Experimental Muscle: Alternate Version

Alternate Version


By Bobaroo

The next morning Mike and Logan didn't wake up until past ten. The muscle growth formula had given them huge size and strength, and it had also revved up their sexual drive. Several times during the night either Mike or Logan would wake the other to start another round of steamy sex. Logan had had to put his king-size mattress on the floor, because he didn't think that the platform bed would be able to hold their combined weight of over half a ton. Certainly not the time that Mike was pile driving his cock up Logan's ass with ferocious intensity, slamming Logan's body so hard against the mattress that the whole house shook with the jolts. Because it was Saturday morning Mike didn't have to go to class nor Logan to work at the lab, so they turned to each other and started kissing.

Logan shifted himself so that he was lying on top of Mike's body, pressing his thickly muscled chest into Mike's enormous pecs. The young scientist brought his face toward Mike's, smiled, then pressed his lips against Mike's. Mike's tongue immediately reached for Logan's, and they kissed deeply as Mike squeezed Logan's hard body tightly against his own rock-hard torso.

"Flex for me," Mike begged. "I can't get enough of those gigantic arms." Logan smiled and knelt straddling Mike's tightly ridged midsection. Then he quickly brought his arms up and blasted into a double biceps pose. Mike moaned as he sat up and felt the dense masses of muscles that formed Logan's 28 inch arms. He traced the veins that coursed along Logan's thickly corded forearms with his fingertips, then returned to handle the granite biceps that Logan kept flexing. He lifted up one arm and drove his face into Logan's left armpit, tonguing the sensitive area. Logan swung his arm around Mike's head and pressed into it so that the younger man was surrounded by hard muscle. Mike revelled in the sensation of being virtually encased by the hard flesh that felt like moving stone. But eventually he wanted to move on, and strong as Logan was, there was no way he was as powerful as Mike.

Mike forced Logan's arm back by pushing on it with his neck and shoulder. He easily freed himself from Logan's grip, and now it was his turn to kneel on the bed and flex. Mike slowly raised his arms out to either side of his body and raised them up til they were parallel with his shoulders. Then as Logan looked on in rapt attention, Mike slowly started to bring his fists towards his shoulders. The huge biceps started to bulge with size, then suddenly the flex had reached a critical point and the knot of his bicep peak quickly formed on top of the fully flexed arm. Logan still could hardly believe the size of Mike's arms, but he had measured them in the lab last night, and he knew that they were 36 inches around. And when Logan thought of the incredible feats of strength that Mike had done with those arms and his other gigantic muscles, Logan's cock started to leak pre-cum.

Mike's own cock had stiffened to it's full length and was throbbing in front of him. Logan shifted around on the mattress so that he could take Mike's thick tool into his mouth. He almost gagged on the purple-red head, but then his throat relaxed and he was able to get the full shaft into his mouth. As Logan started moving his head up and down on the monster cock, Logan kept flexing his arms, puffing up his chest, even managing to do a kneeling most muscular pose. Mike's paper-thin skin let the ripple of every sinew show as he struck each pose.

Logan was panting now as he applied a strong suction to Mike's dick. He was fisting his own dong now, moving his hand in time to the movement of his head on Mike's cock. Logan craned his neck so he could watch the bigger man flex some more and he was overcome by Mike's size and animal masculinity. Mike's arms were as big around as the waist of a normal man and the peak of his biceps was as large as most men's entire bicep. Veins tracked all along the cords of muscles on Mike's forearms. Logan sucked harder, utterly worshipping the huge stud before him. Waves of intense pleasure struck his cock and he started to shoot cum in rapid bursts. Mike knew that it was his own muscle that Logan was getting off on, and that thought, along with the expert blowjob he was getting, was enough to send him over the edge again. Logan grunted as blasts of spunk shot out of Mike's cock and into Logan's hot mouth. Both men were able to cum in huge amounts, even though they had shot eight loads in less that 20 hours. They had Logan's muscle growth factor to thank for that.

