Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

The character Gabriel is dedicated to Bruno aka muscl4life. Without his inspiration, ideas and info on the boyz of Rio, this character couldn't have come to life. Thanks Pal.

We stood there by the hanger waiting for the plane to land. It was supposed to have arrived 30 minutes ago, but when Jake called the pilot, he was told that they had been delayed by other air traffic and could not take their normal approach pattern. I wondered if it was a good idea for us to be standing there, waiting on a new guy, completely naked. Jake said that he should be used to seeing the big guys naked on the island, so I didn't protest. It just felt strange. Over the past several days I hadn't even thought about wearing clothes. I was never uncomfortable. It never seemed too hot or too cold. I never really thought about how I looked to the other guys. So much for my musings, they were cut off by the sound of a jet approaching. As if it were coordinated, we all looked up at the noise. It was a large jet, some sort of commercial airliner. I couldn't make out the type yet, but not really what I expected. It approached for a landing and I wondered what the others were thinking.

The greeting party consisted of Geoff & Jake, Rob & Brad and, Mat and me. They seemed to think we should keep it to as small a group as possible.

The jet taxied toward the nearby hanger. It was completely white except for a golden 'H' logo on the tail. As it rolled to a stop, Geoff rolled a stairway to the rear door. The door looked about 15' tall and 8' wide. Then the door swung open and a man, that I can only describe as a shaved bear of a bodybuilder with a magnificent bronze tan, strutted down the stairs. He had no hair at all on his body, but you could tell he was shaved, there was a dark shadow of a hair line on his head and face, but no stubble. He was about 11' tall and had huge shoulders. It was hard to imagine that this was the Max described in Geoff's journal. He was smiling and as he reached the bottom of the stairs he walked over to my brother and wrapped him in a huge hug. "Hi, Geoff, I've missed you big guy. You are looking fan-fucking-tastic." Then he moved down the line and did the same with Jake and Brad. He had an amazing body. Tight, hard, yet it flowed with an ease. This was a man comfortable in his own skin and there was a joy about him. I noticed that my brother was showing a little confusion.

'You Ok bro? You look a little surprised.' I thought to him.

'Yeah. Everything's fine. Max is just a bit happier than I expected. The long flight often takes a toll, even on us. I just wish he'd get to introducing...'

Geoff's comment was interrupted as I was grabbed in a big hug. "And you must be Sean. You look so much like your brother that you could be no one else. You certainly seem to have stirred things up around here." Suddenly my lips were covered in a kiss of intense passion. "I'm sure the guys here have welcomed you and this hot stud next to you, but let me add my welcome to theirs." He squeezed his hug tighter and I returned it. Then he did the same to Mat.

"So, I guess, you are all wondering why I wanted to come before the party." Max stated. "I know I would be curious as hell. Let me tell you a little story about the last few days. I was just laying out on the beach, enjoying the heat of the sun and the sound of the waves. Then I heard a splash and I sat up and shielded my eyes with my hands. Then I rubbed my eyes because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was this little guy coming down the beach with a surfboard under his arm. He was walking straight toward me and he didn't even flinch when he saw that I was about as tall sitting as he was standing. He simply looked me up and down and said, 'Helloooo, I'm Gabriel, and you are a giant.' The he stood there looking at me like I was his next meal. His smile split a handsome face. Then he proceeds to tell me, very relaxed, how he was surfing at a neighboring island and just kept paddling out further and further as the waves seemed to keep breaking toward our island. It was all very relaxed and matter of fact that he was standing there, on the beach, talking with me as if he spent every day of his life with guys that were twice as tall has he was."

I noticed that we all kept looking up at the plane, expecting him to appear.

"I asked him to wait in the plane until I had told you a little bit about him. The reason that I brought him here now, instead of on Saturday, is that I believe he is special and, I think, he needs some time with us here to decided about growing. He has amazing stamina and even though he is too small to handle us physically, sex with him, is something very special. I don't even know if he wants to be grown, but I wanted him to meet all of you and if he does want it, then I want him to join us. He has already made quite an impression on the guys at the island, and yet is is a bit of an enigma. He is from Rio de Janeiro. He is a surfer and extremely laid back. I didn't know anyone could be so laid back. He talks about surfing as if it were almost a religion, but he speaks 6 languages and studies philosophy. He doesn't talk about his past, but I think there is a reason that he is avoiding going back to Rio. It is as if, even though it is as much a part of him as his blood, he just can't face it. Like I said, an enigma and a very nice guy who fucks like a master, but is only 19 years old."

