Trick or Switch

Playing House


By Otaru

Robbie closed the door behind him, and felt himself fascinated by his new height. EVERYTHING looks different from up here, he thought. He surveyed his new room. His father's room. He stripped off the camoflauge shirt and walked into his dad's bathroom. His stern-looking father's face met him in the mirror. He smiled. His dad's face smiled back. Masculine. Confident, bulky, he still couldn't believe how much space he lorded over! He opened up the medicine cabinet simply because he had never been able to reach that high before. He had been in fifth grade just the day before, now he had strands of chest hair! And stubble! Man, I bet I could grow a beard now if I wanted to, he thought. He picked up a wife beater shirt and pulled it over himself. It looked very good on him. He began to pose in front of the mirror. Feeling his bicep. Making a muscle. He stretched out and bared both his enormous biceps, their weight strangling out any thoughts of being beneath others. He was tall now! BIG. Like Tom Hanks in that movie, but way bigger. He was bigger than most guys. A total jock. A total stud. Then a thought crossed his mind. He hadn't even checked out…! And suddenly, but gingerly, he removed the belt to his pants, and slipped them down. Poking outwards was something larger than he expected; a bulge that down against his leg, struggling against the boxer briefs. His new dick was huge! He pulled back the underwear and made an "O" with his mouth, and a small sound of ecstatic joy escaped his lips as he took a step backward and hopped around on his feet slightly. "I can't believe this!" he said giddily, to no one in particular. He swaggered out of the room feeling more pumped than he ever had in his life. He was really feeling confident in this body now. He almost didn't want to leave! And he got to be in it for a full month, until the next full moon! That's when, like a werewolf, he would change back to his normal form, but then stay that way forever. Stuck in a puny kid's body. He hated fifth grade. All the kids that didn't want to be his friend…being an adult was his secret fantasy, and now it had come true! Being an adult was going to be so much fun. But…what did that fortune teller say? Maybe they would like their bodies enough to stay? But dad never would, he thought. He would just have to hide how good it felt to be an adult from his dad. He stood in front of the closet and thumbed through all the clothes inside. His dad's business shirts. His dad's motorcycle shirts. He hesitantly touched the ties and pulled one out. He knew how to tie one but somehow it seemed so much more *right* now. He tried on a suit and walked to the mirror within the bedroom on the wall. He whistled. "Gosh," he said. "I look like an adult." He said it in amazement. He tried on other clothes. One outfit after another. His dad's leather jacket! Black, with all the studs on it and motorcycle patches. It felt so…so good. So much better than his clothes. The next thing he did was go back to the wife beater and boxer briefs and do some push ups. He counted how many he could do outright…200! He was drenched with sweat and kind of tired, but nowhere near how tired he'd normally be. It was 2 AM! And he felt great. He sure looked older and masculine and good looking. He wondered now what would happen when he went into his dad's work. Dad HAD to let him…otherwise they'd lose money or something. And he knew he would have to make his dad go to school…otherwise someone might think something's wrong. And besides, his dad could do all his homework and get straight A's! He smiled at the thought. What could his dad do? His dad always got to make all the rules, but now…well, how could he do anything about them? Wasn't he the big one now? He was getting giddy at these thoughts. Tomorrow, he thought, I'll have to tell my new dad some stuff because we can't go on with him giving me orders. I mean, how'd it like, look to other adults. Now that I'm an adult, I have to act like one and like, not let him tell ME what to do! Which meant… His eyes turned to the dresser. With all his dad's super secret stuff inside! He went over and opened it. To his surprise there was no lock. And what he saw made him gasp. A man completely naked. Other men with huge muscles. Robbie knew his dad was gay but he had only an inkling he might be. Now, he knew though. With delicate pleasure, he lifted the magazines out and looked down to see what else was in there. There were condoms, but he didn't know how they worked yet, and some jelly looking stuff, and a box of cigars. That was a surprise. He didn't know his dad smoked them. Probably just once in a while when I'm gone, he thought. And there were some handcuffs, but he didn't know why. He sat back down and the bed groaned underneath his weight. Holding the magazine and going through all the pictures of grown men with huge muscles (just like him!) with sexy stubble or piercings and tattoos, and then he turned to the pages where he saw men going down on one another for the first time. His penis hardened immediately and rebelled against the confines of his briefs. He whipped it out. Handled it, and it was a slab that was bigger than he ever could have imagined…seven inches flaccid. He stroked and stroked, and joy entered into him like he didn't even know was possible, and he masturbated for the first time, stroking his massive chest with his new massive and long arm. He was over 6'3", he was a muscle stud! There were so many things to do now, that he could do now! He finished and climaxed and spurted huge cum shots all over his leg, but just as soon as it was over he felt the urge again. He did it three times, all in a row, until his hands were greasy with cum. He then hopped into the shower and delighted, washed up, feeling the difference of the shower spurt as it now came up to his face. He had never showered being this tall before! The difference made him start stroking his dick again and he spurted while showering, ecstacy filled his face. His libido was high now, he knew, and he would be losing his virginity very soon. Finally, smiling all the time, he dried up and smiled in the mirror. "You fucking stud, you. You're going to be an *awesome* grown up!" He finally managed to get to sleep, but it wasn't easy. He finally drifted off, hardly believing this was all real. Robbie woke up the next morning kind of groggy. He felt heavy, he noticed. Which was odd. Something prickled