Inner Demon

Fires of Passion


By RedKage

With an expression of smug satisfaction, Kou closed the thick volume after reading the last page. He looked up towards the clock to check the time. It was nearly 11:30, which meant Chris would be arriving any time now. The thought of Chris caused his forehead to knot up into a frown. Chris had promised the previous day to come over to cook them both lunch and dinner. While Kou himself wanted his father to have something nice to eat, he was slightly worried about how he was going to handle it himself.

The doorbell rang. Kou pushed himself from his desk and headed out towards the living room. When he arrived, his father Lou had already admitted Chris into the house. Chris was dressed in a casual red long sleeved shirt and jeans. In his hands were plastic grocery bags filled with vegetables, meats and other ingredients. There was also a package with long yellow straws inside poking out of one bag. “I figured I’d make something simple. You don’t mind eating spaghetti, do you?”

Kou shot a helpless look to his father, not knowing what to say. To be frankly honest, he had no idea what spaghetti was.

“Spaghetti is just fine.” Lou gave a warm smile to Chris. “I haven’t eaten spaghetti in years, and now I got a sudden craving for it.”

“I just hope I remember how to make it.” Chris headed into the kitchen. “I might as well get started now.“

After a moment’s thought, Kou followed Chris into the kitchen. Already, the small fifteen year old was taking out several ingredients and setting them on the counter. Among all the people at school, Chris was very ordinary and what they called ‘average.’ He was about five and a half feet tall, which really wasn’t all that big when compared to others. To Kou, everyone was almost equally smaller then he was. When he first met Chris, he thought that he was skinny. Now, on closer inspection, he saw that there were faint signs of some muscle development under the delicate pink skin, even though it was buried under a small amount of leftover baby fat. His brown hair was the color of brown sugar, with a subtle kind of luster to it. His hair, although it was placed into a crude comb over, was messy and a bit wild, though it seemed to give him more of a charm. As Kou watched, he noted every movement and action that Chris did. His face was happy as he chopped up garlic and mixed it into the ground beef. In the two weeks that Kou had known Chris, he had never seen him happier then at that precise moment.

Chris felt a pair of eyes on his back, naturally, but he continued on preparing the spaghetti. After a bit of searching, he found a pot that suited him, filled it with water and set it on the stove to boil. After letting the water heat up a bit, he threw in the spaghetti straws, then went on to continue preparing the sauce.

Kou was content with just watching, but then the phone next to the kitchen door began to ring. Instead of going to pick it up, he dashed right past it, through the hall, up the stairs and to a door on the second floor and knocked on it lightly. “Dad, phone!”

There was the sound of paper shuffling and the creak of something heavy moving across the floor. A moment later the door flew open and Lou ran past his son towards the phone.

Meanwhile, Chris blinked his eyes several times as tears formed. He used his shirt sleeve to wipe them out, the continued cutting the onions in front of him. He knew that there was a trick to cutting onions, but he couldn’t remember them at the moment. Already, his eyes began to stung fiercely and he flinched a bit. In his carelessness, the knife slipped and he made a small cut on his left index finger. Cursing himself, he stuck his finger into his mouth and began sucking it. It wasn’t a deep cut, but it stung anyways. After a moment of opening drawers, he found the med kit, took out a bandage and wrapped it around the cut. As soon as that was done, he went back to chopping onions. He cut himself at least three more times before he was done with them. He mixed the onions with half of the meat he had set aside, and added seasoning to it. He barely noticed the phone ringing until Lou came in and answered it.

“Hello?” Lou said into the receiver. “Yeah, it’s me. Yeah….yeah…what, now?” He frowned. “Are you sure? Can’t you get someone else? No? Well, we were about to have lunch, but-” Lou listened intently for awhile, then sighed. “Alright, I’ll be there soon. I know, I know. Bye.” Lou hung up the phone, looking somewhat annoyed.

“Something come up?” Chris assumed.

“Yeah.” Lou replied. He shook his head. “The idiots down at the college need me to come out for something. I’ll probably won’t be back for an hour or two.”

