Experimental Muscle: Alternate Version

Alternate Version


By Bobaroo

Logan retrieved the tank top and sweats that he had worn while Mike was experiencing his rapid growth. Mike found the jock and shorts and pulled them on carefully. His thighs were now so large that the material was stretched to the limit. Logan turned around and laughed when he saw Mike.

"I'm sorry, but those shorts look so tiny now, like a bikini swimsuit, that it's almost not worth it."

"And of course none of my old clothes will fit me anymore," Mike said. "I guess I'll have to have all my clothes custom made from now on."

"I have some stuff at my apartment that you might be able to fit into. Let's stop off there, then get something to eat. After all we've done this afternoon, I'm starving," Logan said.

"Me too. And then we have the whole night free to flex and fuck!"

Logan opened the lab door and let Mike precede him. The colossal man had to stoop to keep his head from hitting the doorjamb. Logan locked the door, then sucked in his breath when he turned around and beheld Mike as he walked down the hall. Mike's back was wide as a barn, alive with muscles that rippled as he walked. His arms hung down from his sides like sides of beef hanging in a meat locker. The massive calves and hamstrings jumped as he headed toward the exit. They left the lab building and headed down the street back into "Collegetown," the shopping streets at the edge of the university campus.

It was the beginning of the evening and still very light out. Quite a few people were out walking, and everyone stopped still or turned their heads as the two muscular men stode along. Under any other circumstances Logan's immense physique would have had people staring, but most of the attention was drawn by Mike. Towering just over 7 feet tall, muscles packed over every inch of his body, Mike was a sight that they had never seen before.

"Yeah, they're getting a look at what really big men look like," Mike said to Logan. Both of them were getting off on the stares and cries of the people that they passed. One woman whistled, and at the street corner a guy started licking his lips as he stood next to them, waiting for the light to change. A delivery van went by, and when the driver got a look at Mike he stuck his head out the window and looked back, unable to believe his eyes. A bus reached the intersection at the same time, but the driver saw too late. He swerved, but crashed into it all the same. Logan and Mike ran over, just as the driver stumbled out.

"Are you OK?" Logan asked. The driver just looked past him at Mike, staring at the gigantic man who was clothed in only the skimpiest outfit. The bus driver got out - luckily the bus had not been severely damaged and the few passengers were unhurt. "Why weren't you looking where you were going you - Jesus!" the bus driver yelled at the van driver, stopping when he saw what the driver was staring at. "Yeah, I'm OK," the guy finally managed to stammer out. Just then, a police car came up the street, siren blaring. Its progress was blocked by the van and bus. The cop came on over the PA system, "Move that van! We've got an emergency up ahead. Another car will come to take care of you."

The van driver looked at his vehicle. The front axle was twisted so that there was no way that he'd be able to move it. The bus was too damaged to move either. By now a string of cars had blocked the police car from behind, and he was stuck.

Mike looked at Logan and said, "I'm partly to blame for this mess. Maybe I can help fix it." He walked over to the van and crouched down a little. Taking the rear bumper in his hands, he straightened his legs out. The rear of the van rose up, and Mike shifted his handhold to get a better grip. He moved his hands along until the van was level, then he pressed it up over his head. "Oh my God!" the van driver and bus driver cried at the same time. Logan wasn't surprised by this feat, after what he had seen in the lab's gym, but he was still impressed all the same. Here was incredible power on display! Mike walked between two parked cars onto the sidewalk, all the time the van held high overhead. People pointed and gasped, and one guy hanging out of an upper floor apartment window started filming the scene with a video camera. Mike carried the van along until he could place it back down in the street, leaving a passage for the police car.

The officers sat stone still in the car, until Logan walked up to them and said, "Hey - snap out of it. Get to your emergency." With that, they blinked hard several times, slowly pulled past Mike, then sped off, only to stop four blocks down the street.

Logan walked up to Logan and slapped him on this broad back. "You are amazing man! There is no one in history who could ever hope to match what you just did! Watching you was such a turn on, let's hurry back to my place where I can worship that strength some more."

Mike grinned. "Yeah, being super strong gets me super horny."

They continued down the street until they came up to the police car. It was parked outside of a clothing store, where a small crowd of people were looking inside. Mike pushed past and into the store, Logan right behind him. Again the cries and exclamations of the crowd echoed in their ears.

