Nick (Sequel to JP)

Starting Over


By luvyalots

Kim gazed down at Ian’s hungry eyes as he pounded her over and over. God, he was so good! She loved the feeling of his thick cock invading her cunt with sheer dominance. He always seemed to want more…more sex, more power, more muscles. And he always got what he wanted. Hell, he was looking huge lately. There were rumors going around that Ian was juicing, but who cared if he was. It just made him even better in bed since his sex drive was through the roof.

“You are a fuckin’ god!” Kim urged him on, her hands groping his veiny shoulders. She loved how his pelvis easily moved up and down as he fucked her, his abs flexing, his pecs rippling, the muscle fibers in his arms twitching like mad. And the look he got in his face was such a turn-on!

“Oh, shit!” Jessica shrieked in the bed next to her. Rick was fucking her from behind, his cock ramming her ass, but she was staring at Ian…at how his muscles glowed with sweat, how they constantly looked so pumped and huge. Her own boyfriend didn’t nearly look as hot. Catching her glance, Ian placed his hand behind her head and pushed her into his mouth, kissing her lustfully. She moaned in ecstasy as his tongue plunged down her throat. Having now completely lost control of herself, Jessica clutched Ian’s right pec, no doubt feeling nothing but hard, warm muscle.

“Damn!” Kim gasped. Her boyfriend hadn’t missed a beat; he was fucking her while making out with another girl! There seemed to be no limit to how amazing he could be! His other hand wrapped around her trim waist, automatically guiding her torso closer to his. She knew he wanted to feel her breasts against his chest. She buried her face into his thick neck and traps, smelling the testosterone that just poured off of him. She could feel the blood pulsing in his veins and then he erupted into her, his dick exploding with a torrent of cum. She was at a loss as he emptied the last of it with a few hard thrusts.

“Was that good?” Ian asked confidently once the orgy finally calmed down, all of them breathless, their chests heaving up and down. Kim nodded, unable to speak. All she could do was lift herself off of his cock and lie down next to him, her arm across his chest.

“I’d love to do that again,” Jessica breathed, lying down on his other side, mirroring Kim. Ian wrapped his arms around the two girls and smirked.

“You wanna?” he asked. And just as he said it, the sheets covering his crotch slowly tented. Holy shit, Kim thought to herself. Without a word, Jessica pulled on the fabric, revealing Ian’s thick, pulsing cock – God, it looked so juicy – and instantly lunged her mouth around it, licking it savagely. “Hey, Rick,” he called to his friend who had collapsed on the bed next to the trio. “You ready for another go?”

“Nah,” he muttered. “I’m tired.” Kim glanced over at him. He was sprawled on the bed, so exhausted it looked like he could barely move. His cock was still flaccid – he had nowhere near the recovery that Ian did. I mean, they had done it twice already. Instead, he got up and headed toward the bathroom.

“That’s alright,” Ian answered, grinning proudly. “I’ll just have both all to myself then.” As he said those words, he turned his eyes to Kim and they immediately began making out again.

Suddenly, Ian’s cell phone rang on the bedside table. Grunting, Kim pulled herself off of her boyfriend and reached for it. She handed it to him and then moved to his chest, licking his pecs. She wasn’t going to wait around for a phone call to worship him. Ian looked at the display and rolled his eyes.

“Hey, Billy,” he deadpanned, the annoyance still obvious in his voice.

“Hey, Ian,” Billy said. “What ya doin’?”

“Nothin’” Ian answered after a slight pause. “Just hanging out.” He seemed a little short of breath. Maybe he was working out, Billy thought. “What do you want?”

“Oh, I just wanted to ask if you were going to the track tomorrow morning?” he went on.

“Probably,” he sighed. And then he hung up. Hm, must have been a bad connection. Billy put down the phone and turned back to his computer to finish his homework. This history essay was kicking his butt. He had written some – a few paragraphs – but he knew it wasn’t his best. The teacher would be expecting a lot more from him, especially now that his grades had improved. Suddenly, there was a knock on his door and his mom poked her head into the room.

“You should start getting ready for bed, honey,” she said. “It’s getting pretty late.”

“I know, mom,” Billy answered her, not looking up from the keyboard. “I wanna finish this tonight.”

“But it’s Friday night…”

“Yeah, but I’m going to be busy this weekend,” he explained, smiling at his mom, “and I don’t want to put it off.” Mrs. Freeman smiled back, eyeing him proudly. In her eyes, he had really grown up…in more ways than one.

“Well, ok,” she allowed. “But don’t stay up too long.” She was about to turn away when she glanced at the dumbbells that littered Billy’s bedroom floor. Whenever he was bored or had a few minutes extra time, he’d do a few sets of curls or shrugs or something…even if he had been working out. “Oh, and put those weights away before you trip over them,” she scolded lovingly.

