By Corwin

Chris woke up late the next day. As he did his normal routine of cooking, eating and flexing, he noticed he was running low on food. It was a warm day, and the market was normally crowded with soccer moms. He pulled out a white wifebeater and a pair of jeans. He hadn't worn either in a month. The jeans stretched and seems ripped, unequipped to deal with thighs and calves as big as his. The waist of the jeans hung loose around the solid washboard Chris had developed. He grabbed a felt and pulled it tight, noticing that it was two notches thinner than the last time he had used it. He had trouble pulling the shirt over his massive chest, and the material began to rip under each of his arms as it tried to contain his overpowering form.

He grinned and nodded his approval. "Give them a thrill," he thought. He was right. As he made his way from vegetables to meats to juices, dairy and fish, he noticed the woman staring. Conversations stopped as he came into view, and a few of the women even pointed or gasped openly. "What a man!", "god", and the seductive smile all accompanied Chris as he made his way around the store.

"Tank?" he heard someone say as he was picking up some canned goods. He turned. A young blonde woman in a tube top and white shorts was looking at him. She looked familiar. "I thought that was you. I'm Amy. Joe's girlfriend."

"Oh. Hi."

Amy smiled at him, but her eyes weren't looking into his. Instead, they were darting from his arms to his pecs, then down his waist and stopping at his crotch. Her eyes seemed to widen as she tried to take him all in.

"Uhm... Anything new?" She finally asked. "Joey hasn't said much about you recently."

"Haven't seen him in about a month," Chris said. Amy was attracted enough, but he didn't want Joe to know he was still around.

"Ya, all he talks about is his training partner Kaz. It's Kaz this and Kaz that and how big Kaz is and how strong Kaz is and how Kaz is helping him get huge."

"Ya, well, I gotta be going," said Chris, trying to cut the encounter short.

"Oh me too," said Amy and headed for the check out, getting in line in front of Chris. "I don't know who the guy is," Amy continued, "but he's really helping Joey. He's put on a lot of muscle. Keeps bragging that Mike is beginning to look small next to him. Well, Joey's got help," and she winked at him, "but, well, you certainly know how it is. You know this Kaz?"

"Name's Ron," Chris said, finally able to get a word in.

"Ya, well, I'm sure he can't hold a candle to you," Amy said. Then, more seductively, "You are one big boy." Looking toward his crotch, she continued, "All over."

"Ya," said Chris. Amy was interrupted by the check out clerk who was ringing up her bill. As the clerk packed her bags, Amy asked if they had any boxes. The packer left, and returned with a box, and put the bags in that.

"Oh, that's so heavy. Tank, could I ask your help carrying it to my car."

"Ma'ame, I'd be happy..." the bagger began.

"No. I'm sure Tank can help me. Please."

There was something in the way she said 'please.' It was like she was begging. That she had some primal need that only Chris could fulfill. He was curious. "Sure." The bagger put Chris's bag on top of the others. Chris lifted the box with ease, and Amy put her hand over his bicep.

"Ooooo," she cooed. "That's so big and hard," she said as she walked with him. "You know, I really have a thing for big, strong, muscular men. I don't know that I've ever met anyone as big as you before. I mean, Joey is nice, but"

"He's a runt," Chris said.

"Well," Amy said, "he's got some good attributes." Amy had parked next to Chris's truck, and Chris put the box of groceries dow.

"Strong?" Chris said, looking Amy over. He liked the way her ample chest filled out her tube top, and thought back to Mike's comment's the night before. Deciding to impress her, Chris walked over to his truck. "Can he do this?" Chris squatted down and grabbed the rear of his trunk. He'd lifted it before, but this time was different. It felt light and seemed pretty easy. He heard some rips, and suspect his flexed muscles were too much for his jeans and shirt. He turned as he heard Amy gasp. Her breathing was deep, her eyes wide.

"Your pants," she gasped, finding it hard to speak.

Chris lowered the truck. "Don't make pants big enough," he said as he peeled off his beater and wiped his head with it.

"I can imagine. Your legs look so thick."

"Wasn't talking just about my legs," Chris said, stepping forward to tower over her. He pressed his pecs into her breast, looked down at her and said, "And you don't need to imagine if you don't want. You may be Joe's girl, but if you want to experience a real man, we can go back to my place."

Amy blushed and actually began to shake a bit. "I'd like that," she said, reaching her hand to where Chris's pants had split and touching the exposed skin of his thigh.

In a fluid move, Chris whisked Amy up in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he effortlessly carried her to the front of the truck, opened the passenger door, and put her in. He grabbed the groceries, stuck them in his truck, got in and began to drive.

Amy could barely wait. Her hands rubbed his arms and carressed his chest. She muttered about how "big" and "huge" and "strong" he was. When they stopped at a red light, she nearly crawled on top of him to kiss him, her tongue pressing into his mouth with such eager abandon he nearly missed the light changing back to green.

