Big Cock, Hot Jock

By Robert Bauer

It was your typical Saturday morning. I had gone out the night before to the local club and saw the same old crowd. The music was dull and I just couldn't seem to get into the mood to party. Everywhere I looked I saw the same faces and wondered why I bothered. The kind of guy I would really like to get my mouth on would be a nice jock with a big cock, but my chances of that ever happening where next to nil. So these where my thoughts as I drove to the gym this Saturday morning to do some serious weightlifting. Once there I noticed the place was unusually quiet, even for a Saturday morning. Then I realized the college semester was over till January, and since the gym was right next to the University it made sense no one was around. I was just despairing of even getting a chance to eye some nice hunk when in walked Mr. Stud of the year. Man how had I ever missed this guy before! Now here was a prime piece of manhood, grade A+ beef, this guy was HOT!. Quickly I pulled myself together. This was a public gym and I was liable to have my face smashed in if I didn't keep my eyes where they belonged. Luckily there are mirrors all around the gym so while I was doing my bicep curls I watched the jock work-out. Now I am no slouch myself. About 5'11", with a nice lean muscular build with good definition. My blond hair and blue eyes usually attracted some attention when combined with my nice swimmers build. But this guy had some serious muscle. He was a perfect match of power and definition. At about 6' 1" and probably about 190lbs or pure, rock solid muscle. I watched him lean back to do some incline bench press's. He was right next to me and I kept glancing out of the corner of my eye, hoping to see his veins pump on his big meaty arms. I watched his very roughish and handsome face turn red as he pressed the weight up. I thought his tank top would rip, as his big thick pecs strained against the fragile clothe. Cords sprain out around his thick neck as he struggled with one more lift. Then with a loud grunt he finished. God what a display! But not only was this guy all muscle and raw macho sex, but he looked great as well. He wore a baseball cap on backwards, like a lot of jocks, and dark black, thick rich hair sprouted out underneath. His face was slightly unshaven giving him a dark dangerous look. He had deep green brooding eyes set in an incredibly butch and masculine face. Strong jaw bones, thick hot and sexy lips, and a strong demanding set to his mouth as he bent over and stretched his leg muscles. I nearly came right there as I looked at his butt as he bent over. A perfect, rock solid ass that looked so tight you could probably bounce two inch stones off of it. I could just imagine myself down on my knees with my two hands grasping and molding the firm muscles of his ass as his powerful hips drove his raging hard-on in and out of my mouth. At that point I looked down and saw I was getting a raging erection in my shorts. I looked his way quickly but he didn't seem to notice. I got up, very carefully and went to another area to try and clam down. But the next thing I knew this deep bass voice was asking me if I would mind spotting him while he did some lat pull downs. I said sure, my heart racing, and walked over to where he was sitting. He wanted me to hold his shoulders down as he worked out his back and lat muscles. I went over and placed my hands on his very wide powerhouse shoulders, feeling huge muscles bunching as he pulled down on the bar, bringing it down behind his head. I was in heaven, watching his shoulders flex and feeling his hot sweaty skin beneath my hands, loving the feel of his muscles working underneath the skin. When he was done he got up and I started to walk away. But he stopped me; reaching out with a huge, firm hand that grabbed my shoulder in a steel like grip to turn me around. I looked up at his handsome face and saw a twisted smile playing around his lips. "I bet you really liked that didn't you?" he said, smirking at my confusion. I started to stutter out some feeble excuse, but he stopped me. "Don't bother, I saw you staring at me in the mirror. I figured you were some queer boy when you started growing that boner while I was flexing these big muscles of mine." "What are you going to do to me? I muttered, scared out of my wits. "Well faggot, It just so happens I woke up horny as hell this morning, my big dick so hard I could barely piss. But my girlfriend has gone home for break and I could really use some release. So how about's you give my cock some good ole sucking like it deserves?" I was so excited I could barely talk. Here was this absolute god of a man, in his prime, a hot young college buck, wanting me to suck him off. "I'd do absolutely anything you want me to. Man you are just so hot I could cum just looking at you" I finally managed to spurt out. He just smiled. "I thought so, you'd do anything to worship my big meaty manhood. I bet you would cum just watching me workout in the nude." Well there's a backroom here that no one uses so lets take a break from working in here and you can work-out a real mans muscle; on your knees where you belong with my thick cock stuffed down you hot wet throat." With that he gave me a rough push towards the back of the gym, and then pushed me into a small supply room. There was no place to sit, but there was an exercise mat on the floor, which I used to keep my knees