"What's going on?" Mike asked one of the cops who had been in the trapped cruiser.

"There are two students trapped in there," the cop said pointing to the back of the store. "This was an old bank building from the turn of the century. When it closed down years ago, they converted it into this store. They used the old bank vault as a storeroom. The clerks were horsing around, and one of them shut the door on the other two. Now it's locked tight. And of course the combination is long gone."

"They won't last long in there," Logan said. "What about drilling holes into it to get them some air?"

"We called in to the station when we got here," the cop replied. "But it might take them a while to get anything heavy duty enough to get through. These old vaults are built with doors a foot thick. I just hope that they can make it in time."

"Shit, we can't just let them smother!" Mike shouted. He strode up to the vault door and looked it over. There were three large hinges, and a large wheel, almost the size of a car's steering wheel, to open it once the combination was entered. He planted his feet firmly on the floor, then grabbed the wheel with both hands.

"Man, what do you think you're doing?" the cop asked.

Mike ignored him, and started pulling on the ring. He sucked in a huge breath and then pulled even harder. Mike's triceps sprang into a huge horseshoe, hard as the iron in a real horseshoe. His huge deltoids bulged as he pit his awesome strength against the door. Every muscle fiber in the enormous shoulders stood out in relief. The veins were throbbing in his neck and forehead. Mike's back was a writhing mass of muscles and veins, popping and straining. He slowly contracted his arms, the biceps starting to contract and balloon out with inhuman size.

"AAARRGH!!" Mike screamed as the door started budging. There was a shriek of metal as first the top hinge, then the second, and finally the third gave way before the stupendous power in Mike's body. Mike yanked the door away, then threw it to the side. The thud that it made when it hit the ground caused the whole building to shake.

"YEAH!!" Mike shouted. Catching Logan staring at him, he crunched up into a most muscular pose. All of the muscles he had just used for his unbelievable feat burst forth once more. Logan started stroking his cock, which had begun hardening when he realized what Mike had intended to do. Mike flexed his arms in a double biceps, the ghastly peaks erupting in a display of freaky muscle. Then he walked into the vault. He returned with the two student clerks, holding each one under an arm.

"They've fainted, but they should still be OK," Mike said as he brought them over. Two medics from an ambulance broke smelling salts under their noses and the guys snorted, then came to. The first thing they saw was Mike standing over them, his huge chest still heaving from his exertions. One of the guys fainted again, and had to be revived all over. Logan came over to Mike and slapped him on the back. "That was incredible, guy."

By now a newsteam from the local TV station had arrived to cover the story of the trapped clerks. The reporter was a young woman who stopped dead in her tracks when she got a look at Mike.

"They said that a huge guy had managed to rescue the guys trapped inside the vault," she finally got out. "Huge doesn't even begin to cover it," she said, licking her lips a little. "How did you do it?"

Mike explained how he had pulled on the vault door until it gave way. The cameraman panned from the wrecked vault to the door lying beside it. "Too bad we couldn't get that," he said.

"How long did you have to work out to get this amazing physique?" the reporter asked.

"Not as long as you would think," Mike replied, and Logan smiled. "Now if you excuse me, we've got to get going."

They walked out of the building, the reporter and camerman still following. "But surely the hinges on the old vault must have been disconnected, and no one noticed. You can't expect the viewers to believe that you were able to rip the door off the hinges."

"Oh no?" Mike said. Then he looked around and a smile came to his face. "Maybe they'll believe this. Got the camera rolling?" He walked to the edge of the sidewalk. An old dead tree was still standing in a pit by the curb. It was an old maple, about 30 feet tall. Mike walked up to it, crouched down, and wrapped his arms around the trunk, his hands not quite meeting. He took a deep breath and started straightening up, pulling back as he did so. Cracks began to develop in the concrete surrounding the tree pit.

"Yeah, man, do it, do it!" Logan cheered him on. Mike loosened his grip, bent down again, and again started standing up, yanking harder this time. His back muscles tightened in thick bands, and his traps spread out in wide slabs of power. Chunks of concrete began to fracture and tumble away from the tree. Mike roared and gave one last mighty yank. As he pulled up the tree broke free from the ground, a huge ball of roots scattering chunks of dirt and cement. Mike lifted the tree overhead and turned to face the camera. Then he carefully laid it down, roared "YEAH!" and flexed his titanic arms in a double biceps, a grin on his face. The cameraman zoomed in for a closeup, and then Mike relaxed. The reporter was speechless, and the crowd had stepped back, shocked. Logan came up to him and grabbed one of his huge arms in both of his hands. "Mike, that's going to be on every news station in the country tonight!"