"Ever been blown while you drive?" she asked, moving her hand to his crotch. As she rubbed, she said, "feels like you got a nice big hard-one now that could use some relief."

Chris laughed. "You'll make it hard, but that's me soft."

She rubbed harder. "Soft? But it feels so big."

"Gets bigger," he said matter-of-factly.

Amy unbuttoned Chris's jeans, then unzipped them. She moved her hand inside. "Damn your abs are hard," she said as she found her target. She pulled, freeing Chris's snake from the entrappment of the fabric.

"Oh god!" she said as she saw eight soft inches. "That's soft?" she asked, moving her face lower. She kissed it, then put it in her mouth to measure it. "You're almost as big as Joe is hard, and just as thick now." She put her mouth on it again, messaging the meat with her lips and tongue. Within seconds, she began to gag as Chris's organ came to life and swelled thick as a beer can and much longer. Amy's mouth stretched wide open, trying to control it, her head being pressed into the ridge's of Chris's abs as the cock snaked upward. Finally, needing air, she gave up her attempts at control, and the raging hard-on smacked hard into Chris's abs.

"It's so hard," she gasped, trying now to get her hands around it.

"Work all my muscles," Chris said. "Even that one. But you'll see soon enough. We're here." They pulled into the parking lot of Chris's building. He tucked his meat away, zipped himself partway up, then got out. Walking over, he opened Amy's door, scooped her up in his arms, closed and locked the truck, then carried her to his apartment. All the while, Amy's hands rubbed Chris's hard muscles, his high traps, thick delts, powerful bis and tris and armor-like pecs.

As soon as he put her down, Amy tore off her top, then moved to remove her shorts. There was a wet spot on her panties. "Do you like my body?" she said, as he walked over to Chris. She unzipped his pants, and began to pull them down. "I love yours. So huge. So strong. So ripped."

Chris stepped out of his pants, and Amy stood up and took a step back. "Oh god."

Chris smiled, and raised an arm, flexing his 22 inch cannon. He slowly moved into a crab, extending his leg and flexing his ripped quads and calves.

Amy watched the display, her hand moving to her crotch as she stroked herself.

"You got great breasts," Chris said, moving closer to her and placing his big hand gently on one.

"38 double-D" she bragged.

"Mine are nearly sixty now," Chris said as he knelt down and put his mouth against her lavia. He wrapped a single arm around her waist as he began to tongue her sensitive areas, then he stood up, lifting her so his mouth remained lapping at it's target. He flexed his other arm in a display of power, and felt Amy's juices flow with excitement. She clawed at Chris's invulnerable arm, deperate for more displays of his manly powers. He could feel her bucking and panting as she murmurred his name, "oh Chris. Fuck. Please. Oh yes. Please fuck me."

Chris walked slowly to his bed. Bending over, he gently laid Amy down, then crawled in next to her. He kissed her, letter her taste her own juices on his breath. His hand moved to her crotch, and he began to pet and stroke her. He slipped on thick finger into her, then two, then three. He stretched her, and when she was ready, he positioned his monster cock and pushed.

"Wait," she begged, as she flipped her legs behind her head. "Now," she wishpered. "Give me all of that super big cock."

Amy cried in ecstasy as when his fat mushroom head penetrated her. She screamed with joy as inch after inch of Chris's tool thrust in and out of her. When Chris was about half way in, her felt her walls clench against him, trying to crush his uncrushable cock. She screamed as her first orgasm washed over her. With each additional inch and every thrust, Amy's orgasms became more powerful, more potetent. She was crying incoherently as her hands raked over his chest and abs.

Chris rubbed his massive frame over her tits, as they leaked juices as every part of Amy's body responded to him. Chris turned his head, and saw their reflection in a mirror. He saw a good 2 inches of his cock still not penetrating Amy, and his wide lats and ripped glutes totally controlling her. She looked small next to his hulking masculine form. Chris's excitement grew as he realized how his power effected Amy, and saw the reflection of his alpha-male form in the mirror. He thrust harder, fording every inch of his thick eleven inches into her.

Amy screamed as her juices shot out of her, her orgasms coming one after another in uncontrollable pleasure. Her vagina tightened hard against Chris, but that only made his organ harder. He slowly pulled out, then thrust hard in. Amy's eyes rolled back in her head as she became incoherent in her orgasmic bliss. She was limp on the bed, totally outclassed by the muscular sexual monster invading her. Chris felt his balls pull tight, preparing to release his own powerful orgasm.

Chris felt his cock flex, stretching Amy's walls against their will. He felt her orgasms intensify as he shot his bullets into her, his cock throbbing and flexing, totally in control. It was too much for Amy. With a last scream of pleasure, she clutched at Chris's manly chest, then succumb to the overflow of emotions and passed out.

Chris pulled himself off her limp body.