from getting sore. I watched as he closed the door and then turned to me, waiting on my knees, and pulled his sweat soaked tank top off. I groaned in heat as I saw his muscular chest fully exposed. Every muscle was sharp and defined. Two giant slabs of beef formed his upper torso. Those pecs looked like they were carved from granite, with two large erect nipples capping his pecs, waiting for my mouth to suck on them. Beads of sweat rolled down his mountain of a chest, down rippling washboard abs, to collect at the base of his gym shorts. My eyes wandered down his flat lean stomach to his slim waist. I watched as he grabbed his crotch with a big meaty hand and began to grope himself. Huge muscles in his arms flexing as he worked his dick, pawing and pulling on his mighty organ as he began to get hard. He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks. He was now standing before me, naked except for his small tight gym shorts. The sweat from his body making them so wet I could clearly see the outline of a tremendous dick pulsating before my very eyes. "Look at me boy! You love my body don't you! Now get down an kiss my feet, kneel before this hot jock and prepare to get your face fucked by a real man." I crawled over and begin to lick and kiss his feet. Smelling the aroma of hot sex and sweat coming from his body. He smelled like pure man as I begin to work my tongue up his legs. Past his iron hard calves that were the size of my thighs, to tree trunk sized thighs where I pressed my tongue eagerly over his flexing muscles. He watched me as I licked the sweat from his mighty legs. He felt immovable standing there, his legs were so strong and powerful. Then he grabbed me by the hair and held me at arms length from his crotch. With his other hand he pulled his cock straight up in his shorts, now fully hard. It stuck at least a good four inches above the waistband, poking up above his belly button. The large purple cock head pressed tight against his firm flat stomach. I licked my lips as a steady stream of clear pre-cum juice leaked out of the throbbing cock head to run down his thick organ. He let me go for a moment as he whipped off his shorts and underwear, to finally stand totally nude in all his magnificent glory before me. He leaned against the wall, one hand behind his head, his arm and shoulder muscles standing out in sharp relief as he posed. The other hand was down at his huge cock, slowly, playfully, stroking it. He ran his hand all the way down to the thick base by his huge bull balls. Squeezing it slowly in his mighty fist. Then ever so slowly pulling his fist upwards along the thick, hot staff of manhood. I thought it would take him forever to get to the top. His cock must have been at least eleven inches long and perfect in shape and detail. An almost purple circumcised mushroom shaped cock head capped the baseball bat sized cock shaft. His jock cock was so wide I bet I couldn't even connect my fingers around it, and would probably still have room for more hands if it was being three fisted! His hips pumped the air slightly as he continued stroking his cock. Enjoying watching me drool over his body as he rubbed his pre-cum all over his cock, making it wet and shiny in the light. "Okay fag, heres what you've been waiting for. Get over here, get down on your knees, and open wide!" He commanded in his deep sexy voice, holding his throbbing cock straight out, pointing towards me like a loaded weapon. I crawled to his feet on my knees, mouth open wide ready to be impaled upon his super thick manhood. As I reached out with my hands to guide his cock into my eager mouth he stopped me. "No hands boy! I just want that hot mouth of yours sucking on this cock. I'll take care of feeding you my big meat. You’re here to make me feel good and that's it, got it! Now just kneel there like a good boy and let me feed this cock to you." With that he took one hand to grab the top of my head in a vise like grip and with the other he fisted his eleven inch pole and pulled my face towards it. Ever so slowly, enjoying my agony as he teased me with his cock. I stretched my tongue out as far as I could, struggling for a taste of his pre-cum. Finally he let me. "Lick my cock head. Yea that's it boy, run your tongue over my thick dick head. Get a feel for just how big this organ is that's soon going to be ramming down your throat, spearheading its way down your gullet while you give me the best damn blow job you know how." He grunted out as my tongue licked all over his cock head. I savored the taste of his sweet salty precum juice, lapping the fat mushroom cap of his dick, bathing his cock with my hot tongue as it poked and prodded my mouth. He pulled me away a little… "Do you want to suck on this cock? Are you going to make me feel good? Tell me how much you want me!" he commanded, holding that huge cock before my eyes, hypnotizing me with his mighty organ. "Please let me suck on it! I want you to ram that hard cock down my throat. I want to taste your cock, feel it throbbing in my mouth. Please LET ME SUCK ON IT!" I whimpered hungrily. He smiled in triumph and then begin to slap his hard dick against my face, spraying me with his leaking pre-cum and my spit. It felt like being hit with a brick, his dick was so big and hard. It left red marks on my checks as he banished it like a weapon. The eleven inch shaft making hot smacking sounds as he repeatedly slapped his huge dick