Scrapbook Chronicles: A Boy and His Bod


By Lover_Boy

Eric sat in the car waiting. It had been two days since he'd discovered Bryon's secret. Not his alleged ability to increase his muscle mass at will. No such luck. But the fact remained that Bry was gay, at a very young age, and seemed to be totally smitten with Eric. And, if Bryon had kept his promise, his parents had no clue about any of it. They had allowed the meetings to continue. A good sign.

He hadn't felt comfortable with the idea of being face to face with John and Denah since that first day. Just the thought of it made him nervous. He didn't know why. He'd examined the situation cooly and calmly once he'd returned to his room at the hotel. He had decided that he was more interested in guiding this young boy for the short time they shared in the hopes that he left a lasting impression. If Bryon didn't want to reveal his super power, as Bryon so amusingly referred to it, Eric would be okay with it. It was a good exchange for having met what had turned out to be a wonderful little boy.

Bryon had opened up to him after that. He'd proven that he was indeed physically and mentally ahead of other 12 year olds. He was smarter, faster, stronger, and more mature while still maintaining the innocence and wonder of his years. He'd even persuaded Eric to explain in detail what homosexuality was as compared to heterosexuality. Eric had been sure that once he knew exactly what it meant to be gay, he would drop the idea entirely. That wasn't the case.

After he'd explained what attraction to men or boys (in Bryon's younger case) was, Bryon had simply simply smiled. He then recounted a tale of a schoolmate of his that he'd had a crush on. He'd revealed his ability to the boy, hoping to "turn him on". The schoolmate instead was freaked out and refused to have anything more to do with him. It had been plain on Bryon's face how the incident had scarred him. Bryon had also told him that it was the reason he was so reluctant to show anyone his "power".

Eric was shaken from his reverie by a knock on the hood of the Cruiser as Bryon walked around and got in on the passenger's side. "Well, good morning, Bry."

Bryon seemd chipper, but with a slight edge to his tone, "Morning."

"How's your Mom and Dad?"

"They're good."

Eric sensed something amiss. "Is everything okay?"

Bryon was silent for a moment as he looked out the window toward his house. "They wanna know why you don't come in and talk any more."

"Did you tell them?"

"No. I told them it was because you weren't used to getting up so early. So you'd sleep in the car until I came out."

"Would you like me to come in from now on?"

"Would you if I did?"


Bryon's expression brightened, "Good! Because I told them you'd come in for dinner tonight when you bring me home."

Great. How was he gonna deal with this? He didn't want to think about it now. He'd cross the bridge when he came to it. Eric put on his happy face. "Alright then, it's settled. What's on the agenda for today?"

Bryon's face split with a develish smile that displayed bright white teeth. "Swimming!" __________________________________________________ _______ Eric sat waiting on the bech outside the little shack at the swimming hole where Bryon had directed him to go. The water was beautiful and crystal clear as the arly afternoon's sun sparkled on its rippled surface. While he waited for Bryon to change into his swimwear, he looked through files on his battery powered laptop. They were secret files he'd hacked into on the pharmaceutical company Johnathin worked for. It made for fascinating reading.

Apparently the company, Paragon Health and Fitness Inc., had been fined multiple times by the F.D.A. for conducting experimental human trials on its employees in exchange for astronomical amounts of money and their silence about the illegal experiments. All sorts of things. But one item caught Eric's attention. A bodybuilding suppliment purported to have "great potential for untold gains, and minimal health risks". In other words, if successful, it would have turned the bodybuilding and fitness world on its ear. The experimental had "unforseen, and uncontrollable effects" on all the subjects except one. Johnathin Samison.

The company would have been shut down by the F.D.A. . However, PHF Inc.'s lawyers were quick. They'd managed to hold off the government with a huge legal loophole long enough for them to declare bankruptcy. Afterward, the C.E.O. mysteriously vanished from the face of the Earth. The company recapitalized with a new Chairmn, and became the benevolent pharmaceutical company it now was.

Eric heard the rickety door on the small shack for changing creak open and slam shut. He flipped the laptop closed and looked over. "Ya ready...?"

