By Corwin

The next morning, Chris woke up to someone pounding on his door. He moved to get out of bed, his legs sore and throbbing from last night's workout. He stood, looking at his massive quads and diamond-shaped calves. His legs pressed against each other and rubbed together when he walked. There was a massive bulge in his briefs as if someone stuffed two grapefruits in them. He moved his hand down to his crotch and scratched his nuts. The banging continued.

"Who the fuck is it?" he screamed as he walked toward the door.

"Tank," a woman's voice called from behind the door. "It's me. Amy. Can I please come in?" There was a pleading quality to her voice. The way she said 'please' seemed to be begging.

Chris opened the door.

Amy looked at Chris standing naked except for his briefs. Her eyes widened, and she seemed to start shaking. "Oh god," she cried. She jumped at him, wrapping her arms and legs around him, pressing her body into his and began kissing him. "You're even more than I remember. More man. More sexy. So strong." She reached her hand into his briefs. "Ohhh," she cried, "and so big."

Chris took a step back, carrying Amy with him as he closed the door. "Babe, not that I don't appreciate the attention, but what gives?" Amy continued to press her body into his, rubbing her hands over his wide back and kissing his powerful chest.

"God, I need you," she said. "Can't stop thinking about you. All your muscle. Your strength. The way you fuck me. Oh god, I'm getting so wet just thinking about it."

Chris smiled, thinking about the tape from the night before. "What about Joe?" he asked slyly.

Amy released her hold on Chris and frowned a bit. "Ever since the last time," she said softly, "he can't satisfy me anymore. He tries, but I can only think about you. His dick is so small, and he's so weak and..." her eyes move to Chris's cock... "Oh please Tank. Let me give you a blow job." She unbuttons her jeans and pulls them down. There's a wet spot on the front where her juices are flowing in anticipation. She begins to rub it with her one hand as she looks Chris up and down while licking her lips.

Chris smiles. Without a word, he turns and walks into the kitchen. Amy follows silently. Chris grabs a gallon of milk and dumps it into a blender, then pours in several scoops of protein powder. Her turns the blender on, then grabs a syringe filled with his special 'roids.

Amy falls to her knees and crawls to Chris. She reaches up and grabs his brief, pulling them down. Chris places the syringe in his glutes as Amy's tongue laps hungrily at his cock and balls. "This always makes me horny. You just service me while I replenish my protein, OK?"

"Yes. Please. Yes." she says, grabbing Chris's big legs and sucking his cock. Chris throws the empty needle away, then grabs the protein shake and starts drinking.

Chris finishes his shake, puts the blender down and looks at Amy. "So, Joe can't please you anymore?" he says innocently.

"Nuhuh..." she gags as she sucks desperately on Chris's huge organ.

Chris puts his hands on his hips, and flexes his abs, chest and legs. Amy gurgles a sigh and sucks harder.

"You like that? You like my big fucking muscle? My big cock? You want more?"

Amy begins to claw at Chris, expressing her pent-up desires.

Chris pulls his cock out of Amy's mouth. She lunges at him, trying to grab him. "No! Please!"

"I want you to see exactly how much of a man I am," Chris says, almost ignoring her pleas as he walks into his bedroom. On hands and knees, she crawls after him. He throws a tape at her. "Measure me. Start with my cock."

Amy starts to cry. "Thank you," she says, taking the tape and stroking his iron-hard pipe. "Gotta see this big eleven inches," she says, placing the end of the tape at the base of his cock. She extended the tape, then her hand began to shake. "Oh god. God. It's over over eleven inches... almost 12." She quickly wrapped the tape around the shaft. "And nearly seven and a half inches thick. Oh god!"

Amy stands up, her body visibly shaking with desire. She places one end of the tape on Chris's nipple, Chris raises his hand and holds it there. Amy walks around Chris, unable to wrap her arms totally around his massive chest. As she matches the tape to the end, she reads off "60." Chris smiles, then slowly begins to flex. The tape zips across his skin as his lats flare and pecs ripple into super hard muscle. Amy swoons as she reads off the 65 inch number.

"How big is Joe?"

"Joe's only 52 inches. And the guy he works out with, he's 64. I thought that was big."

Chris's cock involuntarily jerks at hearing that his chest is a full inch bigger than Ron's.

"Arms!" he orders.