against my cheeks, running it over my forehead, poking it at my eyes and face. I moaned feeling it burning against my face. He was so hot, so muscular and so horny. His dick was like an iron crowbar when he all of a sudden violently forced it between my lips. I could barely open my mouth wide enough, my mouth stretched so tightly I thought it would split as he placed the first couple of inches of his big cock in my mouth. "Yea that feels good. You hot mouth is so tight around my horny dick, making it feel real good. Now start sucking that cock boy. Yea that's it use that tongue, make that suction on my dick. Suck me right in cause I'm gonna feed you the whole thing" he spat out. He then grabbed my head with both hands, making a vice like grip on either side of my head as he stood there before me and fed me his dick. I only existed as hot wet mouth to him. I was on my knees before this jock while he stood there with a super hard, monster sized cock stuffed into my mouth, slowly pushing it in and out of my mouth. He was totally in control as he held my head in two large hands, the strength of them so powerful I knew I could never break free. I was at his complete mercy as he moved my head back and forth on his dick. I ran my hands up over the back of his legs, molding them to his large thick calf muscles, up his iron-thewed thighs, to finally rest where I had dreamed of placing them; on his perfect bubble butt. It was the classic football players butt. Solid steel, smooth and round and pure muscle. I could feel them clench and unclench as he used his mighty hips to power drive his dick into my mouth. "Well boy, you've had a chance for me to stretch that mouth of yours. Now its time for some serious face-fucking. I want to drive my thick dick all the way down your throat. I'm going make you choke on the whole eleven inches of my prime manmeat." he told me as he begin to push with his hips, forcing more and more of his cock into my mouth, past my tongue and down my throat. He would push in about an inch, then pull almost all the way out, so that just the thick big head was in my mouth. Then slowly push it back in, going deeper and deeper each time. As he got deeper and deeper his speed started to pick up. By know I was almost seeing stars. My own dick was leaking like a faucet as my hard eight inches cried out in agony against my leg. But I ignored it, all I wanted to concentrate on was this mans dick. I sucked with a passion I had never realized I had. As his cock went further and further into my mouth I strained my throat muscles to take it all, and as he pulled out I sucked in with all my might, creating an incredible suction on his dick. He huge muscular body was covered in sweat now, muscles popping and flexing all over his body, his steel like buttocks slippery in my frantic grip as I inhaled his manhood. He was moaning in heat now, chanting to me. "Yea, suck it boy! SUCK ME HARDER! Take my thick cock down that throat… yeah suck me now…take it all fag, eat my cock. Oooohhh man does that feel good. You know how to make a man feel real good" he yelled out, really picking up speed now. His hips becoming a blur as he began to pump his cock faster and faster in and out of my mouth. My body was almost limp at this point and he was effortlessly holding me up with his two hands, his feet spread in a wide firm stance, his hips pounding that mighty tree sized shaft into my mouth. My mouth was aching, but I would never let go. I was in pure ecstasy as his cock become even harder in my mouth. I didn't think it was possible, it was like sucking an iron bar. Only this bar was hot and wet and throbbing with hot pulsating blood and raw sexual power. The huge organ was ramming its way all the way down my throat. He was forcing my head onto his dick, impaling me on his cock as he neared his climax. "I'm going to cum any moment boy! Keep sucking my dick. Oooh yea..make me feel sooo good….so damn fucking hot….I can't stand it…your sucking me so good….taking that whole eleven inches of cock down your I'm so close…want to cum…need to cum…gonna fill your gut with my hot creamy jock- juice….gonna shoot a massive load down your pretty boy throat…oh man SUCK IT … HARDER … SUCK ME, SUCK SUCK SUCK IT BOY!" he yelled out hoarsely as with one final thrust of that delicious cock he pushed the whole damn eleven inches down my throat, my lips pressed tightly to his bush, his huge bull balls so packed with mancum they were pressed against my chin. I couldn't breath, but I didn't care. He held my face tightly pressed against his crotch as with one might cry his massive disk spasmed and shot! It burned like liquid fire as it shot down my gullet, heating my insides with his hot man cream. Then another load shot out, penetrating deep inside me. "Take that load boy, OH YEA SUCK IT…feel my hot cum shooting inside you…" he cried out in pleasure. Then he very quickly pulled his cock back out of my throat so just the head was in my mouth. "Taste a real studs cum boy, swallow that sperm" he moaned out and then he shot a third time into my mouth, the loads actually seeming to get bigger. I felt the hot salty cum spray into my mouth, filling it with his male essence. I swallowed eagerly, moaning in pleasure as I tasted his hot cum in my mouth. But try as I might I couldn't get it all and it spurted out of my mouth like a soda can all shaken up. Cum was leaking out down the mighty shooting cock. He pulled it all