Trick or Switch

Playing Dad


By Otaru

Robbie maneuvered his new chopper into the bike shop and took off his helmet. His jeans were tight and his face was wind-bitten. In the shop, three guys, all of them hand picked by his dad, had already arrived and were in the process of putting a bike up for repairing the wheels. He spent the first few hours experimenting with his new knowledge. As the guys kidded around he used all his dad�s tools and all his dad�s knowledge. And all it took was a wish. He�d be borrowing more from his dad later, he thought. Besides, his dad might not even know if he forgot more. What did it matter anyway? I�m the adult, or in the adult body now, so it has to look real or someone might get suspicious! "Hey, Frank! Frank!" Robbie turned around. He�d have to get used to his new name. "It�s lunchtime, mi amigo. You wanna beer?" Robbie�s heart skipped a beat. His father had told him what he�d do to him if�hey, waitaminute, he thought. I�m dad, and he�s me. I get to drink beer and tell him not to! "Yeah," he cracked a smile. "Pick me up one at the deli wouldja?" He shelled out some cash out of his pocket. A half hour later, as he was straining to pick up a metal pole which was quite heavy, the two guys, who were named Butch and Riley, drove back on their bikes with food and beer. Robbie sat at the table he�d seen his dad and his buddies at so many times before. When he got his beer, he took it off the same way he�d seen his dad do, by using the counter. And then he took his first sip of beer. Not bad! In fact, it felt familiar and he could feel his body loosening up as he drank as he kicked back a few more. Afterwards, he ended up looking at Riley�s ass for quite some time as he worked on his chopper of the day. When he was finished, he had grease on his massive biceps, and sweat drenched him, down his wife beater and the Tshirt over it, which he couldn�t wait to take off. The guys left one by one, until it was just him and Riley. Riley was brown haired, dark curly copper brown hair, and had a couple weeks old beard on him as well. He was young, just out of his training classes, and was shorter than him. And gorgeous. He had a bubble butt and a raspy voice that made Robbie�s heart beat faster when he heard it. He was fixing something above his head when he heard Riley approach. "Getting� pretty hot nowadays, ain�t it, Frank?" "Sure is." "Hell yeah, I mean even at night it can still seem hot from the day." Robbie turned his head and saw that Riley had taken a chain hanging from the ceiling and wrapped his hand around it, and held another in his hands, leaning forward. "Yeah, it�s been hot." Robbie leered at the tattooes on Riley�s arms, so rugged and masculine�his sweat scent and mixed with his cologne and it was�shit, it was making him harden up down there! He had never gotten hard in front of anyone before. He had never been hard before last night! What if he saw? "Now I know you been lookin� at me for weeks now. You hired me bove some pretty experienced boys, and I jus� wancha ta know I appreciate that, Frank." Riley laid a hand on Robbie�s shoulder. "If there�s anything I can do for you," he whispered. "You can take your shirt off." Robbie gasped as he said it. Maybe he�ll just think I meant because it�s hot! He thought about this, panicked. "Well, alright." Riley lifted his shirt from his six pack abs and looked up at Robbie, and then took the shirt off and let it drop to the floor. Suddenly Robbie took action and tentatively touched Riley on the chest. "It�s getting pretty hot in here." "Maybe you should take yer shirt off too, then." Robbie did so. Sweat trickled off his massive chest and downwards. "Hoo, boy you are a big one, aren�t ya?" Riley whistled. "Now how�d you like to take it a step further?" By now only the orange lamplight illuminated them and outside it was pitch black. Robbie stepped closer and put his naked chest up to Riley�s. Then, as if by instinct, he grabbed Riley�s ass and gave it a firm hold and kissed him and he shoved his tongue in, enjoying every minute of it, but still scared. Riley was kissing back. "Riley? Do you wanna? Suck my cock?" "Like you need to ask�" Riley was slipping off Robbie�s jeans and his hard 8 incher throbbed. Riley yanked down Robbie�s brand new boxer shorts, and put his mouth around his penis, giving delicate slides up and down the shaft