Max paused in his introduction, I believe to gage our reaction. I know I was very intrigued and wanted to meet this man. Max turned toward the plane and shouted, "Gabe, it's time to come on out."

A slim guy came around the corner and started to almost flow down the stairs. He really couldn't be said to be walking. He had an innate grace and his own rhythm. "It's about time bro, I've been in this tin can waaaaay tooooooo long." There was a definite beat and accent to his manner of speaking.

As he came down the stairs, I noticed that he really wasn't thin at all. He was packed with tight muscle. His deeply tanned skin was so tight on top of the muscle that you could see some of his muscle fibers as he walked. It was almost that he was so thin that his muscles appeared under his paper thin skin, but he also had a strength about him. He was the picture of health. I couldn't quite place his features. He had tight curly blond hair down to his shoulders, but he had a face that was both beautiful and strong. I started to think of where he was from, and the pieces started to fit together. He had a nobility of the european settlers, the intense life of the africans and the strength of the native indians. He was stronger than he first appeared. Max was introducing him down the line. Every movement showed his strength, grace and balance. He had impressive shoulders for someone of his stature. He was only about 5'9" tall. Really quite muscular. He had huge feet that looked like he had not worn shoes for years, if ever. His hands seemed a bit over sized. The closer he got to me, the more impressed I was with his physical structure. His skin looked almost like a latte in a copper cup, and glowed with all the time spent in the sun. His abs were flat, but chiseled. Before he reached me he turned his back to me and I was amazed at both his V taper, he had a tiny waist, it could not have been more than 26", and by the intricate tattoo on his back. It was a very fiery phoenix rising from the ashes and its eyes were a nearly glowing gold. Flames licked the tips of its wings and the movement of his back muscles almost made it appear to be alive.

Then he turned around and looked at me from head to toe. It was like he was appraising all of me. He looked straight into my eyes and I swear I felt something. I heard him say something like, "Que pica enorme!" And then he reached out and started stroking my cock. It was quickly lengthening. "You have quite a magnificent cockkkk. I can't wait to get to know you muchhhhhh better." Every sound was sensual. His words were dragging over his tongue. As if he were already licking you as he talked. He spoke with a rhythm that just said, 'I'm going to fuck you verrrry goooood.' But he didn't seem anything but completely at ease and relaxed.

I felt Mat tense next to me and I realized he was breathing faster. I thought to him, 'Mat, think control babe. You can control the desire.'

'It's so strong. I could smell him as soon as he came off the plane. I want to fuck him. I want to grow him. I need it. Sean, he's so beautiful and I can make him bigger, better, more....'

'Please Mat, find your place. I know you can do it. Calm, peaceful, breathe. You don't want to scare him.'

I could feel his inner struggle even as Max was introducing them. Mat was using every bit of self restraint to keep from throwing the guy down and slamming his giant cock down the man's throat. I think Gabriel could sense Mat's struggle. "Very nice tatau, Mat. I know it takes years to complete and your's is very beautiful." All the while he was stroking Mat's thigh. Mat complimented Gabriel's phoenix, but Gabe avoided talking about it. He knew his attention was driving Mat crazy, but he looked up at me and deep into my eyes. His eyes sparkled. They were the color of honey and almost looked like those of the phoenix on his back.

"Don't worry, Sean, we'll all have some fun sssoon."

Then he looked back to Geoff, "Is there anything around here to eat? We have been on that tin can for most of a day and I could stand something fressssssssssh."

Geoff actually chuckled. "Sure, Gabriel. Let's all go up to the aerie and we'll get something to eat. I'd still like to keep this party to just us, until we get Gabriel settled."

Gabriel walked over to Max and jumped up on his back and said, "Ok, let's go." Max thought to us, 'He got used to traveling like this on the island.'