Bryon stood there with a huge grin on his face. Eric was aghast at what he saw. Eric's young physique was a mass of well defined muscle. Not huge. Not even close. But the definition and symmetry was striking. The sun struck his form, giving his sun bronzed skin and blonde hair an uneartly warm glow. He was wearing a pair of deep red suqrecut spandex-nylon trunks that complimented his sun bronzed skin. They hugged every inch of his young hips, miniscule waist, and strong legs while at the same time accentuating what appeared to be an impressive endowment for a child his age. A cool Summer breeze kicked up, catching his golden hair, and whipping it around his face and head. He looked for all the world like a young Greek god. Hermes, or even more fitting for the moment, Apollo. Eric wondered how it was possible for a boy his age to achieve such natural masculine beauty.

Bryon turned a 360, "Well? Whaddya think?" As Eric only continued to stare his grin turned to a disappointed frown. "You don't like it", he spoke dejectedly.

Eric realized he was staring, and snapped his jaw shut, and sputtered his reply. "Yeah! No! I mean, yeah, it looks good, but...uhhhhm..."

"But what....?"

"It's not something I'd put, say, my little brother in for example."

"I'm not your little brother. And I'm pretty sure he's not as fit as I am." His words were marked by a definite, almost cocky pride in his physique.

Eric only mumbled, "I don't have a little brother."

Bryon cocked his head, "Then why'd you say that?"

Eric was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. "I...don't know...Bry."

Bryon felt the awkwardness, and changed the subject. "Well, I'm ready to swim!"

With that, he ran toward the creek at top speed. Upon reaching the edge of the bank, he moved with the quickness of a viper as he crouched and launched high into the air. Eric watched with astonishment as he arced close to 6 feet in the air. He looked almost like he was flying. He hit the water with a titanic >SPLASH<, and subnerged.

Eric stood up worriedly. He was relieved as Bryon's head popped up to the surface and he began to tread water. He yelled to bryon, "How'd you do that?"

Bryon shrugged as he pushed his water slicked hair from his face. "I can't explain it. I just do it. You gonna swim or what? The water's really nice."

Eri shook his head, and slipped his shirt off. Luckily, his shorts could double as swim trunks. He heard Bryon gasp in surprise. "What's wrong? You okay?" He chose to wade into the creek gradually, only to find that it was indeed warm.

Bryon stopped yelling as he waded near. "Nothin', I'm great! It's just that this is the first time I've seen you with your shirt off."

Eric looked down at himself, "I know. I'm kinda thin."

Bryon cocked his head in confusion. "No you're not. You're really built." He put a hand on Eric's defined abs. "Do you exercise a lot?"

Eric gently pushed his hand away, "Yeah, I do. I jog, I bicycle, and I swim a lot. And somethimes, I like to go hiking."

"Cool. Wanna race, then?"

Like how?"

"See which one of us can swim to the other side first."

Eric looked across the vast expanse of water. It was actually very big for a creek. "Okay. Do you want a head start?"

Bryon shook his head, "Don't need one."

"I don't suppose you do. Okay, on your mark...."

They each readied, "Get set........go...."

They each launched into the water. Eric loved this. Hanging out with Bryon honestly made him feel like a kid again. But it felt even more so now that they were sharing something he loved to do.

Eric came out of the water on the other side to look back and see Bryon coming up directly behind him. "Well, that was fun."

Bryon wiped the water from his face and eyes. He looked back at the swirling wake they'd churned up on the water's surface. "Ya beat me...."

Eric shrugged, "Not by much."

Bryon shook his head as he knocked creek water from his left ear. "No. You're the first person that's ever been able to swim faster than me since I was 8."

Eric didn't show his surprise. "Well, I have been swimming for a long time."

"Can you show me how to swim that fast?"

Eric proceeded to instruct him on the proper form for each type of stroke. And with each try, Bryon's technique went from near perfect to flawless. The minutes stretched into hours as they swam, played Marco Polo, splashed around, and generally had a blast. Before Eric kew it, the sky had faded into the afternoon shades of orangeand red as they now swung on an old rope hanging from an old gnarled tree.

"WHA-HOOOOOO....!!!!" Bryon let out a yelp as he let go of the rope and sailed through the air. He sank into the water with a >SPALSH< and came up seconds later as he yelled to Eric on the bank. "Your turn again."

Eric was beginning to tire. "I think it's time we get back. Your Mom's probably wondering where we are."

Bryon shrugged. "She knows I'm safe. I'm with you. C'mon, one last time and we can go."