Once Logan had sucked the last drop out of Mike's cock he pushed himself up and kissed Mike. Mike could taste some of his own salty cum on Logan's tongue. After they had kissed several minutes Mike said, "Let's get something to eat. I'm starved! Then let's see if we can get you to grow even bigger so that you're my size, or larger!" They went into the kitchen and started pulling things out of the refrigerator and cupboards, making an enormous breakfast of eggs, steak, a loaf of bread into toast, a half gallon of orange juice and milk for each of them. When they had finished packing away the food, Logan said, "Let's get cleaned up, then head for the lab. I should be able to repair the burned out growth factor generator."

Logan and Mike headed to the bathroom. Mike preceded Logan, and the scientist thrilled at the sight of what his discovery had been able to do. The muscle growth formula would be able to make anyone bigger than the biggest bodybuilder and stronger than any powerlifter. Mike's back was crisscrossed by muscles that twitched even as his arms swung from side to side. When he chose to flex his back muscles, the result was incredible.

Logan turned on the shower and when the water was hot turned to Mike and asked with a smile, "Care to join me?" He stepped into the shower and Mike followed. Logan handed Mike a bar of soap and moved around under the showerhead so that his body got all wet. When he lifted up his arm Mike moaned at the sight of Logan's serratus muscles ridged beneath the flaring lat muscle. Mike started soaping up Logan's hard body, working the lather over the dense mounds of pec muscle. He continued up to Logan's broad delts and then reached around his wide lats to Logan's back. At that point Mike held Logan tightly in his arms and started to rub his own massive chest against Logan's. The lather let their chests slide easily back and forth as the two studs kissed deeply. Mike moved one hand down to Logan's cock which had started stiffening. He stroked the thickening shaft, then brought the hand that held the soap around and created a lot of lather. He brought the soapsuds to Logan's dick which was now fully erect, all 11 inches throbbing as Mike swirled the suds around the purplish head. Logan started thrusting his hips so that his cock slipped all the way through Mike's encircling fingers.

"Hey Buddy, why don't you use that soaped up rod to do some deep cleaning?" Mike asked as he turned his back on Logan. The other man needed no further invitation and he grabbed his prick in one hand and pressed it against Mike's ass crack. Logan forced the cock head into Mike's butthole and it slid in easily as Mike relaxed his sphincter muscles. Mike grunted when the cock was fully inside him and he could feel Logan's hard abs pressed up against his lower back.

Logan took the soap from Mike and swirled it all around the huge back and chest in front of him. Logan slid his soapy pecs along the gigantic man's back, feeling the rippling muscles as Mike pressed back against him. Then Logan started soaping up Mike's own tool which was now its full 13 inches of steel pipe hardness. He fisted the huge dick as he started slamming his own rod in and out of Mike's tight ass. Logan fucked Mike as the warm water from the shower continued to spray down on them. He moved his mouth over to Mike's ear and thrust his tongue inside, then gently bit the side of the ear and the lobe. Logan worked his mouth down to the side of Mike's neck, which was thick as the thigh of an average man. His tongue licked along the bigger man's neck as he continued thrusting his dick deep inside Mike's ass. Logan had his other hand tightly clamped on one of Mike's pecs, and the hardness of the muscle he felt there drove him to fuck Mike all the harder. His fingers pinched the nipple there and Mike groaned.

"You like getting fucked by a big muscle man, right?" Logan whispered in Mike's ear.

"Yeees," Mike moaned in reply.

"Like to feel a strong man hold you tightly while he plugs your ass with a big muscledick?"

"Love it man! Fuck me stud!"

"Wait til later when we get the machine fixed. Won't believe the huge muscleman that will be fucking you after I'm through growing."

"Yeah man! Bigger and stronger muscles for me to feel. Gonna shoot just thinking about how huge you'll be Logan," Mike gasped out.

Mike started to shoot his load. Immediately Logan felt the contractions in Mike's ass gripping his cock as if the big man's powerful hands had been squeezing it with all their strength. The force was too much for Logan and he began to empty his balls into Mike's ass. Mike's cum was splattering against the shower's wall, slowly sliding down the wet tiles. Logan concentrated on the squeezing his cock was getting, the sensations that were being sent through his cock which was now trapped in the muscular contractions of Mike's glutes. When Mike had shot his ninth glob of cum, his ass muscles relaxed enough for Logan to shove his dick in up to the hilt one last time. Once again Logan nibbled and breathed into Mike's ear, murmuring, "Gotta go now and fix that machine so that I can grow bigger for you. Then get you bigger too."

