Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

Our conversation was interrupted with the return of our missing foursome. They looked all the worse for wear and Gabe looked about to fall asleep standing up. Jake and Max ushered him toward yet another shower and Geoff came over and sat with us. He smelled of sex and it was quite appealing. I could feel myself getting turned on.

"Guys," meaning Brad and Rob, "I need to talk with Sean for a bit, would you mind?"

"Not at all big guy." Brad said and they both got up from the table and started cleaning up the kitchen.

"Sean, I think I understand why Max believes Gabriel is special. As I'm sure you've experienced, he is amazing sexually, but there is more to him. I probed him a bit, no pun intended, while the four of us where having sex and I got the distinct impression that he will bring some special abilities to our family. Even now, he has a very potent mind. He may seem to be always relaxed, but he is always thinking. The main thing is that, he doesn't truly trust anyone. I'm not sure why, I couldn't look that deeply. At the time he was doing a masterful job sucking my cock. I don't even think he trusts himself."

"I got that impression too. It's like what we see is really his personality, but he is hiding something by maintaining his outward calm as a show to cover his real situation."

"Exactly. I want to ask a big favor of you and Mat. I know Mat is having trouble controlling his desire, but I want you to take Gabriel to stay with you tonight. He actually requested it, but I was thinking in that direction before he asked. I think you have an admirer and he is very impressed with Mat."

"I really don't know if that is a good idea. Mat was very close to losing control of himself and I think that was as distressing to him as if he had already forced himself on Gabriel."

"Sean, I can't force you to take him with you, but I hope you will consider it. He needs someone he can trust, and from what I've seen, you are the closest to that point."

"What about Max?"

"Gabriel knows Max is taken and, while sex with Max is great, there will never be anything more. I think you and Mat, however, would be more open to finding a place in your relationship for Gabriel. He sees that in how you care for Mat. He didn't miss one thing about how Mat was about to jump the table, but he was more interested in your reaction of concern. I think he craves that, he needs someone to care for him, more than just for sex. And, I think that by morning, he will be ready to be changed."

"Alright, bro, I'll take him, but if Mat is not comfortable with it when we arrive, then I'll be bringing him to the main house and put him in our room. OK?"

"That's fine, brother. I can't ask more than that."

The others were coming out of the shower and Max was literally carrying Gabriel. "I told you guys, he can go and go, but when he crashes, he is out for the count."

"Let me take him." I said and Max handed him to me, and I cradled him against my chest. We had a quick mental conversation to bring Jake and Max up to speed with the plan that Geoff and I had discussed, and we agreed to get together the following morning, or at least before noon.

I carried Gabriel toward the cabin and he appeared peacefully asleep. He was completely relaxed. He snuggled against my chest. He locked his fingers into the hair on my chest and was holding on tight. When we reached the cabin, I saw that Mat had already gone to bed and I put Gabe down on the couch. He didn't wake but seemed to reach for me as I backed away. I got a pillow and blanket from the closet and covered him. I knew it wasn't too cool for us, but this high on the mountain, it did get cold overnight.

Once I was sure Gabriel was taken care of, I went to join Mat in the bedroom. He had left the door open, but I closed it and opened the window. I thought that the cool breezes might shield Mat from smelling the man sleeping in the next room. As I laid down next to him, Mat instinctively wrapped himself tight behind me and I felt his semi hard cock press between my legs. He moaned and held me tighter, pressing his face into my hair. His breath was warm and breathing easy. It didn't take long at all before I was asleep.

I was woken by a strange sound. At first I thought it was grunting, but then I realized it was talking, but I couldn't make out the words. I realized it was Gabriel and got up to make sure he was Ok. That wasn't easy as Mat had me in his firm grip. I peeled myself away from him and he hugged tight to my pillow. I paused just a second to look over my sleeping giant. He was so incredible, I still had trouble thinking that he was mine, but I knew for certain that I was his.