Amy woke up hours later in her car at the grocery store parking lot. She had been bathed, and Chris dressed her. He had carried her to her car and left her there on his way to the gym. On her steering wheel was a note containing one word. "Thanks." Amy smiled, a warm feeling rushing over her. Her body still tingled from her experience with Chris. She had never felt this satiated before. A feeling of panic suddenly struck her when she thought she may never feel this way again.

She drove home to meet Joe. As she thought about him, Joe didn't seem all that desireable to Amy any more. Chris had set a new standard, and it was one Joe would now have to live up to, if he could.

After his tryst with Amy, Chris became more aware of the effect he had on people. Men and women alike stared at him with envy, jealousy and desire. During the day, he began to take walks, strategically removing his tshirt or accidently ripping a sleeve as he flexed his growing guns. Out of the corner of his eyes, he'd watch women stare and guys cower. During one encounter, he heard one guy mutter, "He's not so tough." Chris stared down the guy, a small 280 pound power lifter. The guy came over to pick a fight. Chris made short work of him, lifting the guy up over his head and tossing him through a plate glass window. He stepped over the shaken guy as he left, turning to snarl, "I'm way tougher than you are, runt."

Chris continued his nightly workouts with an intensity bordering on mania, and the results showed. A few days after screwing Amy into oblivion, he got to the gym and Mike was waiting for him. "Got something to motivate you," he said. They went into Mike's office, where Mike had a small television and VCR. "Thought you might like to see this." Mike started the VCR.

The screen showed the locker room. Mike had security cameras installed, and normally didn't bother with the tapes unless someone complained about something. The locker room was empty, but there was the sound of the door opening, then Joe's voice.

"Shit, that was intense," Joe said. "Kaz, you are a machine." Joe and Ron stepped into view, and Joe was stripping off a sweat-soaked t-shirt. "Look at this swole," he said, raising an arm. Ron just nodded, and threw him a tape. Joe wrapped it around his arm, and read the number. "Fucking 21 and half, pumped. And a fucking 20 cold. I'm fucking huge thanks to your workouts!" Joe said, slapping Ron on the back.

Ron smirked, then flexed his own gun. "This is huge," he said. "Measure it. See what a real man's arm is like."

Joe lept at the chance like a puppy dog trying to please his owner. His eyes widened as he shouted out, "over 25!" Joe grabbed Ron's arm, and pulled down as hard as he could. Ron's shoulder's burst into deeply striated ripped muscle as Joe couldn't budge the huge rocks.

"Gotta be stronger than that to move these cannons," Ron said. "Now, go get the strap so I can finish my workout." Joe ran and grabbed the modified jock strap that Ron and Chris used to do dick curls. Joe came back and knelt before Ron as Ron lowered his shorts.

"Gonna fuckin' blow him or somethin'?" Chris mocked as Joe's face obscured Ron's crotch.

Ron stepped into the strap as Joe lifted it into place. He seemed to fumble as he tried to position the strap.

"Don't jack me off, faggot. Put the weight on!" Ron said.

"It's broken," said Joe, turning red at the implication he might be gay.

Ron pushed Joe, and the smaller man fell backward. The camera now gave a clear view of Ron's substantial manhood and the broken strap. Ron was fumbling with it, then ripped it off. "Fucking thing is shattered."

"I didn't..." Joe started to say.

"Ya, of course you didn't. I've seen your hang. Pretty big, but not in my class. This happens as I grow. Stupid straps just can't handle someone that's horsehung like me. Probably broke last time we used it. I'll make another one and we'll do this tomorrow."

Joe looked at Ron, then began to pull off his pants. A big nine incher jumped up. Ron smiled, then stepped forward, showing off his big eleven. "See, you're just small everywhere aren't you."

Joe looked down. "Ya," he muttered. "I was kinda hoping, well, maybe I could use the strap sometime. Amy's been rather, well,..."

"Ain't pleasing your babe, huh?"

"Always could," Joe said. "But lately, well, she's not acting as excited as she use to. Kinda lies there, and I get the impression she's faking it. Maybe I'm just..."

"Dude," Ron said, stroking himself, "this big boy here can lift 35 pounds for six reps."

Chris laughed and smiled when he heard that, knowing he was doing over 50 now.

"Women go nuts with that much power. If you prove yourself, maybe I'll let you train that muscle too. But first, you gotta help me get those sponsorships I'm after. When those company reps see my bod, I want the to begin to toss the bucks at me. You help me do that, and sure, I'll help you with your little problem there."

Mike stopped the tape. "Kaz has ordered me to host a competition. He wants and old style bodybuilding show. You know, where the guys powerlift first, then have a posedown after. He's got some bigwigs from some supplement company coming in, and he wants to humiliate everyone and show the reps that he's the biggest and baddest around."

"He ain't," said Chris. "Now let's train. I've got a competition to win." Chris walked into the gym to work legs. •

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