“Alright, mom,” Billy called back automatically having already turned his attention back to his homework. Once she left, he let out a big sigh. He was stuck; he couldn’t think of what to write. He leaned back in his chair – the legs creaking under his weight – and began drumming his thumbs on his broad chest. He glimpsed a look at his reflection in the mirror across the room. He was only wearing his pajama bottoms so his large torso was totally exposed, his gigantic pecs and thick muscle gut moving up and down as he breathed. Casually, he lifted his arm and flexed his biceps a few times, watching the huge muscles shift heavily beneath his skin, bouncing up and falling on his command. Sometimes even he couldn’t believe how big he was. I mean, how many 13-year-olds were six feet and 200 pounds of sheer bulk. And he was still growing! He could feel it!

Yawning, Billy got up and stretched his limbs in every direction. He loved the feeling of his muscles pulling and twitching, as if they were telling his brain that they were ready to get even bigger. He strolled over to the chin-up bar in his doorway, jumped up to it and began repping pull-ups. He did an easy 20 – his shoulders and lats burning more and more with each one – and then dropped back down. Yeah, he thought, swinging his arms back and forth across his chest, squeezing his pecs together as he did. His muscles loved that, a little sudden explosion of energy. He was about to pick up the 35-pound dumbbells for a set of shoulder presses when he heard the sound of someone logging onto IM. Immediately, Billy went back to his desk to see who it was. Oh good, Nick.

BillyBoy: u there?

LilNick: yeah, whats up?

BillyBoy: doin hw. listen, I’m havin trouble with the history essay.

LilNick: need my help?

BillyBoy: yeah, can we meet after training tomorrow?

LilNick: sure

BillyBoy: great. c u then.

LilNick: Billy, I wanna ask you something

BillyBoy: shoot

LilNick: u used to work out with Tyler, right?

BillyBoy: yeah, he’s at Pen State now why?

LilNick: I was just wondering if he ever said anything about Ryan Maloney

BillyBoy: jp’s brother? said about what?

LilNick: idk, like something about him being sick

BillyBoy: I don’t think so. wasn’t he in the hospital or something?

LilNick: yeah, he’s better now

BillyBoy: does this have to do with that?

LilNick: nah, just wondering. anyways, c u tom

BillyBoy: aight, ttyl

Billy pursed his lips in thought. That was kinda weird. Nick never really talked much about Ryan Maloney – though he always talked about JP – so why this sudden interest all of a sudden. Tyler Backton had been teammates with Ryan on the football and wrestling teams and knew him pretty well, but he never mentioned him being sick…other than being a sick football player, but Nick couldn’t have meant it that way. Well, Ryan had been in the hospital, though Billy never really knew how that happened – he was a pretty big guy and with tons of muscles. Maybe Nick was worried about someone else. Yeah, that was probably it. Billy may not have been too smart, but he could read people pretty well and it was obvious there was something on Nick’s mind. I’ll ask him about it in school maybe, he thought.

“Ryan?” JP cracked his brother’s bedroom door open. Inside, Ryan was sitting on his bed doing biceps curls – his elbow against his knee – with a 40-pound weight. It had only been a month since that night in the hospital, but he was quickly recovering. Yeah, his rib still hurt him from time to time, but he was grimacing less and less. JP stood there for a moment, watching his brother work out. He was wearing a wife-beater – odd since he used to normally go shirtless all day, showing off his super-muscular body. But now, he was put on strict watch to make sure he didn’t slip back into his bulimic activities. And of course that meant that he gained a few pounds. JP could tell his brother wasn’t happy about the extra inches around his waist, especially since he wasn’t allowed to really work out due to his rib. But that didn’t stop Ryan from working other areas of his body.

His biceps bulged to a ridiculous peak at 21 inches around and his triceps shifted gracefully underneath his skin. Despite the added fat, Ryan was still incredibly built; he probably would never lose his trademark size and bulk, even if he did gain a little weight. Plus, he was still drop-dead gorgeous – with green eyes that pierced right through you and a strong, masculine jaw. However, the bruises from the fight with JP were still evident, though less obvious. Every time JP saw them, it reminded him of that night and he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty at what he had done.

“Ryan,” JP repeated, “I was just about to leave for Maryland, you know, the tournament?” JP bit his lip; that might not have been the best way to start a conversation with him. Central High School had been invited to a wrestling tournament at the University of Maryland, but JP knew that wrestling was a touchy subject for Ryan. Ryan looked up at his brother and gave him a little smile.

“Good luck, bro,” he said and went back to his lifting.

“Thanks,” JP returned and started to leave, but then turned back, remembering the reason why he came up in the first place. “Mom said Jansen’s called. They were wondering if you wanted to do this weekend’s photoshoot for the prom catalogue.” Ryan immediately stopped curling and dropped the weight on the floor. Oh shit, JP thought, I shouldn’t have mentioned modeling. But Ryan didn’t seem to get mad. Instead, he calmly got up – the muscles in his thighs flexing heavily – and looked across his room.

“I’m not going to work for them anymore,” he stated simply. JP blinked, but Ryan looked at him before he could say anything. “Some things are going to change,” he explained. “And that’s one of them.”

“I don’t understand…”

“I can’t model anymore,” he went on.