I tried to move quietly and unlatched the door and moved to the living room. Gabriel had thrown off the blanket and appeared to be in some kind of nightmare. He was definitely talking in his sleep, but I didn't know Portuguese at all and certainly not the Brazilian version. He was a swarm of motion. His arms were thrashing and then I noticed that his face was tear streaked. I decided I had to know what was invading his dream. I looked into his mind and was nearly suffocated with emotion. He was diving into the waves in an ocean, over and over. Hardly taking time to breath before diving back under the waves. He was searching for something, no... someone. His mind was screaming a name, "CauŃ, CauŃ, CauŃ." He fought with the waves. Cursing the ocean and his own stupidity. He finally found a beautiful young man. Features much like Gabriel's, but darker. He was floating near the bottom of the ocean with a deep cut seeping blood from his forehead.

Gabriel grabbed him and pulled with all his strength. He got him back to the shore and started CPR. The boys lips were blue. He didn't respond at all. Gabriel fought and fought. He did everything he knew of and finally he sank into the sand in despair. "It's all my fault. All my fault. He trusted me. He trusted me. God, please, no, take me. I love him. Take me." He was now weeping openly.

By this point I had Gabriel in my arms and was rocking him back and forth like a child. I had joined his emotional rampage and my own face was covered in tears. No one should have to go through what he did. I knew it wasn't a dream, but a memory. It replayed every time he went to sleep. This was why he kept going until he dropped. Every time he slept, he was tortured by this thought, this flashback. He truly believed it was his fault, that he had caused this tragedy.

As I held him, many thing were coming clear in my mind. He loved his homeland, but couldn't face the memories that it conjured up. He was afraid to love again, he didn't trust himself and felt he wasn't worthy of another's trust, or love. He had failed his love, and he was paying for it every time he slept. Probably every minute of every day.

How could he maintain such an air of composure when he was awake?

He looked up at me with wonder in his eyes. Awake, now, and realizing why I was holding him.

"You understand now, don't you? You know why I've not changed. I'm not worthy to have all I desire. I'm not even good enough for you to ...."

I pulled him against my chest and muffled his words. "Gabriel, I did see and I understand why you feel the way you feel. Please forgive me for invading your privacy? But, I also saw something you take for granted. I saw just how big your heart is. How much you loved. That says more about you than some accident or your judgment of yourself." I flooded him with feelings of love and safety.

I hugged him tightly to me and spoke directly into his ear, very quietly. "I hope you will let me get to know you, because Mat and I both could use some of what you have to offer. You are a good person, Gabriel, and I want the chance to show that to you."

He was sweating and exhausted. It was as if he hadn't just dreamed it, he had relived it. His heart was pounding in his chest, but he was slowly calming himself. As his breathing slowed, I knew he was going straight back to sleep.

"Let's go to bed, my friend, I think we all need the rest."

I wasn't going to leave him alone. I carried him with me back to the bedroom and we laid down, with him between Mat and myself. I saw Mat sniff and reached out for me, but when he didn't connect with me he opened his sleepy eyes. 'Babe, I'll explain in the morning but I just couldn't leave him alone.' I sent him a brief burst of information and heard, 'It's Ok Babe, I'm just so worn out.' He drifted back to sleep.

I woke when the sunlight was just a glow at the edge of the horizon. My night vision allow me to see the scene in front of me. Mat was laying on his side as though looking at me. His huge hand and arm was wrapped protectively around Gabriel. Both of our morning, nearly hard, cocks were laying on top of Gabriel. Gabe had his arms wrapped around both of them and he was rubbing his face against Mat's cockhead. They were both still asleep. It was going to be interesting when they woke up. I looked further down the bed and saw that Gabe's cock was more than morning hard, his was already drooling in his sleep. I wondered what he was dreaming now, but he didn't seem in any distress.

Mat woke suddenly and rolled away from Gabe. This awakened Gabe. He didn't want to release his grasp on Mat's cock, but he didn't have the strength to hold on.

"Gabriel," Mat said, looking fearful, "I just don't want to hurt you." I smiled at him. He was just a big cuddly softie.