Amy nearly fell over herself getting the tape around Chris's raised gun. Chris didn't flex until the tape was fully around, then jerked his mountainout arm to attention. The tape nearly ripped at the power of his flex, and Amy gasped when she read "over 25 inches."

"Bigger than Joe," Chris said.

"and Ron, or so Joe tells me. He's a little smaller than 25 right now," Amy said.

As Amy continued to measure, the results were all the same. Chris's activities became a blur in his mind as he lifted Amy to the bed and began to fuck her. In his mind, he thought about Ron. He pictured Ron lifting at the gym, struggling to keep up with the weights Chris easily tossed around. He imagined flexing next to Ron, the runt looking skinny and weak and Chris being huger than huge. He imagined Ron in tears, crying at Chris's superior size and power, totally crushed by Chris's size and might. Finally, Chris thought about fucking Ron's woman, totally ruining her like he had ruined Amy for Joe. When Chris finally shot his load, Amy had passed out. Chris had heard her screams of ecstacy as she came and came and came. He got off of her, went and showered, then ate a huge meal. She was still passed out when he threw on a baggy sweatshirt and sweat pants and went to the gym.

Chris didn't notice that he was being followed. A truck pulled out of his parking lot after him, then tailed him to the gym, pulling into a space close to the door. When Chris walked by, a fist came out and slammed into his chin. A man jumped him, pushing him against the wall.

Chris reacted on instinct. Chris powered out of the man's hold, his huge arms snapping out of the smaller man's grip. Chris hands grabbed at the man's shoulders and with a single push, turned himself away from the wall and slammed his attacker against the brick.

The attacker made a sick, weaking "umph" as the air was forced out of his lungs from the abruptness of Chris's move. The attacker began to buck and fight to free himself, but it was hopeless. Chris was in charge now. For the first time, he focussed on the attacker's face.

"Joe?" he snarled. Chris slammed his big forearm into Joe's neck, pinning his head to the wall. "What the fuck are you thinking!" Chris's face was red with anger. He was ready to beat this fool to a pulp, but held back for an explaination.

Joe's eyes shot fire at Chris. He grabbed the big man's arms with his hands and pushed. Joe's pecs flexed and his tris bulged as he exerted his might against Chris.

Chris pressed his arm harder into Joe's neck, easily overpowering his little friend. He watched Joe struggle helplessly, his 20 inch arms and bodybuilder-sized chest straining against the unceasing might of Chris's body. Chris started to laugh at Joe's struggle. "Fucking wimp! I asked you a question, runt! You can struggle all you want, but you ain't goin no where until you speak up. And you don't want me to get bored," he added as a threat.

Joe pushed as hard as he could, letting out a scream and contorting his face in the effort. Chris pressed harder, and moving his face within inches of Joe's said with a snarl, "I said talk." Chris pressed his arm in a bit more, crushing through Joe's flexed neck. Joe choked.

"I'm gonna kill you," he swore. "What are you doing to Amy! Why'd she go into your apartment. Mother fucker, if you hurt my girl..."

Chris grabbed Joe's left arm with his free arm and pinned it to the wall. Releasing Joe's neck, he grabbed his right arm and pinned it to the wall. Chris took a step forward, pushing his huge chest into Joe's. Chris flexed so Joe could feel his steel hard muscle crush into him. Chris stared into Joe's eyes, flexing harder until he saw fear, then terror, then pain. "If you aren't man enough to take care of your girl," Chris sneered, "don't blame that on me, boy." Chris pressed hard into Joe, then stepped back and let him go. "Now I'm going to go lift some heavy weights like a real man."

As Chris turned, Joe said, "Kaz banned you from this gym, fuckwad." Without looking, Chris extended his arm and grabbed Joe by the neck. He pushed, throwing the man into the door in front of him. Joe tried to resist, but Chris was far too strong. He tossed Chris into the reception stand. "Don't fuck'n mention that peice of horseshit to me. I'm bigger, stronger and badder than he ever was or will be. You watch MY workout and I'll show you why Amy's at my apartment begging me to plow her. I'll show you the difference between a MAN like me and a wannabe like Ronny"

Before Joe could say a word, Chris lifted off his sweatshirt and tossed it to the ground. "You're huge!" Joe gasped, his eyes widening as he took in Chris's huge arms, massive chest and muscular stomach.

"Ya," said Chris, turning to walk to the locker room to finish changing, "but not huge enough. Wait til you see me pumped."