the way out with a loud POP! Then stroking it with his fist he aimed the dick at my face and shot the rest of his load all over my face. I thought it would never stop, as load after load of hot semen rained down on me. He was fisting his majestic cock in two hands, forcing out every last drop of cum all over my face. I was drenched in his man seed, hot drops of liquid sex running down my nose and cheeks. Hot sticky cum covered my hair and ran out of my mouth as I tried in vain to lick and suck every bit of cum I could. My whole head was covered in cum and more of it had leaked down my face onto my chest as he finally stopped stroking his cock. The big organ still fully hard, fully erect in front of him like a huge flagpole. The glowing prick covered in my spit and his cum, big globs of cum leaking out of the throbbing head, making a chain of cum that fell towards the floor. Looking down I actually saw a small puddle of his cum between his large feet, as his breath slowly subsided. I looked up at him, this huge muscular stud. His body covered in sweat and cum, his cock still hard, but the body relaxed. All his muscles in clear definition as he stretched his arms, looking at me with a contented smirk. I began to get to my feet, ready to leave when he looked at me and smiled. "Where do you think your going boy?" he questioned, as he began to fist his softening cock back into its full, erect glory. "That was just the warm up, now its time for the real thing. I'm gonna show you what its like to get fucked by a real man. Do you think your ready to have me power drive this huge cock of mine up that nice tight butt of yours?" he ordered more than asked. I just moaned in pleasure and rolled over. His big hands, covered in sweat and cum, rubbed my itching man-hole. This guy was experienced, I could tell. With a deft motion he placed his cock-head between by cheeks, sqeezing his cock so its throbing head got even larger. Without much ado he pressed on and made be grunt my teeth. He only stopped long enough for him to get a grip on my hips with those big hands of his. He really started to fuck me, then. His musculin waist pushing that cock of him inside of me faster and faster. I could tell this wasn't going to take long. It felt so good, I didn't want it to stop, ever. Just when I felt he was about to come, all to soon, he turned me over. On his knees, his big cock was throbbing, aching for my butt-hole. I just wanted to bend over, needing to feel that bif cock-head bursting in my mouth, but he just forced me on my back and pulled up my legs. With a wicked grin he pushed himself in position, my legs on his shoulders, my ass high up for him to plunder. His cock was so fucking hard he could barely bend it down in position. It was then that I realized that during his previous fuck he had barely used one quarter of his long thick cock. I got a little scared and felt around his big arms and chest for a hold, the big muscles reminding me of hot iron. He looked up when I grabbed the back of his thickly muscled neck. "What do you think your doin' boy?" he questioned, as he began to push his hard cock-head up my tight ass. "As I said, that was just the warm up, now its time for some serious fuckin'. I'm gonna show you what its like to get fucked by a real man. I'm gonna power drive this huge cock of mine up that nice tight butt of yours! Don't think that me commin' just know is gonna take something out of me now. I usually come four or five time before I start to tire, but that is with a warm and wet cunt. Your man-hole may inspire me far more." I know, there are lots of guys out there who brag about this. Its fun to hear them, but you know its bragging. Coming from this guy I could believe it. Watching my face contort of pain and fear he pushed down on me. His cock drawing my blood, I'm sure. He stopped halfway down. I realized my hands were on his chest, biting into his muscular chest. Every muscle was sharp and defined. Those two giant slabs of beef looked like they were carved from granite. My fingers felt for his two large erect nipples capping his pecs. Beads of sweat rolled down his mountain of a chest, down dripping on me. My eyes wandered down his rippling washboard abs, to lock on his big cock. My eyes widened and he smiled his wicked grin again, white teeth showing. "Enough foreplay boy. Your ass is mine." He grabbed me in a fice-like grip and pushed down hard. His eyes never left my face. I could feel him enjoying my pain and lust for more of his cock while he kept baring down on me. I could barely feel his bush of pubic hair when he stopped for a second. Then he nearly broke my spine, letting his weight push in his cock to the roots, his balls slapping against my but. He kept baring down like that a couple of times, moving no more then an inch or so with his big cock, widening me up for some real power drive fucking. Then he gave it to me, the hard way. He nearly pulled out his cock and in one fluid motion he pushed back in again. After a couple of times he increased momentum again. His balls slapping my butt, he groaning with lust. He kept this up for some time. My soft penis was getting hard again by now, the pain giving way to my need to come. He was reallu into it now. Sweat pouring down his huge muscles, his body working like one big fucking machine. Then he bend his arms and placed them around my head, his elbows on the ground, all this without missing a beat. "Oh yeah," he