“You sound like you were really looking forward to lunch.” Chris observed.

Lou grinned, though his eyes portrayed a deep sadness. “My wife…she used to cook some of the best spaghetti in the world before she died. Watching you cook it reminded me of her.”

Chris didn’t know how to take in this information. Obviously, it was a delicate subject, and he didn’t want to do anything that would cause any trouble for Lou. “I just hope I can make it as well as she did.” Chris finally said.

Lou laughed. “I rather doubt it, but it doesn’t hurt to try now, does it?” Lou continued to laugh as he grabbed his car keys off a peg on the wall. “Well anyways, you boys enjoy your lunch. I might manage to get home early, but don’t bet your money on it.” On his way out he waved goodbye as he passed him, then walked out of the front door.

Kou walked back into the kitchen just as Chris started to cook the spaghetti sauce. He first pulled out a pot big enough and set it on the stove. He browned the grounded meat, then added spaghetti sauce since he didn’t think he could make it completely from scratch. He also added the meatballs he had made into the sauce, and set it to boil. When he checked the spaghetti, he took a piece of noodle and threw it at the wall to Kou’s surprise. The noodle stuck onto the wall, and Chris gave a nod of satisfaction.

“Chris, why did you do that?” Kou exclaimed, pointing at the piece of pasta clinging to the wall.

“That tells me it’s done.” Chris explained, even as he strained the noodles of water. “If it sticks, it’s ready. If not, then I need to cook it a little longer.”

“Oh.” Kou said simply, though his face still looked baffled.

“Do you want to take over?” Chris asked, pointing a spoon towards him.


“I thought so.” Chris dismissed smugly.

In a few moments, Chris had finished making lunch and had set it out on the table. Not only were there two plates of spaghetti, but there was also a large bowl of salad and some garlic bread that Chris made out of regular white bread, butter and garlic powder. Chris surveyed the results with a smug satisfaction and deemed it at least marginally good. For further evaluation, he looked over across the table to Kou. Kou looked at the food with a straight face, with no sign of his opinion whatsoever. Chris frowned slightly at that thought. Kou had always been as readable as an open book, and this strange silence was eating away at Chris’ mind. “Well?” He said, finally unable to bear the silence.

“It…looks good.” Kou said, though he sounded a bit doubtful.

“Hey, I did the best I could.” Chris folded his hands. “And if you don’t believe it’s good, then taste it.”

“Uh, y-yeah.” Kou said a bit evasively. He reached over and gently picked up his fork. Lifting it, he studied the spaghetti a bit, then stuck his fork in, gathered some noodles and took a bite. He held it in his mouth for a very long time, his eyes in a kind of wide awe.

“It’s…good.” He said in a somewhat stunned voice. “It’s good. It’s GOOD!” He began shoveling the spaghetti into his mouth furiously. Once he bite down a little too hard, and to Chris’ amazement the fork came out of Kou’s mouth without it’s head. Chris stared stunned silence as Kou discarded the broken fork and began eating with his hands. As soon as his plate was completely eaten clean, Kou threw the plate against the wall, shattering it to pieces. “MORE!” He yelled, his hands and face smeared with red spaghetti sauce. He was already reaching out and grabbing Chris’ plate and began eating it with the same ferocity. Within moments he was done with that plate as well, then he threw it after the first plate. “MORE!” He roared again, his muscles beginning to bulge though his shirt. “I NEED MORE!” He grabbed the table and threw it off to the side, the piece of furniture literally flying into the wall with a loud bang as he advanced toward the pot of spaghetti sauce.

Chris jumped out of the way of the massive behemoth, not wanting to get hurt. He was absolutely frightened by Kou’s sudden violent behavior and voracious appetite. As he watched, Kou grabbed the pot with his bare hands despite the heat and raised it to his nose. He gave several sniffs, then his hand plunged into it, scooping the sauce to his mouth. Chris stood there, unable to speak or move as Kou kept on eating and eating until he finished the entire pot of spaghetti sauce. Kou scooped and licked the pot completely clean, as well as the sauce on his hands. His tongue licked his lips, trying to get every last bit of sauce on his face. When he was done, he smashed the pot into the ground. The metal pot, under normal circumstances, would have just dented. However, this pot shattered and left a deep crevice in the ground where it struck.