with his tongue. Robbie grasped onto one of the chains and then another, and moaned as minutes lingered like that. Riley would intermittently kiss his giant pecs, then suck his nipple, and then linger downward again and suck and suck. Finally he came, and Riley couldn�t even take it all because there was so much cum. "God, you�re a stud!! I never thought I�d have an older guy just come along like this here in this town. I been dry a long time, Frank." "Not anymore," Robbie said, fingering his own cock again, ready for more action. "Goddamn, it just don�t quit. Hold on, here�s a condom, I got one here some fucking where�here!" And then in a magically swift period, Riley had slipped it over the shaft of his mighty member, first wiping it off with a rag. Then he ran some other jelly stuff over the rubber. "Now fuck me, sir. Fuck me, please." "Get down on the floor." Riley did so. Robbie slipped the scarab beetle out of his pocket and whispered "I wish I knew everything my dad did about fucking." And then after a brief few seconds the knowledge hit him. He smiled deliriously. He fucked the man on the floor, and he fucked him good. "You want me to fuck you?" "Hell yes!" "Beg me! C�mon pussy boy!" "Please, sir. Please fuck me! Ohhhhhh!" Robbie had never felt such power flow through him. I am Frank now, he thought. I�m Frank. I�m Frank, I�m Frank, I�m Frank� Later that night, Robbie came in and it was midnight. He saw himself, correction, his former body sitting on the steps. "I�ve been waiting for you to come home for hours!" "Relax, dad. I just went to a bar. It�s called the 8Ball and a bunch of the guys went. I didn�t want them to think I didn�t like them�" He shrugged. He had gone, after all, he just hadn�t been thinking about anything but his virginity being lost. "You should have called me�and what??? You are not allowed to drink, mister! Not at your age!" "Correction, squirt, I�m your age and I like drinking. It�s not so bad once you get used to it. And Riley gave me a ride home." He smiled to himself at the innuendo. He did feel like he was gaining an adult�s point of view quickly, even if that�s something he never had to wish for. "You will not talk to me in that tone of voice, young man!" said his dad, in a kids voice, and Robbie dismissed him, almost laughing as he stood there looking down on his dad. "Tough. Hey, I�m you now. If you got a problem with that, then we�ll switch back and take care of it in a month. Right now I�m gonna shower. Then we�ll talk, alright champ?" Robbie tried to sound more and more like his dad, but his dad exploded with anger. "Stop it! You�re not me! I�m ME! Not you! You�re just a kid acting like an adult!" "Oh yeah? What do you know about sex?" Robbie�s eyes widened. "You took that, TOO! How dare you! Give that back to me, you shouldn�t know any of that stuff yet! I should know! I should!" He stamped his little foot. "You�ll understand all this when you�re older�" Robbie said, patting a shoulder and passing by his miniature dad. "Look you little asshole!" Robbie swung around and picked his father up by the armpits. "Now LOOK, dad! I�m your father now. Get that through your head. I have to act the part so just chill out, or I�ll lock you in your room, and make you go to school. Okay?" He set his father down again, headed upstairs and then showered. His dad was waiting downstairs again when he got back down, with just a towel around his upper torso. "Hey. Sorry I was mad earlier. It�s just�I�m the adult now and I�m tired of being questioned, of you questioning me. Just let ME take care of things for the month. Be a kid again dad, and let me have some fun! It�ll all be cool." "Alright. But just�give me back what I know about sex. Please, Robbie, it isn�t fair to either one of us." "Just let me take care of everything. Now you should get off to bed. You can�t stay up like you used to�" Frank followed his son�s advice and went upstairs, but still slammed the door behind him. I can�t believe it, I can�t believe this is happening! Thought Frank. It�s a nightmare! Wake up! Oh, I did this myself and now I�m trapped as a little kid and my son knows more about sex than I do�I don�t know anything! What do I do? What would dad do? DAD?? What am I thinking, he is not my dad! He is my son! I�m the adult! I am, I am, I am!!! He kicked his bed. The thought of his new "dad" spanking him was