Eric heaved a sigh as he grabbed the rope and walked backward. He lifted his fit and swung out over the bank with a yell. He heard a loud cracking sound and knew instantly that the old tree's bough had taken too much abuse. The rope slackened in his hand and he let go as his own weight's momentum turned him upside down in mid air.

He panicked and flailed as he fell and the muddy ground rushed up to meet him. He was stunned as what felt like a wall collided with him in mid air and he tumbled with whatever it was into the water. he flailed and thrashed in the water as something solid and powerful scooped him up. He felt himself being lifted sputtering and spitting out of the water dazed. Bryon's voice came distant at first to his ears but gradually clearer as he struggled against his bonds.

"Eric! Eric, are you alright? Stop struggling....!"

Shaking the water from his eyes, and the clouds from his vision, he rlaxed to looked up and see that he was being cradled in someone or something's arms. The face came into clarity. It was Bryon's face. But how was he looking up at Bryon? He felt himself being carried, then gently laid down on what he vaguely registered as grass.

He sat up and rubbed the back of his head. "Wow! I thought I was on a one way trip to the E.R. ...."

Bryon's voice was shaking, "Just....just tell me you're alright."

He looked at his hands, wiggled his fingers, his toes. No bleeding. Everything appeared to be fine. "Yeah, I'm okay. A little waterlogged. But what caught me?"

"I did."

That was absurd. As built as he was, there was no way he could've supported such weight or gotten out of the water that fast. He looked up at Bryon for the first time and his jaw hit the ground. What stood over him with a look of terrified concern wasn't Bryon. Well, the face was Bryon's, but the similarity stopped there. He looked at the crystal blue eyes, racked with concern. It was Bryon, but his entire body had changed.

The creature that stood before him had Bryon's young face, golden locks, and, piercing blue eyes. But the rest was nothing short of spectacular. He'd increased in height by what Eric estimasted as a good foot and a half. His shoulders were broader by at least 6 inches on either side while his waist had remained proportionately petite. But what struck Eric the most was his physique. Every inch of his body was bulging with humongously disproportionate muscularity! His neck was a collum of corded muscle that curved out from his jaw. It led down to a pair of mountainous traps that fed into melon-sized delts. His pecs were the size of pillows; bulky and perfectly rounded, they jutted out proudly from his chest. His abs had developed from their previous six pack into an eight-pack that sank below the waistband of his trunks. His arms hung relaxed at his sides, but now his biceps were just short of bowling ball size in contrast to the deep horseshoe shape of his triceps. The width of his torso stood in stark relief to his narrow waist as his lats had spread, nearly trippling in size. His quads had ballooned to gargantuan dimensions, each one seeming to crowd the others for room. Eric couldn't help but notice that Bryon's endowment had nearly quadrupled in size, showing plainly through the wet red fabric, and filling it to near bursting just below the distanded waistband.

Bryon put his hands on his hips, and seemed to relax. All the mass of his physique began to shrink,almost as if being sucked back into his body. His height slowly decreased to his normal size as he knelt next to Eric. He sat next to him on the grass as his body reverted to its normal slender-but-rippled state. eric tried to speak, but nothing came out.

Bryon's voice was calm. "See? I told you I could." __________________________________________________ __________

The trip back to Bryon's hose was mostly quiet. Bryon just sat there silently smiling at Eric the whole time. Eric tried not to look at Bryon. He wasn't quite able to get over what he'd seen.

They arrived at Bryon's house, and went in. John and Denah were happy to see him, and the evening progressed into dinner. Eric noticed with some discomfort that Bryon had merely put on a long t-shirt but kept the red trunks on. Eric pushed the thoughts of Bryon's transformation from his mind. On the ride back, something had occured to him, and he intended to talk to John about it after dinner in private.

He was sitting on the couch watching television with the family and talking about the day's events. John and Denah were ecstatic that Bryon had finally chosen to reveal his ability to Eric, but concerned over the way in which it happened. John excused himself, and went outside.

Eric decided this was as good a time as any, and stood. "If you don't mind, I'm gonna get some fresh air." He exchanged a mutual glance with Bryon. Bryon's expression wa concerned, but Eric shook his head. Bryon knew what he meant and went back to talking with his mother.

Eric walked out onto the porch to find Johnathis smoking a cigarette. "Those things'll kill ya, ya know."