groaned. "That feels real good." My head buried between his big upper arms and chest muscles, I was in heaven. My butt finally relaxed enough for me to really enjoy this. I sqeezed his biceps, and he made them hard as rock. When I put my hot mouth on them I could fell them tightning, when his cock send wave after wave of hot semen in my ass. I think it was less than before, but I'm not so sure. After that he fucked me again, me on my stomach. This time it was hard and wild. He rammed it man-pole up my ass, pounding his balls into me. I came that time, real hard. My ass tightning around his cock must have felt good to him. I don't see him often. Just know an then in the gym, but he ignores me most of the time. I gave him my number. Now and again he calls me, telling me his girlfriend is out of town, and then we fuck. A few months later I got to the gym a little later than usual. As I was walking to the rack of dumbbells I saw a guy that I had never seen before. He was so gorgeous that I stopped dead in my tracks. He was seated at a bench doing preacher curls with a lot of weight on the bar. I started walking again, watching his image in the mirror out of the corner of my eye. As I got to the rack he slammed down the bar as he finished his set with a grunt and stood up, almost next to me. He was several inches taller than me and incredibly built. Even though his tee shirt was probably an extra-extra large it was pulled tight across his broad chest and shoulders. His massive arms, pumped full of blood, stretched the fabric of the shirt as he shook them to loosen the muscles up. He had dark brown curly hair and a thick, neatly trimmed beard that immediately made me think of him as Hercules. At the neck of his shirt some tufts of dark chest hair poked through. My only regret was that he was wearing baggy sweatpants so I couldn't get a good view of what I was sure was a terrific ass and pair of legs. He began to turn around and his gaze caught mine in the mirror. He had piercing brown eyes that made me take a quick breath in. It was clear that I was looking at him, and he gave me a small nod when he turned around and was facing me directly. Then he walked past outside to the water fountain. I picked up some dumbells and went to a nearby bench. I definitely wanted to get another look at this incredible hunk, but I had to be discreet, especially since he had already caught me looking at him. I was on my back doing flyes when out of the corner of my eye I noticed him walk back to his bench, add another plate on each side of the bar, and start his set. I was done first and was treated to the sight of him heaving the weights up and lowering them slowly down. When he was done he got up and quickly walked over to the dumbbells. He picked up two 55 pound dumbbells, then sat down on a bench next to mine. He started doing seated curls, throwing the weights up like they weighed half as much. Luckily, it worked out that I was exercising while he rested, so I had plenty of opportunity to watch as he did set after set of curls. He worked up to 65 pound dumbbells for three sets, lifting the weight with what seemed to be incredible ease. His arms were fantastic! I started to imagine them flexing right in front of my face, tracing the thick vein across the bicep with my tongue. I got up myself then to get a drink of water to cool down - my gym shorts were pretty tight and the hard on I was getting would be obvious in another second. I came back and loaded up the bar at the benchpress station. Lingering where I had been would have been too obvious. Just as I was starting to lie back on the bench, I heard a deep voice rumble, "Do you want a spot?" I looked up and there he was, standing over me. "Sure," is all that I managed to get out. Thank God for those baggy sweats he was wearing. If I had seen his cock dangling over my face, I would have dropped the weights! With his huge mass as inspiration, I forced out two more reps than I normally would have done, as he urged me on, "It's all you, it's all you." "Thanks," I said when the weight was back. "No problem," he replied. Then he smiled and said, "Maybe you can return the favor when I do triceps pushdowns." "You bet," I said, not believing my luck at having this muscle-packed guy inviting me to be close up as he was working out. For the next hour and a half we worked out, sometimes spotting each other, sometimes off at different corners of the gym. It was incredible what he could do, he was so strong. I had never seen anyone like him at the gym before. His muscles exploded every time that he hefted the weights around. I'm no slouch in the workout department, but I was beginning to get exhausted. But then I would see this guy blasting away and I would get inspired to do more. And I didn't want to be the first to leave - I was starting to think that he was interested in more than just a spotter. In between sets we would chat a little about inconsequential things, until finally I got up the nerve to say, "By the way, my name's Bob." "I'm Jim," he said and held out his bearpaw of a hand. His grip was firm as we shook, as masculine as I expected it to be. Finally he said, "I guess we've earned our right to relax a little for the rest of the day." My heart started to race at the thought of going into the locker room and showers with him. "Yeah, I've done my fair share," I replied. We walked downstairs to the locker room. It turned out that we had