far too humiliating to contemplate. Robbie would never do that. Even though I�ve spanked him on occasion, I always had a good reason for it. He gulped. Not that a kid would make the difference, or recognize the difference necessarily. What if he decided to make me go to school as revenge? He�d just have to be extremely nice to Robbie and treat him with respect, lest his son decided to make him really feel like a kid in front of other people! Robbie paroused the stuff in his father�s cabinet drawer with newfound knowledge. Smiled. Things were definitely going to change for him. He took out a porno and started working his shaft. Dad didn�t have this anymore, and Robbie had a feeling Dad wouldn�t need it anytime soon, either. He smiled and worked his 8 incher. The next day he started a series of smaller but still important wishes, taking information from his dad whenever it hit him. "I wish I knew everything Dad knew about construction and home improvement and power tools." "I wish I knew everything Dad knew about how to play football." "I wish I knew everything Dad knew about working out at the gym." He didn�t want to look stupid his first day. While his dad sat glumly at home watching TV one Saturday, he hit the gym for his first workout routine. He worked every muscle. He bench pressed over 200. He towered height wise above most men at the place. He loved dumbbells the best, though. He felt so manly and powerful and grown up, as he looked at himself in the mirror, testing himself repeatedly as his biceps strained to keep their bulk, their dense rock like strength. He felt proud about his body. He was, more and more he realized, beginning to think of it as his and not his dads, and he was already thinking of ways to well, extend the month long period the Madame insinuated (he was slowly expanding his vocabulary he realized, and that was creepy because it hadn�t even been a wish) Maybe being in an adult body, and in such an impressive one, was creating a behavior that suited his new frame. Frank sat at home watching TV glumly. He sat on the enormous couch, once master of his domain, now this was the only time he felt in control. At least Robbie wasn�t here to change the channel to something stupid. Although, he did find himself with the new urge to watch cartoons. He suppressed it and watched more grown up stuff. Stupid dad and his stupid rules! He caught himself by nearly choking on his Yoohoo. What was he saying?! What was he thinking?! Being in this body was doing weird things to him. Just like it was doing weird things to Robbie�making them feel like they actually belonged in those bodies. It was so easy now to lapse and think that it was normal! He must, must not think of this as normal in any way. Worse, it was becoming increasingly normal for him to just do what Robbie told him to do! At breakfast his son was telling him to wash dishes and he found himself doing them! And when he started watching TV, Robbie told him to do laundry before sitting down and relaxing. He had every right, this was STILL his house, dammit! Only, he couldn�t put his foot down now. It was Robbie�s� He felt a sudden, shameful loss. This just couldn�t be happening� As Robbie sweated profusely on a bench in front of his new locker, he had a towel draped around his massive shoulders. A man on the far end looked away. Stealing a glance he looked back, thinking Robbie hadn�t noticed. "Hey," Robbie, said. "I�m Frank." "Hey," the other, smaller, more compact young college cutie replied shyly. "I�m uh�Elliot." He looked possibly like he was part Italian or possibly Greek. "You like this gym? I often find I get impressive workouts here." "Yeah. Yeah, it�s not bad." Robbie thought the kid had smoldering looks. Thick black eyebrows and thick, shiny, flat black hair with pointed would be sideburns. "You go to the university?" "Yeah, but�I don�t like working out there? Jocks, you know." "They give ya shit?" Robbie found he could curse out loud now, and it was cool. He wasn�t some dorky little kid who cursing sounded silly coming from. "Yeah, kinda�" "Any reason for that?" Robbie gave a hint of a smile and began stroking his leg with his hand slowly. "Ya know. Regular stuff. They think I�m a big dork." "They make jokes cause you�re smaller? Maybe other reasons? You are prettier than most boys." As Robbie said this, Elliot got up slowly and began