Gabriel spoke to Mat, but he looked directly into my eyes. "It's Ok, Mat, I trust you. Both of you." He pulled himself up toward the head of the bed and grasped us each by the hand. "I really, feel good here." We both rolled closer to the beautiful young man. Our nearly hard cocks slapped his legs and he giggled like a little kid. Then he turned to me and kissed me. He was completely enveloped in our muscle and he felt warm as toast. The kiss went on and on. It was one hot kiss. I swear he cleaned my teeth. This boy was not afraid of morning breath. Then he turned and kissed Mat.

He rolled back and looked at the ceiling. "Bros. I've come to a decision. I want you to change me. You have both proven that this is where I belong. I've been lost, but I feel good here. You accepted me, without even knowing me. I always admired big guys, but could never have dreamed anyone like you, and the others, existed. I don't want to be big, just to be big. I want to be big so I can feel you inside of me and so you can feel me inside of you. I want to be a real part of this. Does this make sense?"

Mat didn't answer with words, he just rolled over and straddled the much smaller man with his whole body. He pressed his lips over Gabe's so that the kiss was the only part of their bodies that were touching. 'Sean, please get ready to help me. The way I helped you. I want this to be good. Really good.'

'You got it babe.'

I moved so that I was between Mat's legs and started licking the insides of his thighs. He moaned into the kiss. I saw that Gabe was very hard already. I slid my head between them and took his cock into my mouth. Mat opened his mind to me and I could watch just what he was doing from his perspective. He pulled back from the kiss and said, "You know what you have to do, but let me give you a tip, Gabriel. Know what you want. Think of what you want to be when you are like us. Keep that in mind and drink all that you can."

Gabe just nodded, with a look of awe on his face, and then Mat moved further up so that Gabe could get his mouth and hands on Mat's huge cock. Gabe grabbed on to Mat's foreskin and played it like a master. His mouth was all over the head and his hands were like magic. He scooped up the precum that dripping all over him and used it so slather all over Mat's cock. He was using his hands well as his mouth, and moved from Mats cock to his nipples and back to his cock. I felt him swell and tense in my mouth and was soon rewarded for my efforts with a huge morning load. Mmmmm. He tasted so good. Almost sweet. He didn't miss a beat working on Mat.

I moved back between Mat's legs and started working my tongue into his ass. This was no easy feat as he was still tensing his whole body to hang over Gabe. I could feel what Mat felt and Gabe knew his way around a big cock. His hands were working Mat's balls. 'Sean, Fuck Me NOW!' Mat almost shouted in my head. He wanted it bad. He was near ready, but wanted this to be one hell of a load.

I slid up on Mat's back. He was rock solid and I was hot. He didn't budge one bit with my weight on his back. His strength and control were amazing. Sliding into him was tighter than ever. He was completely flexed. Laying on his back was like laying on mottled granite. He was hot and sweating. I kissed his back just below his neck. He reared his head back and I pulled his ponytail as I pushed all the way in. I heard Gabe almost choke on the rush of precum that this caused. I was buried to my balls inside my man and he felt soooo good. I start pulling out and thrusting back, so slowly. I felt Mat tense and knew he was holding on by a thread.

Then I felt it. I was like electric shot through Mat's body. Gabe had reached up and grabbed Mat's pecs, clamping his fingers into the skin. He couldn't penetrate the muscle, but Mat groaned and then reared up. I was forced to reach around him and hold on. His ass was so tight I knew I was going to lose it, but too tight for me to cum. I thought my balls were going to explode. Mat picked up Gabe and pushed his mouth down on his very swollen and angry cock. He roared. It echoed off the mountain. He filled Gabe to overflowing. His gut was distended like a balloon ready to pop and he was breathing really rapid and shallow. Mat clamped tighter on my cock and I thought I was going to pass out.