Logan slowly withdrew his dick and the two men gently finished washing each other off. When they were rinsed off they grabbed several towels each to get dry. Logan had some XXL shirts that were just big enough to fit him and Mike, though they had to rip the front open a bit so that the shirt wouldn't rip at the seams on Mike. They slit up the sides of a pair of shorts so that they could accomodate Mike's monstrous thigh muscles.

"We should stop off and get some clothing made up. These things won't fit either of us before long," Logan said. "Here are some sandals that you should be able to fit into."

They walked out to Logan's car - a Honda Prelude. They both looked at it, then laughed. It was ludicrous to think that Logan, let alone Mike who stood just over 7 feet tall would be able to fit comfortably inside.

"I guess we walk for now," Mike said.

They started off for the lab, getting stares from everyone that they passed on the street. They were both getting off on how people were stopping in their tracks as they approached, some even pointing and saying things like, "That's the guy who was on the news last night. The guy ripping the tree out of the sidewalk." They decided to go directly to the lab, rather than stop for clothing. If Logan could get the machine working again, their bodies would grow, making any measurements this morning obsolete.

Logan unlocked the lab and flipped on the lights. He walked over to the machine and started taking off some panels, pulling out circuit boards and other components. Mike went over to the gym area to amuse himself while he waited. He loaded 8 45 lb plates onto a bar, then got it to balance on two fingers of his hand. Mike curled the weight with the two fingers, stopping after 20 reps. Not because he was especially tired, but because the barbell was slipping and he didn't want it to crash down and disturb the scientist while he was at work. He looked up and caught his image in the mirror. He was freakishly huge, the clothing on him stretched tightly over his muscles. And he was more powerful than he had ever dreamed of being. Mike could feel his cock hardening again, swelling in the shorts and beginning to poke out of one of the leg holes.

"This should do it," Logan said, breaking Mike's reverie. Mike stood up and Logan smiled when he saw the firehose hanging down alongside one of Mike's gigantic thighs.

"I started making a batch of growth factor that's keyed to my genetic makeup," Logan said. "The factor I gave you last night was about 10 times as potent as the one that I originally took. So now I should grow at the same amazing rate that you did."

"What's the limit to growing?" Mike asked.

"Don't know," Logan replied with a smile. "I guess we'll find out. I made a double batch, and because I can't wait to get at least your size, I'm going to down it all at once." With that Logan picked up a gallon sized plastic beaker and started drinking the thick solution.

The two men looked at each other expectantly. Mike's dick was sticking down the short leg, starting to tear it at the slit they had made earlier.

"I better take these off for now, before I rip them to shreds," he said as he carefully pulled down the shorts that were hugging his huge thighs.

"Funny, I'm starting to feel cold, not hot like the other times I drank the solution," Logan said.

"Well let me warm you up then," Mike said. He wrapped his enormous arms around Logan and squeezed the scientist against his chest. "Let me feel those muscles as they grow," Mike said. He still towered over Logan, but not for long he thought. He picked Logan up as if he was a small boy and set his feet on a nearby bench. Now the difference in their heights was negated and Mike grabbed Logan once again. Logan put his own arms around Mike, trying to see if his hands could meet on the far side of Mike's broad back. They just barely met. The two men began kissing and Logan sighed as Mike's tongue flicked around in his mouth.

Logan shivered a little from the cold, and stood on his toes to keep his mouth level with Mike's. He rubbed his hands across the hills of muscles that rippled along Mike's back and lats. Logan pressed into Mike and reached around once again. He stretched, but his hands couldn't meet. Mike was bending down a little now, keeping the passionate kiss going. Suddenly, he drew back.

"Logan, what's happening? You're getting smaller!"

It was true. The top of Logan's head was level with the base of Mike's neck, not at his nose as it had been before. Logan realized that it was impossible to reach around Mike's back because his arms were shorter than they had been. What was going on?