Mike saw Chris entering the locker room, and Joe standing staring in disbelief. "What are you doing here?" Mike asked, approaching Joe. "The gym is closed."

"Man, you're nuts!" said Joe. "You been training Tank? Kaz ordered you..."

"I know what he said, but what choice did I have? Kaz has ruined every gym he's ever trained at. First he drives the customers away, then he leaves. I gotta keep my business."

"Dude, it's your business or your life. I mean, no one's as strong as Kaz. Not even..."

"Tank is stronger," Mike said, interrupting. "He's my super-powered secret weapon. Man, the dedication. He eats, sleeps and trains to be huge. It's his single focus."

"He looks big, but Kaz..."

"Is smaller man. In just over a month, Tank grew so big that he crushes the man in every category. He lifts heavier, with more intensity and flexes as big or bigger."

"The guy's fucking little runt," said Chris, emerging from the locker room. "Weights set up for arms?"

"You bet big guy," said Mike, running behind Chris to help with the workout. "How you feeling today."

"Strong." Chris turned to Joe. "Hear you been training with little Ronny. What's he warm up with?"

"Kaz starts with 100s," Joe said, unimpressed with Chris's attitude.

Chris walked over to a couple of 110s. "A bit light for a warm-up. Did these last time. Should move up, but what the fuck." Chris cranked out 20 reps. "Shit. Should grabbed 115s."

"Sorry Tank," said Mike, grabbing a pair of 120s. "You can make up for it now."

Mike was use to seeing Chris turn into a machine in the gym, totally focussed on his workout, but Chris was different today. He was showing off. What Mike didn't understand was why. As Chris finished cranking out another 20 reps with the weight, he pronounced it too light.

"Give me the 150s," he said, turning to stare at Joe.

"Kaz works out with 160s," he said nonplussed.

Chris snarled. "This is still my warmup, punk." He grabbed the weights and began curling, never breaking eye contact with Joe. At ten reps, Joe's eyes wandered to Chris's arms. At fifteen reps, they began to widen. At 20, Joe's jaw had dropped. Chris dropped the weight, and looked at Mike, who was just as impressed as Joe. He rubbed his bis, feeling the hard muscle. "That warmed me up. Now, get me some 180s."

Mike looked surprised, and thought about asking Chris if he was sure about that, but Chris had turned to stare at Joe again. Mike walked over to the rack and set up the huge weight. He brought the dumbbells back one at a time, unable to carry both together.

Chris bent down to pick up the weights. He ignored the sound of fabric ripping as he lifted the weights. Slowly, he contracted his right bicep, a thick vein pumping hard just below the skin. His huge bicep flexed into super hardness as he controlled the weight, slowly lowering it with apparent ease. He repeated the motion with his left arm then repeated again, then again and again. Sweat glistened from his powerful body as he completed eight reps, then forced out nine and finally ten.

"Fuck," Joe whispered as Chris rubbed his bicep.

"Think I'll go heavier," he told Mike as he flexed his arms into a double bi to examine his growing pump. "Let's do 200."

"That's forty pounds heavier than Kaz!" Joe said in disbelief. "You can't be that strong."

Chris sat on a bench while Mike grabbed the weights. As he sat, his shorts ripped more. Rather than answering Joe, he examined the shredded material trying to cover his ass and legs. "Shit, I'm going to need new shorts." He grabbed the waistband and tugged, ripping the tattered shorts off. "You guys don't mind if I train in just my jock, do you?"

Mike finished getting the 200lb dumbells. "No Chris. Whatever makes you happy. Just keep growing so we can show 'em whose the boss here."

Chris nodded and stood up, his eyes never moving from Joe.

On the other hand, Joe's eyes scanned over Chris's body. The word, "fuck" formed on his lips as he saw Chris's overstuffed jock straining to contain his manhood. "Can't be," he muttered.

As before, Chris controlled the weight. Doing rep after rep slowly, with perfect form, he pounded his biceps. His body turned red as his blood pumped to feed his strength. Chris watched as Joe's hand moved to his crotch to adjust the growing bulge he had. Just like with Amy, Chris's power was affecting Joe now. The thought of the power and the effect it had on others fueled Chris's arms as he forced out eight perfect reps. Chris dropped the weight as Mike came running over like a lonely puppy.