Quickly he rolled to his side and took me with him. This allowed me some room to work and I started pulling out and thrusting again. He was so hot and tight I just wanted to keep going forever, but he had other ideas. 'Sean, pull out of me.' I did and he instructed me to wait until Gabe had absorbed his load, and then I should give him mine. He thought a rapid fire double load would bring Gabe all the way. I didn't know it, until that moment, but Mat really wanted Gabe as much as I did. I laid back and was breathing heavy. Mat rolled onto his back and grabbed my cock in his strong hands and started stroking. 'We already care for him, babe. He belongs with us.' He was watching Gabe and stroking me. He wanted his timing to be perfect. He started mentally washing love over me and I was getting close. I saw through his eyes that Gabriel had gone ridged and his stomach was receding. He hadn't yet reached for his cock but it was hard and swollen.

Mat just thought 'NOW!' and grabbed Gabe and lifted him over on top of me. Gabe sucked on to my cock like it was a mother's tit. He sucked hard and I shot. He was soon filled again and then I was shooting all over the room. Mat moved Gabe between us on the bed and then rolled toward him. Soon he was kissing Gabe on one side and I was kissing him on the other. I whispered to him, "Gabriel Arcanjo, be everything you wish to be. I can't wait to see you huge."

I left him with Mat and went to the kitchen to get a case of the protein drink. By the time I got back, Mat had cleaned Gabe off and moved him into a more comfortable position. He had already absorbed all of my cum and was stroking his swelling cock. His eyes shot open and he looked straight at me and I could feel the hunger in his eyes. I moved around the side of the bed and started feed him protein drinks. He was already growing. He had easily passed 6' tall and we watched as his feet moved toward the foot of the bed.

His cock was passing the 12" mark and his body was boiling. It literally looked like his skin was going to cook right off of his body. Gabe was swelling all over at once. His eyes were closed and he was moaning and speaking in anything but English. He pulled his cock so hard, it looked like he was going to rip it right off of his body. It was shooting precum like a fire hose and he started grunting. His chest spread to incredible size and his shoulders were getting so broad that they were pushing against both Mat and me, pushing us toward the sides of the bed. Gabe's legs were lengthening and swelling at the same time. His feet were huge monsters and he looked like he could grab hold of you with his long toes. These feet were wide and strong. Now he had an 8 pack of huge bricks at his waist that led up to the pillow sized pecs. He was easily passing the 10' mark and that cock was passing 3'. Thick as a solid steel pipe and it was angry and swollen, going from drooling to shooting the thick precum that was starting to coat all of him. The bed groaned under us as the weight increased dramatically.

As he stroked and stroked and pulled and squeezed that fine cock, he was grunting and groaning. His arms were incredibly flexed. His big hands looked to be exerting intense pressure on that angry meat and that caused his forearms to swell with cables of muscle and finger thick veins. Upper arms were reaching unseen vascularity and pumped to an amazing size. Once this man was able to flex them, he was going to have some mega peaked arms. His whole body was tensing tighter and tighter and he had started to fuck his hands, thrusting his hips upward, grunting louder and louder. I saw Mat was poised to take his load and I was feeding him bottle after bottle. I went to get the second case and when I returned I saw Mat with Gabe's monster cock now deep in his throat. He was sucking for all he was worth and Gabe had his hands on Mat's head just forcing Mat to take him deeper and deeper. Their motions were a blur and sweat was running off of Gabe in torrents. At first I was stunned by the sight. Gabe was quickly turning into one extraordinary man, even by our standards. His shoulders were incredibility broad, but they were needed to support his titanic arms. They must have already swelled beyond 50", bigger than most bodybuilder's chests. Yet his waist was incredibly narrow. It looked far too tiny to carry off that upper body strength. His legs could support anything, they looked so powerful.