It was now obvious that Logan was getting smaller. It was visible to the naked eye as he got shorter and smaller. His proportions remained the same, but Logan was definitely shrinking! His teeth were chattering now because he was so cold, and his body was convulsed with shivers, not from fear, but from the freezing sensation. Mike was the one who was more afraid. Logan was already only half as tall as Mike. What had gone wrong?

"M-M-Mike, bring me to the m-m-m-achine," Logan stammered. Mike picked him up and brought him over to the control panel of the growth factor machine. On the way he picked up one of the torn tee shirts lying on the floor and wrapped it around Logan, hoping to warm him up a little.

Logan tried to look at the dials and control knobs of the machine, but he found it hard to concentrate. He was freezing! But it seemed as if the rate of shrinking had started to slow down. But Logan was already child-sized, the size of a ten year old boy. But a boy with the perfect proportions of a bodybuilder.

"Mike, open up this panel by pressing here," Logan said as he pointed. Mike did so and Logan looked at the wiring and circuitry inside.

"Thank God, it looks like you stopped getting smaller!" Mike cried. \\

"Yeah, I feel like I'm starting to get a little warmer too," Logan said. "But look at me!"

Logan was now barely a foot tall. The hair under his armpits had disappeared, and the stubble on his face had disappeared. He still retained his relative muscle size, but now his flexed biceps would have been the width of one of Mike's fingers.

He turned back to the machine and then said, "Here it is. When I fixed it, the polarity was reversed. So it produced a formula that reduced size, rather than increased it. Because of other changes I made it made me smaller instead of less muscular. Mike, move this lever over here," he pointed. Mike did what he said and then Logan said - and flip this switch the other way. Now press this button and put the flask under the spigot."

Mike did what he said and the machine started humming.

"That should do it," Logan said.

"What if this doesn't?" Mike asked.

"Let's not worry about that," Logan said. "Might as well put me down, it will take a while for the formula to be produced."

When Logan was on the floor he looked up at Mike. He towered over Logan, almost seven times taller than the little man. Logan lost all concern about his diminished size.

"Mike, you are really a giant to me now," Logan said. "I wish you could see the view from here!"

Mike looked down at Logan, relieved that he had not disappeared.

Logan whispered, "Flex for me musclegiant."

Mike brought his arms up and the titanic bicep peaks blasted forth. He turned to his side and flexed a calf muscle that flared to its greatest width over Logan's head. The tiny scientist reached up and ran his hands along the diamond of Mike's muscle. Mike could see that Logan's dick had stiffened out and was pointing out, straight out from his minuscule muscle body. Mike's own cock started to harden as he thought of the sight that Logan was treated to. Even though he had been afraid of Logan's shrinking, Mike now was getting into the fantasy aspect of his huge size relative to Logan. It was like he was the Jolly Green Giant! He looked down as Logan started to stroke his cock, not much longer that a matchstick.

"Come here little buddy," Mike said, and scooped Logan up in the palm of his hand. He held Logan in front of his pecs, then squeezed them together so that the striations of muscle snapped into view. Mike's pecs were higher than Logan was tall, and the small man gave out a moan as he bent forward and placed his mouth on the vast plateau of Mike's chest muscle. Mike moved his hand so that his right nipple was within Logan's reach, and Logan got the huge protruding nipple into his mouth. Mike sighed as he felt the warm liquid of Logan's mouth over his nipple, stretching Logan's mouth as wide open as it could get. Logan's tiny hands were trying to grip into the titan's hard chest, but he could hardly make a dent into the dense musculature.

Mike's put Logan down on one of the weight benches and sat on the other end. Mike's cock, which seemed huge to Logan when he was normal size, now towered high above him. It was longer than Logan was tall! Logan reached up as high as he could, running his hands along Mike's thick shaft, rubbing along the pulsing veins in the thick cock. Pre-cum had started to drip out, and a glob fell on Logan's shoulder, which he wiped off and smeared over his own chest. He then rubbed his muscle-mite pecs against Mike's throbbing rod. Mike sighed when he felt the hard pressure of Logan's small but hard muscles against his dick.

