Inner Demon

A Closed Heart: Night Terrors


By RedKage

Sunday, 11:46 PM

Chris awoke with a start. He gave out a muffled cry and struggled to free himself from his bed sheets as he falls out of bed. His breathing is difficult and hard, and beads of sweat glistened all over his body. His hands shot up, pressing against the bandages he had placed on his wounds that Kou- no, the monster had given him. The moment he had reached home, dressed in nothing but a towel, he had went straight into a bathroom and washed himself so hard, his entire body was red and sore from his excess scrubbing. He almost poured on the alcohol by the bottle, washing and disinfecting the wounds over and over again before covering them with bandages to heal.

Chris shuddered violently as images of the creature’s massive body and red eyes flashed through his mind. He remembered how it had battered him with it’s relentless thrusts and rubbing, how it had burned his skin when vast amounts of sexual juices flowed out of the massive mushroom head, and finally how aroused he had been to have been smothered by those vast inhuman muscles, devoid of any trace of fat, each fiber visible and rippling with-

“No!” Chris cried out, shutting his eyes and pounding his head. He tried desperately to shut out those images, but to no avail; the blood flowed into his 5 inch pride and swelled with excitement. However, he did not climax. He did not even touch his member. He just sat there, alone in his darkened room. He didn’t notice the tears flowing from his eyes, nor did he care. He just sat there, staring at his hands as if they were drenched in blood.

Monday, 6:55 AM

Chris felt drained and listless. Despite the fact that his body was so exhausted, Chris did not sleep at all the previous night. His nights were haunted by reoccurring nightmares of that monster, and each time he awoke screaming like a child. He had turned on all of the lights in the apartment, fearing everything that may lurk under the cover of the shadows. He spent the entire night in a corner, clutching a frying pan with an unrelenting grip, staring vacantly at the ground.

When the sun finally came up, it illuminated the room through the dingy windows, casting shadows everywhere. When Chris looked up, he saw moving shadows everywhere. Without even thinking, Chris leapt up and began attacking everything in sight with a blind panic. He pounded on the table and chair. He smashed the walls, revealing the insulation. He broke plates, cups, and knocked over the trash can and dented the refrigerator. It took him several minutes before he realized that the shadow he was busily pounding into the ground was in fact his own. Slowly, he fell to his knees, dropped the frying pan, then he broke down and cried like a baby.

Monday, 8:03 AM

Chris didn’t want to go to school. He had no intention of leaving his apartment so soon after what happened to him on Saturday. However, common sense overcame his fear. If he didn’t go to school, then it would raise suspicion. Also, there was no way that Ko…the demon would do anything at school around so many people. So, when first period came around, he was sitting in his desk in Mr. Benson’s English class, nervously awaiting Kou’s arrival. He sat there, half asleep and half widely alert for any indication that the monster was coming. The minutes dragged by and still he didn’t come. Before Chris knew it, first period had ended.

Monday, 12:15 PM


Chris nearly had a heart attack from the sudden exclamation. As he watched, a girl with mousy brown hair stomped right past him and towards where Hunter and Lucas were standing somewhat nervously as she approached them with a fury. Something about the girl seemed vaguely familiar.

“Warrens, you- you- YOU!” She walked right up to Lucas and pressed up against him, causing Lucas to shrink back.

“Listen P- uh,” He stuttered, backing up into the wall. “I m-mean, Matthews, I-”

“Shut up!” She screeched. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done!? Do you know what happened to him!? For Christ’s sake, do you know have the slightest bid of sense in you to think of what could have HAPPENED!? Answer me!” The more Chris listened, the more he felt like he should know the girl. Her features were hauntingly familiar and her attitude almost screamed in the back of his mind, yet he still couldn’t put his finger on it just yet.


“SHUT UP!” She cut him off. “You stupid muscle head!” He punched one of Lucas’ beefy arms. “What the hell were you thinking when you decided to sleep on the job!?

“I’m sorry!” Lucas cowered, though he didn’t seem to have noticed the punch. “I had a very tough workout that day, and just watching was making me all sleepy, so I closed my eyes for one second and-”

“You closed your eyes for three hours you idiot!” She screamed. People were starting to give frequent stares as they passed by. Chris felt almost embarrassed just by standing there, watching. Suddenly, the image of a small girl with brown hair came to mind.

“Paige?” Chris said, finally remembering. “Paige Mathews?” Paige had been one of his few good friends from elementary school. He had lost track of her, however, along with all his other friends after he had lost his parents so he barely recognized her.

