Turning, The

By smiley

Fuck I was horny that night! I was 24 just broke up with my girlfriend and was on the prowl for something new. Something new was what I was going to get. I found myself at a local Nightclub “The Vein”. I walked in confident. I wasn’t the best looking guy in the room but I felt good and confident with what I had to offer, 6ft even, broad and fit but not muscular even though I wished it. And for the lucky girl that I met that night got to meet Johno my seven-inch cock.

I sat at the bar and scanned the room. I pushed the ashtray way from where I was sitting. The smell of it makes me puke. If there was one thing that I couldn’t stand was smoking. But sometimes a sacrifice needed to be made when on the hunt. Too short, too tall, no tits then I saw her sitting at the end of the bar. My type exactly! Now to make sure she didn’t have any one with her and then too make eye contact. As I stared at her a warm glowing light distracted me over her shoulder. It was out focus but pretty almost mesmerizing. As I forced my self to focus on what was giving such a glare I realised it was coming from a cigar that a large yet suave looking man was smoking. He was Undeniable the finest damn looking guy that was large and muscled. He seemed to be leaning into my target blowing smoke directly at her but staring straight at me. Although I seemed infatuated with him as well I noticed my target was not enjoying the smoke being billowed at her. AHA! A way in! Go and tell that guy where to go and be her Knight in Shinning Armour.

I stood up and was thankful for wearing my Levis. My Cock was thick against my thigh at the excitement but something else was feeing my hormones into frenzy and I had to do something now. I began to charge over to confront the huge guy. The closer I got the more I realised how big this guy actually was and I thought I’m a fucking idiot; he is going to crush me! Nether the less I moved forward the smell of his cigar was thick and aromatic, Normally I would hurling from the smell by now, But there was a little voice in my head that kept saying “get closer”. All a while this guy has me locked in his sites his eyes are piercing they never left my gaze. I stood in front of him and just looked at the glowing end of his cigar. It was so inviting he moved it side to side in his mouth and my head followed side to side to side. I must have stood there for a few minutes till he said, “Can I help you Boy!”

Reality struck and I realized that I was staring at this guy with drool coming out of my mouth and a raging hard pulsing through my jeans. (What the Fuck? I’m not gay what s going on! I hate smoking and I love women…. Woman) I finally remembered.

“Mate that Cigar is offending the lady why don’t you put it out hey” I managed to blurt out in a gruff as I could voice and wiped the drool away.

“And if I don’t? What will you do about it?”

“Well we will just have to take this out side!” What the fuck am I saying? This guy is three time my size he is going to kill me!

He clasped down on the cigar and the end glowed. I began to zone out again. He blew a thick cloud of smoke into my face and said “Alley Way. Now!”. The smoke made my head spin, and the thought of being without it made me feel empty. Quick follow the guy and get your next fix. The woman grabbed my arm and started to pay her gratitude and I whipped my arm and shrugged her free so I could follow.

I opened the door to the alley way and no instant that I did that the guy grabbed me by the throat he slammed me against it as it slammed shut. My thoughts turned to fear as the realisation sank in that I was in a dark alley way with a built buff guy and with the club music pounding no one would hear me.

He drew on his cigar once again and started moving it side to the glowing ambers flowing slowly from the end of which seemed to last an eternity ass time stood still. I couldn’t move. I was helpless at his will. And I didn’t care. He blew a cloud of smoke into me and I dropped my head slowly to his will.

No sooner did I submit that he retched my head to the side snapping me back to what was happening and with his other hand he grabbed me by the crutch and lifted. He threw his head back revealing growing fangs that belonged on some mythical creature of a horror novel.

The sudden realisation of the situation sent blood throbbing everywhere my cock remained painful hard in the guys hand, no, the VAMPIRES hand! He sunk his teeth deep into my throat, pain seared like fire through my neck and it spread through my body. I scream and struggled to try and get free. I continued to scream and struggle frantically till a moment of clarity came that the pain was good and that I wasn’t struggling but thrusting against the strong hand. My head began to flood with images of overly formed men muscles pulsating with excitement. There cocks rounding of at 12,13,14 inches. The men seem to be one of the same but different I dint understand but was enjoying what I saw.

Before I knew what I was ding my hands were no longer struggling the vampire off but unzipping his pant releasing a massive 13-inch cock as thick as a cucumber at a farmers market. It oozed pre cum, I quickly whipped it and put to my mouth the taste of it made me cum. I felt the warm and wet mess filling my jeans with a wet patch and the vampires hand.

At that moment he stopped and pulled away. It was only an instant that he stoped and I ached for him as if it had been decades since he touched me. I went to reach out to stroke his still massive penis but that when the pain began again. No more moans of ecstasy this were screams of pain. I fell to the ground in agony and looked up at vampire. His mouth was all rouged from my blood. I reached out for help from the ground he bent down and picked up his cigar and began to stoke his penis at my pain, it was a turn on for him.

I looked at my out reached arm it was beginning to decrease and shrivel like an empty juice box. I looked over my simple body still screaming in pain as it all decreased. The body of which I was so confident in not 30 minutes ago was now looking like a shrivelled prune. He sucked the muscle and my strength right from me. As I shrank more and more into the pavement I felt my once handsome dick disappear inside me. I was slowly slipping into nothing.

The vampire left his dick alone for a moment and extended his arms out over my mouth. “Be as me, please me and hunt with me.” He slit his wrist and a trickle of blood began to run and drip onto my face. With my last ounce of strength I opened my mouth and let it run in. at first I just laid there letting it run down my throat. Then that wasn’t good enough. I found I had enough strength too roll over and grab the wrist and began to lap.

I stuck my mouth over his wrist and drank. With my spare hand I reached and grabbed his throbbing schlong and began to pump slowly at first but as my strength grew it became quicker and quicker. I could feel my body returning to what it was and then exceeding. I felt my cock grow and extend through the wet sticky mess that I had caused earlier. I kept growing two, three, four, five inches past where it once lay confined. My legs were growing to and fast. I could hear the denim strain and begin to tear. I was moaning with ecstasy as the thick red blood swam down my throat he the smell of the cigar was no present as the vampire blew thick clouds down to me an s a reward.

Something popped and hit me in my face, and again. It was my buttons of my shirt breaking loos from my massive chest expansion. The tearing of clothes seemed music to my ears I felt my neck expand with chest. The shirt was now in taters just hanging of muscles in random places. My arms had increase to the size of tree trunks let alone my now well formed legs. I felt my arse become firm and tight yet pulsate with enjoyment.

My cock now free and fully erect felt great swaying in the breeze. I realised that the moans I was making, was now being droned out by the vamps. I gave a final pump on his colossal member and he came. He blew all over me. The force of the jiz was enough to stop me from sucking his blood and I let him finish coming on me. He dropped to the ground exhausted, panting and puffing on his cigar.

I stood and licked my face of a strangely tantalising combination of blood and cum. I flexed my newly formed body and tore the remainders of the clothes that were now just tatters from my body. I let out a gruff and deep exhilarated sigh and came just at the feeling of my new body and the way I now sounded.

I turned and walked slowly to the vamp sitting on the ground. I bent down and took the cigar from his mouth. I placed it in min mine next to my new set of fangs. I clamped my lips around it and inhaled. I watched the orange glow at the end of the cigar and became hard once more. I exhaled a large thick cloud of smoke that seemed to linger and hang. I sniffed it in and enjoyed the smell I turned and looked at my sire and simply said, “the night is young and I’m the prowl…” •

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