walking forward, and Robbie put out a hand to gently stop him, putting his hand on Elliot�s bare upper leg. "You in any hurry to get back to school?" Robbie slowly got up. He looked down on this college kid, and still couldn�t believe he was taller than a college kid. His hand moved up to caress Elliot�s shoulder. "Maybe you could stick around." He moved his head closer and suggested in a whisper, "Take a shower. Cool down. From all that stress�" Elliot nodded dumbly and the next thing he knew they were both in the shower together, staring at each other. Elliot had a disbelieving elated look on his face. He had a nice, trim figure, at 5�10", and looked like maybe he had a trace of Native American in him which added with his Caucasian features, created a very nice mix, and he had a tattoo of a thunderbird design on his right arm. Robbie started to stroke it gently as the water poured over them both, and bending over to see it, Elliot finally broke and threw himself forward. Robbie caught him. Elliot shoved his tongue down his mouth and Robbie caught it, circling it like an Indianapolis speed racer around a motor track, around and around. Elliot pushed his leg up and Robbie held it, holding him, picking him up partially, and they went back and forth, licking each other mid air, Robbie licking and kissing his tattooed arm, running his hand through Elliot�s hair with his wide, huge, strong hand. "How�d you like to increase your studies?" Elliot�s eyes grew wide. "I�d like that!" he replied, his voice actually cracking. Elliot clung to Robbie�s massive chest and slid down, gently, slowly, until his mouth was closed over his pubic hair region, sliding his tongue up and down the shaft of Robbie�s penis, and in ecstasy, sucked the first half of Robbie�s huge erection. "That�s right," Robbie said softly. "Suck it. Suck it like a good boy. That�s right. Yes�" He panted heavily and creamed in Elliot�s mouth, then brought the boy�s head up so he could kiss him while his own cum swished inside. "Do you want me to fuck you, Elliot? I could take you home with me�" "Yes," Elliot pleaded. It was 8�o clock by the time he drove home on his chopper. Elliot drove his own little car behind him. Elliot got out and trotted up the driveway, like the wonderfully loyal little pup he was. They rushed upstairs without a trace of his dad to be seen. Well, good, he thought. More fun without the complication. Elliot dropped his pants without being told, wearing only his light blue dress shirt and briefs, and stepped out of them. Robbie looked at him, staring silently. He moved forward and felt the young man�s side and massaged it and with his left hand felt a buttcheek. "You know not that long ago I was much younger." Robbie laughed a small secret chuckle. "You�re not so bad right now. God you�re�you�re a fucking stud!" "Do you want me?" "God, yes." Elliot moaned. "Have you been a good boy, lately?" "No," Elliot said defensively. "Then wait here." Robbie couldn�t suppress the eagerness out of his voice. He walked into the walk in closet and came out dressed in the cop uniform. Elliot started breathing faster. Robbie always wanted to be a cop�well, sometimes. Mostly he just liked the uniforms. They were so cool�and now he was wearing one! "Look what we have here. How you doin� tonight, son?" Robbie swaggered in his uniform, and licked his stubble. "You out alone this time of night?" "Yeah, what if I am?" "Get on the bed." Elliot got on the bed. Robbie walked over and fondled Elliot�s tie, and held his head with his right hand, and began gently stroking. "Did I do something wrong?" "Son, just do what you�re told. Now turn around and let me fuck you, boy. You got a problem with that?" "No, sir." "Then take off your shirt." Robbie unzipped and his erection began. His hand climbed victoriously up Elliot�s body. He fucked Elliot while he was on the bed, and as Robbie was standing there, fucking his beautiful ass, he wondered. He had not just leapt into an adult body, he was getting certain things now, certain things that were making him act like an adult. It was strange, because that wasn�t ever really a wish he made. It was just sort of happening. He felt himself just taking charge and filling in the space for his dad, doing things subconsciously like adults did them, not needing to ask or be told like some stupid kid. He was starting to