his face, annoying him. He lifted his hand to wipe it away. Man, I really need a shave, he thought. A shave??! He shot up from bed and suddenly remembered everything. He was now his dad. He bounded down the stairs with the same enthusiasm he did every day, only this time the floorboards creaked underneath his heavy weight. When he reached the bottom he had a slight sense of vertigo, because it felt like he must still be on the stairs to be looking at things from this height. He swaggered into the kitchen and put a friendly hand on his father's head. "Mornin' squirt!" His father, with his face, scowled. He looked kind of funny…a ten year old trying to be taken so seriously. "That's not funny," he said. Robbie laughed, with his new adult laugh. "Sure it is. I mean, we're gonna be stuck this way for like, a month right? We might as well make fun of it." Robbie sat down on a stool. He had never been able to touch the floor sitting on one before! His mind was taken aback with all the "tall moments" he'd been having ever since he switched bodies with his father the night before. His father was eating cereal and reading the newspaper. A pot of coffee was brewing on the stove. "I thought you said kids shouldn't drink coffee," said Robbie. "I did. I'm not a kid!" "Coulda fooled me. I don't think you should do it if you said you shouldn't.." "Don't try and use that against me. I am too used to coffee to give it up," said his father. "It does smell good, though. Funny. I never thought it would taste good but now I can't wait to try some," said Robbie. "Mind?" "I suppose not. But don't get too used to it," his father decided. Robbie poured himself a cup after Frank did. They sat opposite each other at the breakfast table and both took a sip after their cups cooled. Frank spit his out, making a grimace. "ugh! This…" he said, trying it again, and making a face and spitting it out into the cup. "This is horrible!" Robbie practically chugged his. "Maybe its because little kids shouldn't drink coffee. You're not a big man anymore, dad. Maybe you've become more like a kid." Frank's face held a moment of pain, and then it faded. "I don't like this," he said. "So…what're we gonna do for money and stuff." "I'll…you'll…have to call in sick." "For an entire month? Come on!" "Robbie, you cannot go to my work! You don't know anything about fixing motorcycles!" Robbie looked hurt. "I've watched you. When you weren't even noticing." "Don't pull that. Watching and doing are two separate things." "Well, maybe I should ask the scab beetle then!" Robbie said, and dug out the stone signet. "Robbie, don't! We don't know what it will do!" "I WISH," said Robbie. "That I knew everything my dad did about motorcycles!" The stone hummed and gave off a faint aura. Frank felt faint for a second an a slight mist collected around his head and gravitated over towards his son. Robbie gaped as it entered in through his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. He blinked. "Whoooooa," he said. "I know how to fix a motorcycle now! I know all about gears and sprockets and engines, and how to unclog things, and even how to polish them!" "I…" said Frank. "I can't remember. I CAN'T! You stole it from me, just like you stole my body!" "That isn't fair, I'm not the one who did this! You were the one who wanted to be a kid again! Well…now you like, can be. And I can be the adult. At least for the month," Robbie said, folding his arms and trying to give the impression he'd decided this. "But…but I can't remember anything, and it's my life. You don't understand!" "Looks like I'm the one that does, now," Robbie said, bending down and putting a hand on his dad's shoulders. Which looked so small and fragile now compared with his own enormous bulk. "But dad, we need to make money to meet the bills, you're always talkin' bout that. So now, I just have to do what you do." Frank's face was bewildered. "Alright," he decided after a long silence. "But this is still temporary, remember that, I get back my body and my knowledge of choppers after this is all over!" Robbie beamed, and grinned wildly. "BUT," Frank continued, "No more using that thing! I mean it, you used it this time but I'm putting my foot down. No more transferring stuff. It's…wrong somehow." Robbie agreed, but secretly he thought: 'Like there's anything you could do about it if I wanted to. Just try putting your foot down. Mine's bigger!' "Well, I guess I better get dressed for work, huh? Man, this is so cool!" Frank followed Robbie up the stairs. "Try and talk with the guys as little as possible. They'll suspect something is up if you talk too much," "Aw dad, you worry too much." Robbie said, going into his new room and putting on a T shirt and jeans. He looked like a total macho stud. He put on the leather jacket. "So…I guess you'll have to give me a ride to work, dad?" "Uh…I guess you'll have to take the bus," said Frank. "Oh c'mon dad. Just let me borrow your driving skills." "No! Absolutely not!" "Oh c'mon, you don't need em'. You're practically puny, no one'd ever let YOU drive." Robbie laughed. "I am not going to send you off alone. I'll…I'll just have to go with you and instruct you along the way," Frank decided. "That's gonna take too long. I have to be at work in a half hour!" "Tough!" "Oh yeah? I'll show YOU tough. I wish…"

"No!" said Frank, as he grasped pathetically as Robbie held the signet far above his head. "I wish that all my dad knew about driving was mine…whoa," Robbie got dizzy again and so did his dad. A wisp of knowledge smoke drifted up and filtered into Robbie. "You little! Give it back! Give it back now!" said Frank, sounding like a spoiled brat. "I'll do it, later dad, I gotta go to work now. I'll see you when I get home, and then we'll talk." Robbie hurried downstairs. He opened the front door just as his dad descended. "And dad…before you get any bright ideas, just remember. If I decided to, I could put you in school. So be good and have a good day, alright?" Robbie shut the door and his father felt himself feeling both rage and helplessness. What could he do? Where could he go? What had he done to himself? Robbie smiled as he saddled "his" new chopper. He knew how to drive a motorcycle now! He motored on out of the driveway, and with the wind slamming into him and his helmet, he zoomed on to "his" new work, while his dad pouted in the living room. This is gonna be sooo cool, he thought. •

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