We all started out at a fast run for the lab and then up to the aerie. I noticed Gabe was taking it all in. He seemed it was all in a normal day for him. As if nothing impressed him. He watched the world go by as we entered the lab, but really didn't seemed to be impressed at all. When I first saw it, I was more than a little impressed. Gabriel just seemed to let it all wash over him like a wave. That was when I realized, that his whole manner, his whole rhythm, his whole world moved to the beat of the ocean. Gabriel and Mat would have some of that in common, at least once Mat's desire was taken care of. I'd have to be very good to him, and soon, if Gabriel was going to have time to breathe.

After we reached the aerie, I noticed Gabriel getting the tour from Max, Geoff and Jake. The others were already moving to relax in one of the hot tubs and Mat was frozen next to me. He stood there fighting with himself for control. He was certainly doing a much better job than I had the first time I ran into an unchanged man. And let's be honest, Gabe was much hotter than Dom was before he was changed.

I moved around my big guy and looked into his eyes. The inner struggle was evident and from the fact that his hands were knotted in tight fists and his whole body was one tight flex of muscle. I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair. He seemed to relax for just a second. I had to help him calm himself. 'Babe, just look into my eyes.' I put my hand on that rock hard chest. He was a flesh and stone statue.

I focused on my calm place, but as soon as I pictured that mountain field, a wave came crashing down and I realized that I was floating in the ocean. I put my other hand on the side of Mat's face. We drifted into a calm lagoon. 'Babe, just let the water calm you. Feel it waves. Smell the ocean breeze. We are all alone and you are in complete control.'

'Sean, I don't know how you did this, but we are home. My home. I grew up just a few kilometers from here.'

'It is your peaceful place. Use the memory of this to keep control. I know just how hard it is for you, and Gabe is beautiful. But, I know you can beat this beast. I wasn't able to, but I have faith in you babe.'

'Sean, you are a wonder. I love you babe.'

'I love you too, my beautiful island God.'

We rejoined the others and Mat was noticeably more relaxed. He even joked with the others. He joined Brad and Rob in one one of the hot tubs, but I noticed Gabriel looking off the end of the deck, just taking in the view of the valley. It was the first time I had seen him alone.

I walked over next to him and he looked up at me. He had that look in his eye again. Mischief and desire, all rolled into one. "So, Gabriel...Jake said that you are a 'carioca' surfer. What does that mean?

"Well, bro, it is not easy to describe to someone who has never been to Rio. You haven't have you?" I shook my head 'no'. "You would have suchhh a fine time there. The boyz would jusht eat you up."

"That doesn't answer my question at all, but we can leave it for later if you like."

"Oh, no, pal, I know you understand surfing?" He put his hand on my thigh. I nodded. "You have a great bit of nature about you. With surfing, you become part of the ocean, it becomes part of you. We all come from the ocean. If you took away all of our salt water, we would be nothing but dust. Carioca is the name of the place that the first european settlers stayed, where I live, was called. It really now means someone who is born in Rio, but it is also how we live our lives. No matter where we are, Rio is part of us, we carry it with us, and it calls us home. It is said that carioca can always tell the direction to Rio, just as others can find which way is north or a follower of Islam can find the direction to Mecca. The ocean and waves are part of Rio and part of us. It would never do for us to be away from the ocean for long."

When he said the part about being called home, I saw a shadow creep across his face for a second. There was definitely something that had him not feeling good about it.

"I can understand that, but it has been so long since I had anywhere that felt like home and being here with my brother, well, I think I'll always feel this place is home, even if I left tomorrow."

"I hope you don't leave tomorrow, or we'll never get to know eachhhh other."

He reached toward me and again grabbed my cock. This time he squeezed it as he stroked. "You have got one nice cock here and your hair is so soft." He was running the fingers, of his other hand, through my pubes and then reached down and stroked my balls. My cock was getting very heavy. He moved in even closer until I felt the heat of his body and he was having a wonderful impact. He was breathing deeply, taking in my scent. I reached down and picked him up. He wrapped his legs around my waist. All I could think was that Mat would not be happy if I changed this man.

I couldn't believe his smell. Even after such a long flight, it was clean and earthy. There was certainly a musk to the smell, but there was also clear breezes in there somewhere. I heard him murmur into my chest, "grande, muito grande, tão grande." His mouth sucked on to one of my nipples and it sent an electric shock right to my balls. It was like he flipped a switch and they were churning, getting a load ready for him.

