By Also_KnownAs

Jerry, Scott and Jason opened the sealed door that lead out to where Jay Lee was still swelling with muscle. The behemoth turned toward them and sent out a shockwave of erotic bliss, like a sexual blast from a water cannon. Jason felt it first and most powerfully, dropping sideways and nearly losing consciousness as his rock hard cock erupted again. Scott Maddox felt it as strongly but managed to keep his feet as his own ample dick sprayed out another fountain of hot cream from his overburdened balls. For Jerry, the experience was like being doused in hot water that somehow all coalesced and zeroed in on his crotch, making his nuts swell and his cock feel suddenly a couple of pounds heavier. “Whoa there, son. Take it easy! You’re going to cause your friend Jason to blow a nut, and I’m not sure that Scott can take another round of that ammunition, either.”

Jay Lee grinned and prepared another assault. “I’m going to make you cum, motherfucker! I’m gonna drain your balls!”

Jerry smiled. “Easier said than done, but let me walk over here first so these poor gentlemen don’t take any of the excess.” He walked to the opposite side of the room, circling around the swelling mass of muscle. “You really need to learn some control if you’re going to use that thing, you know. It’ll be much more effect… holy Jesus!”

Jay Lee’s next sex missile hit its target dead on. At last, Jerry found himself losing control and his secondary cock was suddenly swelling to full glory from his groin. Both of his fat dicks inflated to pounding erections and sent out thick sprays of hot, creamy Transforming cum that splashed against the floor and walls. The action surprised Jay Lee – another prick? – just enough that Jerry had time to try reasoning with the young man.

“You certainly are a determined sort, aren’t you?” Jay Lee met Jerry’s gaze but seemed otherwise unemotional. His hands were balled into fists, and the huge cables of developing muscle on his arms twisted and flexed like angry snakes. “Can we call a little truce and discuss terms of surrender?”

Jay Lee’s response was a lopsided smile.

“Oh, fuck.” Another white hot wave of sexual power battered Lassiter’s body. He found himself cumming a second thick load, and his cocks were throbbing hungrily. Jay Lee’s power seemed to be increasing at the same rate as his muscles. “Okay, that’s really not fair, you know. How are we supposed to carry on a civil conversation if you insist on... insist… oh, fucking hell!”

Jay Lee sent his biggest onslaught yet. It encased Jerry’s body in a pulsating, tingling, overwhelming sexual thrill that licked his asshole with warm, sloppy wetness and then thrust inside him and filled him with ecstasy and then shoved his creamy load from his cock with enough power to drop Jerry to his knees. Even Scott and Jason felt it as it filled the room with the soldier’s powerful erotic detonation. “Feel that?”

Jerry sucked in deep breaths, overwhelmed with feelings of sexual fulfillment and erotic bliss. “Uh, you might say so.”

“Want some more?”

Lassiter raised his gaze and met the growing man’s fierce determination. “Actually, yes.”

Jay Lee’s smile faded. “I have to give it away,” he said. “I can’t keep it all inside me.”

Realization dawned on Jerry. The lad wasn’t just thrusting these sexual blasts on him and the others. He was sharing the overwhelming tide of erotic pleasure building inside him. Releasing it to others. Unburdening himself as it built upon itself and threatened to crush him with its power. He had no idea how strong these waves were, or what they were doing to others not prepared for their awesome strength. “Give it to me, then,” Jerry volunteered. “Let me have all you can give.”

“It’s too much,” the young man said. His body was shaking. He was trying to contain it within him, but it was an animal too powerful to be so easily caged. This was something new that Transform had manifested, and of all the men in the entire building, Jerry alone could understand what that meant.

He straightened. “I’m stronger than I look.”

Jay Lee’s face was turning red. His growing muscles pulsed and throbbed with the strain of his constraint. “The others…”

Jerry looked at Jason and Scott. “Perhaps you should leave.”

Jason looked struck. “But..!”

“Leave. Now.”

Scott’s confidence overcame his common sense and he shook his head. “No way, doctor. I’m staying.” Jason gulped and nodded an agreement. He wasn’t going to abandon his friend and lover, nor did he want to look like the one chicken in the group.

Jerry looked at Jay Lee then. The lad was using every shred of internal fortitude he had to contain the swelling flood of sexual bliss that was building inside him like a nuclear explosion. “Very well. Now, listen to my voice, Jay Lee. Listen to me. You can control this. You have the power within you. You can control it.”


“Yes, you can. I know it feels like it controls you, but it doesn’t.” A sudden wash of orgasmic intensity passed through Jerry’s body. The dam inside Jay Lee was leaking. Jerry felt the shower of pleasure pass through him, driving his balls to tingle and his whole body to heat up. “Let it out, Jay. Let it out slowly. You are the master. You can control it.”

“So much,” he said from behind clenched teeth. “So much of it.”


The beast ripped free of its chains. The swelling tide of erotic male sexuality broke through the dam all at once and erupted fully into the room and expanded outward like a swelling explosion.

