking at the mirror. After five minuets, he ran out, dryed off, slipped on clothes and went back in to brush his teeth. As he reached for the brush, his shirt ripped completely off. Shocked, he stumbled back. He looked down at his shirt and then into the mirror. He looked very big. He was not defined, but his mass was there. Dylan looked astonished, he began to flex his muscles. After about ten minuets of flexing, he went to the phone and dialed Jakes number. David answered.

"Hello?" David asked.

"Is Jake there, I need to talk to him." Dylan said.

"Okay." He responed. In the background he heard David yell.

"Hey Jake, wake up Dylan's on the phone!"

"Hello?" Jake said, sounding tired.

"Jake, you have to come over and see what happened to me!" Dylan yelled.

"What, what happened?" Jake said, now sounding awake.

"I'll show you when you come over! Just come quick, this is amazing!" Dylan yelled.

"Okay okay!" Jake said as he hung up the phone. Ten minuets later, Jake arrived at Dylan's door step.

"Watch this." Dylan said as he pulled off his shirt,

"Whoa, you've got big muscles like me!" Jake said.

"I know, I just woke up and they were there!."

"Thats awesome! Lets see how big they are, do you have a tape measure?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, my dad keeps one in his closet." He said. They sorted through the closet until the found the tape meausre.

"Alright, hold out your arm." Jake said. Dylan obeyed.

"Wow, its twelve inches!" Jake said excitedly. They moved on to his chest.

"26 inches, thats almost as big as mine!" Dylans legs turned out to be eighteen inches, and his flexed biceps were fifteen inches.

"Thats amazing, you should work out with me and David!" Jake shouted.

"Wow, that would be awesome!" Dylan said with excitment. He knew that today was the best day of his life! •

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