“Your face will heal soon—”

“You know that’s not what I mean.” Ryan stood in front of his brother, his gigantic pecs filling his wife-beater massively. JP could tell there was a lot on his mind, but he couldn’t find the words to say it. “I’m getting rid of that life, all of it. Jansen, Luke…Brionna.” A shiver went down JP’s back when he heard that name – it probably always would – but Ryan continued. “I’m gonna have a real life now. None of that shallow, narcissistic shit.”

JP looked at his brother with new-found respect. That night really had changed him. Ryan turned his wide back to JP, his thick lats stretching the fabric of the shirt, and looked around at the walls of his room. Nearly every inch of space was covered with posters of scantily-clad women – remnants of the sex-crazed jock that used to be Ryan Maloney.

“I don’t suppose you want these posters,” he grinned. JP laughed. His big brother was back.

“JP, you are a GOD!” Kyle Backton cheered as JP walked off the mat. His massively ripped body was glistening with sweat and his giant pecs heaved as he breathed. He had just won the 215-pound weight class at the Terrapin Invitational, a high school wrestling tournament held each year at the University of Maryland’s Cole Field House. This was the first time the Spartans had been invited – they had only recently become a notable team in the region thanks mainly to JP – and they finished a strong second place among the ten high schools. And Kyle had joined JP as a champion, winning the 112-pound weight class...extremely promising as only a sophomore.

“Well, you’re just a little god, then,” he returned, grabbing Kyle to give him a noogie. The kid laughed, unable to match JP’s sheer strength, despite being strong himself. He may not have been anywhere near the size of his brother, Tyler, but he still had the famous Backton smile…and determination.

Then, Danny, the 145-pounder, jogged up to his buddy and patted him on the back. “Dude, you were amazing,” he awed. “We were a little worried earlier this season, but it’s great to have you back.” JP blushed. He had lost a couple of matches back in December, though none of his teammates could ever realize the reason for that being his split with Matt at the time, but all that was behind him now.

“Thanks,” he said. “Who’s hungry?” Both boys grinned broadly and nodded. Wrestlers were always hungry after a match.

“We could go over to Stamp,” Danny suggested. “I think that’s where they’re letting us eat.”

“Sounds good to me,” JP smiled. “As long as they have enough food. I’m starving.” Kyle shook his head; they all had seen how much JP could put away. “Just let me change out of his thing.” And he headed toward the locker room, already slipping the straps over his striated shoulders. The form-fitting singlet suddenly loosened and fell to his narrow waist. His pecs and abs were drenched in sweat, but he loved the feeling. Coming off the mat with yet another win in his pocket was always such a rush. There were very few guys in his weight class that could best him and while this guy had put up a fight, JP knew he had won it the moment he saw his opponent. I mean, just the look of the famous JP Maloney would make one sweat – 217 pounds of solid muscle bulging all over the place, his singlet barely able to fit around his enormous pecs, thick lats and wide back. He was simply a sight to behold.

JP slunk the singlet off his body down to his jockstrap that held his huge cock. None of the other guys were as well-hung as his 10-and-a-half inches of meat, but he didn’t rub it in. Plus, sometimes it was tight in that singlet, despite wearing an XL jock. Coach Graves had been talking about getting new uniforms that would better fit their bodies. Hell, the team had the budget for them now thanks to their success in the last couple of years. Figures, now that JP was going to graduate.

He glanced down at his dick hanging heavily between his tree-trunk thighs. It was all for Matt. God, how he wished Matt were there. He needed to feel him, to hold him. But he had gone back to college in Cleveland. He sighed and slipped on his boxers. He’d have to wait…again.

When JP finished dressing, he went outside to meet Danny and Kyle. His stomach was growling so loud, he thought for sure they would hear it. And it only grumbled louder as they neared the student union. Getting in the line, JP grabbed a tray. Danny tapped him on the shoulder from behind and handed him another one.

“You might need two,” he explained, grinning mischievously. JP shook his head as Kyle sniggered in the background. I probably will, JP said to himself, feeling his stomach rumble even louder. As he went down the cafeteria line, he grabbed one – sometimes two – of just about everything. After this season, he was planning to bulk up a bit for college. God knew how big those guys were, especially if he ended up at a big name school.

As the trio made their way to the tables, JP balanced the two trays each carrying four plates piled high with chicken, beef, turkey, pasta, fruit, meatloaf…everything. He really was starving. As Danny and Kyle sat down, JP carefully placed his smorgasbord down.

“I have to get a drink,” he said, “I’ll be back.” Kyle smiled brightly and laughed again. Shaking his head, JP went over to the soda fountain and grabbed a large cup. Suddenly, there was a voice behind him.

“Uh, you’re JP Maloney, right?” JP turned around to see a guy timidly standing there. He was a normal-sized guy with an average build – he certainly didn’t look like a wrestler from another team. But he also looked extremely nervous to be talking to him.

“Yeah,” JP answered. “And you are?” The guy hesitantly offered his hand to shake. JP took it.

“We haven’t met,” he explained. “My, my name’s Dave Malcolm. I was your brother’s roommate at Virginia Tech.” •

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