"That was fucking super, Tank," Mike gushed as he grabbed and squeezed Chris's pumped arm. "Shit, you're a fucking powerhouse." Mike rubbed Chris's arm, and Chris flexed the amazing bicep for him to feel. Mike's big hands could barely cover the huge mound that Chris controlled. "Hard a steel. Dude, you rule."

"Ya, but I gotta do another set. Still not big enough," Chris said, pushing Mike aside.

"And Dude," Mike said as Chris picked up the weight, "you gotta buy a bigger jock. Shit man, you're overflowing."

Chris watched as Joe's eyes darted to the straining fabric at his crotch. Like before he did his set of eight perfect reps, feeling his muscles grow as he lifted the weights. Chris put the weights down with a grunt, then moved his hands and adjusted his jock.

"Things already a XX in the pouch, and it's too fucking small." Turning to look at Joe again, "Even had some sexual release before I got here, but these boys are ready to go again. I can feel my fuckin' man-juice flowin'. But I ain't got no time to be horny. I'm here to grow."

Joe's mouth grew dry at the implication, and his hand went to adjust his cock, which was lengthening and thickening thinking about Chris and Amy. As Chris continued to exercise, pumping his arms harder than Joe had ever seen anyone workout before, Joe's mind continued to drift back to Amy. Had the power in Chris's arms been the attraction? The man's huge torso or tree trunk legs? Or had it been that huge horsecock and grapefruit-sized balls that provacatively stretched Chris's jockstrap. As Joe watched Chris's sweaty body glisten in the gym lights, he marvelled at the way Chris dominated the weights and made a mockery of his and Kaz's so-called workouts. Joe felt totally inferior and he hated it. He tried to shake it off, but then Tank would smash through another one of Kaz's record lifts, and the feeling would overtake him again.

"Now that's a workout," said Chris as he placed the 250 lb barbell back on the curling bench. Walking over to Joe, he flexed his monster gun in the man's face. "No fucking missle can take this cannon down," he announced. Shakily, Joe's hand moved and lightly touched the huge peak. Chris flexed harder, forcing his huge bicep into Joe's timid hand. Joe grabbed at the peak, his hand too small to cover it all.

"Oh fuck," Joe said while rubbing the huge arm. "You're a fucking muscle monster Tank."

"Damn right I am," said Chris walking toward the locker room. "Got one more exercise to do. Mike, is it ready?"

"You bet Tank," said Mike, running ahead of him.

As if in a trance, Joe followed Chris into the locker room. Mike held the modified strap that Chris used to exercise his monster cock. Mike moved forward to help Chris out of his jockstrap, but Chris pushed him away.

"Joe, you always bragged about your mule dick. Come here and get me out of this thing, and get an up-close and personal look at what drives Amy crazy." Joe didn't move, so Chris walked over to him. "Scared to see what a REAL man looks like," Chris said, hefting his package in his hand for effect.

"I've got nothing to be ashamed of there," Joe said, his self-confidence rising.

"Prove it then."

Joe's eyes narrowed. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down. Chris had to admit Joe was bigger, but no where near in his league. Joe's legs looked to be about 30 inches and were ripped.

This time, it was Mike who reacted, muttering "whoa" as more and more of Joe's body became visible. "Shit man, I knew you were working out with Kaz, but..."

"Just gettin' huge," said Joe, flexing his arm in a show of his size. "Gotta match what I got here," he said, grabbing his crotch. His white briefs bulged full with his own snake. Joe smiled as he contemplated Chris's reaction, and pulled his breifs down. A thick hard nine inches sprang out, and Joe stroked it appreciatively.

Chris laughed, pulling his own jock down. Soft, Chris's cock was just as long as Joe's hard-on but even thicker. Joe gasped at the sight of the superior manhood, as Chris bragged, "No wonder Amy comes begging me for it."

Mike knelt before Chris and helped him put on the strap. He was glad that Joe's attention was on Tank and not on him. 'Damn,' he thought. 'I've been so preoccupied training Mike, I didn't notice that Joe was massing up too.' His eyes darted between the two, and even though Joe had an amazing body, he looked like a prepuberescent boy compared to Tank.

Chris stroked his cock into its full foot-long length, then turned back to Joe smiling. "Ronny does 35 pounds, right? Mike, put 70 on."

