Nick (Sequel to JP)

Not Done Yet


By luvyalots

“I’m sorry to surprise you like that,” Dave apologized. “But once I heard you were going to be on campus, I, uh, I had to talk to you.” He and JP were sitting at a booth in the cafeteria, JP dwarfing the older, smaller guy from across the table. It was apparent how nervous he was – probably wondering why he even came up to him. JP leaned forward and looked Dave straight in the eyes.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” he asked quietly, trying not to make him anymore intimidated than he already was. Dave swallowed hard and blinked, as if he couldn’t decide how to start.

“It’s about your brother, you know, Ryan?” he finally sputtered. JP nodded, urging him to continue. “Did he ever tell you why he got kicked off the football team?”

“I heard it was because of drugs or something; I already know that. He made a huge mistake,” JP replied, but Dave shook his head.

“No, no, that’s not…it wasn’t his fault.” JP looked at the guy with furrowed eyebrows.

“What do you mean?”

“He never took any drugs,” Dave explained. JP looked away, relieved. He knew Ryan wasn’t the type anyway. “They were planted,” his old roommate went on, “and I know by who.” JP sat up, his wide back against the seat. He already knew the answer.

“Brionna,” he guessed blankly. Dave stared at him wide-eyed and nodded slowly. So she did have something to do with Ryan’s expulsion from the team. But the look on Dave’s face told JP there was something else.

“It wasn’t her idea,” he said, speaking quietly. JP gave him an odd look. It wasn’t? Dave went on: “It was Mr. Jansen’s.”

“The owner of the modeling agency?” JP questioned with disbelief. Dave nodded.

“I figured it all out.” He was speaking more comfortably now. “Mr. Jansen was upset that Ryan was devoting too much time to football and stuff, so he told Brionna to do something about it. She planted the drugs in a way that it looked like I did it,” he paused, hanging his head. “When Ryan found out, he beat me up.” JP’s mouth dropped open.

“I’m sorry,” he said immediately, feeling sick to his stomach. “If there’s—”

“No,” Dave waved his hand, telling him to stop. “It was almost a year ago, I’m fine. I transferred here and it’s behind me, but…” His voice trailed off, as if he didn’t want to say what he was thinking out loud. Sensing this, JP leaned forward slightly and spoke more softly.

“Why are you telling me this?” he asked. Dave lowered his head to meet JP’s.

“I, I may know a way to get back at them…but I need your help.”

After hearing the doorbell ring, Nick instantly ran to the front door and opened it. He knew Erin was there; he didn’t have to check.

“Hey, Nick,” she greeted him, immediately stepping inside and throwing her arms around him, kissing him passionately. There was nothing like the feeling of kissing her, her hands massaging his back, her arms nudging his lats, her breasts against his pecs.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he said once the two finally parted lips. They gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment, just taking in one another’s beauty. They knew they were meant for each other. The fact that they were the two most gorgeous teenagers in town was irrelevant. Erin pulled herself away from her boyfriend as she smelled the aroma of dinner wafting out from the kitchen.

“Mm, your mom’s cooking smells good,” she commented. But Nick wrapped his muscular arms around her trim waist and pulled her into him again, making her giggle.

“Yeah,” he whispered, “almost as good as you.” Then, he grazed his lips against the back of his girlfriend’s neck and down to her shoulders as her body shuddered with adoration. Erin reached up and took Nick’s face in her hand and peered at him. Instantly, he felt his thick cock grow, pressing against her butt. He knew what they were going to do later.

“Are you two kids ready for dinner?” Mrs. Angelakis called from the next room, bringing the couple back to the present.

“Be right there!” Nick answered, not taking his eyes off of Erin. They kissed one more time and then proceeded into the kitchen where a feast lay before them at the table. Nick knew how much his girlfriend loved his mom’s cooking…though of course, he loved it even more. After all, it had helped him get big and strong…and would aid in his getting even more so.

“Good evening, Erin,” Nick’s dad bellowed from the head of the table. Every time she looked at him, she was immediately reminded of her boyfriend’s genes. His father was a beast of a man.