I heard Max think to everyone, 'Looks like Gabriel has found a new friend.' Several of the guys chuckled, but I could feel Mat's tension and I thought to him, 'Don't worry babe, I'll save him for you.' I knew immediately that he relaxed, but he was also searching for his quiet place. It was lucky that Max had just finished sucking him off or he probably would have been joining Gabe and me. The more I felt of Gabe, the more I wanted him.

Gabriel did have a strong tight body. I stroked his back and it was firm. His ass was small tight and hard. His relatively small uncut cock, (Ok, so 8" and thick as a Coke can is now relatively small), was hard and hot against my abs as he continued to suck my nipples. "I'll bet after that long flight, you could use a shower," I stated as I turned to walk toward the deck house.

"I'm purrrrrrfectly happy to sshhower with you, or we can stay right here. I don't care if they watch," he said. His accent was really sounding more sensual by the second.

"It's not that. I just want a few minutes with you alone."

"Ah, Bro, this will take more than a few minutes."

I carried him into the deck house shower and started the water. "Feels great bro. And so do you."

My cock was rising to the occasion and soon was pressed between his buns and up his back. He rested his weight on it and it was obvious this was not his first time in this position. He looked up at my face, "Your cockk is so hottt. Feels so good between my legs. Just remember, I don't want to grow yet, so don't be surprised when I don't taste of your cum."

This was a cocky little guy. "Well, buddy, you have to make me cum first." I smiled and he more than took up the challenge. I was soaping his body. It was so smooth and tight. His hair was wet and clinging to his head, but if anything the curls were even tighter. He was very intent on my nipples but had also started to slide his ass along my cock. I reached around him and pulled my cock against his back and he moaned. I stroked it back and forth against his back and his cock was sliding along my abs. I was drooling precum all over his back. He was hard as steel and he reached up and washed my pits, begging to see me flex. I gave him a hard double bi shot and he groaned and squeezed his legs tighter and his ass pressed into my cock. I was getting hot. This guys ass was way too small, but I wanted to fuck him. I was fighting myself not to grow him, so I could do just that.

Instead, I reached down and picked him up, wrapping my hands around his waist. My grip came near to completely surrounding his tiny waist. My thumbs rubbed against his abs and my fingers started sliding down and squeezing his ass. I sucked his cock into my mouth and while holding him up with one hand, I started working his ass with the other. His pre tasted wonderful and was flowing freely. I slipped a finger into his tight hole and I heard him moan, "Oh, O meu, Deus."

He started rubbing my arms. He seemed totally enchanted with them. Then he looked into my eyes and asked, "Deixa eu ver o seu muque, por favor?" - (Can you flex your biceps please?). I probably looked like one of those dogs that tilts his head sideways when you talk to him, because Gabe knew immediately I didn't understand. "Will you flex them for me, please?" He had a look of hunger and pleading on his face and with those puppy dog eyes, I just could not refuse him. I thought about Troy with Thad and perhaps Gabe might just enjoy a ride. I wrapped my hand around his tiny waist and lifted him up to sit on my flexed biceps. He reached his hands down and curled his fingers through my hair. I relaxed my bi and he pulled his tight ass across it. "Oh, Yessss, Sean, flex for me. You have such grande arms." He kept sliding his ass, balls and cock across my bis. It felt great. I flexed and relaxed as he worked his ass across the muscle. My arm was really getting a nice pump from this action. The veins were swelling and the muscle getting harder and harder with each flex. He was now leaning his chest against my head with his arms wrapped around my head. Gabe moaned and thrust again and again. His precum soaked my arm as his cock rubbed against the split in my bi peak. I moved my other hand over his cock and pressed it into the muscle as he thrust. I could tell he was getting close. His grunts were coming faster and deeper.

I got the distinct impression that he wasn't used to someone putting his pleasure ahead of their own. I wanted this to be good for him. I pulled him off of my arm and stuck my tongue out and licked his balls and sucked in their flavor. My finger found his joy button and I worked it as best as I knew how. His cock was throbbing in my mouth and I sucked harder and licked everywhere. I could feel his hands tightly knotted in my hair and I felt his cock swell larger. "Porra, ohhhh caralho que coisa boa!!!" (Fuck, oh shit that's soo good!), he shouted and filled my mouth with his tasty cream. He must have shot at least 5 times and each one was thick and creamy. I was still hard as a rock.