Joe watched as Chris hefted the 70 pounds, elevating it up and down as he strengthened his horse cock into iron hardness. Joe began to mutter, "no, that's impossible. shit," as he subconsciously continued to stroke his own mule dick.

As Chris completed his third set, Mike moved to remove the weights. "Heh, check out the faggot. Looks like I totally short-circuited his brain," Chris said, walking over to Joe. "It's ok LITTLE guy," Chris said, stressing the little part, "ain't no one as big, strong or sexy as I am."

"Oh ya," swooned a woman's voice from the doorway.

Joe's attention snapped back as he turned and screamed, "Amy!"

"Whatcha doin' here, babe?" Chris asked.

"Couldn't stay away Tank," she said as she brushed passed Joe and brushed her hand against Chris's sweaty chest. She moved her mouth close to him and licked his pecs. "Mmmmm, you taste so good," she said.

"Amy," Joe said, pleading.

"Amy, Joe's here," said Chris.

"He is? Oh, I didn't see him. And Mike too." She turned back to Chris and continued to worship his body. "I want you to fuck me," she whispered to him.

"Joe, Amy wants me to fuck her," Chris announced. He pushed gently against Amy, and urged her to sit down. "Let me show you why?" Chris walked over to Joe, and ripped off his shirt. Now, both men stood naked. "Amy, want a show? Wanna see how Joe compares to me?"

"No one compares to you Tank!"

Chris smiled. "You're probably right."

"But I would like to see Joey and Mike together," said Amy. "They're both kinda big, but not like you." Amy stroked her hand over Chris's abs and brushed it against his cock."

"Hey Tank, I don't want," Mike started, but stopped when he saw the anger in Chris's face.

"The lady wants a show," he ordered. "She wants the small dogs to parade around before the big dog comes on stage. Now strip and give her what she wants."

Mike froze, then looked at Joe who was grinning. Slowly, he began to remove his sweatshirt. His pecs rippled as he lifted the shirt off, revealing a tight six pack covered in thick black hair. Mike's shoulder's were round, and his biceps popped and flexed as he moved to pull off his sweatpants and jock. Mike's legs were thickly muscled and covered in the same black fur that the rest of his body shared. His cock, though, was small, a little button lost in a forest of hair. Amy giggled when she saw it.

Joe wasted no time. We walked next to Mike, raised his arm into Mike's face and said "BOOM!" A thick 21 inch peak came up. Mike flexed, but his 18s looked small compared to Joe. Joe grinned, and his big cock jerked with superiority.

Mike turned, flexing his thick pecs and extending his arm into a side tri pose. Joe countered, his thicker pec shelf and hyper-striated tri dominated the man who was once refered to as his "twin". Joe revelled in the feeling of beating Mike, turning and striking a hands-on-hips most muscular, flexing his legs which rippled with thick, powerful muscle.

Chris watched as Joe began to pose with new determination. His poses flowed as if they were choreographed. His symmetry was as good as any professional bodybuilder. Mike, on the other hand, looked choppy. He lacked the fluidity of motion and the proportions Joe had. While he tried to keep up, he was outclassed in both size and style.

"Looks like I'm gonna need to train you to get as big as little Joey here, huh Mike," said Chris standing. He pushed between Mike and Joe, and entered the posedown. He raised both his arms, flexing his huge guns, flaring his lats and pumping his pecs. Turning to look at Joe, he said, "KABOOM" as his flexed harder, his bicep exploding into hypervascular, hyperstriated wonder. Chris's bicep looked nearly twice as big as Mike's who was now the smallest man.

Mike tried to shirk away, but Chris jumped in front of him, shaking his massive thigh before flexing it into super hard definition. Mike turned, and saw Joe doing the same thing, though his leg looked like a toothpick compared to Chris's. Mike turned, and saw Joe flexing his cow next to Mike. Mike looked so small. He stared at the superiority of both men, hung huge and muscular, and began to cry.

"Ya!" cried Joe, flexing his bi in Mike's face.

"Ya!" mimicked Chris in a girly-voice, flexing his larger arm in Joe's face.

"Oh Tank," said Amy jumping up and grabbing his huge arm. "You are... are..." Amy looked bleary-eyed, and started kissing Chris's huge gun.

"Amy?" Joe cried, flexing his own arm.