“Hello, Mr. Angelakis,” she replied. Nick’s parents loved Erin, not only because she was a nice, considerate girlfriend to their son, but – as his mom always said – she was very deserving of a strong, good-looking young man like him, a comment that always made him blush. And that made her love him even more; he wasn’t like all the other jocks – full of himself and conceited. He had a good head on his shoulders and she knew that was mostly thanks to his parents. They had instilled in him all it takes to be a loving and caring guy, besides all the genetics of being a drop-dead gorgeous, ridiculously-built athlete. But of course, genes didn’t do all of it. Nick constantly worked out and man, could he eat. She shook her head as she watched him pile seconds and thirds of his mom’s protein-rich food onto his plate. And all that food was going straight to his muscles.

Erin knew Nick’s stats just as well as he did. He had gained yet another five pounds, bringing him to a total of 165 pounds…and on a 13 – almost 14 – year-old, 5 foot 9 body, that was a hell of a lot of muscle. His shoulders and arms bulged even through the long-sleeved polo shirt he was wearing. His pecs were visible pushing at the material and his neck and traps were thick and wide. Pretty soon, he would start to seriously fill out – just like her brothers had in high school – and then he’d be gigantic.

After dinner was finished and the table cleared, Nick and Erin went upstairs to his room. Immediately, the two began making out, their tongues down each other’s throats, their arms all over each other’s backs. Nick backed her into the wall, gliding his lips down to her neck, his hands sliding up her shirt. Erin’s mouth was open in desire as she clutched the rock-hard globes of his butt.

“Take off your clothes,” she breathed. God, she wanted to worship him – she always did; he was irresistible. She undid the buttons on his polo shirt as he began pulling it off. Once it was over his head and thrown to the floor, the two resumed desperately kissing, Nick unbuttoned Erin’s shirt and unsnapped her bra. Her nipples immediately got hard upon touching his round pecs. She stepped back and looked over her boyfriend’s flawless torso as he stood letting her admire him. Every part of him was immaculate. His slender traps and shredded shoulders looked so powerful and his biceps bulged with strength. But his chest was amazing – two meaty slabs of beef punctuated by a pair of the sexiest nipples imaginable – all covered by a light layer of black hair. God, he was so hot! She knew Nick had already started shaving a month ago, but he was leaving his chest hair – she liked how it felt.

“Wow!” she gasped, kneeling in front of him and feverously sucking on his nipples. Nick moaned as she continued to his abs, that six-pack of perfectly-etched marble, bookmarked by his deeply-cut serratus muscles. Since there was barely any fat on his body, every muscle was clearly defined and ready to be worshipped. By the time Erin got down to his sexy obliques, she was practically cumming. Breathlessly, she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers, revealing his aroused crotch – a massively thick, nearly 8-inch cock and two huge balls preparing gallons of spunk. Deliriously, she opened her mouth up wide and enveloped her lips around Nick’s cock. It felt so juicy as it filled her mouth and she began tickling under the head with the tip of her tongue. Nick gasped and flexed his tight abs as he started losing control. Erin clutched the back of his striated thighs and started working him harder, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. Her own crotch was already wet, but she knew there would be plenty more left from both of them. Suddenly, Nick’s body shuddered as he let an eruption of jizz down her throat. The force was so great, she couldn’t hold it and she fell backwards, three more huge spurts exploding out of Nick’s cock and spraying all over her breasts.

“Fuck!” Nick whispered. Erin opened her eyes, her face covered in her boyfriend’s milky juice. A final few drops dripped from his penis as he leaned against his desk, exhausted from the most amazing orgasm he had had in his life. She grabbed a towel that was hanging on the chair and wiped herself off with it, but she never once stopped looking at her boyfriend.

“Jesus,” she exclaimed, “you’re getting huge!”

“Am I?” he asked, smiling and fully stepping out of his pants so that he was now completely nude.

“Yeah, I can’t wait until you get to high school,” she grinned. “Then, I’ll be able to see you all the time and go to all of your wrestling matches. You’re gonna look unbelievable in a singlet.”

“You really think so?” he said, helping her up to her feet – she watched his arms ripple as he did. He seemed to get bigger and bigger every time she made out with him…that got her thinking.

“Can I see your photo album?” she giggled. Nick blushed; he knew she loved to look through the scrapbook of her boyfriend’s progress. He had kept it since the beginning.