"Yeah, well, there will probably be many more shows after this one. It really turns me on to show off! Let's go," Mike said.

"My house is only a few more blocks from here. We'd better hurry or I'll start ravishing you right here." Mike saw that Logan's big dick was starting to stretch the material in his sweatpants and he grinned.

They hurried the rest of the way and as soon as they were in the house Logan grabbed Mike and wrapped his own sizable arms around the muscle giant. "Such incredible power - if I hadn't seen it myself I'd probably not believe it," Logan said. "Your strong muscles are so sexy, I can't control myself."

"Yeah, it gets me hot and horny too, knowing that I'm the epitome of muscle and power," Mike said, and broke free to flex his arms for his adoring buddy. "And you're almost perfect yourself. Take those clothes off so I can dig your own crazy muscles."

Logan quickly obliged, whipping the tank top over his head to expose his rugged pecs and chiseled abs. He pushed down the pants and stepped out of them. His thick cock bobbed in front of him, already hardening again at the thought of sex with his buddy. Mike's own horse-sized schlong had begun to harden as Logan was stripping, and it finally burst the strained seams of the shorts he had been wearing. The 13 inch monster stood out at attention, and Mike stepped closer so that it was rubbing up against Logan's own 11 inch tool.

"This way, big man," Logan said and he picked Mike up. Even though the larger man weighed over 500 pounds, Logan's strength after his own muscle growth was more than enough to handle Mike's weight. Logan walked into the bedroom while Mike ran his hands over the knotted slabs of beef in his arms and shoulders. Logan stopped at the side of the bed and laid Mike down onto it, then got on top of him. They kissed long and hard as Logan rubbed his chest against Mike's, Logan's stiff dick thrusting between Mike's mammoth thighs, rubbing against Mike's large ball sac. Mike held the scientist tightly, his hands pressing firmly into the firm broad back of the stud on top of him.

Mike pressed on Logan and the top man yielded so that they were lying side by side. Mike shifted around so that his face was positioned in front of Logan's erection. He took the cock into his mouth, working the long shaft down his throat gradually. Logan groaned and bent down to lick the bigger man's bigger prick. His tongue darted and swirled around the fist sized head of Mike's cock. Clear drops of pre-cum appeared, and Logan tasted them greedily. Meanwhile, Mike had started rhythmically working on Logan's dick. His lips slid along the veiny cock as he sucked. One hand caressed and stroked Logan's balls as he slurped on the thick cock. Logan followed suit, sucking hard on Mike's tool, taking it in as far as he could without choking on the beercan thickness. Logan thought it was almost like sucking on one of the barbell bars at the gym, so hard and thick was Mike's superman organ. Both men kept up the sucking, and their hands wandered as far as they could along each other's rockhard muscles. Moans of pleasure came from both of the two studs as they brought each other to climax. Mike shot first, forcing jets of hot cum down Logan's throat. The first squirt was enough to bring Logan off himself, and cum started gushing out of his own cock into Mike's mouth. Roars of ecstasy came from both musclemen as they shot over and over again into each other's hot mouths.

When Mike had managed to milk the last drops from Logan's prick, he shifted around so that he could lay alongside of Logan. Logan turned onto his side and put his arms as far around Mike's huge traps as he could and gave him a tight hug.

"Careful! You don't want to break all of my ribs," Mike said with a smile. Then he brought his handsome face up to Logan's and pressed his mouth against Logan's. As they kissed, they flexed their massive muscles for each other's enjoyment. Mike clenched his fist and squeezed his biceps into huge mounds of obscene muscle. Logan made his washboard stomach jump into relief and made his pecs erupt into striations of sinew and power.

"Mmmmmm!" Mike finally purred as he squeezed Logan tightly. "Getting super big muscles has gotten me super horny."

"Yeah, that's what I found," Logan replied. "The week after my own rapid growth I was jerking off several times a day. And now that I'm even bigger, I feel like cumming every hour. More, now that I've got you around!"

"Yeah man. And when we get the machine fixed and pack more muscle onto you, it will be even hotter," Mike said as he looked into Logan's eyes. •

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