lockers in different sections. "Now I'll get the reward of seeing his cock," I thought. I got to the showers first and started to lather up. Where was he? Finally, he showed up with a towel wrapped around his waist and walked into the stall next to mine, not across from me as I had prayed. I didn't see his cock, but I was nearly overcome by the sight of his enormous torso. As I suspected, his huge pecs were covered with manly hair that made him look incredibly rugged. His abs were like a Greek statue's and his broad shoulders showed the perfect separations of the deltoids. I had to turn the cold water on full blast to keep from getting a fully raging hard on. He showered quickly and dried off inside the stall, so again I was thwarted from seeing his dick. Then he just walked by to his locker. I was crestfallen - maybe nothing was going to happen after all. I went to get dressed, wrapping my towel around my waist (something I never do) because my dick was still kind of hard. As I was stepping into my briefs he appeared, already dressed. I quickly pulled them up over my semierect cock, but he must have seen it, because he gave me a little smile. "Hey Bob, how about having a drink? You worked for it," he asked. "Yeah, that would be great. Where do you want to go?" I asked. My heart was definitely racing, but I still wasn't sure that Jim was gay. "Well, you know I only recently moved here, and the only places I know of are not so close to here." The places I would have suggested weren't so close either - the gay bars were in another part of town. Before I could respond though he said, "My place is right near here, and I've got some beer in the fridge. How about that?" How about that! Thank God I got my pants on to keep my dick from sticking straight out. "That sounds great," I said, and we headed out the door. As we walked to his apartment he talked about how he had just moved to town and only joined the gym a few days before. "You're no stranger to gyms," I said. "You look like you should have your picture in a bodybuilding magazine." "I have," he said, giving me a smile. "I won the state championship last year. Now I'm training for a regional contest in a few months. I want to get bigger by then, though. A training partner would help there." Bigger! I didn't dare suggest that I would be more than willing to help him get bigger and stronger. At least it looked like I'd be seeing plenty of this stud at the gym. When we got to his place he waved at the sofa while he went into the kitchen. He came back with two bottles and passed me one. "Cheers," he said and clinked his bottle against mine. He gave me a look after taking a drink. "It looks like you like to work out too," he said. I work out regularly, but there was no way that I was near his league and I said so. "Just the way you were cranking out the sets, working your arms, I don't know if I could ever come close," I said. "There's really no reason you couldn't have arms like these if you wanted them," he said, and then he flexed. The peak of his biceps stretched his tee shirt sleeve so tightly that it should have started splitting at the seam. "Can I feel it?" I asked, needing another drink of beer to wet my throat that had gone dry. "Yeah, I'm proud of these guns." He straightened and flexed again, the huge biceps right in front of my face. I slowly started sliding my hand over and around his mighty upper arm as he looked at me with a haughty kind of look. He knew that I was in awe of him and he was getting off on it. "Yeah, that's a huge arm," he said as I drew my face toward it. I started licking the veins across his biceps, just as I had dreamed about earlier at the gym. I had never felt anyone so hard before. He flexed a few more times and I started groaning. "If you like that so much, let's see what you think about this," he said as he pushed me back a little. Then he reached down and pulled off his shirt, revealing his deep furry chest. "Man, you are so hot," I said. "I could spend hours worshipping your body." "We've got the time," he said with a smile, and pulled my head down between his pecs. I rubbed my face in his hairy chest, glad that I had this chance before he would have to shave it for his contest. I rubbed my face all over the two mountains that were his pecs, finally putting my hot mouth over one of his big nipples. As I started tonguing and sucking it he started sighing. I wanted to give this Samson pleasure, almost more than I wanted to get off myself. He pulled me up on top of himself and brought my face up to his. Then he started kissing me, his tongue darting around my mouth, all the time his smoldering eyes looking into mine. I reached down and started unzipping his pants, and he did the same to mine. "Nice cock," he said as he pulled my throbbing eight inch member from my underwear. He bucked up a little so that I could pull his pants down. Finally I was going to see his cock! It was poking out from his briefs as I pulled them down. It was already larger and thicker than my own dick, and as I watched it continued stiffening, getting even bigger. "Worship me," he said. I ran my tongue around the huge head, licking off some pre-cum that had started to drip out. I had the thick shaft in one hand, slowly stroking it while I started working his cock down my throat. As I started sucking him I watched fascinated as his stomach muscles rolled and tightened. He held my head between his hands and forced