It was a silent but powerful eruption. It had no appearance, no smell, no warning at all as it struck Jerry full force and sank into his flesh. He gasped and felt himself swelling as he lost control of himself in the attack of complete and ultimate male sexual power. He was blinded by it, and his cocks gushed floods of cream that sprayed in wide arcs across the room. His entire body was encased in an orgasmic shock of intense sexual release and there was nothing he could do to mitigate the concentrated dose of erotic power that assaulted him.

For Scott and Jason, who were standing outside Jay Lee’s main wave but hit with its powerful ripples that expanded outward and through them, it was like achieving the perfect extended orgasm. It was that moment just before and during the first sizzling release of cum, but it extended out for minutes.

Scott’s well-trained body shook with the power. He sucked in air and felt his balls swell and throb and his cock grow steel hard. Every muscle tensed to bulging glory. His skin heated up and a sheen of sweat broke out everywhere. He could feel the wave of Jay Lee’s sex sucking on his nipples and licking his neck and shoving its tongue into his mouth and stroking his skin and rimming his asshole and pushing its firm, fat, long, hot prick inside his guts and prodding his prostate and squeezing his balls and swallowing the thick, creamy streams of cum that came and came and came.

It was a beast made of hot, wet mouths and soft lips and long tongues and talented hands and firm, bulging muscles and huge, hard cocks and cum-swollen balls and massive furry chests and fat, juicy nipples and firm delicious butts and long, powerful legs wrapping itself all around him and thrusting itself inside of him again and again and pulling him under its flood of absolute erotic ecstasy.

For Jason, Jay’s explosion of uncontained male sexuality was the catalyst that broke down his own thin wall and helped the beast that was Transform 2 to break its chains and escape captivity. He felt what Scott did, the same overwhelming blast of sexual release, but his body’s reaction was to suddenly explode with muscle and start to quickly swell and develop.

He was being sucked and fucked and kissed and stroked and licked and he was sucking and fucking and kissing and stroking and licking all at the same time. And he was growing, his muscles suddenly multiplying and swelling all across his body as he felt himself experience Jay Lee’s sexual discharge.

No one witnessed his sudden transformation. No one held him as he grew, no one touched him, no one marveled at his amazing new collection of brawn as it bulged out across every inch of his frame. But he couldn’t care about any of that, Jason was too lost in the torrent of Jay Lee’s hypersexuality to be aware of much more than the sensations of erotic ecstasy flooding his senses.

But for him, the feeling was two-fold. His transformed senses were awakened by that clarion call of male sexual power and they echoed the unrestrained shout of power with their own swelling tide of masculine energy in return. His body, swelling with muscle and capacity, swallowed Jay Lee’s torrent and then poured gasoline on the fire, and moments later Jason’s rushing flood of Transformed male sexual might detonated inside the room as his body exploded with muscle and growth.

Scott felt it first. He was standing next to the furnace of Jason’s potency when it exploded. To anyone observing from outside the blast radius, it would have been a curious spectacle. There was no overt physical manifestation of the effect at all. The men would appear to be in the throes of some unseen force, and it would probably have appeared that they were incapacitated by pain. They didn’t slam their hands over their ears to shut out some intense aural attack, or hold their stomachs, or bleed. The only bodily result was a sudden and powerful orgasmic release of creamy cum shooting full and fast from their shining hard-ons.

Scott’s body looked as if someone had grabbed hold of his cock and pulled. His pelvis shot forward, his arms flew back from his chest, his head fell so that he faced the ceiling and his entire muscled form swelled into full power as his cock gushed out thick streams of cum without apparent cause.

Jay Lee stumbled, caught unaware as his still developing form impacted the swelling bubble of Jason’s sexual detonation. A tide of white hot male potency coated his muscle-bloated flesh and the shock of it shut down his own fire hose of pleasure, cutting it to a slim trickle that shut itself off. The effect on him was much less pronounced than on Scott, and it felt to Jay Lee like a warm wash of a comforting orgasmic release.

It hit Jerry lastly, while he was still undergoing the full-on blast of Jay Lee’s assault. The resulting double-explosion temporarily unhooked his control of his body and he was suddenly expanding and swelling up into his full Transformed glory. All his Transformed capabilities were thrust into full power, and the room was becoming saturated with his scent and the power of Transform 1 within it. His body was practically glowing with the Touch, his moans of ecstatic bliss were drenched with the Voice and his 18-foot-tall, hyper-masculine, twin-dicked, utterly perfectly beautiful form was quietly floating three feet off the ground. No Transformed man had ever released so much so hard and so fast. It rushed from his body like a bolt of lightning, fully charged and hot as an atomic blast.

The unconstrained power of Transform 1 washed through Scott’s body on the other side of the room and he began quickly to realize the benefits of Jerry’s invention. While Jay Lee’s assault had disappeared, and Jason’s sudden explosion was also quickly diminishing, Dr. Lassiter’s unexpected and uncontrolled release of Transform 1 into the room had its most potent effect on Scott Maddox’s body.