“More…” Kou said in a low growl. That voice and command frightened Chris more then anything had in his entire life. “More…” Kou repeated as he slowly approached Chris. Chris tried to move, but his legs were paralyzed. His whole body was stiff and frozen, even as Kou walked so close that he could smell his breath and his vision was entirely blocked by a wall of fabric covered muscle. He heard Kou give another few sniffs, as if he was trying to smell something out. “You…” He said, then grabbed Chris by the waist. Chris gave a yelp of surprise as Kou threw him over his shoulder and stomped out of the kitchen, down the hall and into Kou’s room. Kou walked over to his bed and deposited Chris onto it. Without waiting for him to recover, Kou’s hands shot down and easily ripped Chris’ shirt off of him. Chris gave a startled cry, but Kou ignored him and ripped off his pants and boxers as well, leaving Chris stark naked.

“K-Kou, what are you-”

“QUIET!” Kou barked, and Chris’ mouth shut tight. Kou grabbed the front of his own shirt and with one swift pull he ripped it off, exposing his torso to Chris for the first time. The shirts had always been so tight that it left little to the imagination, but the bare torso was still a sight that snatched Chris’ breath away. His shoulder and neck were ripped to the extreme, with every fiber visible. Kou’s watermelon sized pectorals jutted out of his body, full round and hard with a deep crevice between the two masses. They were so big, that Chris probably couldn’t hold one of them, even if he used both of his hands. Just below those jutting pecs, Kou’s abs was sunk deep in his stomach. Each abdomen was pronounced and defined, the torso so ripped and devoid of any trace of fat that it could have been used as an anatomy chart. Numbly, Chris made a quick count and it took all his effort not to lose track as he stared. Finally, he finished, reaching ten. That meant Kou had a rare ten-pack abs, something he heard about on the net but never actually seen. There was something about Kou’s torso that seemed…different then normal, something subtle and obvious, but when Chris regained his wits and looked at Kou again, somehow it vanished.

Chris didn’t have time to think because Kou reached down and ripped his jeans off as if they were flimsy paper. Kou’s quads were huge and ripped. Large veins covered the tree trunk legs to pump enough blood into the swollen limbs. Since PE at school required shorts, Chris had seen Kou’s calf muscles many times already and already knew what to expect more or less. What really made his eyes bulge was the outline of a gigantic cock and balls underneath a jockstrap that appeared to have been painted on. Even with it’s feeble restraint, It was slowly growing bigger and bigger, already the length of a child’s arm and as thick as a person’s thigh. An instant later, the cotton confinement could no longer hold it in, and Kou’s dick ripped the jockstrap to shreds, his cock rising out into view and his balls bouncing out. It was huge! The semi hard member was at least two and half feet long and still growing! His balls hung heavily behind the giant organ, the orange sized orbs churning out male juices within the sac.

Chris’ own manhood was quickly becoming hard, but it only became semi erect. There was something completely wrong with Kou, and although he was turned on by this event, a part of his mind did it’s best to prevent him from becoming overcome by lust. Chris gathered up what was left of his courage and tried to speak out, but the words died in his throat. All he could do was lie there, scared and aroused.

Kou slowly descended onto Chris, pressing and rubbing his hard body onto him. Chris couldn’t help but moan as he was enveloped by the almost hot flesh. He felt Kou nibble his neck, and that monstrosity of a penis slowly rub against Chris’s chest. Chris felt his prick swell up harder and harder, despite his efforts to keep his head straight. However, the feeling of having all those rippling muscles touch his skin, the sweet musky odor of Kou’s sweat and the continual rubbing of the massive cock was too overwhelming.