Mike stood up and gently picked Logan up. He lowered Logan down until he was straddling Mike's cock. His legs were spread widely to keep on top of the shaft. Logan was pumping his own dick with one hand, while he felt the huge cock underneath him. Mike looked down into Logan's eyes and saw the spacey-eyed devotion in his face. Logan was looking up at the ultimate muscle giant, and he was almost slack jawed as Mike flexed his enormous bicep once again. Mike was in his own fantasy world, picturing himself as a giant 40 feet tall, a mountain of muscle and power. He could feel his balls tighten, he was getting off on this so much.

"Musclegiant, I want to see you cumming," Logan said. He was jerking his own cock wildly as Mike's throbbing member bounced him up and down in the air.

"OK buddy, here comes a shower for you," Mike said as he stood up, letting Logan slide off onto the bench. He started fisting his own dick and Logan stepped back on the bench to get a better view. Logan craned his neck back so that he could see the battering ram that Mike held in his hand, the head thick and purple colored. All of the muscles in Mike's body were in sharp relief, and Logan knew that he was going to lose it any second. Suddenly, Mike started to grunt and cum started to spurt out of his piss slit. The first two loads went flying off into the distance, but the third one splattered down and almost knocked Logan down. At that Logan's dick started to spray it's own load of cum as Logan smeared the thick spunk of the muscle giant all over his hard body. The bench was slick with cum and Logan fell into it, exhausted, as Mike stood over him, seemingly miles high, a few more spurts shooting out of the cannon-sized dick.

A minute later Mike picked up Logan once more and brought him up to his face. He stuck his tongue out and lightly ran it along the tiny muscleman before him, wiping off the remainders of his spunk. Logan loved the rough, warm and wet feeling of Mike's tongue all over his body.

The reverie they were experiencing was broken by the beeping of the muscle growth machine. Mike walked over to the machine, carrying Logan, and they could see that the large container had been filled to the top with a new solution.

"What if your change didn't work?" Mike asked. "If you got much smaller, you might disappear altogether!"

"I'm sure that it's OK," Logan replied. "And I increased the growth factor rate. I should get as big as I was before - and bigger. There's a spoon over by the desk. You better get some out so that I can start drinking it."

Mike retrieved the spoon, dipped it into the viscous solution and held it in front of Logan. Logan bent down and slurped up the formula. Mike continued spooning it out to Logan, until his stomach was distended and he couldn't drink anymore.

"Well?" Mike asked, looking inquisitively at Logan.

"I think it's starting to kick in," Logan said. "It feels like it's getting warm in here."

A minute later he asked for more formula, and Mike continued spooning it out.

"God, it's boiling in here," Logan said.

"Nothing's changed - it must be the formula," Mike said. "Hey, it's working, you are getting taller."

Logan was indeed growing. The formula's action had been slow to start, but once it did, both men could see the progress that Logan was making. He quickly doubled in size, and Mike held the container up so that Logan could drink more. Sweat was pouring off Logan's body, dripping onto the bench he was standing on, forming a puddle around his feet. Soon he was four feet tall, and jumped down onto the floor. He walked over to the growth machine, pushed a button, then standing on tiptoe, placed another jar under the spigot. The fluid began to pour into the jar as Logan drained the first one. Mike was staring at him as he started to grow taller. But Mike could swear that Logan was getting thicker and wider as well, not just regaining his previous stature. Logan was now about 5'6", and probably about 200 lbs. The machine beeped again and Logan grabbed the beaker. He started to chug the solution down, his adam's apple bobbing as he gulped it down. He looked at Mike then, grinned, and flexed his arms. Even though he was still smaller than before, his arms were gigantic. Mike smiled too as he felt his buddy's right arm muscle.

"Going to get really big for me now, stud?" he asked.

Logan moved into a lat spread and said, "Bigger than you ever dreamed anyone could be, I hope."

And he was well on the way there. Now just over 6 feet tall, Logan was slightly taller than when Mike first met him. But he was more massive than he was then. His pecs were swelling as he gulped in air, trying to keep the burning sensation in his muscles from becoming too intense. He straightened his arm down and the tricep muscle was thick and dense. Mike licked his lips at the sight of the bulging curves of the muscle, criss crossed by striations of the different fibers coursing down Logan's arm. Logan flexed his calf muscles by standing on his toes, which also made him as tall as Mike, at 7'1". They both looked down at the wide diamond-shapes that were in perfect proportion to the massive thigh muscles.