Then I watched him explode into Mat. There was no warning for Mat at all. Gabe just started cumming and filled Mat completely. Gabe was now thrashing back and forth on the bed, pounding with his fists as he bellowed loudly. I'm sure that sound could be heard all over the mountain. Gabe released Mat's head and Mat pulled off of Gabe's still shooting cock. I couldn't resist. I covered that delicious looking cock with my mouth. I was right he tasted very creamy and very potent. Then I got another sensation. I felt Gabe's hands close on the back of my head as he forced his nearly 4' cock down my throat. It started to feel like I was swallowing fire. I was heating up and I could feel the power flowing through my body. With each shot of Gabe's incredible cum, I could feel myself getting stronger, more powerful, bigger. My mind was opening to his. I knew it was going to shock him when he started to feel what we were feeling, but I could barely control it. My body was on fire. It was like pouring gasoline on a bonfire. I felt like a nuclear chain reaction. I just kept sucking down as much of that fiery cream as I could get. It was like my body was telling me I needed it. All of it.

The monster cock was completely buried in my throat and my face was being slapped by Gabe's fist sized balls. He kept thrusting, fucking my face, shooting down my throat again and again. I could feel his huge nuts sweaty and hot against my face . I wanted more. I reached up and grabbed his balls and started squeezing, thinking, 'give me more, give me more.' Gabe growled deep in his chest and then screamed out again and filled me with a rocket of cum to end all others. My whole body was on fire immediately. I felt the hunger start to take over and I reached for the case of supplements. I looked around wildly as I couldn't find Mat, but then saw that he had fallen on the floor and was laying there swelling. I threw a few of the bottles in his direction and handed a few to Gabe. I started sucking them down so fast the bottles were vacuuming down until they were completely flat.

Once I started to come around a bit from our lust and power filled stupor, I realized that the other guys were still sucking down supplements and wanting more. I stumbled to the kitchen and brought back yet another case. My whole body seemed like it wasn't working. I stumbled and collapsed back onto the bed.

I realized that I was just still changing from the latest encounter. As my thought process returned to a more normal state, I realized that I shouldn't be changing, but I knew that I was. I could feel it in my bones. The man laying next to me was still panting heavily. Gabe was in the last throws of growth and was really still out of it. I heard Mat still chugging supplements on the floor and a part of me was praying that he was Ok, another part was selfishly wishing that he was bigger. I grabbed another bottle of the supplements and sucked it down and my body seemed to cool a bit. I could feel the breeze coming in through the window. Instantly I was fully recovered and wide awake. I stood up and looked around the room. I felt alive. More than alive. It was like I was on speed or something.

I started feeling horny. Not just a little, but overwhelming lustful. My cock was getting hard and I was looking right at this newly incredible stud laying on my bed. Covered with cum and sweat. With his hair a mess. He was hot. I wanted him. That cock was just perfect. Long, thick and he had huge balls to back it up. I was fully hard now and breathing hard. I thought to him, 'I want you.' His only reply was, "Yessss."

I moved to the end of the bed and looked at him. His honey golden eyes were almost glowing as he looked at me. "Yes, big bear, SuperSean. Come fuckkkk me. I want you to fill me up." I moved toward him and reached down and grabbed his legs. Damn, he had great legs. Nearly the size of Mat's and the same incredible smoothness. He was smooth all over. He only had hair on his head, but that was like a lion's mane. Definitely thicker than before and looking like spun gold with tight curls. He smiled at me and it was like flipping a switch. I pulled him to the edged of the bed and I attacked his ass. My tongue stretched his tight hole and he tasted like heaven. I couldn't wait. My already hard and dripping cock pressed against his tight ass. My energy hitched up yet another level. Gabe pressed back against my push and I pressed into him. He moaned as I pushed past his tight ring and all the way in with one slow slide.

My God, my cock felt great in his ass. It was so hot and tight. He definitely knew what he was doing too, this was no passive bottom. He was into it. I heard Mat growl again and this time he got up off of the floor. Holy Fuck! When he stood up, I couldn't believe how fucking incredible he looked. He was definitely bigger, much bigger. He was probably as tall as Troy, pushing 14' and allot thicker. He looked so powerful, it was almost scary. The Hulk had nothing on my man. He stretched and flexed as he rose from the floor, but as soon as he saw what Gabe and I were up to, he walked around behind me and growled deep in his body as he wrapped himself around me. 'I need you baby. You are so fucking hot.' His hands were kneading the muscles in my back and then my ass. His huge hot cock was pressing along my back and his balls pressed against my ass. 'Now baby. Flip him over so I can fuck you while you fuck him. Come on baby. I'm so hot.'