He said, "Put me down." I was afraid I had hurt him somehow, but as soon as I set him on the floor, his hands and mouth were all over my cock. He started raking his finger nails up and down my thick steel cock shaft and I groaned. He stuck his tongue in my piss slit and I was close. His mouth was hot as fire on my dick and I had to fight to push him away. I felt my load begin to move up my cock as it swelled even further. I pushed him back and grabbed my cock, and stroked for all I was worth. I howled as I shot. It seemed like gallons of cum flew out of my cock. It was so intense that I could barely see straight. Part of me wanted to grab him and push him down on my cock, but another part fought against it. I wanted, no needed, more. I came and came. When I finally recovered from my orgasm, I saw him.

He was laying there, on the shower floor, completely covered in my cum. I was stunned with the sheer volume of cum I had unleashed. Then I saw it, he licked his lips. I just waited. I didn't know, but I was thinking that it didn't matter the amount, if he drank my cum, he was going to grow. I didn't say anything, but helped him up from the floor.

"That was great, bro. I can see that we are going to be good friendssss."

I helped him get washed and he stayed hard most of the time, but didn't seem like he was going to grow. Maybe he hadn't gotten any of my cum in his mouth.

I almost had to chuckle as he tried to dry himself with one of those big fluffy towels. It was the size of a bed sheet for him, and not meant for a normal sized guy. I just smiled at him and grabbed another towel and helped him dry off. I lifted him up on the bench and wrapped the towel and my arms around him to dry him. He said, almost in a whisper, "I feel so safe in your strong arms."

He looked up at me, smiled and was back to his suave self, "Do you think they have the food ready yet? I'm ssstarving."

"Probably, buddy, let's go find out."

Gabe put his hand up on my chest to get my attention and stop me. "Sean, thanks. This was wonderful. And don't worry. I don't want to grow yet."

He just turned around and, I was stunned and watched his cute ass head back toward the deck.

I saw Geoff and Jake busy cooking and everyone else was either setting up for dinner or drying off. I walked over to Mat and he wrapped me up and a hug and spun around.

'Did you enjoy yourself?' He asked.

'Oh, yes. You are certainly going to enjoy growing him. He is one hot little puppy.'

'Babe, I hope I get the chance. Take a look.' He directed my attention toward the path that led toward the elevator and there was the little blond hottie taking a walk with Rob and Brad. Well, dinner wasn't ready, so I guess he was going to get acquainted with a couple more guys he didn't know.

Just as they were moving out of sight Gabe turned and looked straight at me and smiled, then licked his lips and just kept on walking.

I chuckled and joined the others setting up dinner. There were piles of food. Steaks and Ribs, salads, fruit and huge grilled yams. It all smelled wonderful and I hoped our missing trio wouldn't be long because I was feeling pretty hungry.

Mat and I were taking in the beautiful view of the valley and chugging down some protein when I felt a rather large hand on my ass.

"What do you think of our Gabriel? He's one hot man, isn't he?" It was Max. The man was something else. Packed with muscle and he looked like he wanted to be in charge of any situation, but I also saw how he looked at us, he was hungry to be even bigger. "He just has a way of knowing just how to make you feel good, and he is very good at it. I'm kind of surprised you were not in the shower even longer. He seems to be almost tireless, but when he crashes, he crashes hard. I once saw him sleep for almost 20 hours, but on the flight over here, he was all over me, almost non-stop."

"I'd really like to get to know him better. He seems like a great guy, but I think there is more to him than he lets on," I told him.

Mat wrapped his arms around me and I could feel his interest in this conversation rising against my ass. "I just hope he either decides to get big soon, or he keeps his distance. Not only is he cute as hell, he smells like sex on two legs. I don't know if it is always like this for you babe, but if it is, I have not been near good enough to you." He held me tighter and kissed the back of my neck.

"He definitely moves to the beat of his own drum. Nothing throws him and I don't think I've ever seen him not ready for fun." Max said.