think that it was right. His father didn�t appreciate what he had, and Robbie COULD appreciate it. So maybe they were starting to feel more at home and their brains were simply making up for it by giving them knowledge. Maybe it was the biology that had something to do with it and not the magic�this body just knew certain things. He had begun to say certain things that sounded much more adult without even realizing it. I�m an adult, he thought. I�m an adult! I�m a grown up!! When Frank woke up, he was still a kid, and he felt like a kid, and it made him miserable. Coming downstairs, he saw his son cooking a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausages. Also in the kitchen was a rather hunky little heartthrob, a kid who looked barely out of high school. "Hey, sport!" Robbie said. "Elliot, this is my son Robbie. Robbie, this is my friend Elliot." "Hi," Frank said listlessly. "Hey champ. Well uh, thanks Mr. Gatling for all your help." "Sure. If you want to fix bikes for a living one day, I�ll be sure and put in a good word for you around town when you�re done with your courses." "Well uh, I gotta go. I got class." "Sure, sure. Sides, I gotta drive Robbie to school." "What? I can�t go to school!" "Why not?" Elliot asked innocently. "School is fun, least when you�re young. Hell, I wish I could go back, I�m so behind in all my courses. I�d give anything to just take it easy again. Well, you guys have fun." Elliot got up to leave. Robbie, still posing as Frank, followed him outside and liplocked him as soon as they were out of view. "Now be good, young man." "I will, dad," Elliot replied playfully. "Promise me I can stay up late tonight?" "Maybe, if you�re good." Robbie slapped him on the ass, and smiled possessively. Elliot looked up at him and kissed him again and then took off. Coming back inside, his dad sprung on him like a puma. A really baby puma, he thought and inwardly laughed. "What was that? School? You have to be kidding me!" "NO, you�re the kid. Remember? It won�t be so bad, dad, sides if "I" miss any more school, they�ll get suspicious something weird is going on. You don�t want to attract attention. Now get your coat, I�m driving you over. Your backpack is over there, and I can tell you your schedule on the way over." "Stop that! Stop talking like that! You�re not my dad! I�m yours!" Robbie walked over to his diminuitive father and placed his arms on his hips. "I�m sorry, dad. Thought I heard you say no to me." He bent down and posed a flex, showing off his enormous bicep, straining against his T-shirt, his bicep which dwarfed Frank�s arm many, many times over. "Dad, I�m in charge. I�m a big boy now. And uh�what are you gonna do about it?" He stood up again. "I�ve been thinking about this. I think it�s time the scarab took care of something else�" He took out the grungy stone beetle that fit in the palm of his hand. "From now on, I wish for you to call me "dad"". "This is ridiculous! Dad, you can�t!" Frank�s hands went to cover his mouth. "Alright, then. I think we�ve wasted enough time. Get your stuff, and grab some food real quick. Then we�re out of here. And I don�t want any of my teachers complaining about you being weird, so just act like a kid, okay?" Frank suddenly heard the little boy in Robbie trying to just act adult. He was playing mind games, now. "Fine." The day was a blur. Robbie smiled from ear to ear as he drove his dad to school and dropped him off. He took the car because he didn�t want to bring his dad on his chopper. Too unsafe for little kids, he said. God, this was annoying! The day just got worse and worse. Every adult so much taller than him. Looking down on him. Other kids made fun of him occasionally and they were all idiots. The end of the day couldn�t come soon enough. Luckily, he�d formed a plan. He avoided contact with anyone in the school, student or teacher alike, and managed to avoid any bullies. Some of those kids were pretty big, he noticed, or big enough. No wonder Robbie didn�t want to go to school. Well, if he did it, then his son could. This was going to be his first and last day. That night he didn�t say much when his "dad" got home. He waited for his dad to go to sleep, but instead he just heard the sliding door open. Robbie was in the yard. Robbie stood in the backyard, gently holding his aromatic prize. He was wearing a sweaty shirt and the night