I could feel his big monster drooling all over my back. I reached down and got Gabe to turn over. The sensation of his turning on my cock was sensational. I wanted to keep turning him, but that wasn't to be. I was caught by the site of Gabe's back. It was huge and wide. The sunlight had just broken through the window and highlighted every bulge and striation. I thought about the glowing eyes of the phoenix and it was as if Gabe was being reborn with the rising light of the sun. More beautiful every second.

As soon as Gabe was in position, Mat pushed me down on his back and slammed his cock into me. Then the fucking really began. When Mat rammed into me, I knew his cock was bigger too. I was completely filled more than ever before, and it was sooooo good. He pressed in and pulled out, then slammed in again. His thrusting was being transmitted through me in to Gabe. Every time Mat bottomed out, both Gabe and I were moaning and grunting. He had hold of my hips and was literally pulling me in and out of Gabe as he rammed in and out of me. Every time it was deeper and faster. I was completely losing control. It was like time was standing still.

Mat thrust faster and faster and I found myself going even deeper. Gabe came all over the bed and floor. He was squeezing my cock so hard with that incredible ass that any normal man would have had his cock completely crushed. The intensity just seemed to build and build. Higher and higher we soared. It wasn't long until our minds joined in the passion and once we were all linked and feeling each other the intensity only increased. It was pure bliss.

Then I felt Gabe cumming again all over the bed and saw it running off onto the floor. His tight ass just pushed me over the edge and I felt the pressure from behind shooting up another notch. Mat and I were now so used to being joined mentally that sharing this bliss was pushing us both over the cliff. Mat roared louder than thunder and used more forceful thrusts. I heard cracking and breaking as the bed collapsed and almost as soon as we hit the floor, I exploded into Gabe and Mat exploded into me. The fire was back and we both screamed as we unloaded gallon on top of gallon of hot juicy cream.

Mat was no where near finished. The fire only charged his lust and he rammed into me again. His locomotive strong thrust pushed me further into Gabe even as I felt him swell beneath me. I could feel the energy in my own body and projected my feelings for these two men like a super nova. I couldn't explain it, but the power was immense. My head seemed to expand and I knew then, even while feeling my cock thrust further into Gabe, that I could make this even better. I concentrated on both of them, stroking the pleasure centers in their brain. Giving suggestions on how to heighten the pleasure. They both responded with increasingly powerful desire. I was the meat in a lust sandwich and was radiating pure, sweaty, cum covered, muscle enhanced sex. The room was glowing from the heat of our passion. Driving us higher and higher even as Mat was forcing us deeper and deeper. I felt the bed and floor begin to crunch beneath us and could also feel the bonfire of lust reaching a peak like never before. All three of us screamed and shot. I filled Gabe again and Mat filled me. Gabe filled the bed with his cream and we were soon all soaking in sweat and cum. We breathed as one and our heart beats were synchronized. Coming down from this blissful high seemed to take lifetimes.

Mat and I started to pull out when I felt the heat spreading throughout my body. It was refining again and I felt stronger. The sensation of power was intense. I noticed Gabe's body heat rising as he turned flushed from his torso outward. I watched as his body grew tighter and stronger. Both Mat and I watched in surprise as we realized he was growing, refining, becoming incredibly powerful but not from drinking our loads this time. It was from receiving my load deep inside that was causing this transformation. Hao was going to have a field day with this news. Every other time we had to drink the cum, this time, a deep hard fuck was the key.

Mat and I fell on top of this new beautiful stud and I thought to him, 'welcome to the family, brother.' We wrapped our arms around him and started drifting off to sleep. As we did I felt a shudder flow through him and realized that a single tear fell from his eye and was running down his face. We were going to have a great deal to discuss after we woke up.