me down all the way on his fully engorged cock. He could have crushed my skull if he wanted to, I knew, from seeing him display his might in the gym. I gasped for air as he moved my head up and down his rigid tool. "Oh yeah, you want that cock," he growled. "Yes, yes, let me have it, please," I begged. He smiled, then said, "Yeah, I'll let you have it. Wait right here." Then he abruptly got up and walked into the bedroom, leaving me to watch his hard bubblebutt as he walked away. I heard him rifle through a drawer and then come back. His cock was like a firehose, studded with twisty veins, just like those in the mighty muscles of his shoulders and arms. He had a rubber and lubricant in one hand, and I started salivating when I realized what was next. "Are you going to fuck me, musclegod?" I asked. "You're going to get fucked so that you remember it forever," he said as he tore open the rubber and started greasing up his huge pole while I lay there, mesmerized. Then he pulled me to the edge of the sofa so that my quivering hole was before his thick hard on. "Oh God," I moaned as he started pushing it into my tight ass. "You're my god," I said as he kept pushing it further and further into me. After he had pumped me a few times that devilish smile crossed his face and he said, "Let's go for a little walk." With that he reached his gigantic arms around behind my back and picked me up, while his cock was still fully up my ass. He carried me into the bedroom, looking me in the eye with that haughty grin on his face again. He was carrying my 170 pound body like it was a small sack of groceries from the store! It had an effect that we both wanted, his hard cock riding my ass. "You are superman," I moaned. I had never been with anyone so strong before. He got off on it, seeing me completely in awe of him. He walked over to a full length mirror on one wall. He stood slightly turned to it, so we could both watch as he slowly pulled my body away from his, exposing more and more of his cock. Just before the head appeared, he started pushing me back onto his enormous shaft. He started to thrust me up and down on his cock, using his hips to shove it deep into my ass. I held onto his upper arms, feeling the muscles in them bunch up as he had me riding his cock. The feeling in my ass was incredible as he rammed into me, banging against the prostate so that I thought I would come without having to yank on my raging hard on. His huge chest was heaving now, but he seemed unstoppable, as if he could fuck me all night. And I urged him to do it! "Fuck me strong man!" I cried out. I didn't know where to look - at the mirror to see his dick slamming into my ass, at his wide shoulders or chest, or at the rugged, handsome bearded face with that smile. "You are so powerful!" I screamed. And then I couldn't believe what he did. He freed one arm so that he was supporting me only with his left hand, and then flexed his right arm. The mighty biceps and triceps that I had been drooling over all day were flexing and bulging while he continued to ram me furiously. I was hypnotized by the arm, watching the peak spring up when he flexed it. Then he put it on my cock and started jerking me off while he fucked me with even greater intensity. I was completely in his power. There was no way I could have escaped, but of course I didn't want to. He was in complete control as I felt my ass and balls tighten as I got ready to shoot. "Will you always worship me? Will you do what I command you to?" he sternly asked. The veins in his neck were bulging, and the striations in his shoulders and chest were clear. Manly sweat had started to cover his forehead and upper body. "Yes, yes, yes, You are my gorgeous musclegod," I gasped as I looked him straight in the face. With that I couldn't resist him any longer and I gave in to the spasms that were rising up from my balls. I shot my hot cum all over his chest with such force that I'm sure it would have gone six feet if it wasn't caught in the mat covering his monstrous pecs. I kept shooting and he let out a deep groan as he rammed his cock deep inside me. I could feel the throbs of his own cumming as the last of my spunk shot onto his abs. With one final thrust he seemed to be spent and pulled me close to him to kiss me deeply. He started walking to the bed as we kissed. He put me down and slowly pulled out. I just looked up at him, one arm caressing a tree trunk sized thigh. He looked down and smiled, then joined me on the bed, pulling me alongside of him. His body was so hard! We lay together, stroking and rubbing each other's bodies, nuzzling and kissing every now and then. "I told you that I need a training partner for the contest coming up. Think you're up to it?" I couldn't believe it! Working out with this stud every day was more than I ever dreamed of. "I'm not in your Olympian league, though," I said. "Will I be able to help you enough?" "You did fine today," he said. "And it makes me work that much harder knowing that someone's going to be getting off on my efforts. It works both ways - your body is going to get even better too." Then he put his arms around me and held me so tightly that I thought my ribs would crack. "Besides, you said that you would do what I commanded. Imagine worshipping this every day!" and he flexed his huge arm again. "Oh, yeah strong man. I'll do whatever you say," I said as I put my hand on the well-shaped muscle. My cock, which had