air was nice and cool. He licked his few days� old stubble. He looked at the cigar in his hands. Smooth paper, like construction paper. He�d never even held a cigar before. He�d never been this close to one. He wondered how to smoke it. He considered taking the knowledge from his father, but thought it would be more fun this way. He smiled compulsively. He�d seen his dad do this. He took the metallic instrument and clipped the edge on the side where the paper closed in over itself. He sniffed the edge, the cigar smelled so good. It infiltrated his nostrils. He felt the smoothness of it, the marbled brown paper that felt like the smoothest leaves from autumn trees. The cigar smelled of Autumn, of October and November nights, of woodsmoke in the air, fallen leaves, of fathers standing on their porches in the cold air under a crisp blue sky, the sunset imminent as they lighted their pipes and cigars up. He tasted the skin of it. His tongue salivated and his mind raced over the wrongness of what he was doing. It was exciting and forbidden. Little boy now a man. He could do whatever he wanted to do! And he had been waiting, aching to try this� When he took the cigar out of his mouth, there was an ecstatic tingling sensation in his mouth. He cherished it, savored it. Taste of adulthood. His hand shook, uncontrollably as he figured out how to work the lighter, and after a few attempts, brought it to the tip. It wasn�t how he thought it would be. He kept on sucking, and thought he hadn�t gotten it right, so he tried lighting the end again. As he kept trying, he suddenly smelled something very sharp burning his nose! It was a wide screen of smoke, and it clouded his eyes briefly. He took out the cigar and stared at it in wonder. He couldn�t even believe he was doing this. He took the cigar and put it back in his mouth, puffed, exhaled. This tasted so incredible. Unlike anything he�d ever done before, and it was giving him an instant hard on. It sure tasted different than cigars smelled. He�d always loved the smell of cigars and secretly loved smelling his dad�s friends when they smoked them playing the rare game of poker. But his dad had never smoked in front of him. Probably didn�t want to set a bad example. Well, he was an adult before he�d tried smoking cigars. His dad had to given him credit for that. He smoked the cigar. He noticed ash crawling up the tip and he experimentally nicked it so the ash dropped. He felt like such an adult! Part of it was like breathing through a bamboo pole stuffed with reeds. The scent of the smoke within him was exhilarating and he exhaled in pleasure, mulling over the flavor and experience of it repeatedly. Frank smelled the cigar from a mile away and his mouth started watering wildly. Man, he wished he could get some of that. Smoking cigars was a way of relieving tension. He did it maybe once a month, once every few, and it always left him feeling incredibly masculine, and confident, and at ease. "Now it�s dad�s turn," he said, immediately regretting he�d said it. When Elliot got there, Robbie answered the door with the stogie. He�d been afraid of bringing it into the house at first, but it was his house. He could do what he wanted! He didn�t care if dad knew. In fact, it was better. He was the alpha male, and if Frank didn�t like it, too bad. Elliot stared up at him in amazement. "You like my cigar?" "Hell yeah! Man, cigars are awesome. God, that smells good." Robbie offered him a puff. "Thanks, Frank." They went to the backyard and Robbie fondled his new boy toy, looking down on him while holding his ass, chewing the stogie and making it a point to blow smoke out the side of his mouth. He could feel his tongue and the roof of his mouth burning with the sensation, prickling with the newfound tobacco taste. They went upstairs, Robbie filling Elliot�s mouth with cigar smoke smell, cigar tinted kisses. They did their business and fell asleep. Frank crept silently into the room, found his son�s gigantic jeans, and found the scarab hidden inside. The room reeked of cigars. Well soon enough he�d be able to smoke them again. He got back to his room and holding the scarab, made his wish. "I wish tomorrow morning, Elliot and I will have traded bodies!" He knew the limits of the original magic had made it so that he couldn�t trade back into his own body for the time being, but there was