"Love your big arms," Amy said, looking at Joe as if for the first time. "So much bigger than these wimps. So strong." She placed her mouth on Chris bicep, kissing and licking it so more. "You are so big and they are so small. God, I need you to fuck me. Please fuck me here, now, in front of them. Show them what a real man is like. Please." She begged Chris.

Joe's eyes grew wide, and a he choked back his own tears. He turned, seeing himself in the mirror and realizing that yes, compared to Chris, he really was small and weak.

"Where you goin', runt," Chris bellowed, stopping Joe in his tracks. "The lady made a request."

Joe turned, a tear on his cheek. "Fuck you and her. Isn't it bad enough you've just humiliated me and taken my girl."

Amy giggled as she rubbed her hands over Chris's sweaty pecs.

"You started it," said Chris, grabbing Joe by the shoulder and forcing him close. "Mike, didn't Joey here always use to tease you. Something about him being bigger."

Mike looked up. "He is bigger," admitted Mike, adding, "now."

"No, I mean something else."

Mike made a small nod.

"Ya," said Chris, taking charge. "Real proud of your big dick." Chris said the word 'big' with an air of contempt. "Amy, why don't you measure us."

Joe tried to pull away, but Chris held his shoulder tight so he couldn't move.

"Tank, no one is bigger than you," Amy said, stroking both men to full hardness.

"Show him, babe. Show him just how big Tank is. Show him with your mouth."

Amy grinned. She knelt before the pair. Chris looked a Joe, who was staring at Chris's monster, comparing his tool with the huge cock that pointed upward from between Chris's legs. A look of total inferiority appeared on his face.

Amy moved her mouth close to Joe's dick. She licked the head, then moved her mouth over the shaft. She stroked her mouth over it several times, deep throating him more and more before finally burying her head in his hairy abs.

"Now me," ordered Chris.

Amy moved away from Joe. She kissed Chris's cock, then opened her mouth wide, but failed to get the fat head in the first time. "So thick," she muttered as she tried again, forcing her jaw wider to accomidate the thick man-tool Chris had. He began to stroke the shaft with her warm, wet mouth, forcing more and more of the tool into her throat with each stroke. When she was about half way down, she began to gag and had to pull back. "Too big," she said, but tried again and then a third time, each with the same result.

"That's enough babe," Chris said finally, grabbing Joe's tool and pressing it against his. Chris was almost twice as fat and inches longer. "Runt boy here gets the idea. Whatcha thinkin, runt boy?"

Joe's posture said it all. He stood slouched over, totally defeated. His eyes stared aimlessly at the floor.

"Say it," Chris demanded.

Joe's mouth moved, but no words came out. He cleared his throat, but even that sounded pathetic. "Tank... so big... huge... I'm nothing... less than nothing... shit, no wonder Amy wants you..."

"Figured that out, didja?" Tank said, flexing his arm in Joe's face. "Boom," he whispered, and Joe sank to the floor.

Both Mike and Joe sat there, then looked up at Chris. Both wanted to be him, envied his power, his size and his sexual prowess. Mike had made Chris the total alpha male, and both longed to be him and to make Chris even bigger, stronger and more alpha. Joe just wanted to die.

"Can we leave, Tank?" Amy asked.

"No," said Chris. "I want you to go home with Joe."

Joe looked up, and Amy seemed about to abject.

"Babe," Chris said to her, "I got this all worked out. I need you to help me. Ya, Joe is a pathetic runt, but he loves ya. He just learned that there's no one who is as big or as much of a man as me, and I need his help. He's gonna keep workin' out with Ron, but he's gonna tell me everything. He knows I'll squash both of them like a bug if he tells Ron about me."

Joe nodded.

Chris continued. "And Joey here is gonna give me advice on posing. Ya see, in a few weeks, when Ronnie has his little contest, I'm gonna win. I'm gonna out lift and out pose him. Mike will make me stronger,"

Mike nodded.

"and in return, I'll help him grow to be as big as Joe is."

"But Tank, I need you," said Amy.

"You'll still see me babe. You can come over every couple days and I'll keep you satisfied. And when you're with Joe, you just think about these big muscles," Chris says, striking a most muscular pose that displayed his incredible physique. "and this huge cock, and keep little Joey happy. Do it for me, OK babe? It will make me happy, and make me even bigger than I am now. OK?"

Chris placed one finger under Amy's chin, and looked her deep in the eyes. Amy was frowning, but eventually she said, "I'd do anything for you, Tank." •

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