I woke up later, the sun now high, and saw that Mat was holding Gabriel and talking with him. I could feel his love for this new man in our lives. I knew that Gabe would be staying with us. I didn't want to intrude on the conversation just yet, so I just listened and watched. I realized that Gabe was explaining the nightmare to Mat.

"CauŃ was my best friend when we were boys. I was a year older and always protective of him. He loved to play football (soccer) on the beach. I would always find him there all tan and sweaty. He was more my brother than any relative. He would always try to get me to join in the football matches and I wanted him to come surfing with me. As we grew up, I learned football and played, more to please CauŃ than anything else. He learned how to surf, but he didn't love it they way I did. He was a little fearful of the wild ocean. When we got older and start to learn about sex, it was the most natural thing in the world for us to become lovers. We were together everywhere."

"Almost a year ago now, I got a call from a friend that the waves were breaking huge at Prainha e Grumari and I begged CauŃ to come with me. I knew it would be fantastic surfing and we could also play in the ocean. When we arrived, he was a bit scared of just how big the waves were. They were breaking far out and growing huge before breaking in toward the beach. He tried to tell me, but I wouldn't listen. I just kept telling him to 'come on, come on, I'll take care of you. It will be great.'" Tears now started to run down Gabe's face and Mat tried to comfort him, but Gabe went on. "No, you need to know. I want you to know."

"We paddled out beyond where the waves were forming and turned back toward the beach. He paddled his board next to me and reached out to give me a kiss. I didn't know it would be our last one." The tears were really running now. "You know the rest. I told him to take the next wave and he tried. I could see him get up and he started to ride, but then he wiped out. His board crashed into his head and he was knocked out. I dragged him to the beach, but I couldn't......" Gabe was sobbing now, and Mat held him and stroked his hair like a loving father. I pulled myself close to them and wrapped them both in a hug. I didn't realize it at the time, but that meant I had put on some serious size.

I heard Mat telling Gabe, "It's Ok now baby, you are safe and we are here for you. No one is going to judge you here. Sean and I will always be here for you."

"He's right Gabe, we want you to stay with us here. I don't think any of us can explain it, but you mean a great deal to us and I'm sure the other's will feel the same." I told him and he rolled toward me, pressing that broad thick back into my chest. "I hope you will let Mat and I get to know the Gabe inside of here." I pressed my hand to his chest over his heart. He rolled over and touched my face and leaned in for a kiss. This was more than lust. I could feel him showering me with love, trust, understanding and warmth. This man was really warm.

"I feel 'more' than I have in a long time. I know you will both care for me and I feel like I belong here with you, so I'm not going anywhere. I admit, I will miss Rio and the its ocean. Maybe we can take a visit to the Island sometime, it really is beautiful and peaceful there." Gabe was smiling now and he reached up trying to run his finger through my hair, but it was caked with cum.

"Why don't we all get a shower and then we'll have to meet up with the others. Hao and Ben are going to want to see you and test what we have become," I told them.

I reached out for my brother's thoughts and he was eating in the kitchen. Dom was going to have his head for using a dishtowel as a napkin. I told him that and he laughed. 'Morning bro, or should I say afternoon? How are the three of you making out this morning?,' he asked.

I sent him the vision in front of me of the new and improved Mat and Gabe in all his glory. I could almost sense Geoff getting hard under the table. 'There have been some new developments this morning. When and where do you want to get together?'

'Um. How about meet us in an hour at the gym. I'll bet Gabe would like to see just what he is capable of, and I'm interested to see that fine body in motion.'

'Ok, but you might want to ask Hao and Ben to be on hand, like I said, there have been a few interesting developments.'

'You got it, Sean. And Sean? You aren't exaggerating the size of his arms, are you?'

'Not an inch big bro. I think you have some competition in that department.'

'Cool. One hour, at the gym.'

'We'll see you there.'

I told the other two what was decided and we all decided it was time to get up from the disaster area that was our bed, and get cleaned up before heading to the gym. Gabe would need some mirror time. Then again, so would I. •

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