nothing that stopped him from going into someone else�s! The next morning he woke up next to himself. He got up and stared in the bathroom mirror. He was tall again! Not as tall as he�d been before, but still! And so smooth cheeked. He bet that Elliot didn�t have to shave that much. "Testing. Testing. One, two. Three. Man, this is weird." "Elliot?" he heard his voice say from the other room, getting groggily up and starting over. "Not exactly. You shouldn�t have underestimated me, son," he said calmly. "Shit," said Robbie, who ran out of the room to where Elliot had just woken up and screamed. "What the hell! I�m a kid! How did this happen!? You guys! Hey, that�s me!" "Calm down, Elliot. I can explain," Frank began. "Oh good going, dad. Now he�s like, totally freaking!" "You both need to calm down," Frank continued, in Robbie�s body. "Now admittedly, this is very strange and I�m asking you to please, not panic. My name is Frank Gatling." "Frank?" "No, not the Frank you knew. The Frank you knew was actually my son Robbie. I did this to finally get back into an adult body." "You mean I did it with a kid??" Elliot said, kind of disgusted. Robbie looked hurt. "Not really. I believe the magic that affected us both matured him somewhat, compounded by the fact that he took much from me of what was necessary to be seen as adult, even though it was beyond my wishes." "I was just trying to get you to stop telling me what to do, I�m not a kid anymore like you�were!" "Don�t get upset, son. I think I understand. You landed in a big, huge body and didn�t know what to do but take on the role. Problem was, I didn�t feel much like taking on a kid�s. Can�t. Too used to being an adult, with all of the complications and fun." He smiled. "Then I heard young Elliot here the other day wishing he could be young again. Well, here is what I propose. Until the month is over, play the part. I�ll pay you for your troubles and recompense you." "This is all too much! Who the hell are you people? How did all this happen?!" Frank explained the whole, long story. "So you want me to pretend to be your kid, or his kid? And you guys can�t switch til� the end of the month?" "That is pretty much it, kid." Frank said. He quite frankly was getting really used to Elliot�s body. He liked how hot this kid was. He liked the idea of spending time as a hot college stud. "Dad, where�d you put the scarab?" Robbie asked. "Wouldn�t you like to know? But I buried it in the yard, so you�ll never find it, and just to ensure you don�t try anything, if I am displeased by your behavior, I�ll switch you with another kid, find one off the street if I have to. So be good." :"I don�t believe this," Robbie and Elliot said at the same time. "I do believe I feel like having a cigar and a beer." Frank smiled in Elliot�s body. He could get to enjoy this. Enjoy this very much. Elliot let the next week pass in wonder. With his adult mind perfectly intact, he wasn�t challenged in the slightest by his schoolwork. He was pretty sure he could get straight A�s from here til he was 18. But he only had the rest of the month, he guessed. Which was a shame. He spent all his time playing with other kids. He�d been having the time of his life. Meanwhile Robbie had been dating the guy he worked with, the copper-brown, curly haired, raspy voiced guy named Riley, who was gorgeous as all hell, in a dangerous tough guy way. He found himself increasingly happy not having any responsibility. Robbie made decisions, hell Robbie made dinner. He found himself having to do less than an occasional chore. He watched TV and read, mostly. He didn�t really have to waste much time with schoolwork. Frank had fun in Elliot�s body. He went to parties and hooked up with some hot jocks he found online, who were hornier than all hell, and glad to have a third guy join their fun. Apparently neither of them had done it with anyone but each other. He had sex with both of them. He told people his new nickname was "Frankie", and said it was his middle name, but he made a habit of having all the new young, hot friends he was making the change, namewise. All his student friends also took notice that Elliot/Frankie had started smoking cigars and pipes on a fairly regular basis. He was having the time of his life. And as for Robbie, he started seeing his co-worker Riley, particularly in his bedroom, on a fairly regular