“Sure,” he replied. Then, he opened up a desk drawer – his large, flaccid dick dangling heavily between his thighs – and pulled the album out. Eagerly, Erin took it and opened it up.

The first few pages were newspaper clippings of JP. Nick had idolized him since he was little and had saved just about every article and picture of him he could find. But on the sixth page, the subject began to change. After an article about her brother winning the state wrestling championship, there was a short announcement about the first Central High School wrestling camp. That was where Nick began his journey from little kid to teen Adonis. Right next to that was a picture of him, Ian and Billy wearing their singlets on the last day of that camp. They were all smiling brightly, despite being very sweaty. But none of them had the muscle they did now. Nick and Ian’s arms and legs were twigs and Billy was slightly bigger only because of his baby fat.

“God, you guys look so small,” Erin observed.

“Well, we had to start somewhere,” Nick said. “I don’t think I was even 90 pounds in that photo.” On the next page, however, there was a picture of Nick and Ian standing next to each other wearing their singlets again, but it was dated mid-September. Ian looked almost exactly the same, but Nick had grown a couple of inches and there were little hints of muscle in his arms and shoulders. The slightest of contours could be seen where his biceps would grow and he seemed to fill out the uniform – the same one he had worn in the previous picture – a little bit better. “I was 95 pounds here,” Nick explained. “I actually weighed more than Ian then, probably because I had a little more muscle.”

“And maybe something else,” Erin grinned, pointing to her little boyfriend’s crotch in the picture. A small bulge was visible, the sign of the impressive endowment it would become. Nick blushed. He was always big for his age down there, even as a kid.

“Check out the next page,” he quickly changed the subject. She turned it and gasped at a picture of him and his family on January vacation in Florida. Nick was wearing only swimming trunks, but his musculature was now greatly advanced. His pecs were prominent, his abs were ripped and his shoulders tapered down to his tiny waist. “That was me at 115 pounds…but before I started working out.” He turned the page again. “But this is once I did.” Erin’s eyes widened at a series of photos displaying Nick with his then-newly acquired weight bench, lifting, curling and posing. Almost immediately, his body seemed to take to it, popping out muscles left and right. His biceps were peaked, his chest was shredded and his lats, traps and legs were beginning to grow. “130 pounds of pure muscle,” he said proudly.

“And that was when I met you, right?” Erin reminded him. She could practically feel the butterflies in his stomach as she looked at him. Silently, he turned the page. On it were three pictures taken over the course of the summer. In each one, Nick and Erin were smiling at the camera as they held each other in their arms. But also in each one, Nick got progressively bigger and more muscular. The first one read “July – 140 pounds,” the second, “August – 145 pounds,” and the third, “September – 150 pounds.” He was steadily gaining five pounds of muscle per month and it showed in his arms, chest and shoulders; they got thicker and broader each time.

“And here’s the wrestling camp picture that August,” he said, pointing to a shot of him in his singlet standing next to Ian in his and Billy in his football uniform. What a difference from a year before. Both Nick and Ian were ridiculously ripped, every part of them capped with muscle. And Billy was gigantic, towering over the other two by a good three inches, his arms thick with bulk, and his muscle gut showing from beneath his jersey. “And since then,” Nick captured his girlfriend’s attention, “I’ve put on yet another 15 pounds.” And with that, he stepped back and began posing. He flexed his biceps, he squeezed his chest, tightened his abs, showed off his thighs, each time yelling out, “Bam!” Erin giggled with each pose, simply amazed at her boyfriend’s physique. Suddenly, he stopped, his naked body looming large and peered at her lustfully. “And I’m not finished yet,” he said.

“Neither am I,” Erin replied, slipping down her panties. “Where are the condoms?” Nick’s mouth dropped open and then curled into a smile. And that night, the two engaged in the best sex of their young lives.

“No, absolutely not,” Ryan said sternly to his brother, turning away from him. “I don’t want to have anything to do with that bitch.” JP had finally gained up the courage to present to Ryan, Dave’s plan for revenge against Jansen and Brionna. He took the news of his boss’ part in the scheme well, but he was obviously uncomfortable fighting back.