John was startled at first, but took one last puff and extinguished it. "I know. But I've never been able to quite kick the habit. Denah's okay with it. I promised her when she found out she was pregnant with Bryon that I'd at least stop smoking in the house."

Eric looked at him for a moment. "The pregnancy was difficult, wasn't it?"

He nodded. "Yeah. She got really big. And he was quite a big baby, too."

Eric took a deep breath before going on. "No surprise. I mean, concidering what Paragon did to you."

Johnathin went pale, stammering. "I...I don't know what you're talking about."

"John, I know about the experiments Paragon Health and Fitness performed. And I know you were the only one out of them all that came away from that mess alright."

"How do you know about that?"

Eric tilted his head, "C'mon, Johnathin. I tracked you and your son down, didn't I? If I can find information enough to find everything you've covered up, do you think I wouldn't be able to find out about you?"

Johnathin's shoulders slumped. "It was before I met Denah. I was fresh out of college and still watching the traces of my football career go down the chute. They promised to help me get a second chance. And at the time, I was broke, so the money didn't hurt either. It worked, believe it or not. My injury healed. I was faster, stronger, more agile, and I had more endurance than even when I was in highschool. I was ready to leave the company and go pro...."

"And that's when the F.D.A. cancelled that plan, right?"

He shook his head as if trying to shake the memories away. "An agent talked to me and told me that I couldn't go pro because I'd been 'artificially enhanced'. And if i tried, they'd blow the whistle on me."

"So basically, you were stuck."

"Right. The company declared bankruptcy. All the scientists were arrested, and the rest of the lab rats vanished. probably shipped off to some government lab. I don't know."

"So how did you escape the situation?"

"I was technically still employed by PFH Inc. . After the recapitalization, the new C.E.O. talked to me persoanally. He said he was sorry for what his predecessor had inflicted on me and the others. That there was nothing he could do to make things right with them, but he could try with me. He offered me a cushy job as the company's new Head of R&D, and a big fat paycheck. I knew I was never gonna play football professionally, so I accepted with the understanding that I'd never breathe a word of it to anyone."

Eric filled in the blanks. "So, you met Denah a few years later, right? And with your heightened attributes, it's not too much of a stretch to figure out how Bryon came along so quickly. And even less of a stretch that you probably passed a lot along genetically to him."

"Well, physically, he's very much like me." Johnathin chuckled wryly, "But he gets his good looks from his mother's side. Ya wanna know somethin' else....?"

"What's that?"

"I wouldn't trade the life I have now for anything. All the fame and fortune of a pro football career couldn't possibly compare to what I feel when I look at my wife and kid."

Eric smiled now, "I'm glad to hear that. And I want you to know that I won't breathe a word of this to anyone. Not even Bryon. I'll let that part up to you." Eric opened the door and called Bryon and Denah out to the porch. Eric put his hands on Bryon's shoulders as he stood behind him. "I think Bryon has something he'd like to tell you both."

Bryon looked up at him, a look of fear in his eyes. But Eric smiled, urging him to tell the truth. "It's time, Bryon. Tell them what you've been wanting to tell them."

Bryon looked at his feet, taking a deep breath for courage then up at his parents. "Mom, Dad....I...I'm gay."

Johnathin shrugged, "Well, Bry, we kinda already knew that."

Bryon was dumbstruck as his Mom hugged him close. "It's alright, son. We knew since you gave that boy in school the surprise of his life."

Johnathin. "And it didn't help the way you got so excited about spending time with Eric. The whole time he's been here, you haven't talked about anything else."

It was Eric's turn to be dumbstruck. "You mean, you knew I was..."

Denah waved dismissively, "Oh yes, I have very good gay-dar."

The four of them laughed. Eric was certain things would be just fine for Bryon. __________________________________________________ ________

Eric handed his room key to Tina. She took it, not without a certain amount of sadness.

"Well, Mr. Surich, come and stay with us again soon, won't you?"

Eric smiled, feeling his own sadness. "If I'm ever in town again, you can be sure I'll be staying here."

Tina eyeed him, screwing up her courage. "And uhh, maybe next time we can have a few drinks?"

Eric looked at her. He just didn't have the heart to dash such a sweet girl's hopes. "That would be lovely."

