Scrapbook Chronicles: Rubbing It In


By Lover_Boy

The Mahalo Rainbow Resort in Hawaii was breathtaking. A "gay only" resort, it had been built a few years ago by the notorious gay, multi-billionaire philanthropist, Archibald Lyons. The resort was luxurious and classy, having costed a reported $60,000,000 and taken eight years to complete. With a full health and beauty spa; 2 five star continenetal restaurants; 3 upscale bar and grills; a total professional athletic gym; tennis/raquetball courts; an Olympic sized pool; three leisure pools; and a private beach-front Tiki Lounge, the Mahalo Rainbow had everything. All of it was available at competitive prices, drawing patrons from all walks of life. Anyone could afford to stay a week at the Mahalo, and it was here that Eric found himself.

Eric sat under the shade of his table's umbrella by one of the leisure pools, looking at the thumbnails on his laptop screen, and enjoying the last of a margarita. Now this guy was smart. He chose to hide in plain sight, as it were, by posting real pics of himself at a muscle growth fetish site as "morphs". The other site members praised his skill, but Eric knew the truth. There wasn't a piece of software in the world that could make a morph look this real. Through the use of his conciderable technical skills, he'd tracked the guy, Qi Tousaint, here to his place of work. Even without his ability, Lee was gorgeous. Tall and lean, with a great chest and abs, he was obviously an avid surfer. He had long, unkempt, sun-blonde hair, a deep tan, and radiant blue eyes. According to his profile, he was the sun of a Japanese woman, and a French-American soldier. He could just see the Japanese in the slight slant of his eyes, giving him an exotic look.

A waiter in a red speedo walked to his table, carrying a tray, "Can I get you another margarita, sir?"

Eric loved that most about this place. Employees wore Hawaiian-themed casual uniforms with shirts a different color of the rainbow according to their function. However, poolside and beach front employees were only required to wear appropriately colored swimwear. What Eric hadn't been able to decipher was the numerous rainbow tie-tyed shirts and swimwear he'd seen.

Eric turned his attention to the waiter, obviously a Hawaiian native with dark skin, dark eyes, and thick black hair. "No, thank you. But you can help me with a little info I need."

The waiter took his empty class with a brilliant smile, Certainly, sir. What can I tell you about?" He was thin, but toned, and extremely cute. The red of the speedo complimented his skin tone nicely.

"Well, I was wondering if you know an employeee here by the name of "Qi Tousaint?"

"Qi? Yes, I know him. He's very popular with the clientele. He works in the spa as a masseur. He's very highly reccomended."


"Oh yes. He doesn't start working until later tonight, though. Would you like me to arrange an appointment with him for you?"

"No, that won't be necessary. Thank you for the information, though." Eric produced a ten dollar bill. He folded it once, and gently tucked it into the waistband of the waiter's speedo. As he drew his hand away, he lightly brushed his hand over the large lump under the bright spandex. "There's a tip for excellent service."

With a blush and another smile, the waiter bowed slightly. "Thank you for your generosity, sir. Don't hesitate to call on me should you require anything else. My name is 'Matthuah'."

As he turned to walk away, Eric could see plainly that the bulge in the speedo had begun to expand from his playful touch. Eric looked around at the eye-candy buffet of employees and patrons alike. He wondered what color and style uniform Qi Tousaint wore.... __________________________________________________ _________

Eric walked into the waiting room, and stood at the desk. The receptionist was a pretty young Hawaiian girl whose nametag read "Lo'Ana". She had long black hair, and a green polo shirt, indicating her position as a customer service employee.

After a short moment, she looked at him with a beautiful smile, and the room seemed to brighten. "Yes, sir, can I help you?"

Eric was uncertain of how to proceed. He'd never actually made an appointment at any kind of spa, let alone one with a masseur. "Uhhh, I'd like to make an appointment."

She nodded, still smiling, "Okay, sir. Which of our services will you be taking advantage of?"

Which service? Maybe he hadn't thought this through as well as he should have. "Ummmm...can you reccomend anything?"

Her grin became slightly mischievious, "Sir, is this your first time at a spa....?"


She picked up a clip board, and came around the desk to his side. He noted a quick wandering of her eyes over his form as she took his hand. her smile told him that she approved of what she saw. "Well then, sir, allow me to give you a tour."

She led him through the facility, and he wondered how so much could be devoted to relaxation Despite his fiscal wherewithal, he never thought of himself as "rich". Therefor, he'd never treated himself to anything extravagant. Oh sure, a brand new car, good hotels, and generous tipping; but nothing like this. He was about to inquire on the subject of massages when the receptionist brought it up.

She led him into an empty room occupied by a large masseurs' table with slightly dimmed lighting. The carpet was plush rainbow colored shag, and the sound of an odd, melodious tune filtered into the room via a speaker in the wall above the door. The entire room smelled of exotic plants, herbs, and fruit. A bit too exotic for his taste.

"And this is one of our massage rooms. The rooms are each soundproofed to enhance the feelings of total relaxation. Our masseurs and masseuses are all trained in over 30 methods of massage therapy, including Swedish, Shiatsu, and Deep Tissue. When you make an appointment, you can request a specific masseur or masseus, and they'll be available to you depending on their individual schedule."

That got Eric's attention, "Really? What's the likelyhood of getting the one you request....?"

Lo' Ana nodded reassuringly, "Oh, very good, sir. Our scheduling is very flexible, all to enhance the satisfactiuon of the guests here at the Mahalo Rainbow."

"That's good to know." Maybe it was going to be easier than he thought to get ahold of Qi Tousaint.

Lo' Ana brightened, "Oh, one more thing. I nearly forgot to mention one of our most popular features. Also, we offer the additional service of "In-Room" sessions."

That sounded interesting. "And what's that, exactly?"

"In-Room sessions are simple. You can make an appointment with a masseus or masseur, only they will come to your room to provide the service; no extra charge."

"Annnnd, I can request a specific masseur, or masseus....?'

"Absolutely, sir."

Bingo! "I'd like to make an In-Room appointment. Where do I sign....?" •

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