Jay Lee and Jason had already been exposed to an altered version of Transform, so although some of its benefits hadn’t manifested yet, the seeds were already planted. The unadulterated version of it passed into them and through them, leaving its scent behind. Scott Maddox had been physically upgraded in baby steps over the years through a variety of methods, but Transform was an utterly new condition for his body. He had been wracked by the double explosions of Jay Lee’s and Jason’s blasts of male sexual intensity, and now he was being Transformed with an undiluted and uncontrolled rush of the stuff. The urgency and suddenness of the ambush on his body and senses knocked him flat to the ground.

Jerry recovered quickly, but not quickly enough to do anything about what had already happened. In the center of the room stood Jay Lee. He was breathing slowly, eyes closed, standing now in his fully Transformed body. Overwhelmingly powerful, muscular beyond belief, he looked like a bulging, compact version of any of the men at IGE. Somewhat shorter than a man changed by Transform 1, but more fully muscled, and each muscle was saturated with evident overwhelming strength.

New muscles had manifested across his frame, he had muscles on top of his muscles. His biceps had biceps. His pecs had pecs. Folds and masses of new muscle had developed everywhere. Whoever had cooked up this version of Transform had obviously amped up the muscular properties past 10 on the dial. Jerry wondered, idly, whether the man could even move. Musclebound didn’t begin to describe what had happened to Jay Lee, but even so the man made Jerry’s dick throb. His frame was stretched tall and wide to accommodate all the extra meat now packed on his form, and while the new muscles looked odd, they didn’t look wrong or deformed.

Movement on the other side of the room drew his gaze to what was happening to Scott’s body, and he realized all at once what he’d done. He whispered, “Shit,” and crossed the room in two strides to pull Scott’s body into his immense embrace. Scott’s face, as it was changing, showed that he was in no pain. Jerry knew firsthand that the Transformation process was far from unpleasant, but the rate of change occurring for Scott had to be confusing and difficult for him to adjust to.

“Just relax,” he told him. “You’re being Transformed.”

“God, it feels…” His words were drenched with the power of the Voice. His muscles grew fat and hard and swollen, developing at a non-stop rate. “It feels so good.” His secondary cock sprang out from his groin. His balls enlarged and dropped in their sack. His entire frame stretched and expanded, trying to keep up with the rate at which his muscles were growing.

For the men watching, it was an astounding sight. Even for Jerry, who’d helped to originate the serum and had watched himself change and then watched as his assistant, Kevin, was Transformed as well. He’d been to IGE and seen the men there, witnessed the unbelievable heights of masculine beauty and muscular power and size they possessed. He’d shared what he was with them and they shared with him and he knew what Transform did to men, but nothing before could compare with what was happening to Scott Maddox.

His body was developing at an astonishing rate. Perhaps all the small genetic changes he’d already been exposed to were fractionally hastening the changes, adding to his capacity to accept all the muscle and power being packed into his body by the pound. His arms swelled outward with round, hard bellies of brawn, growing fatter by the inch. His chest bloomed with muscle, bands and cables of it, multiplying as they watched. His skin was stretched thin across all that power, but continued to accept the growth that would not stop and hold all that strength under the glowing, silken flesh.

Scott’s body was expanding in all directions. Bigger, wider, taller, and everywhere they looked more muscle was growing across his frame. His legs pushed against each other even as they grew longer, pushing his feet farther and farther from his torso. His thighs and calves divided and swelled, every muscle group growing distinct and separate and then flourishing with more growth, more power, bigger muscle everywhere.

Scott moaned, the sound like a deep well of sexual passion, and the men shook with it. His face was resolving into an ultimate expression of male magnificence. Every detail perfected by the combined strength of Transform 1 married to Transform 2, not struggling for dominance but joined now inside him and pushing the man’s body to another level beyond what had already been achieved.

His face was stunning. Dazzling. Almost too beautiful to comprehend. Something more was taking place along the lines and angles of his brow and jaw, his full lips and glittering eyes and silken hair. Not only the physical appearance but something more, something unnamable, that lent his countenance a sense of magnificence that compelled and attracted and made the men feel instantly hard, their balls swollen with cum.

Scott pulled Jerry’s face to his and pressed their mouths together and sucked Dr. Lassiter into a passionate tongue-wrestling kiss. He wrapped his swelling arms around the other man’s enormity and shoved himself against Jerry’s masses of muscular beauty. Jerry could feel Scott growing ever larger in his arms, feel the man’s cocks pushing against his asshole, feel the soft forest of fur spreading across his developing chest.

Scott needed to fuck someone. His system was overwhelmed and his body was overheated and his cock – cocks – were hard and hung and hungry for ass meat. He pulled Jerry to him and felt himself growing stronger and bigger, his skin sliding across the other man’s body, their muscles shoving against each other, and his head was filled with demands of sex, sex and more sex.

Transform 1 and Transform 2 had both rushed into and through him and now he was trying to catch up. If he could have, he would have fucked the whole world of men into muscular dominance and ultimate masculine beauty. He was saturated with power and muscle, every inch of him, every cell, burned with developing male force that swelled outward and bulged with desire for more, more, more.

Scott Maddox was the keeper of everything that Transform 1 and Transform 2 had to offer. He was becoming the ultimate Transformed man. •

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