She smiled that intimate smile once more, "Well, have a safe trip.....Eric."

He took her hand and kissed it, "Will do, Tina. You are an absolute peach." With that, he walked toward the lobby doors. He could almost feel her staring at his ass.

In the Cruiser, he turned the key in the ignition. This was going to be difficult. He was about to go say goodbye to Bryon. __________________________________________________ _______

Eric set up his digital video camera to film this because this case had become particularly special to him. he turned and looked at the trio of people standing in the livingroom. "Well, I'm off."

Denah stepped up forst, holding a tupperware dish. "Here's some snacks for your trip. And I paked in some of that French Roast you liked." She gave him a hug.

Johnathin spoke up next as he put his hand out to shake. "Well, it was nice to meet you, Eric. And feel free to come back and visit us any time."

Eric turned to Bryon as his parents left to give them a few moments of privacy. "Well, Bry, I'm off."

Bryon smiled, and the room semed to brighten. "I have something for you too."

"Really? What's that?"

Bryon stood back. "Watch...."

Bryon put his head down for a second, and seemed to be concentrating. Before Eric's eyes, he started to stretch taller. Taller and taller until he stood eye level with Eric. He looked up as the muscles in his neck swelled, thickening and causing it to bulge outward from his head as his traps mounded up around them and formed a solid massive ridge of muscle. The width of his shoulders broadned, increasing by at least five times as his deltoids inflated outward to the size of bowling balls. His biceps and triceps exploded in opposite directions, rippling and swelling to two, three, four, then five times their original size. His tris were pushiing up against his delts as his bis thickened and lengthened further and further down to his inner elbow where they were met my the writhing mass of swelling muscle in his forearms.

His t-shirt began to really fill out as his lats grew outward and downward from his shoulders and began pushing his arms out away from his torso. The hem of his shirt rose to reveal his thickening eight-pack as his pecs inflated like water balloons; growing wider and wider, jutting out more and more until the crevice between them was visible through the shirt. His thighs thickened as his quads inflated, each teardrop shaped hunk of muscle began to push against the others until his thighs visibly forced his legs apart to accomodate their size. His calves became cut, and deeply striated as they split into two heads with a diamond shaped definition that would make a pro bodybuilder cry.

Eric noticed, for the first time that he was wearing trunks similar to the ones he'd worn yesterday as Bryon's young manhood and genitals swelled longer thicker and bulkier by the second until the trunks were becoming obscenely stressed. The seams at his shoulders split, and the sleeves tore, falling to the floor at his feet. Eric could see that Bryon's delts, tris, and the outer edge of his pecs were pushing against one another, fighting for room. A tear appeared at his collar with a snap, and travelled with a slow, satisfying >RRRRIIIIP< down to the hem of his helplessly strained t-shirt, and Eric could plainly se that Bryon's pecs were pushing against eachother as well, and fighting for room in his torso with his softball-sized eight-pack abs and lats.

Eric looked away as he could see that the front of Bryon's trunks were about to split and burst open under the strain from his mammoth cock and balls. The sound of stretching fabric ceased.

Eric looked back. The trunks were just short of explosion. And even the slightest hint of erection would most likely render Bryon naked. There Bryon stood in all his intoxicating muscularity. "I wanted you to see what you came here to see. And I even let you get it on video tape." He smiled that beautiful smile.

Eric walked up, and slid his arms around Bryon's waist in a hug, the only part of him narrow enough to do so. "Thankyou. You didn't have to."

Bryon hugged him back, relishing the feel of Eric's taught, but currently much smaller body. "I know. But I wanted to. I'll mis you."

Eric held back his tears. "Don't worry, Bry. You'll find a boyfriend soon enough." He stepped back, removing himself from Bryon's unwilling arms. "ANd trust me, he won't be freaked out at all by what you can do. Probably the total opposite."

"Ya really think so?"

"I know so." Eric was caught off guard once more as Bryon kissed him lightly but affectionately on the cheek. "Thanks." He gathered up his things and opened the door. "I hope to come and see ya some day down the road."

Bryon nodded, "You better come visit. Don't make me hunt for ya."

"Oh, I won't. Goddbye, Bryon."

Bryon tried not to cry as he began to return to normal size. "Goodbye Eric."

Eric shut the door behind him, and got in the car. He knew he'd see Bryone again someday.... •

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