“Ryan, listen to me,” JP tried to explain. “You won’t have to deal with Brionna, Dave will take care of her. All you have to do is talk to Jansen.” He swallowed and looked away for a moment. “Besides,” he went on, “don’t you want to pay him back for what he did to you?”

“I’m better off now for it anyway,” Ryan protested. “And I’m quitting the modeling agency as it is.”

“Exactly,” JP grabbed his brother’s arm, turning him back around. “If Jansen went through all that to keep you as a client, do you really think he’s going to just let you quit?” Ryan stared back at him with wide eyes, showing worry for a split second. But it quickly changed back to his usual confidence.

“Fine,” he muttered. “Where does Dave want to meet?”

Ian’s alarm clock rang shrilly through his room. Groggily, he sat up in bed. He had a bit of a hangover from last night’s drinking, but damn, was it worth it. He loved how he could just dominate Kim in bed over and over again. And that dweeb Rick couldn’t go more than twice. Hell, he dominated Jessica, too.

Ian stretched his arms, admiring how his biceps rose to enormous peaks. They were covered in snake-like veins that practically pulsed with his superior blood. Fuck, he was even pumped when he woke up. Proudly, he climbed out of bed, sauntered to the bathroom and gazed at himself in the mirror. He was only wearing his boxer-briefs; they were a little tight, but he loved how he could see his cock through the fabric. And man, was it big! He stuck his hand down to hold it. It was warm and hard. He looked himself over again. God, he was hot! 175 pounds of bulging muscle, irresistible to all the chicks, dominant over every guy…and he wasn’t even in high school yet. Imagine how much growing there was left to do.

He loved how his shoulders were capped with solid muscle, how his biceps balled without his even flexing them, how his chest rippled with the slightest move, how his thick abs shifted as he breathed. He was simply THE specimen of manhood. As he worshiped himself, his cock erupted with a load of spunk that drenched his briefs. Damn, that felt good!

“And I’m not done yet,” he said to himself. He opened up a drawer and fished out the steroid pills. He was already on the third bottle, which he stole from Luke’s room – the guy had a whole stash in his closet. He loved the feeling he got every time he popped them in his mouth, knowing that they would aid in his getting even bigger and stronger than he already was. Once he downed them, he flexed one more time in the mirror, watching his muscles explode out of his skin. Shit, they were getting huge! He slipped out of his briefs and turned on the shower, but not before he looked back at his reflection one last time, admiring how perfect his bubble butt was. “Fuck,” he boomed, slapping himself on his sexy ass, “I just keep getting bigger and hotter.”

“How ya doin’, Billy?” Nick greeted his massive friend in the school hallway.

“Awesome,” he answered, smiling as broadly as always. “Guess what? I put on another five pounds last month. I’m 205 now!”

“Jesus Christ, man!” Nick shook his head. “How do you do it?”

“I’m trying to bulk up for football next fall,” he explained, easily heaving his heavy backpack – loaded with ALL of his textbooks – onto his wide back.

“What do you mean bulk up?” Nick gave him a weird look. “You’re already bigger than most of the freshman and stronger than all of them.” Billy shrugged.

“I know. I just want to be one of the biggest on the Varsity team.”

“Well, you’re well on your way to that.” But just then, Billy’s attention was diverted to down the hall, where Ian was strutting toward his locker. He was wearing a one-size-too-small T-shirt that read “I’d Do Me” – Billy was surprised he was allowed to wear something like that in school – and was smirking at every hot girl that passed by; every single one of them ogled him up and down.

“Ian’s been getting really big, too,” he remarked. “You think he’ll go out for football?”

“Probably,” Nick uttered coldly, but then turned back to Billy, smiling. “I’ll catch up with you at lunch.” He patted his best friend on his gigantic shoulders and headed toward his first class. Billy looked back at Ian and started making his way over to him to say hi. But by the time he got anywhere near him, he was already turning and leaving for class. That’s when Billy noticed something fall out of his backpack and bounce to the floor.

Quickly, he went to pick it up. It was a vitamin bottle – like those he had seen in CVS where he got his supplements – but this had a label he had never seen before…and some big words he couldn’t pronounce. Maybe Nick will know what it is, he thought, and put it in his backpack. •

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