Logan continued growing, and now he stood taller than Mike, and he was more muscular too. Mike's cock had started hardening, and he began to run his thumb and two fingers along the shaft as Logan flexed and posed for him. Logan was still covered in sweat which ran in rivulets down his shoulders and chest, dripping off his stiff nipples, collecting in the deep crevice between his pecs. Mike bent down so that his face was in the middle of this muscle monster and started licking the sweat with his tongue. Logan put his hands on Mike's head and pressed it into his midsection. Mike was surrounded by hard, sweat-drenched muscle. Logan's pecs pressed against his forehead while Mike's tongue worked the ridges of Logan's six pack. And the leg-sized forearms and massive biceps were tight against the side of Mike's head.

Logan forced Mike's head downward, and the younger musclestud did not resist at all. He even wondered if resistance was possible - Logan was now about 7'6" and at least 150 pounds heavier than Mike. And every ounce of those pounds was sheer muscle and sinew. Mike gladly took Logan's swollen cock in his mouth. The prick was now at least 14 inches long, and thicker than Mike's own horse-sized dick. Mike worked it down his throat until Logan's pubic hair was tickling his nose, and he breathed in the heady musty scent of Logan's crotch. Logan kept his grip on Mike's head and gently but insistently forced it back and forth on his cock. Mike ran his hands all along Logan's legs, pillars of hard muscle. He looked upward as he pulled away from the cock and saw Logan looking down, his face just visible past the shelf of his pecs.

"I wanted you to be bigger than me, and now my wish has come true," Mike said, then took the giant cock back in his mouth. Logan grunted - the heat was dissipating now that the growth seemed to have stopped - but the sensation of increased power remained, and Mike's sucking pressure was heaven. Mike grasped Logan's glutes, then began working one finger into Logan's butthole. Logan groaned out loud and began to fuck Mike's face. Mike was able to keep the sucking going, his tongue sliding along Logan's monster meat before Logan would ram it back down Mike's throat. And his index finger was now deep within Logan's ass, adding to the pleasure that Logan was feeling.

Logan looked down and saw that Mike was completely enthralled by his massive body and huge cock. He was in complete control of the situation, and Mike was willing to let him be. A musclestud, completely worshipping a bigger musclestud. And there was no question that Logan was bigger than Mike, actually bigger than any muscleman that ever lived. Logan felt his balls contracting, getting closer to his body.

"Mike, you're gonna make me cum. I'm going to shoot my load into your mouth. My muscle cum is going to pour down your throat."

Mike worked the cock even more than before, and now had three fingers slamming into Logan's ass, banging against his prostate. He wanted that juice badly, and he was going to do what it took to get it.

Logan bucked his hips, threw his head back and yelled because the intensity of the orgasm was so great, both from Mike's expert cocksucking and from the extra sensitivity from the recent growth spurt. His balls pumped semen into Mike's eager mouth, and Mike started to gulp it down. Wad after wad shot into Mike's mouth and he labored to get every drop. Mike was so turned on by the massive cum shot that his own dick, which had been dripping all along, began to shoot a stream of cum onto the floor. As his cock exploded he looked upward and saw Logan flex his arms overhead in a double biceps pose, which got him so excited that the third spurt shot farther than the first two.

When Mike had milked every drop from Logan's dick and his own dick had finished dribbling, he got to his feet and put his arms around Logan. Logan bent down slightly and the two kissed passionately, their tongues meeting, exploring each other's mouths.

When they broke the kiss, Logan smiled and said, "Sorry, but that growing has made me famished again! Let's get something to eat, and then we can have a major posing session for each other. Then we can see if you can catch up to my size," and Logan flipped a switch that would start to fill up beakers of growth solution.

They got dressed again, Logan being very careful that he didn't rip the clothing he had come with, which was now several sizes too small. They left the lab to go back to his house, joking about the commotion that their enormous bodies would cause when they hit the street. •

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