Mathews jumped up in surprise. She whirled around and faced Chris, her eyes wide. “C-Chris!” She said in a surprisingly small voice. “I-I-I di-didn’t s-see you.” Her looks were pretty much the same as Chris remembered her, only more mature and full. She even acted the same as before, sometimes being very timid and sometimes being extremely aggressive. In a way, she reminded him of Kou. At that thought, Chris felt a sharp pang in chest as his heart sank.

“I didn’t know we were in the same school.” Chris said, forgetting his nerves for a moment. “Why didn’t you let me know?”

“I-I-I…” She blinked several times fast. Chris could almost hear the wheels turning in her head. “I d-didn’t know either.” Chris saw Lucas and Hunter exchanged a glance but they all said nothing.

“Um…” Chris tried to think of something to say, but his mind was off elsewhere. “It…it was nice seeing you again Paige. Maybe we can hang out sometime.”

“Y-yeah, sure.” she agreed, her eyes cast shyly towards the ground and her cheeks slightly rosy.

“Well…bye.” Chris said, then headed off to PE class.

“I had almost forgotten about that.” Hunter remarked, rubbing his chin in amusement. Mathews blushed.

“You do remember that he’s gay, right Mathews?” Lucas reminded her. A split second later his left cheek came into contact with Mathew’s palm with a resounding smack.

Monday, 10:11 PM

Chris downed another cup of coffee, not bothering to sweeten it with cream or sugar. On his way home from school, he had stopped by the store and bought anything with high amounts of sugar and caffeine. When he reached his shabby apartment, he began to eat and drink non stop. He was afraid to sleep. Or, more specifically, he was afraid of his dreams. So he stuffed himself with so much caffeine and sugar that he would be able to stay up all night without any nightmare haunted sleep. A little discomfort was far better then reliving the horror he went through, so he gladly ate his twentieth chocolate bar.

Tuesday. 4:00 PM

Chris felt exhausted beyond belief the next day. Throughout the school hours, it took everything he had to keep himself from collapsing from exhaustion. Luckily, he didn’t have to do much that day, so he was able to sail on through without any complaints from the teachers and was able to drag himself back to his home.

Although he was more or less awake, the visions of massive muscled monsters with horns and fangs flashed through his mind often. He would cry out suddenly and cower back. He went to his computer and played music on full volume, much to the disproval of his neighbors. He would dunk himself in both cold and hot water with equal eagerness. None of them worked. The images still haunted his mind.

Wednesday, 11:24 AM

Chris didn’t know when he fell asleep. The last thing he remembered was sitting in the corner of his room, shutting his eyes to rest it a bit. The moment his eyes closed, three days without any form of rest caught up to him and pulled him into a deep sleep. At first, he didn’t have any dreams, just a calm, peaceful rest. Then, abruptly, the nightmares began again. He was once again on the bed, stripped naked. Standing before him was Kou, in all his muscular glory. Then, without any sign or warning, he began to change. He grew taller and taller, passing the ten foot mark and still growing. His muscles followed in the growth, bunching up and flexing until they surpassed the largest bodybuilder in the world, and then swelled some more, reaching inhuman proportions. Kou’s hair turned deadly white, breaking free of the tie that bound it together and growing down his ever expanding back. His erection, already at three feet hard, grew bigger and bigger until it was over 5 feet and impossibly thick, with his balls swelling just behind it to match. His forearms bulked up and his hands became huge, each finger ending in a long, wicked claw.

And finally, and most frightening of all, Kou’s face began to change. First, the skin color darkened into a deep bronze more perfect then anything tanning had ever achieved. His teeth grew pointed until they could only be called fangs. Two black horns sprouted from the top of his head, growing longer and longer until they were two feet long and curved back. And last, his eyes shifted from the deep innocent black to a wild crimson.

Chris tried screaming, but his voice was gone. Slowly the monster descended onto him. It’s claws slashed his chest, drawing blood. It bent down and began licking the blood from his wounds, slowly rubbing it’s giant cock head against Chris’ legs. It slowly pressed it’s chest into Chris, and it’s arms enveloped him with it’s great embrace. Fearfully, Chris looked up into the monster’s face, his eyes pleading for mercy. The monster returned the gaze, it’s red eyes staring at Chris with hunger and passion. Yet behind those red eyes, there was a darkness. The darkness did not cry of hunger or of lust. It cried in pain and for help.

Chris’s eyes shot open. He was no longer on the bed, but in his room. He blinked several times and sat there in his corner, taking in what he had just seen. Was it just a dream? Or was it a memory or a sign? Chris sat there, thinking long and hard. Finally, when he thought his head would explode, he jumped to his feet and headed out, hoping that Kou was still at home. •

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