While Chris was busy being torn between two emotions, Kou’s gently nibbling traveled downwards. His arm grabbed Chris’ left hand and pulled it up towards his lips. Despite his attempts to resist, Chris was no match for the massive rippling biceps and strong hand as his arm bent slowly upwards towards him. Kou licked and kissed his hand, and began to hump into Chris ever so slightly. He used his teeth to tear off the bandages on Chris’ hand, and began attacking the small cuts with a fiery passion. He licked, kissed and sucked at them, his humping movements slowly becoming stronger. Suddenly, his teeth bit down onto Chris’ hand, drawing blood. Chris cried out in pain, but Kou ignored it as he lapped up the blood like an animal.

The pain snapped Chris back to reality. “Kou, please stop!” He called out, but the giant ignored him. Kou continued to relentlessly attack his hand, drinking up the blood with a fury. Chris tried to push Kou off of him, but it was no use. Kou was far bigger and heavier then he was, and his skinny muscles couldn’t even budge him. Kou’s thrusts became even more violent, pounding Chris’ tiny body with his bulk and cock, making him feel heavier and look even bigger…

Chris’ eyes grew wide. Kou was bigger! Chris didn’t notice before, since Kou was already pretty large, but Kou was definitely larger then just awhile ago. This torso stretched and grew, becoming longer and thicker. His abs not only became deeper, but the individual abdominal muscles grew as well, fighting for space on his perfect torso. His pecs expanded and grew bigger right before his eyes. Bigger and bigger they became, until it became bigger then his own head, then even bigger then that. In fact, they grew so big that the silver dollar sized nipple pressed into his face and found it’s way against Chris’ lips. Chris struggled and inched his way from beneath Kou’s chest until his head finally came free from under the mass of muscle. As he looked up, he stopped breathing.

Kou had changed. His skin had darkened to a deep, deep tan that it almost glowed. His hair, which was once black and white streaked, was now pure silvery white. The hand that gripped his arm so tightly had become even more wide and strong, and the nails at the end of them had elongated to sharp, wicked claw like points. The most shocking to Chris were two, stubby looking horns that were actually growing out of Kou’s head! But what frighten Chris the most was Kou’s eyes. No longer where they the deep, innocent black that Chris had come to admire, but a bright fiery crimson filled with lust and ecstasy as he drank in Chris’ blood.

Chris was so shocked and frightened by the sudden metamorphosis that he just laid there, staring at the being that was once a shy, kind and caring person. The monster that had once been Kou. The demon that was his friend.

The monster moaned as he drank in the red liquid. His eyes fluttered in an unfocused manner, as if he was slowly falling asleep. He let go of Chris’ arm and quickly slashed Chris’ chest and began attacking the new wounds. On top of Chris, the giant mushroom head started to leak pre onto his body. It was so incredibly hot that it burned Chris. He yelled, screamed and cried as the giant attacked his body as if it were nothing. The semen washed over his body, mixing in with the blood from his wounds, and Kou licked it all up. Chris felt the giant cock heave and churn, the climax most definitely close. Harder and harder the monster battered his body. Bruises formed quickly, and more cuts and wounds appeared. The monster gave a loud howl as his cock began to surge and-

Suddenly the monster cried out in pain and pulled away from Chris. Sparks were dancing across it’s bronze skin, causing him imaginable pain. Standing behind him was Lou. Gone was the humorous glint in his eyes, Lou held what appeared to be a metal disk with engravings on it. “Chris, get out of there!” He yelled.

Chris didn’t need to be told twice. With a sudden burst of energy, he leapt off the bed, dash past Lou and out the door. After a quick thought, he made a quick stop by the bathroom and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his naked pelvis, then ran down the hallway and out the front door, never once looking back.

Lou looked coldly at his son the hand holding the disk shaking violently. “I’m sorry Kousuke…but I have to do this.” A surge of energy and light shot out of the disk and struck Kou. Kou gave one last howl before falling down, completely knocked out. Lou stood there, observing the motionless body. He crept close to the monster, peering down at it’s face. The monster, although it was just in pain, had a faint smile on it’s lips and it’s eyes were rolled up, exposing the whites. “Oh Kou…” Lou said, his eyes closed to hold back the tears. “How did it end up like this?” •

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