Jake called us to dinner and after a few minutes our missing threesome returned. Gabriel was unchanged. The food was great and the conversation was lively. I had all I could do to keep Mat from going across the table and jumping on Gabriel. Mat was far more tense than I had ever seen him. I think he was taking it out on the food because he was eating everything in sight. I knew things were really not headed in the right direction when I heard crunching and looked over and Mat was eating the BBQ ribs whole, just chewing the bones to nothing in his powerful jaw. I put my hand on his thigh, under the table, and he was actually sweating. His whole body was tense, and I knew he was trying to concentrate on eating but he kept mentally checking out Gabriel even when he wasn't looking at him.

I knew I had to do something or Mat was going to go ballistic. When he didn't even react to my feeling his hard thigh, I knew we were in trouble.

'Geoff, Max, Jake... Get Gabriel out of here.' I nearly shouted in their heads. 'Mat is about to pounce on him, if you don't get him out of sight and scent range.' All three of their heads turned simultaneously toward Mat and then to me. They nodded, all understanding. I turned to focus on Mat.

"Mat, if you are done eating, I'd really appreciate if you could run to the main house and get another of those crates of food and maybe a few cases of the protein drink for the cabin." He didn't respond. Geoff and Jake were making some excuse to get Gabriel away for a while.

"Mat, do you hear me?" I pushed mentally to get his attention. When he turned his head to look at me, I saw someone I didn't know. He was struggling not just to maintain his composure, but his sanity. The look in his eyes was frightening. I felt the others moving Gabriel out of range as Mat was concentrating on me. 'Mat, babe, please, just go to the house and get out of here for a while. You need to put some distance between you and Gabe for now.'

He was still breathing hard and watching him in this state was both difficult and arousing. He didn't say a word but just nodded. "Babe, when you get back, just take the stuff right to the cabin and I'll join you there as soon as I can." He nodded again and then stood up and disappeared in a blur.

I finally released the breath that I had been holding and Rob came over to sit next to me. He put his arm around me. "I know it is hard to see him like that. Not in control. Not himself. I understand probably more than anyone." Brad had moved to the other side of me. Brad said, "Buddy, I know even better than this big lug. I understand what it is to be the partner of the guy that is out of control. Just get him away for a while and he'll be fine. I have a feeling that Gabe is going to want to be changed soon."

"I sure hope so," I told them, "I don't think I can stand seeing Mat like this. I'm only now starting to understand what he went through when I attacked Dom. Right now I'd just like to get him to sleep and deal with this all tomorrow."

Rob laughed. "I never pictured you for a Scarlett."

Brad nearly shot beer out of his nose at that comment he started laughing so hard I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. We talked for quite a while before Mat turned up on one of the transport carts, piled with crates and cartons. He looked much more relaxed.

He walked over to me and picked me up. He crushed me against his chest. "Babe, I'm sorry I've been acting so crazy. I promise I'll make it up to you."

"Mat don't be silly. There was literally nothing you could do about it. I understand. I've been fighting it myself. The main thing I have helping me to not going crazy, is knowing that Gabe is your's to grow. If, and when, he is ready."

"I know you are right, logically, but there is nothing logical about it when he is right there, across the table." He stopped and thought a moment. "I'm going to take this stuff up to the cabin. This is all starting to wear me out. I think I'm going to lay down for a while. You come up when you are ready. I think I need some time alone to sort out my head."

"Ok, babe, I'll be up shortly. I just need to check with my brother and Jake. I love you Mat."

"Love you too, Sean." I gave him a kiss and he turned around and grabbed the whole bundle of crates and cartons. He pressed them up over his head. To see his incredible shoulders and back flex, lifting all those awkward packages, all I wanted to do was grab that tight ass and have him wrap those titanic legs around me. He walked purposely up the path. The weight of his burden seemed not to affect him at all, but the show he was putting on had all of us getting hard. His back was a road map of muscle and those huge legs just moving forward, around each other, his stride was powerful and graceful. I found myself more than half hard by the time he turned a corner in the path and disappeared.

"Sean, if you ever let that man go, you would be the most foolish person in the world." Brad told me and he meant every word.

"I certainly have no plans to do that buddy. I'll never let him go." •

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