basis himself, tying him up and playing cops and robbers, construction worker and his angry boss, and also personal fitness trainer and his cock slave. Finally the end of the month came. All three of them were in the living room, just waiting. Suddenly there was a ring at the door. Frank, in Elliot�s handsome, taut, compact body, answered the door. There she was. The Madame Illusia, decked out in a simple frock, and hooded cloak. "Oh my oh me, I am so very flustered, I hope I am having the right place." "It�s me, Madame. Frank. There have been some slight adjustments since you departed us last." "Ah! I see. Well, now. You have been experiencing my magic. I do so hope you do not mind. I read into both of you happier futures if I intervened. Where is my young Robbie? Ah, how you have grown!" Robbie smiled and nodded his head enthusiastically. "Yeah. It�s been SO cool! I love bein� a grown up!" He still sounded very much like he was a little kid trapped in a big man�s body. "Yes yes, I see that! So. Have you, young man, have you had enjoyment in this, predicament is that the word? I hope I have not caused inadvertent damage to you?" "Oh no," said the eleven year old Elliot. He looked handsome at this age, and thought he would definitely grow into his looks. He had firm features, sharp looks. "On the contrary, it�s worked out well for me�" The Madame paced around the room. "So�I guess the only thing left for me is to return everyone back to their original states?" "Well I wouldn�t� "You don�t have to� "Only if you want� They all started in at once, and she smiled knowingly. "Then perhaps I should leave you my card, and if ever you require my services you can call upon me again?" "That would be wonderful, Madame." Frank said. "Yeah, that�d be cool." Robbie said. "Thanks for comin� over." Elliot said. The Madame left in a hurry. She said she�d have to visit the White House soon, there had been some mistakes that one of her underlings made before, exchanging the President�s mind some decade before with that of a five year old, who was technically now fifteen, but still an idiot for a fifteen year old. They waved her off as she used an umbrella to magically fly her away.


"Dad, look at all the candy I got!" "Wow! Elliot, that�s a load!" Elliot was excited. He loved spending outings like this with his dad. Rob was so cool. Better than living with his sister and her husband had ever been�he�d never really had a dad of his own. And someday, Rob was gonna teach him to ride a motorcycle! That�d be so cool. He remembered driving a car, but that was vague, like a lot of stuff was now. He remembered school stuff fairly well, but he�d felt like a kid so much over the past year. He still had confidence, though, the best of both worlds, and it gave him a huge edge over other kids. His teachers were already discussing possible scholarships. Rob had moved to a new town, and Halloween was in full bloom. He and Riley had sold his chop shop back home and invested in two beat up abandoned ones that they had rebuilt and started up from scratch. He and Riley were raising Elliot together. Frank, or "Frankie", was off in college, now on the football team. Riley still didn�t know about all the switching that had occurred, and no one had bothered to bring it to his attention. "Do you ever wish you could be a real baseball player?" Rob asked his son, who was dressed like a major leaguer. "Sometimes. Hey. Maybe sometime we can trade places and I can try out for a team." Rob smiled. "Maybe. Maybe later tonight we�ll try and give it a spin." "Really!?" "Halloween is a special night. The scarab is very powerful. And besides. I think you�ve earned a night with a cigar for being such a good kid. Sides, it�s been a while since I�ve been a kid. Hell, I almost can�t remember what it�s like!" "Hey, dad?" "Yeah, son?

"TRICK OR SWITCH!" Rob laughed as he chased his son home, ready to switch the night away, for the time being. Unless that is, it wasn�t for the time being, Madame Illusia thought as she watched them go, and another curious father and son left her doorstep, the third pair that night, departing down the street of abandoned houses with many gables and weather vanes that spun around in the autumn wind. She watched Rob and Elliot in her crystal ball, and laughed. She loved Halloween.


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