been half hard for a while quickly began to stiffen. I could feel Jim's cock was hard as well as he rolled over on top of me. I could feel the hair of his chest brush lightly against mine. He slowly lowered himself on his thick arms so that I felt the pressure of his tight chest muscles as he started to rub them up, down, and across mine. I reached around and ran my arms along the slabs of muscles that formed his broad back. His dick was between my legs now, and he bent down even closer so that he ran his thick beard across my face and neck. His tongue was in my ear, then his hot mouth was working on my neck as I kneaded the muscles in his back and shoulders. We explored each others bodies with our tongues and hands, rubbing against each other in pleasure. There was a masuline scent in the air, a mixture of the spunk and sweat from our earlier hot fucking. Jim reached over to a night table and got some more lube and rubbers. He tossed them toward me. "Now it's time for you to return the favor again," he said as he turned around on all fours and stuck his ass out before my cock. Here was this stud offering his perfectly shaped glutes to me, inviting me to fuck him. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I knew that I could never match the ramming that he had given me, but I was determined to give this humpy man as much pleasure as I could. I knelt behind him and worked my big tool up his tight asshole as he grunted. I could tell that he wasn't too used to being fucked. I lowered myself so that my chest was rubbing across the wide span of his back as I began to slowly drive in and out of him. His grunts soon turned into moans, especially when I reached around and started working his taught nipples with my fingers, milking them harder and harder. He stretched his neck around to try to face me and said, "How about another show? Pull out a second." I didn't know what he had in mind, but I was sure it would make me wild. He got up and walked to the mirror again and bent over a little. I jumped up to follow and crammed my cock straight up his hole. Then he straightened up, gave me that haughty look as he looked at me in the mirror, then struck a most muscular pose. I felt his butt muscles tighten as the rest of his body exploded into tight striations. Then he seemed to brace himself as he brought both arms up for a double biceps pose. I reached up to feel his arms. Because he had been working them so much they still felt like boulders had been stuffed inside=2E I pulled up a little and was hanging off of his beefy arms, with my cock still inside him. Now it was my turn to moan. I kept repeating "Powerful man, strong man, big man," over and over as I fucked him. I thought about how he had said that he wanted to get bigger. How much bigger would these arms get? 22 inches? 25 inches? I fantasized him getting huger and huger as we worked out over time, until he was doing concentration curls with the 140 pound dumbbells that I had never seen anyone at the gym touch. Arms as big around as my 30 inch waist bulging as he just kept going and going. Doing benchpress of rep after rep with 800 pounds on the bar, with me hanging onto it, screaming at him to do more to get his 75 inch chest even bigger. It made me think of the Hercules movies I used to be fascinated by as a teenager. I pictured him with his hands locked together with a rope tied around each freakishly pumped upper arm. On each side ten guys from the gym were straining as they pulled on the ropes, trying to pull his arms apart. They couldn't even budge him, as he stood with that superior smirk on his face. I would be kneeling in front of him, grovelling around his massive calves and thighs, honored that he would let me help him get stronger and be rewarded by wild sex. I came back to reality, a reality that was better than any fantasy I had ever had! I brought my feet back down to the floor and roamed his body with my greedy hands. I finally took his superdick in my hand and started jerking him off as my other hand felt his tight, hard flesh. I timed my thrusts with my hand movements, so that it almost felt like I was jerking my own cock that was ramming through him. "Man, you know how to get me off," he said, starting to breathe quickly. I knew then that he was going to cum soon, so I really started pounding his butt. With a loud moan he shot a thick load of cum that splattered with a loud thwack against the mirror five feet away. He shot load after load, and each time the muscles in his butt contracted so tightly it was like clamping my cock in a vise. How could he cum so much when we had just had sex a little while ago? I couldn't hold onto my own load any longer and shot my hot spunk into him. Feeling his tight, writhing muscles under my hands made me cum again and again. I pulled out and got down on my knees as in my fantasy, licking his calves, running my hands up and down his thighs, caressing his softening dick. He pulled me up, held me tight in his strong arms, and kissed me intensely. "If you worked out like you fucked, you would be a pro in no time," he said. "We'll have to see that you do," he said. I knew then that there would be many more hot scenes to come. "Let's take a shower and grab some dinner," he said. "And who knows what will happen if you stay the night?" I was already thinking of some possibilites as we headed toward the bathroom. •

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